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Top Anime To Watch On Crunchyroll And Hulu During Christmas

Top Anime to Watch On Crunchyroll and Hulu During Christmas

In case you haven’t been to your nearest shopping mall lately and weren’t exposed to shiny ornaments and jingles, let me remind you: Christmas is just around the corner. The weather is finally cold enough to justify you staying inside and watching your favorite anime shows. To get you into the right mood for the winter holidays I have compiled a list of the best Christmas specials, laughs and cheers guaranteed.

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Gather your Christmas cookies, hot cocoa and get comfy and take a look at our offerings so you can get into the Christmas spirit!

1.     Itsudatte My Santa! (Always My Santa!)

A boy named Santa, who was born on December 24th, hates everything Christmas related.  He meets Mai, a cute Santa in training on Christmas Eve. Being that he is unlucky and miserable because he’s often alone, Mai promises to do anything she can to make him happy.

You can’t get any more Christmasy than this. Its set during Christmas, there are two Santas, a scrooge-like boy gets his heart softened and shown the meaning of Christmas, and to top it off, there’s Comedy, Romance, and Fantasy in this slightly Ecchi Shounen OVA.

2.     Hetalia Axis Powers  (Episode 31)

They hype over Hetalia might be over, but that doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about them..

In their Christmas special the main cast gets together to spend this special day together. Of course they are all their stereotypical selves, depicting exaggerated versions of their nationalities. This episode is centered on how each boy spends Christmas and their plan of enjoying their winter holidays.

Hetalia’s unique concept makes it so special. Each boy has his very own personality and when they all come together you can be sure there will be chaos, fights and lots of fun. This special episode will bring you a little bit closer to the main cast and more importantly, it shows different Christmas traditions of different countries. So give it a try, you might like it.

3.     Toradora! (Episode 17,18,19)

After classroom rearrangements, Ryuuji Takasu ends up in the same classroom as his best friend and his crush, Minori Kushieda. Minori’s best friend is Taiga Aisaka a tiny firecracker with whom Ryuuji forms an agreement to help each other get close to their respective crushes.

In these episodes, the main cast gets caught up in a love triangle during Christmas. Ryuuji tries to cheer up Taiga in a Bear Santa Claus costume while he still has feelings for Minori. Taiga tries her best to support him, but soon has to realize that she doesn’t want him to leave her side. How will their story turn out? What made these episodes so special the fact that it didn’t feel forced.

While Toradora! Is definitely not a Christmas anime, it does have a huge plot point that occurs during Christmas. Being a Rom-Com / Slice of Life, you know there will be happy moments sprinkled throughout a sequence of love triangles, awkwardness and tsundere moments.

4.     Chocotto Sister

During Christmas time, Haruma Kawagoe was looking forward to having a little sister, but his mother miscarried. Saddened and worried, he prayed with all his heart for his mother to get better and wished for a little sister. Years later, he’s in college and on Christmas, he finally gets the present he wished for so long ago, a little sister! Luckily, Choco comes with an instruction manual.

The beginning of anime sounds a bit sad but as the episodes pass, there are so many sweet and funny moments. It has everything; Drama, Comedy and Slice of life.  The protagonist gets full grown up little sister as a Christmas present. This is definitely a must watch anime on the Christmas Holidays!

5.     Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? (Episode 11)

The girls  make plans to hold a Christmas party after everyone finishes work on Christmas Eve. Cocoa takes on the role of Santa while all the other girls fill the Rabbit House with delicious food and heartwarming presents.

In any case, this episode went completely above and beyond in every single aspect. Incredibly heartwarming and adorable, utterly hilarious, and amazingly eye pleasing, both the scenery and the characters. These guys do various styles incredibly well, honestly. I kept going from face-ripping huge smiles and lung-bursting loud laughter, and I simply loved each and every moment. Perfect for Christmas!

6.    Ichigo Mashimaro (Episode 12)

Prepare for a cuteness overload with these girls who celebrate Christmas together and their faith in Santa is unrelenting.I really liked the little bit about Santa as it sheds a heartwarming perspective on it.

As usual this episode was filled with plenty of laughs This is a simple little group of girls doing cute things. It has a mix of random hilarity and sweet moments between Nobue and the girls. I enjoyed it so much and I recommend it to anyone looking for a moment of leisure and relaxation during Christmas.

7.    K-On! (Episode 7)

Ui, Yui, Nodoka and Sawako, who are part of the same club, exchange Christmas gifts and visit a shrine later in the New Year. Who could resist the charming girls of K-On!, especially during this snowy winter tale?

Most of the episode is told from the perspective of Ui, Yui’s little sister. She remembers how, many years ago, Yui tried to make a white Christmas happen with the help of pillow stuffing. Now, they main cast gets together to enjoy Christmas dinner together..It is so touching to see how Yui and Ui help each other out and how much they mean to each other. By the end of the episode, you will be filled with all the holiday cheers and feels that are so special to this day.

8.     Lucky Star (Episode 11)

Trying to sum up everything that happens in this special is a hard task. Lucky Star episodes are a crazy mixture of lots of different events and conversations going on, all held together by the four friends. Their Christmas is shaped by studying for exams, comparing bust sizes, exchanging presents and talks about Christmas cakes and Santa Claus.

Maybe it is the fact that this episode first aired in June instead of December that didn’t make it feel forced. It perfectly ties in with the rest of the show and feels like any other episode - with a little bit more holiday feelings and fun. A must-watch for fans of the show and viewers who like to see some innocent Christmas fun.

9.    Tokyo Godfathers

If you would like to enjoy your Christmas watching a nice, unique anime film, then you should take a look at this one. While exploring the issues of homelessness and social ranks, it also touches upon some really beautiful topics that are perfect for this holiday.

Hana, Miyuki and Gin are homeless. While going through the garbage on Christmas Eve, they find an abandoned baby named Kiyoko. Along with the baby, there are clues as to the identity of the parents, so they set out to find them. Their adventure finds them involved with the Yakuza, preventing people from dying and witnessing Christmas Miracles.

The character development is fantastic, the art is gorgeous and the different perspectives on humanity it presents are heartwarming. The music is great and the Comedy and Drama are balanced exquisitely. If you only watch one of the recommendations in this list, I suggest Tokyo Godfathers


10.                        Clannad: After Story (Episode 13)

Tomoya and Nagisa spend Christmas with their family and Nagisa gets drunk for the first time in her life. If you decide to spend your Christmas watching this anime, don't forget to prepare tissues beforehand... you'll need them! The story will really touch your heart

11.                        Ranma ½ (OVA Episode 2)

This is a Christmas special based on the anime oldie Ranma ½. Tendo/Saotome family decides to throw a huge Christmas party at the dojo and literally everyone shows up. The usual jealous hijinks ensue but it all comes together with a Christmas karaoke and gift exchange.

12.                      White Album 2

If you're into slice of life romance anime set in high school, this is a perfect choice for a cold winter night. It is a more successful side story to the original  The art is incredibly beautiful and set on winter with Christmas theme! Snowy scenes, romance, humor, indeed a great anime to watch on Christmas!

13.                        Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu

The SOS Brigade just started making preparations for their Christmas party when Suzumiya Haruhi suddenly disappears, not only physically, but from everyone's memories as well. If you enjoyed the prequels, this film is a great choice for the holidays!

14.                        Kanon

This utterly adorable harem anime consists of cute girls and it is mostly set during the holidays. Enjoy nice visuals and the Xmas atmosphere it gives off.

15.                        5 Centimeters Per Second

After spending years together and bonding over their shared differences, Takaki Toono and his close childhood friend, Akari Shinohara are separated because of Akari’s family’s job in this Drama, Romance, Slice of Life anime. While they try their best to keep in touch at first, life continues and they slowly lose touch, never really forgetting about each other or their past together and always wondering if they’ll meet again.

5 Centimeters Per Second is definitely not an anime about Christmas but it does tug at your heartstrings and makes you feel all kinds of melancholic. It will definitely set you in the mood to get in touch with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while.  What better time for that phone call than the holidays?

16.                        Tokyo Marble Chocolate OVA

Yuudai is very shy, so even though he is in love with his girlfriend Chizuru, he can’t seem to be able to communicate his feelings to her. At the same time, Chizuru hasn’t had good luck in relationships, so this lack of communication seems like the end to her. During their first Christmas together they end up getting separated and must face their insecurities on their own.

Set during Christmas time, this Slice of Life Romance takes us through the lovers’ two separate stories and therefore their individual perspectives on their situations. They must figure out what they feel and how to say it if they want their relationship to work out. Add to this an escaped miniature donkey and you’ve got yourself some good old Christmas entertainment!

17.                        Shakugan no Shana (Season II Episode 22)

Episode 22 explores the romantic side of this anime. I don’t mean to spoil the fun for those that didn’t get to enjoy this show yet, but let me just say this; there will be love letters, confessions of feelings and an unexpected twist towards the end, all centered around the romantic setting of Christmas Eve.

What makes this episode so special is the fact that it builds up towards the finale of the season. You can already see how the characters are drawn to each other and how everything will soon come to an end. Starting the final chapter of this show on Christmas Eve makes it even more special.

18.                        Minami-ke (Episode 12)

The three Minami sisters are not known to take a break and Christmas definitely isn’t an exception. Their Christmas adventure is mostly set at home and really shows the importance of spending this day together with your family and loved ones. While Chiaki may seem mature most of the time, she still believes in Santa Claus so it's up to everyone to keep her dreams alive.  Nothing outstanding really happens, but you can really feel how the sisters care for each other and how much they enjoy spending Christmas together.

Minami-ke really brought their show to a nice ending, since the final episode after this special is set on New Year’s Eve. Even though this show might be short with just 13 episodes, by the end of it you will feel connected to the characters; it is episodes like this Christmas special that make this possible.

19.                        Kimi ni Todoke (Episode 22 )

Sawako’s class is holding a Christmas party and even though she would love to join, she feels obligated to spend the day with her family. Instead, she makes Christmas presents for Chizuru, Ayane and Kazehaya. Just as she has given up on actually getting to spend the day with her friends, a small Christmas miracle happens.

It’s hard to describe this episode. It is a romantic Christmas story with a beautiful illuminated and snowy setting. Not only that, but we also see Sawako growing up and letting go of her parents.

20.                        Azumanga Daioh (Episode 17)

The girls get in an argument over Santa Claus and whether he really exists. Chiyo insists that he is real and even goes as far as saying that he is her father. But the Christmas madness doesn’t stop there and the girls spend a crazy day together filled with presents, reindeers, Christmas trees and late-night karaoke.

The strength of Azumanga Daioh is the fact that it stays down to earth and really revolves around what the main cast experiences in their everyday lives. This episode is no exception and tells the story of how the girls spend Christmas together.

21.                        Maison Ikkoku (Episode 39 and 40)

Godai spends the episode tracking down an important rock for Kyoko, and we see what each means to the other as the countdown to the Christmas party ticks away. "Why don't they get together?!" is the eternal question of the series.

22.                        Card Captor Sakura (Episode 35)

Sakura worries about what to get Yukito for his birthday/Christmas. However, when the two of them go out on a date, the appearance of a clow card threatens to ruin everything. This was a cute episode and we get to see Sakura seal another elemental card.

23.                        School Rumble 2nd Semester episode 19


Harima finishes his manga script and wants no one else to be the first person to read it than Tenma. But this turns out to be a harder task than expected since he also has to fight through a blizzard and hurry to hand his manuscript over to his editor. Will Tenma finally recognize his efforts and the feelings he has for her?

This episode is a really fun continuation of the normal storyline. You still have the same cast fighting the same problems, but the Christmas setting makes it feel more special. You will root for Harima and just wonder how his story will turn out.

24.                        Hayate the Combat Butler (Episode 1)

Hayate has been self-sufficient for most of his life due to his irresponsible parents, but when they leave him a Christmas present of a 156,804,000 Yen debt, he’s forced to kidnap a girl for ransom. As luck would have it, he accidently ends up saving her instead, and so begins a comical series about a super-rich hiki girl and her butler

25.                        DiGi Charat Christmas Special

The cast is invited onto a luxury cruise, but discover that it is actually a trap set up by Piyoko. While filled with nonsensical fighting, there is a message about the importance of family which is perfect for Christmas!

26.                        Chrono Crusade (Episode 12)

For this episode, the main cast takes a break from hunting demonic powers and instead goes out to the streets and performs charity work. The three girls try their best to act according to the spirit of the season, but soon realize that one of them, Azmaria, has in fact never had a real Christmas. They spend her first Christmas together and celebrate the cheerful and charitable side of the season.

The atmosphere of this episode is really heartwarming since it shows a different side of Christmas, without expensive presents and decorated shopping malls.

27. Amagami SS

Junichi Tachibana got stood up on Christmas a couple of years ago. Now in his second year in high school, with his heart healed up, he decides to try again. And he has many girls to choose from! No matter who he chooses, Junichi wants this year’s Christmas date to be perfect!

Set in between Christmas, this Comedy Romance anime is where you should look for a Slice of Life Romantic Christmas show. Don’t be misguided by the mention of several girls though, this is not a Harem anime. It’s based on a dating game

Holiday-related episodes can go one of two ways: they are either boring, feel too forced or will cheer you up with their special flair. It all depends on how much effort the producers put into their work and whether the special actually contributes to the storyline. The shows we have presented above should prepare all of you for the most joyful season of the year.

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