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.hack returns with a new 3D CGI movie

2:00 PM on 08.24.2011 // Bob Muir

Proving that truly abandoning a brand will never happen even as returns continue to decrease, CyberConnect2 has announced .hack//The Movie, the latest installment of the massive multimedia franchise. The movie is set in a new version of The World, a widely popular MMO game that people continue to play no matter how many players periodically fall into comas.

Sora Yuuki, a 14-year-old girl, starts playing the game with her friends Kakeru and Tomohiku. The characters seem to be using the avatars of previous important avatars like Kite, Orca, and Balmung (the latter two called Gondeaux and Baldor), perhaps to see just how far they can stretch the use of the art Yoshiyuki Sadamoto made for the first game.

The movie, which will be a 3D CGI film released to theaters, will be directed by .hack game director Hiroshi "Piros" Matsuyama, written by .hack game and Ghost in the Shell writer Kazunori Ito, and animated by sai, which has animated the .hack games and .hack//G.U. Trilogy. CyberConnect2 even got Summer Wars star Nanami Sakuraba to voice Sora.

After years of CyberConnect2 owning a brilliant concept and then executing it in a horrible fashion, I think I'm over .hack. I doubt this film will change my mind, especially with the awkward CGI this trailer seems to be using.

[Via dothackers]

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