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2014 Anime Mirai projects and staff revealed

10:00 AM on 10.15.2013 // Ben Huber

What will come out of Anime Mirai next?

Anime Mirai has brought a lot of cool projects to the forefront of many anime fans' minds. If you're not aware, Anime Mirai is a government program in Japan designed to encourage the training of new young animators on the job. Proposals are sent in every year and then four are picked to receive 38 million yen each to make their projects. Perhaps the most notable project of late was Little Witch Academia from Trigger, which came out of Anime Mirai and then became a Kickstarter success as well!

This year four more short anime have been approved and here are the first visuals and staff lists!


This anime will be created by Ultra Super Pictures and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Time of Eve). It will be produced by Ryousuke Inagaki and character design will be handled by Atsushi Ikariya. Apparently it will be about making connections and friends in school.

A Big First-year Student and a Small Second-year Student

I bet that title works better in Japanese. A lot of the Space Brothers crew are working on this, mainly director Ayumu Watanabe, producer Makoto Sotozaki, animation director Keiichirou Matsui, and of course the studio A1 Pictures. The character designer of Mysterious Girlfriend XShizue Kaneko, will also be in on this.

Paroru and the Future Island 

Director Kazuaki Imai will take you through a tale about stranges creates that leave their remote island to discover the human world. Producer Maiko Okada and the studio Shinei Douga (both of Doraemon) will be working on this along with character designer Yoshimichi Kameda (Eva 3.0).

Kuro no Sumika -Chronos-

Studio 4C and the Berserk crew will be creating this one! Director Naoyuki Onda, producer Eiko Tanaka, and character designer Yasuyuki Shimizu (Steamboy) will all be working together on this anime about a student with a dark destiny.

Are you getting excited for Anime Mirai? It's definitely something to pay attention to each year, as there's usually something really cool that comes out of it! Which of these catches your eye the most?

[via CR]

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