3rd season of The World God Only Knows on the way

3:10 AM on 12.07.2012

Elliot Gay



Thanks to early leaks from Japanese anime magazines this week, there's been a flood of announcement news over the past few hours. One of the bigger reveals is that a third season of the hit series, The World God Only Knows, is on its way. Additionally, a spinoff OVA featuring Kanon is also in production. I'm betting the latter will end up paired up with a volume of the manga as an exclusive extra.

I loved the first season of the show, but ended up falling behind during the second one as soon as I jumped ship to reading the manga. Still, this is good news as some of the later arcs are really quite fantastic.

TWGOK fans sound off! Are you excited? Are you trembling with anticipation? 

[via Hachima]

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