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8 minutes of Ghost in the Shell Arise border:2 now online

7:00 PM on 11.19.2013

You might not get to see Ghost in the Shell: Arise - border:2 Ghost Whispers quite yet, as the Blu-ray doesn't come out in Japan until December 25th, but you can at least catch the first 8 minutes online! The promotional preview from last week is now freely available on YouTube, and you can watch it right now, embedded above.

While the second installment in the Arise OVAs seems to be gunning for the "Most Ridiculous Anime Title of the Year" award, it still looks interesting. I'm just hoping they can find that spark that the first episode was missing. I haven't nailed down exactly what I felt was missing in 1, but I think it's due to the lackluster direction. Yet, I'm excited to see where Ghost Whispers goes.

That's a lot of CGI!

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