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Kamen Rider Ghost

Raise your hoodies: Kamen Rider Ghost's new preview has entered the building

Just in time for Halloween
Sep 28
// Salvador GRodiles
As Kamen Rider Ghost gets ready to materialize in our world this Sunday, a new preview has arrived from the spirit world to give us a better look at our new spooky hero. So far, it's doing a fine job in giving us the main th...
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Today in Anime

Today in Anime: Red Moon turns your favourite waifus into women

By the power of the Blood Moon
Sep 28
// Anthony Redgrave
I hope Japanator readers were able to catch a glimpse of the Supermoon lunar eclipse today. It happened around 3 am in my neck of the woods, but it was worth rubbing those sandy eyes to see that red dot in the sky. The more o...

Ouch, that's harsh, Bandai Namco

Sorry, Vesperia fans
Sep 28
// Josh Tolentino
I guess it's time for Tales fans to give up on the dream. Even Bandai Namco's Twitter account is quick to put the kibosh on any hopes these last few holdouts had. Then again, it has been years and years since Tales of Ve...
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Humanity Wins: Muv-Luv's Kickstarter is off to an amazing start

This calls for a celebration
Sep 27
// Salvador GRodiles
After an amazing great start on Thursday, the Kickstarter for Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative has reached its goal to be localized in the West. In other words, the BETA might as well pack their bags and leave Earth...

Impressions: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger episodes 1-30

Sep 27 // Salvador GRodiles
At one point in time, a man with the title of the Last Ninja managed to seal away a group of Yokai that were lead by a ruthless warlord called Gengetsu Kibaoni. Flash forward to the present, and a mysterious fellow who goes by the name of Kyuuemon Izayoi has awakened most of the creatures that were sealed away.  Standing in his way are the five relatives of the legendary shinobi, who are also in training to become great warriors. As they work hard to save humanity, the team is also competing to see who can become the Last Ninja’s successor. From the get-go, the main thing that sets Ninninger apart from most other Sentai shows is that the five heroes are also rivals. Despite their ambitions for wanting to become the next Last Ninja, the group still has to work as a team to overcome all odds. Because of this format, this lets us see the main cast’s relationship exhibit different levels of chemistry during training and in real battle. Hell, the team’s trials are played out like an actual school, since students are ranked by their grades and overall performance until they graduate. At the same time, they still help each other out during tough situations, which brings us an interesting take on the franchise's teamwork theme. Even through the series features a neat take on the team’s relationship, it’s unfortunate that the staff is trying too hard to replicate Kyoryuger’s over-the-top aspects. Obviously, I love it when a Sentai program has off-the-wall elements, but it’s important for these aspects to come off naturally. For example, Takuharu Igasaki/Aka Ninger gives off a Daigo/Kyoryu Red vibe, but the guy’s overly exaggerated enthusiasm and his tendency to use the phrase ‘fired up’ and ‘hot’ lacks that special zest that made the King's hot-blooded phrases great. Instead, his actions make him a bit annoying at times. Speaking of attempts to replicate successful elements, the final part of the team’s roll call has to do with running wild and the show’s sixth Ranger made his debut early in the series. Based on these aspects, it’s likely possible that Ninninger’s staff is hoping that these elements will replicate Kyoryuger’s success. Luckily, the show doesn’t come off as a poor excuse to market merchandise to kids based on the brand name alone, since there are a few moments that stand out on their own. Despite Takaharu’s slightly irritating habits, the rest of the cast manages to balance out his negative traits. With two young heroes that provide great support, a magic ninja, a scientific genius, and a cowboy that loves to take selfies with monsters, the rest of the Ninninger balance out the red shinobi’s bad qualities. I guess you could say that each member covers their own weaknesses in battle and in life. All in all, the group’s interactions play off for some good laughs here and there, which helps keep viewers entertained before the action kicks in. As for Kyuuemon’s group, the show’s format prevents them from being fleshed out too well. This was due to the fox demon’s tendency to revive Gengetsu’s Generals one at a time, which prevented most of the major bad guys from reaching their full potential. One villain that suffered dearly from this was Raizou Gabi, who seemed like he was going to be Takaharu’s rival throughout the entire show— kind of like Takeru/Shinken Red and Juzou’s encounters in Shinkenger. Even though the later Commanders are still alive, their role hasn’t reached the same pinnacle as the blood-thirsty samurai. For now, Izayoi shows some promise, since his backstory is connected to the Igasaki Ninja Clan. That and it’s cool to see that Gengetsu’s high-ranking members wear broken Noh masks; thus adding a neat aesthetic to the group’s Warring Era theme. Perhaps if Gengetsu and his top officers were awake from the get-go, Ninninger might’ve had a stronger villain cast. Then again, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger featured a similar format to the latest ninja team’s adversary, so the issue here is how the bad guys interact with the heroes. Hell, in titles like Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, a series with a small general count, the thing that let Enter stay strong throughout the series was his constant interaction with his enemies. Whether he was eating a pizza while commencing his evil scheme or greeting the team in French, his presence was a welcoming aspect for the show. Sadly, the Kibaoni Army’s commanders (except Raizou) weren't able to deliver a great dynamic between them and the good guys, which was due to them not crossing swords with the heroes too often. Where the villains were lacking, the Monsters-of-the-Week managed to keep the series’ conflicts entertaining. Besides being actual yokai crossed with random objects, most of these creatures leave us with some silly moments here and there. I mean, we got to see Frankenstein's Creature become a fan of cute 2D girls, a moment that I didn't expect to see outside of Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger. Due to Kyuuemon’s desire to collect people's fears, we get to see these baddies scare humans through actions like using walls to crush people’s dreams or trapping people inside of difficult board games. Even when the Izayoi Clan ninjas took over as the weekly adversaries for the heroes, they still managed to carry the spirit of the other bad guys. Going back to Kyuuemon, his role in the show is now one of the bigger things that could turn the villains around. Aside from his mysterious motives, he played a decent role in giving the show’s sixth Ranger, Kinji/Star Ninger, a challenge while he was trying to become the Last Ninja’s student. As the ninja fox demon starts to show more of his true colors, I could see him becoming a bigger villain than Gengetsu later on. For now, this is aspect is something that could turn the evil side into a more lovable group. In regards to the team’s weapon designs, their #1 Sword sports a colorful look, which goes well with its role as a changing device and main combat gadget. Just like Ninja Sentai Kakuranger’s heroes, the Ninninger all have the same gear, since their other tools include a transforming shuriken and a frog gun. Nonetheless, each member’s strengths and weaknesses allow for everyone to use the items in different ways, such as Yakumo/Ao Ninger combining magic with his special attacks. Thanks to their special shurikens that can be inserted into each weapon, the show’s staff has ensured that the Ninninger are able to add some more flair to the action scenes on screen. Of course, these segments go well with the group’s usage of ninja techniques like substitution and clone move; thus acting as another decent callback to the two previous ninja-themed Sentai shows. As for the gang’s costumes, the suits manage to compliment the show’s motif, as each hero’s helmet has a different shuriken that acts as their visor. On top of that, the scrolls on their chests complete the great package that makes up these great designs. While Star Ninger’s attire lacks these features, his cowboy elements were a clever way to utilize the sheriff’s star as part of the team’s association with spiked throwing weapons. While we’re on the topic of Star Ninger, the hero’s cowboy hat-shaped helmet and poncho work as a great way to compliment his American origins. Sure, he’s a parody of Texan and Wild West stereotypes (the guy transforms with a freaking cheeseburger cellphone, for crying out loud), but it’s these aspects that make his character fun. In a way, he’s like a glorious fusion between Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger’s Shurikenger and Shinkenger’s Shinken Gold, since he likes to add English words to phrases and he has a gold costume that has blue on it. Just like Kyoryuger’s mecha dinosaurs, Ninninger’s signature robots also feature a colorful toy-like design. If there’s one thing that sets them apart from the samba dinosaur show, it’s that the team’s Ninja Allies don’t share a similar motif. When you think about it, a giant ninja, a dragon, a dump truck, a dog, a train, an elephant, a U.F.O., a surfer, a lion fortress, and a Western ninja that rides a buffalo A.T.V. wheeler have nothing in common. Then again, most of these things are seen as cool things, which might’ve been a factor in their decision to give the gang machines that lack a common motif. Even though the Ninninger’s Ninja Allies look like something to come out of a ‘Cool Japan’ campaign, the shear ridiculousness behind these units using each other as thrones is both an awesome homage to its ninja theme, along with being a great way to replicate the great aspects from show like Gurren Lagann into a live-action series. From day one, this was an idea that I was on board with from the beginning, and Ninninger has yet to disappoint me with this theme. With all said and done, Ninninger may be a show that tries too hard to replicate Kyoryuger’s zaniness, but its other ideas prevent it from being a disappointing Sentai series. Based on its progressions, it’s not the right kind of bread to complete the sandwich that contains ToQger and its predecessor, since its major villains lack the elements that made the ones from the two previous shows great. However, this could change with Kyuuemon’s new ninja clan and Gengetsu’s true debut, so anything could happen at this point. Another great thing that kept the series fun was its return to the family theme present in Sentai titles like GoGo V and Magiranger gave the series its own charm, since it gave the main cast the chance to partake in lots of silly segments. Whether it was Kinji’s attempts to defeat the other heroes or the group’s early reactions to Takaharu’s old friend/possible love interest, these aspects continue to remind me why I find this format to be great. Based on the way how things are going now, the show’s looking to be an enjoyable title by the time things get super real— especially with the whole ordeal with Kyuuemon creating ninjas out of Tsumuji’s ninja abilities. If the show's staff plays their cards right with this one, we might be in for a cool scenario soon. While it might not reach Tokusatsu of the Year quality, the series has enough decent content for many folks to enjoy. In other words, hiding doesn't stop party night!
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It's all about that Shinobi Love
When it comes to delicacies that blend things together, the sandwich is one of those meals that smash a bunch of stuff in between two slices of bread. So what does this have to do with tokusatsu? Well, one thing that I’...

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Japanator Live

Japanator Live: It's the Ys Origin Final Countdown

We're almost at the top!
Sep 26
// Salvador GRodiles
[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here. Since I finished Ys Origin, I started La-Mulana, which can be watched here.] Well, folks. It looks like I managed to reach the Tower of Darm's final set of floors in Ys ...

Strong Style: Kickin' it in Osaka

Sep 26 // Soul Tsukino
We open the show with a quick greeting from Shinsuke Nakamura. Never Openweight Title: Hirooki Goto vs. Tomohiro Ishii Ishii is the champion here and sporting tape on his shoulder.  Shoulder blocks start early and no one backs down. Here we go with the elbows back and forth and the crowd is LOVING IT. Goto finally gets Ishii down before a slam. Each man blocks clothesline attempts as they are smacking each other but damn no one is going down. Goto lands a kick to the guts before hitting a clothesline sending Ishii down, but he pops back up and lands a couple of clotheslines before both go down. Josh says it's like watching two kaiju fighting. I agree. These guys are throwing clotheslines like they were trying to chop down a tree! Ishii goes for a headbutt but Goto counters. Ishii lands the ushi-karoshi, which is Goto's specialty. We skip ahead and elbows are flying again! Goto lands a blow to send Ishii down again as Ishii is bleeding from the mouth. Ishii lands a head kick, but Goto recovers quickly as they kill each other with more clotheslines. These guys are stiffing the hell out of each other and just will not go down! Goto goes for the reverse ushi-karoshi, then hits the normal version with a knee to the back of the head. Clothesline sends Ishii down, but he kicks out! Goto goes for the suplex, but Ishii gets the counter and then a headbutt and a clothesline on Goto. Both men down again. Ishii hits a low clothesline, but Goto kicks out. Ishii hits the brainbuster and gets the pin! Holy crap that was intense. THAT is strong style wrestling right there. Tough guy Togi Makabe comes in the ring to check on Goto. Ishii makes it a point to stand over Goto and get right in Makabe's face. Backstage Makabe is a not happy about the disrespect and lays out a challenge for the belt. In his own backstage comments, Ishii says "Let's do it."   Kazuchika Okada/YOSHI-HASHI vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kota Ibushi CHAOS vs. Team New Japan in a preview of what will take place at WrestleKingdom. Taking a cue from American wrestling, they two the two main eventers of the big show and gave them partners for a tag match to wet the appetite a bit. Have a bad feeling Kota's gonna take the pin on this one, let's see if I'm right. Each guy gets their own separate entrance here. They bring out the two lower card guys out first and then the two headliners. Interesting. Okada and Tanahashi face off and both want to start and they do, making to crowd gasp. Josh mentions how hot the Osaka crowds are as compared to other areas. Good observation as Japanese crowds are known to be reserved, but not here! Think of a Philly wrestling crowd but with less swearing. Basic start with Okada getting the headlock in. Okada gets the early lead sending Tanahashi down. A miss with a big charge we get an exchange with Funk forearms, but Tanahashi gets a leg whip. We jump again as Ibushi is in now. He goes for a moonsault on Okada but gets to feel Okada's knees for his trouble. Okada gets the flying elbow in and the Rainmaker pose! Tanahashi comes in and gets a tombstone!  Jumping ahead as YOSHI is working over Ibushi as he gets a couple of neckbreakers on Kota. Skipping ahead again as both Okada and YOSHI double teaming Tanahashi with a catapult clothesline. Things break down as Ibushi comes in and gets a hurricanrana and a two count. He kicks Yoshi and hits a sit out powerbomb, but Yoshi kicks out. Ibushi hits the flying twisting press and scores the win!  Well, that shut me up. These kinds of matches usually don't end that way. It was a good match for what was shown but clipped to crap like this mid show tag matches usually do. Some words from Nakamura looking back at the challenge he made to Shibata after the tag match we saw three weeks ago on this show. He mentions that while Shibata makes a desirable opponent, Shinsuke says that Shibata is a different person now since he buried the hatchet with Tanahashi and is seemingly on team NJPW now, and doesn't have to prove himself in every match anymore like an outsider.   Intercontinental Title: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Katsuyori Shibata Talk about night and day huh? It's like Freddie Mercury fighting Dan Severn in terms of personality and presentation. But, looks aside both guys can hang and we've seen these two face each other before. I'm hoping for good things in this one. Josh and Mauro point out that Nakamura has the better MMA record and although he is different and strange, he can still kick butt. Both basically ignore the introductions and just GLARE at each other. Back from break as we get started. Exchange of kicks doesn't go anywhere to start.  Some grappling on the mat into an MMA guard position. Both guys going for heel locks sends them both to the ropes. Shibata goes for the stomp and Nakamura dodges out of the ring. Back inside and into another knucklelock. Shinsuke gets an armbar and sends it down on the mat. Shinsuke works the arm before going into a surfboard. Shibata rolls out of it and gets a cobra twist lock, but Nakamura gets into the rope. Into an exchange of swift kicks leads to a stalemate. Nakamura goes for that goofy belly face rub thing and Mauro gives him hell for it. Shibata does the smart thing and locks in a guillotine choke. That'll teach him. Nakamura gets kicked sending him outside with Shibata following him out. Nakamura gets sent over the barricade right into the broadcast desk. Back in, Shibata locks in a figure-four leglock. Shinsuke tries to counter but fails, but he gets to the rope to break. Shibata slides out of the hold and gets a standing heel hook and kicks Shin in the head while he does it. Dude is badass. Both guys exchange elbows with Shibata getting the advantage. Shibata goes for a running kick, but Nakamura gets the knee! Shinsuke gets his good vibrations kick, but Shibata catches the foot and stands right up. Shibata goes for something but gets hung up on the top turnbuckle, leading to Nakamura landing a kick. Pin attempt only gets two. Shinsuke tries for a suplex, but Shibata gets some elbows in. Both men go down. Back up each man goes for a sleeper before Shinsuke sinks it in. Shibata reverses it and transfers into an octopus hold and bends Shin's arms backward so much they actually touch! Ouch! That has to hurt no matter who you are. They get into the ropes and Shinsuke is in pain. Shibata works him over in the corner with strikes. At this point, Mauro wonders if a "certain MMA promoter" (Dana White) thinks this is fake. Ooooh, burn. Both men get hits in as they are down. Back from break. as Shibata gets a suplex. Nakamura is down and Shibata goes for the penalty kick, missing and Nakamura lands his own kick. They struggle to their knees and exchange strikes. Jeez. Nakamura gets a powerslam, but Shibata pops right back up to land a german suplex.  Shibata gets in a sleeper hold. Shinsuke gets in a knee to the gut and  tries for the Booma ya, but gets dropkick in the mouth for that idea. Exchange of kicks and Shibata ends that with a SLAP and a kick. Shinsuke gets out of a fireman's carry into an elbow, but Shibata hits the GTS. Shin kicks out of the pin attempt. Shibata goes for the penalty kick, but Shinsuke catches him. He lands the Booma ya, and then another to the back of the head to get the pin! In the ring, Shinsuke talks about going to the Tokyo Dome for Wrestlekingdom and is all out of cards to play with. He says that he is looking for a joker to play. Behind him, Kota Ibushi scampers out, slides into the ring, and nails Nakamura with a german suplex! Nakamura gives out his Yeaoh yell and gets up smiling. He likes what he sees and accepts the challenge. Guess we know why Ibushi got the pin in the tag match now. Backstage Nakamura says that the rivalry with Shibata is over. He is looking forward to Wrestlekingdom and wanted someone crazy for the big show and Ibushi is perfect. We finish with some studio words from Nakamura. He talks about how Shibata was not the same wrestler he faced over a decade before, but after wrestling him a few times since he had returned, he was used to Shibata's moves. He then talks about the challenge from Ibushi and how he is a good opponent that got his blood flowing. That was a fun show if you like guys just beating the bloody hell out of each other. The opener was one of those matches where you just cringe at how hard these guys were hitting each other while the main event was a great match in a technical MMA style. The tag match really suffered from its editing as it just seemed to lose control and go everywhere. But it's not like the middle match on this show getting the hack job is anything new. Lots of fun to watch! Next week is the last stop before Wrestlekingdom 9. We will see a big 8-man tag match that will probably make my hands explode trying to cover. See you next week! /ul/34306-/match 1-620x.jpg
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These guys will be sore in the morning!
Konnichiwa to this week's strong style! This week NJPW on AXS TV once again takes us back to the Bodymaker Coliseum in Osaka for our second week. We have two big title matches on tap sandwiched around a tag team match. This s...

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It's Showtime: Big O's Director hits us with a cool giant robot short

Can you spot the Marvel reference?
Sep 25
// Salvador GRodiles
You know you're in for a treat when the Japan Animator Expo project releases a mecha anime short that's directed by Kazuyoshi Katayama, the man who brought us The Big O. Even though the piece took place in an area that's in p...

Annotated Anime: School-Live! episodes 7-11

Sep 25 // Nick Valdez
Episode 7 After a few episodes of flashback, we're back in the series proper. When Yuki brings up their mall outing, Miki briefly forgets she's supposed to lie about Megu-nee and Yuki nearly cracks her delusion as brief images of a grisly scene flashback. Miki thinks it's time to stop lying to Yuki since it's not really healthy, but Yuri simply states that she'll tell her soon. After Yuki stumbles on some stationary, the girls decide to take their mind off things for a bit and write some letters to folks on the outside. During all of this, Miki stumbles on a key leading to some place in the staff room but hides it from the other girls. After some shenanigans involving carrier pigeons, the girls send their letters through the sky and we find that Miki's written one for her lost best friend, Kei (the one who abandoned Miki at the mall in search of a better kind of survival).  Kei's probably a zombie, folks. It's usually how these things turn out.  Episode 8 Miki gives the key she found to Yuri as the two start searching the staff room for clues as to what it leads to. But before all of that, the girls start talking about the future. Naturally since Yuki is still stuck in her weird state of mind, all she can think about is graduation and potentially getting a job in the adult world. It's a sad conversation as the girls try and look positively toward their futures (Kurumi wants to be wife, Yuri wants to do something I forgot about already, sorry), but this all feels like it's leading up to something big. In fact, that's one of the most impressive parts of this show. Every episode feels like we're inching closer and closer to some kind of terrible end. Starting with the opening credits (which have been slowly getting more and more violent as the show progresses), helped along by the heavy amount of foreshadowing (each episode someone notes how more and more zombies are gathering outside of the school), and with happier moments like this, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And it does. The girls discover that Megu-nee's key led to a lockbox containing an emergency manual for the school when a biological weapon is released.  Episode 9 As the girls fret over the manual, which details why the school has multi-tired facilities and stuff like solar panels and gardens, Yuki takes their minds off of it with a suggestion: to turn the ugly water tank into a pool area for a pool day. Then it's a super happy, fan service heavy episode. I wouldn't think we'd get an episode like this in the series, but it sort of makes sense. It's something Shakespeare made famous. You see, back when Shakespeare was a big hit, people used to sit and watch plays for several hours. Naturally people would get bored if you kept the entirety of the play the same tone, so he'd add bits of levity every few acts in order to accomplish two things. First, it's to keep interest. If a program remained a flat, dreary tone throughout its duration, people wouldn't pay attention. Secondly, it's to make the coming bits of drama hit that much harder. And I think that's what's going on here. This episode is our last breath of fresh air before everything starts coming down. And if the episode's tag is anything to go by (as Taroumaru escapes downstairs to the basement and sees something tragic), it's going to be a doozy.  Episode 10 So here's a little trick as to how I write these annotations: I write these blurbs as I watch each episode rather than try to summarize them all at once. I only open with this because I want you to know that I was not ready for all of this chaos. At the end of last episode, we saw Taroumaru escape from his leash and run through the school so the girls wake up and go looking for him. As Kurumi follows his tracks downstairs into the basement, she finds an infected Taroumaru trying to bite her face off. After managing to lock him up in a room, she stumbles on the truly messed up thing: Megu-nee's zombie. Failing to stop Monster-nee's advance, Kurumi's bitten. As the girls try and figure out what to do now, Kurumi's condition worsens (and leads to an awful amount of screaming as the infection spreads) and the girls are split up as zombies break their way into the school. Yuki is locked in a room after zombies attack, Yuri's sitting with Kurumi and slowly breaking, and Miki is in search of the medicine (and possible antidote) the manual claims the school has but breaks down at the thought of losing Taroumaru. As the episode closes, and everything is traumatic for everyone, Yuki starts remembering the tragedy that sparked her mental breakdown.  Episode 11 Ugh, I need a breather. Deep - breath -, okay. As Yuki runs to Miki and gives her strength to go and search for the antidote, lightning strikes the school's generators and cuts off the power while starting a fire. So there's yet another thing to worry about as Yuri comes to grips with possibly losing Kurumi to the infection. We've seen Yuri as the slightly older girl who's acted as a rock, so this is the first time she's truly shown emotion. It's quite interesting watching her slowly break as she decides whether or not to kill her friend before she turns into a zombie. Then we shift back to Miki, who's fought her way down to the school's basement. As she comes face to face with Megu-nee's zombie (who still retained her memories of the other girls and evidenced by her zombie writings), she assures her they're doing fine before giving her peace. But Miki is soon cornered by zombies when she finds the medicine. Then we cut back to Yuki, who's slowly breaking free of her delusion. After some emotional resolution (and Megu-nee guiding her to the broadcasting room), she finally accepts Megu-nee's death and says goodbye. It's too much.  What started out as a cute series became far more emotional than I would've guessed. Looking at the premise of the show should've given it away, but I never thought it'd hit that hard. Maybe it's because it's so sudden. It's not a revolutionary story or anything like that, but there's so much care put into the buildup, the payoff is fantastic. The final episode's sure going to be something. 
Annotated School-Live! photo
I've got a complicated relationship with zombambos. I've gotten tired with the genre, but I can't help but stay invested in how different characters are effected in different medias. Each media provides unusual takes, and ani...

WTF Friday photo
WTF Friday

WTF Fridays - Japanese Man

How to be a Weeaboo
Sep 25
// Red Veron
Don't hate, James Bond did it too.
Final Fantasy XII photo
Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII HD remake all but confirmed by strategy guides

Thanks, Prima?
Sep 22
// Josh Tolentino
If you told me last year, when I bought my PS4, that a goodly number of the titles I'd be hearing about in the coming years would be ones from the previous generations, I wouldn't have believed you. Alas, I would've been...
4chan x 2chan photo
4chan x 2chan

Woah: 4chan now owned by 2channel's founder

Moot agreed, don't bother him about it
Sep 22
// Josh Tolentino
Well, this is a surprise. The internet hive known as 4chan has just been sold to none other than Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel (aka 2ch), Japan's most influential message board and the direct inspiration for the...

Ajikan hits Europe for a second tour this November

Sep 22
// Anthony Redgrave
Old school hard rockers from the late 90's ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION are heading to Europe for a second tour. Anime fans may know their signature rock style in opening themes such as Haruka Kanata (Naruto), Rewrite (Fullmetal...
Man at Arms: Reforged photo
Man at Arms: Reforged

Watch Man at Arms bring Saber's Excalibur to life

Servant not included
Sep 21
// Salvador GRodiles
Ever since Man at Arms switched to a new group, I started to miss the old team's style, since their weapons were more accurate than the current gang. Nonetheless, the main thing that both blacksmiths have in common is that t...

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 710

Sep 20 // Anthony Redgrave
The battle rages on in Dressrosa with Lao G fist fighting Don Chinjao and Sai coming to terms with the affectionate Baby 5. Baby 5's misinterpretation of Sai's fighting words is still very humourous as it has kept the boring fights featured in the last few episodes varied and entertaining. To test the subservience of Baby 5, Sai asks if Baby 5 would kill herself to which she readily complies. Sai has a change of heart when he sees his request being taken seriously.  Don Chinjao tries to prevent Sai from interfering with her suicide resulting in a clash between allies. A confrontation that is quickly resolved in Sai inheriting his grandfather's command of the Chinjao family. This whole bit between Sai, Baby 5, and Don Chinjao is very sweet and awesome amongst all the fighting. Sai starts to come to terms with the power of his words and so can now take over from his grandfather Don Chinjao, Don Chinjao respectfully steps down as the leader of the family since he has been bested by the younger generation, and Baby 5... well she finally finds someone that is not willing to take advantage of her need to please people.  The show then dives into Baby 5's up bringing. Amongst all the flashbacks we have had in the Dressrosa arc (and there has been a lot), this is the most disturbing. The imagery of Baby 5's mother and the environment they are in is encased in a creepy dark atmosphere. Baby 5 looks like an accurate representation of a child version of her, but her mother looks like a black Groot silhouette. We learn why Baby 5 has the compulsion to be needed and I guess the maid costume is also to emphasise her servient nature as well as moe fan service. The action portion of this episode is really good for a gladiator-executive fight. Watching Lao G bounce around the battlefield delivering acrobatic G shaped attacks against Don Chinjao is great to watch. The dynamic movements are fluid and it's always funny to see his insistence of finding the G in every sentence. But this doesn't hold a candle to when he later beefs up Master Roshi style to take on Sai. Don Chinjao is taken out and it is up to the newly promoted Sai to take on the old Geo first master. The final clash uses a different art style incorporating more highlights and brighter colours making it more flashy and dramatic. This episode introduces and nicely wraps up Sai's and Don Chinjao's little arc. I hope this isn't the end of Baby 5 as she seems like a really cool character to more of. Maybe a manga cover story of how she and Sai are coping with married life a la newly weds? [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation] servient
One Piece photo
All is fair in Love and War
For those hoping there'd be some resolution on the Bellamy-Luffy confrontation, you'll be very disappointed. A very small part of the episode is spent on the fight, but it doesn't progress in any way unless you count Bellamy gobbing a bloody lugy on Luffy. The rest of the episode however is spectacular. It resolves two fights, has awesome action, and another feels heavy backstory.

Annotated Anime: Himouto! Umaru Chan episode 11

Sep 20 // Anthony Redgrave
The show kicks off with Umaru expressing the most common of desire, a craving for pizza. It's a feeling familiar for most young adults, but motherly Taihei isn't having any of it because of the lack of nutrients in a Chicago slice. Ebina pays a visit to the Doma household to give them a bag of rice called Akita Komachi. This isn't the run of the mill Walmart rice, but high-grade short grain rice from the Akita prefecture. The show even captures the bag decal sporting the Akita Komachi mascot emblazoned on the front. Even though Taihei puts his mastery of cooking to good use by whipping up a luncheon for Ebina and Umaru, he doesn't use the rice to it's strengths. A quick Google shows that Akita Komachi is best in portable foods like Onigiri. The next two stories are bad. First up is Umaru trying to decide on what snack to get at a grocery store while Taihei has to attend a meeting and introduce a proposal. The two are vaguely connected and only come back together at the end so the majority is focussed on Umaru's internal debate. It's a lot wackier by the inclusion of lots of chibi Umarus doing the Umaru debate about junk food. It loses a lot of the show's charm by not incorporating any of the show's grounded reality since it's Umaru running rampant inside her own head. If you like chibi Umaru then this would be ok for you. This is followed by food adventures with Ebina and Umaru. The problem here is not with the characters. This high school duo is my favorite pairing third to Taihei's work buddies and the Doma siblings, but there's just no substance in this segment. It's literally them eating parfaits. There are freeze frames with the camera panning across the two of them eating for 3 minutes. No animation just freeze frames. To make matters worse, this whole episode has a lower quality of animation. It's made clear in this story as the freeze frames and close-ups show the disproportions in their facial features especially with Ebina. Her boobs get a lot of limelight in this episode too but sadly this highlights the problems with having a large bust such as clipping issues with the rest of the body. Before Umaru gets to relish in the Japanese summer she must first endure the rainy season. Fortunately for her it only lasts 2/3rds of a story and there is Kirie to accompany her through the misery. Taihei attempts to brighten the mood by listing the positives of rain but ultimately resorts to telling them the summer is right around the corner. There are hints of a beach trip, but this is saved for another time. The brief Sylphynford appearance in this episode helped me learn two things; in Japan they have Hagan Daaz in crane games and that there is a correct way to eat tub ice cream. The show goes as far as explaining the first step; licking the lid. Hey, what about the other steps? Have I been doing it wrong the whole time!?As I said there is not much to this episode except food. I'd advise not watching this on an empty stomach or if you have an uncontrollable urge for frozen dairy confectionery.  [Watch Himouto! Umaru-chan on Crunchy Roll!] [Watch Himouto! Umaru-chan on Crunchy Roll!]
Himouto! Umaru-chan photo
Ebina and Umaru vs. Food
The one word to summarise this week's episode is Food. There is lots and lots of food on display here. To be more specific it's ice creams to welcome the Summer period to the show, even though in real life we are saying goodbye to the warm weather and hello to falling leaves and Pumpkin Spice Latte's.  Himouto! Umaru-chan

Summer Lesson photo
Summer Lesson

Summer Lesson becomes a real thing

Along with the rest of PlayStation VR
Sep 20
// Josh Tolentino
I remember back at E3, when Katsuhiro Harada and the Tekken team updated their little VR experiment, Summer Lesson. I remarked that the little tech demo featuring players nodding their heads at young teens represented p...
Japanator Live photo
Japanator Live

Japanator Live: Sal endures Ys Origin's hot areas

Why is there a desert inside of a tower?
Sep 19
// Salvador GRodiles
[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.] Right when I escaped from the Tower of Darm's scorching heat, things started to get hotter around here. At this rate, I'm impressed that a foundation that's made out of...

Strong Style: High Speed Special

Sep 19 // Soul Tsukino
We start off on the right foot when Jushin "thunder" Liger is ere to greet us! IWGP Jr. Tag Titles: ReDRagon vs Time Splitters RedDRagon (Kyle O'Reily and Bobby Fish) are here as part of the New Japan/Ring of Honor talent agreement. They are the reigning ROH Tag champs at this point. And as an interesting point, as I am watching this, they are in the top two matches for a big Ring of Honor show, against the same person. The Time Splitters are the defending champions here. Kushida and Kyle start off with some good chain wrestling. Kushida goes for an armlock Shoulderblock and boot to the face sends Kushida down and Kyle hit with a forearm. Double team and Alex Shelly in now. Double team clears both men out of the  ring. Kushida goes for the outside dive but is hit in the back by Fish. Kyle accidently nails his own partner  but Fish gets an arm breaker over the rope. This match is going about twice as fast as I can type it. ReDRagon gets the advantage and Kyle keeps trying to hit a top rope dive, but Kushida keeps rolling out of the way. Both ReDRagon goes for the dive but hit the canvas for their trouble. Back from our first break as Shelly clotheslines both opponents before tagging in Kushida who takes over on both men. He goes for a dive but is tripped. Shelly sent into the barricade, followed by Fish with a kick and then Kushida hits a dive on everyone. We skip ahead as Kushida hits a Pele kick before getting hit with a brainbuster into an armbar from O'Reily. Shelley hits a double stomp to break it up. Skip ahead as Kyle nearly gets a pin but it's broken up. Shelly NAILS Kyle with a kick to the head. Fish comes  in and both men work over Kushida before Fish hits a falcon arrow from the top rope. They hit the Chase the Dragon and win the titles! The Young Bucks and the Forever Hooligans come out for reasons  and we get a shoving match with all the teams as Fish is cussing up a storm (not edited by the way)! Even though it had its cuts, this was still a fun match to watch. Both teams were game and it made for a quick and fast paced one. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Taichi This match stems from when Taichi was part of the Suzuki army guys who attacked Ryusuke after he won the belt and then Taichi attacked the champ again after Ryusuke beat El Desperado in a match shown a few weeks ago. Taichi, Desperado, and Taka come out trying to look like they are playing music.. or something. Desperado is faking playing a guitar while Taichi pretends t sing into a Freddy Mercury mic with the stand attached. Clean shake of hands and crowd is surprised. Taka and Desperado both want to shake as well and Taichi hits Ryusuke from behind sending him outside. They smack his injured ankle against the barricade. Skip ahead as Ryusuke gets a funky weapon butt bump attacks. Flying butt attack nearly gets two. Taguchi hits a dive over the top to the outside. Skipping ahead again as Desperado hits him with a table! Table is set up, but Ryuske nearly gives a Dodan through the table, but Taichi counters and piledrives him through the table!  And this is one of those infamous Japanese tables that are hard as stone as well. We skip ahead and Ryusuke has the anklelock on Taichi and gets shot off by the multicolored haired one, there goes the ref. Desperado and Taka both come in and get knocked right back out. Taichi nearly gets a pin after a low blow. Back from another break as Taichi sends the ref down again and he gets his mic stand but Taguchi hits and enziguri and a Dodan to nearly get a 3 count. Taichi goes for his own Dodan, but Ryusuke rolls through it and gets a suplex in. Taguchi gets a rack bomb but goes for another Dodan. It hits and Taguchi gets the win! The Bullet Club comes out with a mysterious masked man in the middle. I know where this is going. Karl Anderson speaks and unveils the newest member of the Bullet Club. It's KENNY OMEGA! Taguchi's former tag partner! The Cleaner is born! Omega lays down the challenge and says he wants money and the belt Taguchi answers with Oh My and Garfunkel. Yup. Them's fightin' words. It's main event time as we get some words from Liger. He puts over the NWA of the past, They show Owens and his goofy manager, Bruce Tharpe challenging Liger and Liger responding that he wants to win a belt one more time. Liger talks about winding down his career and being in the final chapter of Liger.   NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title: Chase Owens vs. Jushin Liger Not going to lie, but this match sounds more impressive to Japanese fans than it does for the American ones. The NWA name still has some prestige in Japan, while in the US its now viewed as kind of a joke with a bunch of indy guys trying to sound more impressive when they only draw a couple of hundred people at some high school gym. I'm not familiar with Chase Owens, or his "manager" NWA president Bruce Tharpe, but I certainly know who Liger is! Jushin Liger goes with his old school red and white colored suit for the match tonight. Owens immediately gives off an "indy wrestler" vibe as his looks exactly like A.J. Styles, circa 2002. Tharpe looks even worse as he is wearing one of those shiny Rod Roddy style coats. He talks like one of those guys you see at an indy show who act like someone trying to be a wrestling manager instead of actually being one. Remember what I said about the NWA kind of being a joke? THIS is the guy running the NWA nowadays. Crowd is chanting for Liger, Liger gets the takedown and right into a surfboard into a chin lock before letting go. Liger with an Indian death lock and then goes into a wristlock. Owens gets a leg lock, but Liger goes for an armlock but Chase gets to the rope. Shoulderblock sends Liger down. Liger  gets a hip toss and then sends Owens to the floor before hitting the Senton from the apron. Chase begs off and then hits the knee leading to the dropkick. Back from break as Owens poses. Liger into the buckles hard. Knees drove right into Liger's face! Owens go for the lionsault but misses. Double clothesline sends both men down. Liger misses the clothesline but gets the palm strike and hits the top rope frankenstiener. Liger goes up for the splash and lands on the knees. Owens lifts Liger up for a fireman's carry into the double knee gut buster. Liger gets hit with a forearm and Ligers DEMANDS Chase hit him, and he does! Liger hits the kapo kick, but Owens reverses into a suplex. Owens hits a slingshot backbreaker and tries for the package piledriver, but Liger gets out of it. Liger hits the Thesz press before Liger hits the brainbuster and a second one and gets the win! Liger speaks and tells the crowd to keep cheering for him in his last chapter. Backstage Liger says he will defend the belt against anyone and that he won't leave Wrestling until he is satisfied. He says he is 80 percent satisfied and that he still has more to go. Studio words as he talks about no being able to keep up with the new generation of Jr.s like the Splitters, but that he can still go nearly the age of 50. That was fun. Sure the cuts made the first two matches suffer a bit, but 3 good fast-paced contests none the less. I wasn't really sold on Chase Owens, but his match with Liger was a good one as he did keep up with Liger. Although getting up there in years, Jushin liger is still able to put on a show! See you next week! /ul/34283-/NJPW header-620x.jpg
New Japan Pro Wrestling photo
Throwdown at the Colosseum
Hello again and welcome back to Strong Style. This week on New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV we go to Osaka and the Bodymaker Colosseum for the first of two shows from November 8th, 2014. Tonight we have three matches from the junior heavyweight division, so things are going to be quick and high energy tonight!

Week Ender - Universal Century Edition

Sep 19 // Red Veron
[embed]34282:5061:0[/embed] "Winners Forever" Anime: Gundam Victory Continuing with the 90's J-rock of its time, this ending song is quite good and catchy.   [embed]34282:5062:0[/embed] "Believe in the Starry Sky" Anime: Zeta Gundam The Gundam series loves using current pop music for its soundtrack and the song confirms that this one is very much form the 80's.   [embed]34282:5063:0[/embed] "10 Years After" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam 8th MS Team A fun ending that stays true to the real "boots on the ground" angle of the show. The song compliments the ending well being about looking to the future with someone after everything currently going through the present.   .[embed]34282:5064:0[/embed] "Forever Amuro" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam A pretty emotional ending while pretty solemn, it's captures the show's theme about being "real robot" show and leaning more on realism than fantasy like other robot shows of the time.   Is there an ending from the Universal Century that you like that isn't on here? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna see!
Week Ender photo
Real Robots
Many people remember opening songs from the Universal Century Gundam series fondly but not many remember the endings songs as much. I admit that I am one of those many since a lot of the UC series aired before I was born or I...

Mushihimesama photo

Shmup giant Cave heads to Steam with Mushihimesama

Return of the Bullet Hell King
Sep 19
// Anthony Redgrave
The bullet hell genre is one of the most niche genres in gaming. Simulation, Eroge, and point and click adventure games have proven to be popular enough to make it into mainstream web news in the past decade, but the shmup fa...

Annotated Anime: MY Love STORY!! episodes 19-23

Sep 18 // Nick Valdez
Episode 19 Takeo's mom has been pregnant on the sidelines, and it finally comes to a literal head in this episode. Takeo's been concerned with his mom's health ever since she told him about it (even if he's the one who's always reckless with his body), but she's maintaining a high level of activity despite his wishes. She's tough, and Takeo knows it, but he can't help but worry. After saving another pregnant woman from a fall, his mother feels a pain in her side and ultimately goes to the hospital. Takeo understandably freaks out and after running frantically and carrying his mother to her hospital room, Takeo's left to worry on the sidelines. After some consoling for Suna, he calms down and after retrieving a charm from Yamato wishing a safe delivery, Takeo's mom gives birth to the adorable giant baby you see above. In case you were wondering the show wouldn't crack a joke about that, Suna notes that she's the biggest baby in the room. It's actually the cutest and funniest thing.  Episode 20 This is my favorite episode to date. When Takeo laments that he never gets chocolate from a girl on Valentine's Day (and notes that Suna always receives tons of chocolate along with one from a secret admirer each year), he remembers Yamato and suddenly freaks out. Beaming with happiness, his friends corner him and ask if there's a way they could hang out in a huge group with Yamato's friends like they did at Christmas. During the group date, Yamato gives everyone chocolate cookies and Takeo's constantly wondering when he's going to get his special Valanetine's chocolate from Yamato. He's depressed when he thinks he won't get one, suddenly realizes he should've appreciated the cookies, and he acts like a giant, adorable idiot the entire episode. Of course, Yamato shows up with some kind of giant chocolate mountain and Takeo blows a super kiss from a couple of floors up. It's a good year for them both.  Ugh, this show is so cute I can't stand it.  Episode 21 During my last recap, I noted how Sunakawa is not only disinterested in women, but romance in general. He's clearly in tune with emotions as the show's proven that he cares about Takeo (going so far as to not date any of the girls who secretly joked about Takeo behind his back), but he's never pursued anyone for himself. It's a forward thinking asexual person that I hope wasn't the writer's happy accident. Anyway, the first person to challenge this and show a definite romantic interest in Suna is Yukika, a girl who's had a crush on him for ten years now. Her major flaw, however, is her crippling shyness that keeps her from actually approaching Suna in any way. the only way she's expressed her love is through Valentine's chocolate throughout the years with a note reading "I don't need anything, I just want you to love me back" or something to that effect. When Takeo and Yamato finally convince Yukika to approach, she suddenly blurts out a confession and Suna oddly agrees to go out on a group date.  While this episode tests my theory, it also posits that none of the girls were unique enough to have a relationship with a main character. Yukika's got all of the design of a new main character (silver hair, personality traits, uh, love?) but I never quite dug her. I actually found her quite annoying and way too stalkery to actually lead to a healthy relationship. Regardless, this episode's hilarious because Takeo's radar like senses always spotted Yukika.  Episode 22 While the last episode challenges Suna's bachelor lifestyle, this episode highlight's Suna's greatest quality and, potentially, his biggest flaw. You see, he's such a nice guy that he's willing to put everyone else's happiness ahead of his own. While that may be an anime staple, Suna's is actually kind of tragic. You see, as the group all go out to the zoo, Suna's just humoring Yukika the entire time. He doesn't really react to anything (except to Takeo, which Yukika points out later as a sign that he's truly interested in someone), and rather than it resembling traditional shoujo love interests, it actually adds to Suna's mysterious nature. We're never really sure what he's thinking and in fact we don't really find out till episodes end when he ultimately (and understandably given that she watched him from the shadows for ten years) declines Yukika's love. He gives her a notebook, and she loves that she even got to spend some time with the object of her affection. Of course, there was some weirdness in the middle when she freaked out on Suna since he had no interest in her. That only cemented how annoying she was. I'm glad it didn't really work out.  Episode 23 As a sort of palette cleanser, this episode is a light affair that returns to Takeo and Yamato's relationship. When Yamato gets a job at a bakery in order to better learn how to craft desserts, Takeo gets jealous for the first time in the series. When a handsome looking patisseire, Ichinose (always a hilarious ring of a traditional shoujo protagonist), mistakes Yamato's interest in cakes for an interest in him, he eventually challenges Takeo's relationship. He runs to Takeo and asks if Takeo really belongs with Yamato and states that she deserves someone more alike to her. Takeo, for the first time in the series, doubts himself and thinks Ichinose might've had a point. The episode ends as Takeo stands on shaken ground for the first time. Will Takeo actually give up on his relationship with Yamato? Nah, probably not. But this is an intelligent way to bring Takeo's untraditional nature and design in the genre to light. And it'll most likely bring about a good end to the season, and more likely, the series.  I'm not ready for this show to end, but as no sequel season was announced, I'm pretty sure the next episode is the last. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it's over.
Annotated Love Story!! photo
I love this show so much
Have I told you that My Love Story!! is my favorite anime of the season? Although I jumped into these annotations majorly late, I've been glued to the screen each week just waiting on the latest release. It's the most fun I'v...

WTF Fridays photo
WTF Fridays

WTF Fridays: You are [NOT] ready

Musical Impact
Sep 18
// Red Veron
Neon Genesis Impacts photo
Neon Genesis Impacts

Animator Expo's third Eva short is all about music and friendship

Evangelion has never been this cute
Sep 18
// Salvador GRodiles
Another Evangelion-related short has invaded Animator Expo, and its impact is surprisingly cuter than the usual stuff we expect out of the series. Instead of focusing on the Eva pilots and the folks at NERV, "Neon Genesis Imp...
Street Fighter photo
Street Fighter

Karin makes her triumphant return in Street Fighter V

Oh ho ho ho ho
Sep 17
// Anthony Redgrave
Capcom have a thing for blondes don't they? Charlie Nash, Cammy, Rainbow Mika, and now Karin Kanzuki. Even the big British brawler Birdie is sporting the golden locks of a Blonde. The Ken to Sakura's Ryu is back from he...
Persona 5 photo
Persona 5

Persona 5 3rd PV is crazy awesome!

Skull Pirate Persona!
Sep 17
// Anthony Redgrave
TGS 2015 rolls along like a hype driven Maglev train with new gaming reveals every day. Today ATLUS released another promotional video of Persona 5. Apart from showing off more gameplay and more cryptic clues behind the stor...
Gundam VS Force photo
Gundam VS Force

Praise G: Gundam Extreme VS Force heads to Asia in English

Cheers, Mobile Suit fans!
Sep 17
// Salvador GRodiles
Now here's something that you don't see every day: During TGS '15's SCEJA Conference Asia Session, the folks at Bandai Namco have announced that they're bringing Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Force, the upcoming title i...

OP Up! Universal Century Edition

Sep 16 // Red Veron
[embed]34276:5052:0[/embed] "Stand up to the Victory" Anime: Victory Gundam A really good song that reflects the time it was made in the early 90's with the very J-Rock song of its era. Nicely animated opening as well.   [embed]34276:5053:0[/embed] "Shine in the storm" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team A different take on the series, focusing on the boots on the ground, this entry takes a good look at the war from the perspective of a military unit of the Earth Federation. Adds more 'real' to the 'Real Robot' genre that Gundam started.   [embed]34276:5054:0[/embed] "It's not Anime" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ I have not seen much of this entry but I remember it fondly because of the song in the opening with the lyric saying that this "is not Anime".   [embed]34276:5055:0[/embed] "Fly! Gundam" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam The opening of what started it all, this one has a very 70's song. Though it may look similar to all the other robot anime shows of that era, Gundam differentiated itself by not having super powered weapons that bordered the fantasy and that the robots themselves only felt like tools used as weapons along with the realities of war.   Is there a Universal Century opening that I didn't include here that you love? SHOW ME IN THE COMMENTS! I would love to see it!
OP Up! photo
This is Gundam
The Mobile Suit Gundam has been around for generations and is a household name in many Japanese homes. It is no wonder, since there have been many entries in the series in TV, movies, and in print form. Collectively know...

Attack On Titan photo
Attack On Titan

New Attack on Titan game trailer shows off Hack and Slash action

Hunt the prey, Be the hunter
Sep 16
// Red Veron
When I first saw the anime of Attack on Titan, I know I am not alone when I immediately thought that this anime needs to have a videogame to be able replicate that exhilarating movement and visceral combat. When news fr...
Annotated School-Live! photo
Annotated School-Live!

Annotated Anime: School-Live! episodes 4-6

Zombeh -eh -eh -eh -oh -oh -eh -yaaaa
Sep 14
// Nick Valdez
Last time I talked about School-Live! (which was a bit ago, sorry), I noted how much I loved how its cutesy art clashed with its dark world. Despite how seemingly annoyingly cute it is, it grabbed my attention and never let g...

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