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MCM London Comic Con Oct 2013 cosplay gallery photo
MCM London Comic Con Oct 2013 cosplay gallery
by Chris Walden

Heading to the ExCel Centre for MCM London Comic Con isn't all about buying pricey import goods and hearing about the latest anime titles to be licensed, no sir! As is the case with all conventions that are vaguely anime-related, cosplayers arrive in small armies for photographs and a good laugh. 

It was no surprise to see so many Attack on Titan cosplayers this time, but rest assured that the Narutos, Haruhis and elaborate furries were still out in force. You can't have a complete cosplay meetup without them, after all!

Thanks to Tomopop's Martin Siggers for being a camera wizard and securing all of the snaps in the gallery, so be sure to check it out below. You could even be super cool and follow him on Twitter!

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10:00 PM on 10.29.2013

This year's Kawasaki Halloween Parade is a glorious treat

Halloween may be on the 31st of October, but that's not stopping the people of Kawasaki City from having their yearly parade before Hallow's Eve engulfs our lives. Overall, the attendees at the event continue to put on a grea...

Salvador G Rodiles

8:00 AM on 10.25.2013

First English screens for Danganronpa emerge

Spike Chunsoft's Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a fantastic game. A combination of Ace Attorney-like trials and investigation, and 999/VLR-like atmosphere and plot progression, Dangan Ronpa is rich with personality. I p...

Elliot Gay

3:03 PM on 10.21.2013

New Please Teacher/Twins Blu-ray for its 10th Anniversery

Over the weekend, Japanese voice actress Ai Shimizu tweeted a series of photographs involving her cosplaying her character from Please Twin, Karen Onodera, going around the sights of Lake Kizaki. This was a part of ...

Jeff Chuang

8:00 AM on 10.11.2013

NYCC 2013: Cosplays

New York Comic Con 2013 is underway. Building on prior years, Thursday is now a full day for a lot of the vendors and events at the con, and the crowd is out in force. Compared to last year even, the exhibit hall floors are w...

Jeff Chuang

9:00 AM on 09.30.2013

New Ar no Surge details and screenshots emerge

Japanese game developer Gust has been very busy these days. Between their upcoming Vita title, New Atelier Rorona, and finishing up Ciel no Surge, I can't help but be impressed. Yet here they are, making yet another game. New...

Elliot Gay

9:00 AM on 09.20.2013

TGS 2013: The shopping of TGS

No game show is complete without a place where you can buy lots of branded goods. TGS is certainly no exception to that rule. While it occupies a fairly small space on the show floor, TGS' merchandise area still has plenty of...

Elliot Gay

TGS 2013: JDK Band live was amazing photo
TGS 2013: JDK Band live was amazing
by Elliot Gay

This year at Tokyo Game Show, Falcom's well loved JDK Band put on a mini live performance lasting about 45 minutes. They played six songs from their library of music, including a few newer tracks and some classics.

Six members of the band were in attendance, and the performance was positively amazing to be present for. The JDK Band just has this amazing energy that reflects in their playing, and I'm incredibly happy that I was able to see them live.

I also happened to record nearly the entire concert thanks to the help of a friend. Check out the concert above and below, and sound off in the comments. Which song is your favorite?

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8:00 AM on 09.19.2013

TGS 2013: The booths of TGS Part 1

Tokyo Game show is a crazy place. It goes without saying that the show floor is constantly flooded with people running around to take a look at the next big thing. It's a sight to behold, which is why I wanted to give you fin...

Elliot Gay

8:14 PM on 09.18.2013

TGS 2013: The long lines of day one

It goes without saying that Tokyo Game Show lines are some of the longest in the business. Fortunately for me, I managed to snake through them pretty quickly to make my way to the show floor. I can't say the same for my coll...

Elliot Gay

4:00 PM on 09.13.2013

Idol of the Week: Yumi Sugimoto

Name: Yumi Sugimoto Birthdate April 1st, 1989 Hometown: Osaka, Japan Measurements 82/58/85 cm  While the weather may be cooling off in some areas, don't tell Yumi Sugimoto that! This week she's sporting some amazing swim...

Hiroko Yamamura

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 3 of 3 photo
San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 3 of 3
by Red Veron

San Japan, an annual Japanese culture and Anime Convention in the city of San Antonio, Texas, celebrates its sixth year with the alliterative subtitle "Sinister Six". If there's anything we love here at Japanator, it's alliteration. A lot.

Now here are the last of the cosplay pictures I took with my new not-so-terrible point-and-shoot camera at this year's San Japan convention. I had fun at the convention seeing cosplay I haven't seen before at other cons outside of my native Houston. I love the passion and creativity that cosplayers put into something that tangible and can be appreciated by other like-minded enthusiasts like myself.

First of all, DAT ELIZABETH COSPLAY. We have cosplay of Elizabeth, the mysterious alien duck creature thing (or really bad costume in the show's fiction), from the hilarious Gintama. Just like the character in the show, it looks like it was made from a white bed sheet which makes it all the more accurate. Here's another one of Elizabeth and Kagura.

Normally, I would get a bit put off by minor details in cosplay, like hair color, but this Sheik cosplayer from Legend of Zelda did her costume so well that I am willing to stop being a whiny perfectionist for a second. Also, those eyes. They're beautiful.

Another amazingly detailed video game cosplay is a cordyceps fungi infected zombie from the apocalyptic survival cinematic game The Last of Us. It looks so good and creepily realistic, just like how cordyceps fungi being a real thing that turns ants into mindless zombies. It's only a matter of time until cordyceps fungi jumps species and gets us humans. Fortunately for us when that time comes, we have the Black Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to protect us from fungus zombies.

On the topic of zombie-related things, we have a short but still terrifying Nemesis cosplayer from the game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Check out the previous gallery's Jill and Chris cosplay if you want more Resident Evil.

One thing about I love about these conventions is when people show off what they love. These guys rolled in awesome viking gear costumes and they totally pulled it off.

Here are some great cosplay from Black Butler, Drossel Keinz and Ciel Phantomhive. Also check out the Ciel cosplayer's other cosplay of Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica. I think I may have creeped her out when I told her I liked her cosplay. Sorry.

Last one goes out to the cool Lara Croft cosplayer with the crazy and funny Spiderman(s), who were featured in a previous gallery. Y'all are rad.

Thanks for looking at my pictures and expect more from the future, I promise I won't be as lazy and move somewhere with functional internet.

Also check out the other parts of this gallery:

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 1 of 3

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 2 0f 3

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