Gundam The Origin photo
Gundam The Origin

Gundam the Origin's subbed trailer shows off blue-eyed Char

Deikun's baby blues!
Dec 04
// Josh Tolentino
In case you haven't gotten enough Char in your life from the last Gundam The Origin trailer, it's time to have some in a language you can understand! Yep, they've officially subtitled the first trailer in English, which...
Build Fighters Try photo
Build Fighters Try

Gundam Build Fighters Try's first opening gets an amazing 8-bit remix

Please set your Retro Base
Nov 14
// Salvador GRodiles
As Gundam Build Fighters Try continues to impress us with its Solid Winning Streak, Studio Megaane has used his Retro Gunpla building skills to turn the show's opening into an 8-bit masterpiece. All in all, Megaane's ta...
Gundam photo

Rejoice: Right Stuf to distribute more Gundam shows in North America

More Mobile Suits are heading your way
Oct 11
// Salvador GRodiles
At long last, Right Stuf's deal with Sunrise has expanded outside of Gundam UC, as the company's been given the rights to release the original Gundam series in North America. On top of that, Right Stuf is distributing Gu...
Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

From Earth to Iskandar
Sep 11
// Josh Tolentino
Time now for your blast from the past! It's Old School Thursdays! Today's dose contains some real history for your ears, as we've got the original theme from Space Battleship Yamato, the anime that started it all. Well, almo...
Licensing photo

Licensing GET: Discotek grabs Shin Mazinger Z Impact

Discotek Media is on a roll
Jun 16
// Salvador GRodiles
Today is a joyous day for Go Nagai and super robot anime fans everywhere. Discotek Media has announced on their Facebook page that they've licensed Shin Mazinger Z Impact (a.k.a. Shin Mazinger: Shogeki Z-Hen!). As a pers...

First Impressions: Captain Earth

Apr 07 // Elliot Gay
Daichi Mahatsu is a second-year high school student about to enter summer vacation. Friendly and pleasant to be around, he's not without friends or people that care about him. School isn't exactly his forte though; he just doesn't care about class and would rather read books, play games, or surf the net. Daichi's life changed dramatically when his father, an astronaut, died in space during an accident of some kind. One day while hanging with some friends, he sees a news report about a strange circular rainbow floating in the sky above Tanegashima, his old home. This phenomenon is more than just familiar: Daichi once saw something similar when he was but a child. Digging deep into his memories, he remembers the day he met a mysterious boy named Teppei, and the time they spent together at an old, sealed off facility on the island. Filled with a sense of foreboding, Daichi heads back to his hometown, breaking into the old building in the hopes of figuring out what exactly is going on. He meets a young girl, some crazy things happen, and eventually he finds himself piloting a giant robot called the Earth Engine. Hurled into space against an incoming enemy of unknown origin, it would appear as though fate has something great in store for Daichi. Well that was a packed first episode. The pacing of the first half wasn't so hot, but it nonetheless did the job of delivering important information to the viewer in a timely fashion. Much to my surprise, Captain Earth didn't hold back on dumping mysterious plot elements all over the place right off the bat. Weird circular rainbows, children who definitely aren't normal, a naked girl in an energy sphere; all this and more, and in flashbacks no less. Hell, even the antagonists (?) get some screen time, applying a face to the enemy super early in the series. Shout outs to their odd greeting which, while nowhere near as good as "kira boshi!', still managed to elicit a smile from me. Of course, like any giant robot series that takes itself too seriously, the dialogue is wrought with eye-rolling cliches. In some ways though, that's part of the charm. It feels like Bones is out to make a traditional mecha show, and whether or not that succeeds, I can at least respect that they seem to be diving in head first. I'm not really sure how I feel about Daichi as the protagonist as of yet; his aloofness bothered me in the first half, but his goofiness made up for a lot of that toward the end of the episode. I gotta love Bones rolling with the old school "boy pilots giant robot for the first time to defend Earth without any training" trope and not giving a damn. Plot zaniness aside, this was another lavish opening episode for studio Bones. Not unlike Star Driver, Captain Earth features a very lush art style that really does justice to the island setting. There's wasn't a whole lot of action to speak of this week, but the tantalizing bits and pieces of robot animation were great. In particular, the Earth Engine gattai sequence was great fun, combining the look of a super robot with a grounded, almost analog-esque formation sequence. I imagine we're probably going to see that scene a whole lot in the coming episodes. Musically, Star Driver alumni Satoru Kousaki heads up the score, and it's as big and booming as his previous work. I was amused to find that the first episode of Captain Earth already featured an insert song, and I'm hoping that the musical elements are as tied to the core narrative as they have been in this team's prior works. Captain Earth's first episode was an enjoyable robot romp, despite the sometimes cringe-inducing dialogue and weird pacing. I'm always down to watch a Bones mecha anime, and with so many strong veterans working on the project, I can only hope that things go up from here.  If nothing else, I'll settle for more pretty insert songs and long-as-hell gattai sequences. 
FI: Captain Earth photo
Longest gattai sequence ever
I secretly loved Star Driver. The ridiculously over-the-top posing, flashiness, strange imagery, and the beautiful animation; it all came together to make for an entertaining whirlwind of confusion and glee. That shouldn't co...

Anime photo

Aldnoah.Zero reveals new trailer, images and staff!

The era of orange mechs starts this summer.
Mar 26
// Dae Lee
Acclaimed Fate/zero director Ei Aoki and the show's writer Gen Urobuchi are teaming up once again, this time for the original mecha series Aldnoa.Zero, slated for this July. At AnimeJapan this past weekend, anticipating anim...
Anime photo

Finally! Fafner: Exodus' first trailer has launched

The war against the Festum resumes next year
Dec 28
// Salvador GRodiles
At long last, Xebec has launched its first trailer for Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Exodus! Personally, I was a bit disappointed that we didn't to see any of the Fafner units in action. On the bright side, we get to see Kazu...
DARPA Robot photo

Japanese robot wins DARPA challenge, is anime reference

These guys must like PatLabor
Dec 26
// Josh Tolentino
Robots are great. A lot of folks would agree with me, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the institution doing all manner of top-secret, top-awesome projects for the government. Another thing th...
Eva 3.33 Dub Trailer photo
Eva 3.33 Dub Trailer

Pirate Asuka is dubbed in a new Evangelion 3.33 trailer

This trailer is (not) bad.
Nov 30
// Chris Walden
Ahoy me hearties! Ready to see Captain Asuka take this battle into space? No problem at all, as Manga UK have released a new trailer featuring the English dub cast for Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo. There's still a lit...

Japanator Arena: Alteisen Riese VS Blodia

Nov 25 // Salvador GRodiles
In the Red Corner: This pilot loves to treat every serious battle like a risky game of cards. In fact, Kyosuke Nanbu pilots a robot that’s so unbalanced that it requires a flight engine to keep his machine from falling over. Despite his slight disadvantage in combat, Alteisen Riese is equipped with an arsenal of lethal weapons that give this real type unit the advantage against any super robot. Honestly, you have to give Kyosuke props, as he's the first person that's been able to awaken the Old Iron Giant’s true potential. In the Black Corner: Jin Saotome has come squared off against many characters from the Capcom and Marvel-verse. This time around, he’s going to fight inside of his trusty machine known as the Blodia, so he’ll have to avoid fighting outside of his robot for now. Depending on how this duel goes, we might see both units get badly damaged before things get wild. However, your votes and persuasion skills will determine who will prove the superior pilot in this brutal showdown. More importantly, make sure that you add a +1 to the mech that you side with, since it will prevent this bout from becoming a messy scrapheap. The two units will pummel each other from today untill Thursday, so make sure that your vote goes up one time. Once we finish with removing the leftover junk from the ring, you can drop by during the beginning of the next match to see who wins! In order to protect the audience from any wandering projectiles, we’re going to cover the seating section of the J-tor Arena with a special protective film. Hopefully, the glass is hard enough to withstand high-speed titanium projectiles. *ding, ding, ding* Load Up Your Stakes!
Japanator Arena photo
The stakes have been raised!
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Due to his lack of experience with fighting opponents outside of the Akuma and Noah Clan, Allen Walker wasn't GAR enough to go up against Kazuma the Shell Bullet. All it took was one Shocking Fir...

Bubblegum Crisis photo
Bubblegum Crisis

AnimEigo aiming to Kickstart Bubblegum Crisis Blu-Ray

Oct 29
// Pedro Cortes
Fans of 80's anime and powersuits are sure to be familiar with Bubblegum Crisis, the show about a group of mercs called the Knight Sabers fighting robotic threats. A few years ago, the original eight-episode OVA got a gorgeou...
Vidya photo

Mechs and sakura blossoms, new Titanfall trailer

It's as if they know how to capture this Otaku's heart
Oct 22
// Tim Sheehy
I always find myself hesitant to write about first-person shooters on this site, especially ones developed by western studios. Not because I don't play them, because admittedly I do, but because they simply fail to appeal to...

Review: Godannar Complete DVD Collection

Oct 07 // Pedro Cortes
Godannar Complete DVD Collection [DVD]Studio: OLM Incorporated / Anime International Company Inc.Licensed by: Sentai FilmworksRelease Date: 10/01/13MSRP: $64.98 [Amazon | Rightstuf] Set in the future, monsters known as Mimetic Beasts have attacked humanity, forcing man to create giant robots in their image, as they're wont to due in this kind of situation. While Tokyo is destroyed by a particularly difficult to kill baddie, a pilot named Goh Saruwatari manages to save his boss's young daughter, Anna Aoi, while killing the monster in the midst of all the rubble and trashed robots. Five years later, Goh and Anna are set to get married, only to be interrupted by the reemergence of the Mimetic Beasts. Goh jumps back into his mech, the Dannar, while Anna unseals an old mech and joins her fiancee on the battlefield to help save humanity. The two regularly combine mechs on the field of battle as they also struggle to maintain their relationship in the face of constant interruption from Goh's little brother, petty arguments and the occasional ex-flame. While robots maybe one of Godannar's draws, the real heart of the show is in Anna and Goh's relationship. Separated by 12 years and a ton of life experience, the two regularly have trouble understanding each other. Anna is still in high school, often lacking the maturity to deal with Goh's stubborn nature and his traumatic past. Goh is much older, yet is also emotionally stunted from his participation in the events that open the show. He has trouble getting close to his fiancé and uses his piloting as a way to keep himself from getting hurt again. The two often clash, but there is plenty of genuine love and affection. It's surprisingly touching, and it's not often you see this kind of relationship in anime-- much less in a fanservice-laden giant robot show. It really makes Godannar feel like it's aimed at an older audience. Speaking of fanservice, that is another one of  the show's big draws. Considering the aforementioned older audience, they packed these 26 episodes with as much boob-bouncing, rear angles and crotch shots as possible. In fact, I would've loved to have seen a jiggle counter in the corner slowly ticking up as each episode went on. With as many female characters as this show features, I wouldn't be surprised if that jiggle counter overloaded at several points. I mean, they even included bouncing boobies for the female-shaped robots. It's ridiculous and it kept me amused the entire time, though those rigidly against fanservice will obviously take issue with it and have difficulty enjoying the show as a result. Oh yeah, I almost forgot there were robots in this show. Yeah, giant honkin' robots (without even a casual relationship with reality and/or the laws of physics) leap around and slam their fists and feet into the hideous-looking Mimetic Beasts and, every so often, into each other. Each area of the world that contributes to the war effort has a pair of representatives that pilot a combining robot. Each of these pairs has some sort of messed up romance that is more or less dealt with throughout the series, though they all take a back seat to the Goh/Anna drama. Included is a very busty dominatrix from Russia and her passive manservant, an English playboy and his stepsister with a brother-complex, two women from America that cannot admit their romantic feelings toward one another and the Chinese pilots that should just get married already. Each one of their mecha looks unique and totally off the wall, as well they should on a show like this. Besides the pilots, there are the usual wacko engineers and servicemen at the Godannar base. They provide a fair amount of comic relief while occasionally providing moments of poignancy after certain events. One of my favorite episodes focuses just on the mechanics and their daily routines in keeping the robots functioning. It's a nice touch, since so many comparable shows have side characters just like this and invariably forget to do anything with them. No such missed opportunity here. The show looks and sounds good. While it isn't GAINAX or BONES level of animation, everything is solid. Some may not like the ridiculous female character designs, but considering how bizarre the hot-blooded male pilots and mechanics look, I felt the style was consistent overall. The soundtrack sounds sufficiently like an old mecha show, with a pair of cheesy opening songs and an assortment of blood-pumping action tracks. The voice tracks are particularly amusing for me, as the casts in both languages absolutely get the kind of show they're working with. The Japanese tracks has a bunch of great mecha seiyu intentionally overacting and chewing up scenery. My favorite performance is by far Nobuyuki Hiyama (Viral from Gurren Lagann, Gai from GaoGaiGar), who dials up the hot blood as a pilot that somehow manages to survive impossible situations, despite everybody thinking he's dead. I also liked the English voice track; the actors have fun with the cheesiness of the whole production, but know exactly when it to reign it in for the serious parts. In terms of bonuses, Sentai's release has got a decent amount. Inside the case is a booklet with staff and cast interviews, as well as various sexy bikini shots that appeared on the original packaging for Godannar. On the disks, you get the usual clean opening and closing videos, as well as another swimsuit gallery, character and robot files, production sketches, key words and a couple of bonus clips. Despite the slimmed-down packaging from the original DVDs and Thinpak, this has a lot of stuff in it. If you've read a word of what I've written, you can tell that I loved this show. It's fun, looks good and has a lot of heart, hidden behind a lot of heaving mammaries. It's not often that you get a solid, interesting relationship that grows in a show with a lot of giant, flaming robots and half-naked ladies. The only negatives that I could mention would be that I wished we got more development from the other pilots, and parts of the second season can look cheap. Oh, and if you're offended by fanservice, steer way clear. Besides those minor quibbles, mecha fans and people looking for romance would do well in picking up Godannar.   8.0 – Great. A great example of its genre that everyone should see, regardless of their interest.  
Godannar photo
A marriage of robots & boobs
The robot genre has changed in many ways over the years. For one thing, the stories have become more complicated, incorporating social commentary in an effort to appeal to wider audiences beyond children who are impressed wit...

Japanator Arena photo
Watch out for flying mechanical parts.
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Mr. Satan may be easy to trick sometimes, but he was lucky enough to pick up on Don Kanonji's tricks. Seeing how he's one of the strongest humans without Ki on the planet, Don falls victim to his...

Japanator Arena  photo
Can the wrath of Asura overcome Gurren Lagann's spiral energy?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Well, Crono tried to alter the course of time to gain the upper hand, but Zoro's endurance couldn't handle the combined strikes of Guts and Saber. While Saber was facing some teamwork issues with...

Live action Patlabor photo
Live action Patlabor

Official Ingram photos for live action Patlabor project

And it's so very, very awesome
Aug 14
// Elliot Gay
I have a confession to make. I watched the Patlabor TV anime for the first time this past June. It's one of those classics I'd heard so much about, but never had the time to get around to. Needless to say, it's a fantast...
Masoukishin III trailer 2 photo
Masoukishin III trailer 2

Masoukishin 3's 2nd trailer is an overdose of goodness

Can your body handle nine minutes of hotblooded magical robot action?
Aug 05
// Salvador GRodiles
It's August and you know what that means, people! The time for the third installment in the Masoukishin series to come out in Japan is almost here, which means that we're in for another trailer that's chock full of giant rob...
Gundam ZZ on photo
Gundam ZZ on

It's not anime! Gundam ZZ is now streaming on has tapped into more of their Newtype powers!
Aug 05
// Salvador GRodiles
It's been known for a while that Daisuki had plans to stream Gundam ZZ, since they revealed their announcement at Anime Expo 2013. With the being said, the first ten episodes of the Gundam series that supposedly claims to not...
Patlabor life-size photo
Patlabor life-size

HyperTechnology: Life-size Patlabor built for live-action

CG? What CG?
Aug 05
// Josh Tolentino
Oh, WOW. This news pretty much made my week, and it's only Monday! Eagle-eyed fans in Yokohama have spotted what looks like a life-size model of a Patlabor mecha, likely to be used for the upcoming live-action film adapt...
Friday Night Fights photo
Can Dangaioh overcome the Colossal Blade?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Despite Haseo's ridiculous game breaking powers, Kirito was able to use his abilities from all of his games to counter Haseo's scythe, great sword, and gun daggers. But alas, the guy could hold u...

Gundam UC Part 3 photo
Gundam UC Part 3

Right Stuf launches a release date for Gundam UC Part 3

Three release dates down, one more to go.
Jul 31
// Salvador GRodiles
If you don't mind owning Gundam Unicorn in standard definition, Right Stuf has revealed an actual date for Gundam Unicorn Part 3. The actual date for the next DVD set will be on the 5th of November.  I know I'm being del...
Robot Girls Z photo
Robot Girls Z

Robot Girls Z is full of wonderful

More of this, please~
Jul 30
// Josh Totman
Speaking frankly, I'm not a mecha kid of guy. It's pretty hard to find me watching anything that has to do with mecha outside, say, Macross. Even then, I come for the music and stay for the action. Anyways, what I am is a gu...
Gundam BF anime photo
Gundam BF anime

Brace for impact: Gundam Build Fighters is a thing

I'm hoping that it's another spin-off series.
Jul 01
// Salvador GRodiles
The next Gundam series has been revealed during a live stream at Gundam BF’s Website, and let’s just say that it’s not going to make folks happy. Just like the Gunpla Builders OVA, Gundam Build Fighters foc...
FUNi gets Eva 3.0 photo
FUNi gets Eva 3.0

Licensing Impact! FUNimation grabs Evangelion 3.0

Begin the rejoicing and raging!
Jun 11
// Salvador GRodiles
It's no surprise that FUNimation's going to pick up Eva 3.0, and they have picked a fine occasion to do so. No, I'm not talking about E3, but I might as well be. Back to the main topic at hand, FUNi's announcement was meant t...
Friday Night Fights photo
A clash of colossal whips.
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! A-ko was in the middle of charging at Samidare with her destructive speed, but the princess's reflex skills was able to pick up on her movements. With one punch powerful enough to wreck the entir...

Lagrange Set One photo
Lagrange Set One

Ready to Launch! Viz reveals Lagrange's release date

Is anyone rejoicing?
Jun 04
// Salvador GRodiles
Back when Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne aired in 2012, I was hoping that the series was going to be similar to Nadesico. Six episodes in, I decided to drop the series, since the show's premise failed to keep me int...
Backlog: MS Gundam photo
Grand pappy Gundam
Like a lot of folk who buy anime, I have a bad habit of purchasing shows and not watching them. At this moment, I can turn around, look at my shelf and find at least two dozen shows that I haven't completed. Hell, some of th...

Friday Night Fights: Ideon vs Dix-Neuf

May 17 // Salvador GRodiles
Friday Night Fights photo
Will the Milky Way Galaxy survive this week's battle?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Shanoa was ready to use the Glypths that allowed her to defeat Dracula in Order of Ecclesia; however, Bayonetta has punched a being equivalent to God into the sun, so that makes her a stronger op...

Robotech RPG Tactics photo
Robotech RPG Tactics

Robotech RPG Tactics is Fokker-ing awesome

Putting the battle on the table
May 16
// Josh Totman
Just recently I have starting getting into table top games pretty seriously. I play every Saturday and my local comic shop with a couple of friends and anyone else that shows up. It's a great time and pretty relaxin...

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