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12:00 PM on 03.05.2014

Anime-fied: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution getting tons of footage

Well, I guess I spoke too soon when I hoped that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution wouldn't totally be a "filler" game made to annualize the Ultimate Ninja Storm  franchise, like Ultimate Ninja ...

Josh Tolentino

Shonen Showdown 3-2-2014 photo
Shonen Showdown 3-2-2014
by Josh Tolentino

Welcome to this week's round of Shonen Showdown, the weekly anime and manga battlin' recap that's coming to you today courtesy of booting into Safe Mode! Aww yeah, core drivers, networking support, and nothing else, coming at you this weekend!

That said, our stripped-down circumstances this week won't stop us from giving you the very latest in hot Hunter x Hunter, Naruto and Bleach recaps, all of which are set below and hosted on our site, which is thankfully more reliable than a bad set of video drivers!

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8:00 PM on 02.10.2014

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is filler madness

We missed this trailer a couple of days ago, but now that it's here, I have to say that this is kind of nuts: Bandai Namco has followed through on their obvious intention to turn the Ultimate Ninja Storm series into the anim...

Josh Tolentino

Shonen Showdown 2-2-2014 photo
Shonen Showdown 2-2-2014
by Josh Tolentino

Hey everyone, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL fighting Japanese cartoons and comics?! Yeah, that's the answer I wanna hear! It's time for Shonen Showdown, the most "super" bowl of hot action anime and manga you're gonna get on a cold Sunday!

So, pack in to our stadium-sized internet place and grab the latest updates on your favorite fighters! We've got teams from all over, including the Konoha Magical Ninjas and the Soul Society Samurai up and ready for the kickoff, the slashoff, and the Summon-Giant-Statue-Monster-off!

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Review: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst photo
Review: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst
by Chris Walden

Don't worry, you're not suffering from a case of deja-vu! In a trend that is becoming increasingly common, we have a Game of the Year equivalent for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, rolling up the DLC and re-releasing it to those of us that passed it up the first time around. Or the fans that are happy to double-dip, I suppose. 

Unlike most other games, Full Burst actually comes with some new content that wasn't made available as DLC, so there's incentive for owners of the original game to check this out. You can either upgrade your current copy for a small fee, or go all-out and purchase a physical copy at a lower price than your typical game. Not bad.

But I've already talked about Ninja Storm 3, so this review is going to focus on what Full Burst brings to the table. Hit the jump to check out what I made of it, but let's just say that the $9.99 upgrade is pretty reasonable indeed.

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Shonen Showdown 1-25-2014 photo
Shonen Showdown 1-25-2014
by Josh Tolentino

Hello and welcome to the latest installement of Shonen Showdown, your weekly recap of the best in battle anime and manga! We've got the full cast in this week, with sweet double-dose recaps of One Piece, Naruto, and Hunter x Hunter all present and accounted for. Oh, and Bleach gets all religious on everyone's ass, and for no particularly good reason as far as I can tell.

Either way, that doesn't diminish the quality of today's cover page celebrating Naruto's 15th year in publication. Fifteen years. That's crazy

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11:00 AM on 01.21.2014

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution features old Kages

You know, the current Naruto arc is an absolute gold mine for CyberConnect2, as it's allowing them access to so many new and interesting characters. They've already boasted that the roster in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja ...

Chris Walden

10:00 PM on 01.19.2014

Happy birthday, Gaara!

I haven't kept up with the on-goings of Naruto and friends in a while, but one thing that has been consistent is my love for Gaara. Finding great artwork dedicated to today's birthday boy wasn't too hard, though limiting my g...

Kristina Pino

10:05 PM on 01.04.2014

Realtor values Naruto's apartment at $100,000

Anime and manga characters get pretty cool digs. More often than not, they're living almost completely independently in housing that they couldn't possibly afford at their usual middle- and high-school ages. Makes you wonder ...

Josh Tolentino

8:00 PM on 12.20.2013

Deck out your smart phone display with Bleach and Naruto

VIZ Media have announced that starting Monday, December 23rd you'll be able to get Bleach and Naruto image packs via the CocoPPa app for iOS and Android and totally bling your phone out from icons to wall papers. Actually, I ...

Kristina Pino

Japanator Arena: Koromaru VS Akamaru photo
Japanator Arena: Koromaru VS Akamaru
by Salvador GRodiles

*ding, ding, ding*

It's Over!

It looks like everyone evacuated the Jtor Arena last week, as Alteisen Riese unleashed the Claymore Overlord on Blodia. Bullets flew everywhere, and Jin wasn't safe from the Plasma Horn and the rain of titanium spheres that pierced his machine. Before he had the chance to recover, Kyosuke rammed Riese's Revolving Bunker through Blodia's chest. Thankfully, a few people remembered that the seating grounds were reinforced to withstand all forms of devastating attacks, which allowed for us to record Kyosuke's victory. Alteisen Riese wins! (2 > 0)

Due to a special occurrence that went on this week, we’re going to have a battle between two canines who know how to fight! However, that doesn’t mean that the action is going to be toned down, since we’re going to have a supernatural Shiba Inu go up against a ninja Great Pyrenees. Of course, this will be a one-on-one battle, so there won’t be any interference from any outside parties.

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Shonen Showdown 11-30-2013 photo
Shonen Showdown 11-30-2013
by Josh Tolentino

Hello, and welcome to the weekend! It's time now for Shonen Showdown, the periodic tradition that leaves you in a satisfied slumber, no food required!

To those of you that celebrate the occasion, we hope you had yourselves a happy Thanksgiving! Now, work off all that extra holiday mass with a hearty dose of hot fighting courtesy of Naruto, Bleach, and Hunter x Hunter!

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