Annotated Anime: MY Love STORY!! episodes 15-18

Aug 27 // Nick Valdez
Episode 15 Although I've conceded the fact that MY won't have the kind of big emotional breaks I'd see in a more nuanced romantic story, that doesn't mean there's a lack of tension. It's kind of nice to watch something that's so low stakes, every molehill seems like a mountain. The latest stake is the introduction of a new love rival, Saijou, a classmate of Takeo's who's really bad at athletics. When she gets swept up in a relay, she asks Takeo to help train her. In classic Takeo fashion, he's super cool and supportive (and eventually wins the relay with no problems) and Saijou falls for him. All the while Yamato (thanks to input from her friends) catches on to Saijou and is constantly worrying over Takeo. But good ole' simpleminded Takeo sees Saijou as nothing more than another classmate. As Saijou calls him out after school in order to confess, she chickens out and asks Takeo to be her teacher instead.  Episode 16 Since this is as close to a conflict as I'd expect between the two of them, it has to be mined for as much as it can. Thankfully, the whole thing only lasts two episodes as a lesser anime would've stretched it out to at least three. That's sort of the show's best quality and biggest flaw. There's just nothing getting in the way of Takeo and Yamato's burgeoning relationship, so there really isn't any room for outside development. While that leads to some great decisions like having them form a relationship in the first episode, it's a greater effect of the Shoujo genre's flaw. In this episode Saijou is still trying to make advances on Takeo after she tells him she likes him just as a "person," and as pure hearted as Takeo is, he takes it literally and completely ignores her advances. Yamato is worried, but Takeo tells her not to worry because he's not popular with girls (instead of saying he really loves Yamato). When Saijou confesses again (during a particularly well crafted shot), Takeo turns her down and realizes why Yamato was so worried. After a pleasant scene, the two reconcile.  Best part of this episode? Sunakawa comforting Saijou. He always seems so cool and collected (and a great flip on a traditional Shoujo protagonist), but he's in touch with people's emotions. He seems asexual himself, but that doesn't mean he's checked out. It's pretty neat.  Episode 17 Even though I just went into this whole thing about the story not allowing for outside character developments, here comes "My Christmas." As Takeo and Yamato's friends Kurihara and Nanako confess their feelings to their respective friends, the two decide to cheer their friends on and take a back seat in this episode (even if it's their first Christmas as a couple). Since Kurihara is not used to talking with women, he ends up pushing Nanako away with constant jokes. Basically, he's trying the kindergarten tactic of picking on the girl you like in order to get attention (this doesn't work, gentlemen) and it's failing hard. After Nanako is finally fed up and Takeo gives a rousing speech, Kurihara climbs a giant Christmas tree in order to grab its top star (that's said to instantly make two people a couple, or something like that). Then the two reconcile and it's all back to normal.   I didn't quite like this episode. I may complain that the show doesn't explore others well enough, but if the other character's lives aren't engaging, I don't really care.  Episode 18 I'm a little sad it took so many episodes to get to this point, but it's finally happened. Takeo and Yamato kiss! It's also my favorite episode up to this point. It's Takeo's birthday (and also New Year's Day), so Yamato makes it her goal to make it Takeo's best yet. After hearing from Sunakawa that Takeo doesn't want to kiss until Spring (and calling back to one of the best gags of the series, Takeo stealing a kiss from Sunakawa), Yamato decides to push forward and kiss Takeo sometime on his birthday. This episode's full of romantic and well crafted scenes, and has a particularly deft hand with the lighting. It's all so well done, Madhouse just knocks it out of the park here. Story wise, not much happens other than Yamato and Takeo furthering their relationship a bit, but it's just so damn cute. It reminds me of why I fell in love with this in the first place. It's a return to the awkwardness, and I can't help but revel in it.  Truth be told, it just brings up a lot of memories for me. I'm 6'4, so I've always towered over girls I've dated and I've had to take the position above a few times. Just seeing it here warms me up inside.  I hope MY Love Story!! runs for more than 24 episodes, or announces a second season soon, because I don't want this to end yet. 
Annotated Love Story!! photo
Takeo x Yamato forever
I'm a sucker for romantic comedies. But it's been such a long time since I've been drawn to a romantic anime since they've all pretty much become the same thing. It's either an inappropriate relationship, an appropriate but b...

Annotated Anime: Himouto! Umaru Chan episode 7

Aug 26 // Anthony Redgrave
Like all the other episodes, this one is again broken up into different story bits mixing up the lazy Umaru with the delicate perfect school girl form. I found that once you're tired of her chibi form the bishonen face will appear and everything is alright. Dammit! Have I fallen into Umaru's moe trap like her brother does every episode? Was this the studio's plans all along? Conspiracy theories aside, this title continues to entertain because it is always changing. It brings more of the characters together instead of introducing more to the cast and doesn't use the same slightly varied gags. The first segment is typical Umaru exploiting Taihei for her own gain. In this case, playing the guilt card so hard that it forces Taihei to search through garbage for missing auxiliary pieces of a Miku Migu figurine. I really dislike when Umaru throws these temper tantrums. It takes me back to when I used to watch Rugrats and Angelica would become a force of nature with her fits. To me it's not cute or adorable, it's embarrassing considering we see the thankless jobs Taihei does all the time for Umaru. She does get her comeuppance and in doing so wraps up the story in a warmer fashion than if she was directly punished. It's a nice ending that highlights the strong bond Taihei and Umaru have for each other. Then Ebina, Taihei, and Umaru go out for Ramen together. The ramen in this series looks really good. It might be because I'm writing this while cooking dinner, but Ebina's mini ramen looks awesome! I'd totally eat that. Also, Ebina continues to be the Mikuru of this series by struggling to break the chopsticks in half in an adorable fashion.  Taihei gets a segment this episode and it explores his tireless life as a Salaryman with his working bud Bomber. The gag at the mixer is amazing. Nothing really technical and it's actually quite predictable but the timing and facial expression changes on Bomber is fantastic. To cut things short, Bomber has a misunderstanding, meets chibi Umaru, gets creepy, and concludes with a revelation for the audience making the whole world of Himouto! Umaru-chan smaller. This is probably the worst segment of this episode, but it has some tough competition. Umaru in her video game alter-ego UMR takes a trip with her rival friend Sylphynford to an old Japanese sweet shop. A simple premise but it's my favourite segment so far in the whole of the show. It has warm bright colours, cultural references to the sweets of Japan, and a nice character revelation. It reminds me of my favourite K-On episode where Ritsu takes Mugi around town and they end up at an old Japanese sweet shop. Nothing groundbreaking, just two friends shooting the shit and hanging out. It also helps that they are moe schoolgirls being adorable. Finally, Taihei rounds off this episode by following a cat down a road leading to somewhere familiar. And again it's a nice set-up that provides some character depth to Taihei and his strong family ties. Matching these themes with the warm glow of the setting sun after work helps push the nostalgic imagery.  A gag slice of life show about a wunderkind leading a double life as a lazy slob should be enough to carry it through a season with jokes alone. But Himouto! Umaru-chan goes for something more making it similar to the old Keroro Gunso anime. They were both at their core wacky jokey cartoons, but they sometimes slowed the pace down to explore themes of family and familial love that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  [Watch Himouto! Umaru-chan on Crunchy Roll!] [Watch Himouto! Umaru-chan on Crunchy Roll!] 
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Mini Ramen!
I love when anime directly references stuff in real life and Himouto! Umaru-chan is one of the better titles to do it. They don't go for the subtle nod or the direct reference with the name bleeped out. Nope, this show goes a...

Annotated Anime: Bikini Warriors episodes 4-8

Aug 26 // Anthony Redgrave
We're back to the 4 minutes of fan service poorly veiled as an RPG spoof show and these next few episodes are more accustomed to my taste. I mentioned last time that I did enjoy the shameless fan service of the show, but the unfairness that lead to the protagonists being left in undesirable situations was a turn-off. Fortunately, this was been replaced by tentacle monster tom foolery which would be worse if they are not swiftly saved mere minutes later.  On the story side, they continue with the RPG tropes with the first two episodes focussing on how poor the party is. If they were playing an RPG properly then money would never be an issue and monsters would be one shotted due to tireless min-maxing, but that's just me. A mayor refuses passage to a dungeon for the party until they run errands for him. Everyone apart from the Warrior thinks it's beneath them so it's up to the red head to do all the bizarre tasks from dog watching to fighting a tentacle monster. It reproduces the bullshit stuff you have to do in RPGs or any other games for that matter to get something that was not worth getting. At least the ending has justice being served. In the following episode, the party is too poor to afford a new staff for the Wizard so they go on a massive sale of all their items. From the treasures they earned at low level to the piles and piles of potions and elixirs stored for a rainy day. RPG fans would get a kick out this episode as I'm sure we have all been there trying to scrounge the last bits of gold to afford the next weapon upgrade. The girls even resort to selling their used Bikinis to the men of the town and the Wizard's prove to be the most popular. I would make a comment regarding the extremely youthful appearance of the Wizard compared to the rest of the party and Japan's fascination of youthful purity as a sexual desire but it's shown that these consumers would rather wear the rags. I'm guessing the Wizard has the smallest cup size so it fits them better? Then comes an episode that is entirely censored Austin Powers style. I have nothing else to say about that. Episode 7 is about how the party first meets with the Dark Elf. In the tavern or the hero recruitment center, they encounter the dark buxom warrior proclaiming she was the real deal. Apart from their talents in magic, martial arts, and knowledge accumulated throughout the decades, they're also excellent braggers, not batting an eyelash whenever they something wrong. Even when the Wizard and Paladin are getting licked over like a fudgesicle, she refuses to see the downsides of her pitiful spells. Even though I'm not drawn to the Dark Elf (I'm a Wizard man) I really liked her confidence. She's a bullshitter and her arrogance carries this episode through to the end. It ends on a cartoony cliff hanger that doesn't get resolved because cartoons (unless you're Space Dandy) Lastly, we are introduced to two new characters; the Hunter and the Valkyrie. Both ladies are interested in joining the party of bikini warriors, but there is only space for one. The Hunter and Valkyrie are very different people. The Hunter is accustomed to roughing in the wild and is versatile in making monsters into "edible" food. To her credit, the food doesn't knock our heroes out after consumption making it more edible than mystery food X from Persona 4. The Valkyrie is a strong fighter that was hand picked by God. Because of this strong accolade she butts heads with the party since they don't ride horses. It culminates intoa "fight" between the Valkyrie and the Hunter to deem which one is better, but it's honestly too embarrassing to recount and ends in potential lesbianism. Although I liked the look of the Valkyrie, I thought the Hunter would be a better fit in the group. She has a wilder personality compared to the current group and the Valkyrie's arrogance and superiority traits can already be seen in the Dark Elf. Bikini Warriors is what it is and I don't think it'll be any more than that. As a side note, I like how the Paladin is hinted at as more sexually forward than the rest of the party by the way she drops hints of wanting to sell her body. Nothing ever comes of it, but I think it's funny that a Paladin (often a warrior for a holy or religious sect) is the most inclined to do indecent activities.  fudgesicle
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I don't know what else to expect
Boobs, crotch shot, potions, bra, string bikini, hero's journey, slime monster, tentacles, grinding, objectification, RPG trope, and nudity.  If you disagree with three or more of the above words then Bikini Warriors is sadly not for you. If you agree with all of the words above then Bikini Warriors was made for you.

OP Up! Mobster Edition

Aug 26 // Red Veron
[embed]34207:5006:0[/embed]   "Gun's & Roses"Anime: Baccano! I haven't seen much of this show but this show links it up with Durarara!, another work by the same author Ryogo Narita. Set in the 1930s New York, this one features some characters in the mafia with some fantasy elements thrown in for a different twist. Totally diggin' that jazz song in the opening, totally matches the show.   [embed]34207:5007:0[/embed] "Magenta Another Sky"Anime: La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia Cool character designs, love the suits and that rockin' song to get pumped up to. Based on an otome game, I didn't really watch beyond the first episode but like the visuals of the show a lot.   [embed]34207:5008:0[/embed] "Romantic Summer"Anime: My Bride is a Mermaid An over the top comedy about a teen boy who has to marry a teen mermaid girl just so he won't be killed for knowing the existence of mermaids. Did I also mention that the teen mermaid girl's family happens to be an underwater Yakuza family? Crazy setting for a crazy show and the opening shows the craziness of this ridiculous romantic comedy.   [embed]34207:5005:0[/embed] "Renegade"Anime: Gangsta.This show just premiered this season and I haven't gotten around to see it but that opening is one super stylish one. Using minimal black in white with one color is a favorite visual style of mine. I might have stayed away from this one thinking it might be a reverse harem type of show like Arcana Familigia above but seeing this opening has changed my mind and I will check it out.   Did I not post about your favorite mobster-related anime opening? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!  BONUS VIDEO: [embed]34207:5009:0[/embed] SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAAAAAAME 
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Organized Crime
Japanese mobsters, whom we call in the west as "The Yakuza" is referred to in Japan as 'violence groups' by normal people and are not seen in a favorable manner. Though that hasn't stopped Japanese entertainment in portraying...

We need more anime based on table games, Japan!

Aug 26 // Moe Janai
Series concentrating on table games have gained enormous popularity in the past few years. There’s the aforementioned Akagi, which is about high-stakes, borderline-weird mahjong games (think cooking shows like Yakitate! Japan where characters experience exaggerated reactions after eating delicious food). There’s also the spiritual twin of Akagi, Kaiji, which is just as crazy as the former but with more insane wagers included in each episode. Besides anime, there’s also manga that centers on traditional table games and gambling like Liar Game, Gamble Fish, Life is Money, and Tobaku Haouden Rei. One thing that’s definitely missing, however, is a series that concentrates on poker, which has become the most popular mind sport in the world and is now gaining quite the reputation in Japan.Apart from the fact that many Japanese travel abroad just to be able to participate in world poker tournaments, Japan is now currently in the middle of talks about legalizing the construction of casinos in the country. An anime about poker would be timely, and would help educate locals on different kinds of table games aside from the table versions that anime has tapped into in the past. There are a lot of interesting game play elements in poker: the bluffing, the psychological warfare, the many different poker hands, playing styles, etc. This sort of storyline would be relevant today, and appeal to pop culture trends with poker still one of the most participated sports in the world. Currently there are over 60 million active players engaging in gameplay per week across the world, which shows how popular this could potentially become.Despite Japan not having an anime about poker yet, that’s not to say that a representation of casino-based games in Japan has not been done before. There used to be a manga called Poker King, but it only lasted 6 volumes, probably because it was released during a time when the card game wasn’t that popular among the Japanese.  More anime about gambling will possibly help move forward the talks on Japan's casino legislation. Just like how some of Japan’s social issues are discussed through prose, poems, and live-action drama, anime creators can take a jab at the casino legislation issue and help officials decide by discussing important aspects of the industry. It could be a feature on the life of employees working in a casino, how a gaming establishment helps drive tourism, or how big poker tournaments bring partnerships to multinational companies. The possibilities of featuring the different angles of the casino business through anime are endless. In addition, gambling-related anime can also help people understand that casinos aren’t just about wagering money. Just like any other business, it also answers its social call by conducting charitable acts and fundraisers. There are plenty of news articles now that show casinos under a positive light, and anime programs that highlight such articles will help inform the public on what casinos can do to the community and the country as a whole. The table is set for more card games to be turned into anime. Three years ago, Naoya Kihara became the first Japanese player to win a World Series of Poker bracelet at the sport’s most prestigious event, instantly garnering him celebrity status in his own right. His success also piqued the curiosity of the locals. Add the fact that Japan is now seriously thinking about legalizing casinos in the country, there’s no better time to release new anime titles based on actual card games.   [Images courtesy of Twilightpirate94, hecate93, and Hika-ritsu)  
Table Game Anime photo
Because anime must have no limits!
Japan's anime artists have a knack for turning ordinary, everyday things into a hit. You see, cartoons in the U.S. are all about superheroes trying to save the world. But in Japan? There are so many creative genres that en...

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IMDB's list of top anime reads like 'Ask an American'

But of course it would be, I guess?
Aug 24
// Josh Tolentino
There's nothing like a big ol' debate about what counts as "the best", and even anime - perhaps especially anime - are no stranger to this particular type of nerd catnip. Everyone's got their own little "toplist", including t...

Review: Ranma 1/2 Set 6

Aug 24 // Jayson Napolitano
Ranma 1/2 DVD Set 6Publisher: Viz MediaRelease Date: June 2, 2015MSRP: $44.82 DVD / $54.97 limited-edition Blu-Ray (reviewed) Thank goodness for a new opening and ending theme that chimes in a few episodes into this set. I found that "Earth Orchestra" was starting to drag, as it was easily the longest-running opening theme from the entire series. This set opens with the rockin' "Don't Cry Anymore" with some fantastic hand-drawn scribbles overlaid on an often-spunky sequence, which was refreshing as we work our way towards the final stretch of the series. We're looking at Set 6 of a planned seven, so things are starting to work towards a conclusion. The melancholy closer, "Positive," is also a nice change of pace.I start by mentioning the opening and closing music because, six sets in, people should know what they're getting themselves into. In case you're considering starting with Set 6 for whatever reason, though, Ranma 1/2 is considered to be one of the best anime series the '90s had to offer, combining comedy, lovable characters, and a gender-bending gimmick that has our hero, Ranma Saotome, turning into a woman when splashed with cold water. Various characters are in love with the male and female Ranma, many of whom are also cursed and turn into various sorts of animals when exposed to cold water. Ranma is the heir to the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts, and lives with his father at the Tendo residence, where he is betrothed to the tomboyish Akane Tendo, the object of many of the male characters' affection, hence creating several overlapping love triangles.The series has progressed without any overarching plot or structure, but what I love about this season is that we're really starting to see the affection growing between Ranma and Akane. Whereas in past seasons we've seen the two mostly showing hints of jealousy, but overall seeming not overly thrilled with one another, the jealousy and outright care they demonstrate towards one another is much more apparent. I'd argue that the jump between Set 5 and 6 may even be a little jarring, but with only one more season to go, the growing love between the two characters has been long overdue. Set 6 has a number of memorable episodes that should keep Ranma fans happy as they surpass the 130 episode count. In this season we're introduced to an elderly man who runs a long-abandoned student store hidden within Furinkan High School who is constantly spouting false tales about how Furinkan High School played into historical events like wars in ancient feudal Japan and even World War II. He appears in two episodes and is a great addition. We also get more of the high school loner and voodoo practitioner, Hikaru Gosunkugi, who is still trying to steal Akane away from Ranma, first by imitating Ranma and attacking women around campus to ruin his reputation, and later by placing enchanted paper dolls of Ranma and Akane that are intended to grant his wishes but often have unintended effects.Some of my favorite episodes include one in which Genma Saotome, Ranma's father, is upset that Ranma has stolen his sweets, and decides to disinherit Ranma in favor of his rival, Ryouga Hibiki, leading up to an epic showdown between the two. Another sees monsters from ancient scrolls unleashed, included a scribbled panda bear that is in love with Ranma, and is ridiculously funny. Another two of my favorites feature the perverted grandfather, Happosai, back at his underwear-loving antics in one episode where he's terrorizing a nearby town while hiding in a pot, and another that seems him physically stuck to Ranma's chest when a student-teacher submission pill goes wrong, to comical effect. Lastly, the power-hungry student Tatewaki Kuno becomes even more obnoxious when he becomes substitute principle of Furinkan High.As far as Ranma and Akane's relationship, both two-part episodes featured in this set center around this, with the first featuring Ranma and his companions rescuing Akane from the clutches of a demon in a typical damsel in distress storyline, and the second featuring a promise that Ranma has made to Ukyo, another female character, and how he must get out of that promise to remain with Akane. There's a Christmas episode that sees the two sharing gifts, and another where Akane is injured and Ranma struggles to show his affection.  I really enjoyed many of the episodes from Set 6, and know series fans will too. Towards the end of the set, we get into what acts as the final season of the show (recall that the set order has been reconfigured with this re-release), and we get a peek at new opening and closing themes along with a series-first change in commercial bumpers, which is interesting to see.We reviewed the Blu-ray version, which houses a commemorative post card and episode recap book. There's also some extra footage on the final disc that includes interviews with Viz Media staff about the Ranma series and a blooper reel which are both nice additions.With one set to go, my enjoyment of Ranma 1/2 is still going strong. I'm looking forward to Set 7, but already keeping an ear out to see if Viz Media will consider re-issuing the OVA and three animated films, as I know I'm going to want more when this series is through.In the meantime, if you haven't watched Ranma 1/2, I highly recommend it, and Set 6 is particular is a high point for the series. Feel free to share your favorite Ranma memories below!Images © Rumiko Takahashi / Shogakukan  [This review is based on a retail copy provided by the publisher]
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Don't you know? It's love!
Yes, there's still more Ranma 1/2 to be had. Viz Media has graciously re-issued the series on DVD and Blu-ray, which is a real treat because past DVD re-issues were fetching ridiculous prices at conventions and online.Set 6 f...

Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episode 13

Aug 23 // Anthony Redgrave
It's the end of exam season and the primary literature club members decide to take their president out for the day to celebrate. Asakura passionately suggests a theme park while Kyon asks Nagato where she'd like to go. They end up going to a used book fair to satisfy the bibliophilic Nagato much to Asakura's insistence on the theme park. Don't worry Asakura I'll take you to a theme park. How's about the new Banksy one Dismayworld? We may have to queue for a while to see the cynically satirical construction of the modern world, but I'm sure it'll be worth the inflated ticket price. In the mind of Nagato she is still struggling with her identity. A re-occurring dream of her spectating past events causes Nagato to think that her old self is coming back. Even Kyon and Asakura think that Nagato is reacting a lot more like her old self rather than the tightlipped monotone alien from the Haruhi series. But this isn't a good thing, at least for Nagato. Having become accustomed to the smiles and pleasures of having friends, the new Nagato is afraid of disappearing only to be replaced by the old Nagato. Which explains the dreams. New Nagato has always been there, inside old Nagato, watching but not touching. I think there are also more personas of Nagato too judging by they change clothes in a bolt of static during the dream sequences.  The second half of the episode focuses on new Nagato's last day in this world. After the next night, the old Nagato will reappear and everything should be back to normal. So she spends the day with Asakura and finishes in front of the library with the book she checked out last episode. As the sun sets she recollects about her new found feelings for Kyon and the fact she couldn't express them before she disappeared. Then he calls. The rest of the episode rolls on like a classic romance film scene. Kyon hastily rushes to Nagato's location as the phone call conversation is played over the top. If there are any anime fans out there who have ever been really frustrated at the fact no-one ever confesses their feelings in anime despite their similarities and mutual feelings then this last part of the episode is extremely cathartic to watch.  This wasn't the best story arc of the series. A lot of the time it was slow, didn't have the comedy or charm of the earlier episodes, and was akin to the mysterious elements of Haruhi that nearly put me to sleep by the amount of explanation needed to understand them. The new Nagato was a nice call back to the previous series whether it's canon or not. I like to think it is and the Nagato from Haruhi's series had a little adventure into the Yuki-chan universe. [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!] [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!]
Nagato Yuki photo
Return of Nagato Yuki
I was listening to a podcast where they were discussing our media's obsession with trilogies. Every new IP has to be a trilogy or at least series that builds on the existing product. However nowadays it's more like trilogies ...

Kill la Kill photo
Kill la Kill

From birth to Kill la Kill, Mako Mankanshoku's life is revealed by Sushio

Everything is adorable
Aug 22
// Anthony Redgrave
Trigger's Kill la Kill was a fantastic romp through a not so typical Japanese school and the cherry on top of this anime sundae was the adorable Mako Mankanshoku, the underachiever that always has your back. Recently characte...
Endless Night photo
Endless Night

Michiko & Hatchin Director's new short takes us to the ice rink

In which figure skating gets to shine
Aug 21
// Salvador GRodiles
To this day, some of the best Animator Expo pieces have been the animated music video. Compare to most of the project's segments, these anime shorts tend to have a beginning, middle, and end to their stories. Mind you, there ...

OP Up! Urobuchi Edition

Aug 20 // Red Veron
[embed]34182:4993:0[/embed] "Heavenly Blue"Anime: Aldnoah.Zero I love the grand epic feeling that Kalafina brings to anime openings, they've had their songs featured on previous works by Urobuchi prior to this anime and they are a great match. I work out to this song because it really gets you pumped up for action, which you probably wouldn't expect something from a group like Kalafina.   [embed]34182:4994:0[/embed] "Karma"Anime: Phantom: Requiem for the PhantomAnother show on my anime backlog or 'Pile of Shame', this one got added to my ever growing list after I found out that Urobuchi had something to do with it. I am not really into super-serious anime but have enjoyed some of Urobuchi's works so I'll be watching this one soon.   [embed]34182:4995:0[/embed] "To the beginning"Anime: Fate ZeroAnother one I need to get to watching. Performed again by Kalafina, this one still brings in that grand epic feeling that washes over you unlike no other. Having Kalafina do the opening just bumped this up on my watch list. [embed]34182:4996:0[/embed] "Enigmatic Feeling"Anime: PSYCHO-PASS 2Pretty cool opening but nothing can really top the opening song "Abnormalize" from the first season even though this one is from the same artist, but it isn't just the same. Though the stylish as hell visuals in this opening makes up for it.Did I forget your favorite anime written by Urobuchi? Don't kill me out of nowhere! SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! BONUS:Kamen Rider Gaim (Yes, Urobuchi wrote the main story. WTF [embed]34182:4997:0[/embed]
OP Up! photo
If you look at a few popular shows in the last few years, you're gonna notice that one name pops up a lot when it comes to anime that feature heavily dark tones. That name is Gen Urobuchi, whose body of work will consist of f...

Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episode 12

Aug 20 // Anthony Redgrave
So Nagato and Kyon are in the library. Since this new Nagato is a bibliophile she floats through the aisles of books before resting on one that catches her fancy. While our smart mouthed Kyon clashes with a bespectacled librarian despite other patrons calling out for their mothers or giggling over books and not getting reprimanded. As closing time approaches Nagato is still reading at the same spot Kyon had left her, she is determined to continue to the last second of opening. We learn that the new Nagato, along with a greater affinity for books is a lot more determined and forward with other people. This brings about a nice scene where Nagato does her best pout to try and convince Kyon to return her book that ultimately results in a library card being used.  This interaction between Kyon and Nagato is very similar to what happened in Haruhi except in that series it was Kyon narrating over animation of himself struggling to convince Nagato to move from the library. The show is great at re-creating and re-doing past scenes from the Haruhi series to represent the alternative universe idea of Nagato Yuki-chan. After revealing the existing library card in Nagato's possession, there is a flashback to how Nagato met Kyon which was in the same library. In classic romantic novel fashion, Kyon sweeps Nagato off her feet by stealing her book and checking it out at the desk along with setting her up with a library card. What a hunk! Also, Kyon's sister makes a long awaited appearance. Now I'm just hoping we get to see Shamisen in this series.  As the second half of the episode starts we get more hints at the August fireworks festival earlier in the series cause my speculation glands to start secreting. It also follows Checkov-san's Firework Festival; if there is an introduction of a summer festival in a romantic anime series there needs to be a major flag event between the two leads. This half also gets really meta as Nagato starts to flashback to key scenes from the show; the Christmas party, star gazing, and giving chocolates during Valentines, but she isn't viewing it from Nagato's perspective. Instead she is an observer, watching Nagato as she does all these tasks despite our new Nagato being in control of past Nagato's body. There is a piano motif that plays through these scenes that screams to be Gymnopedie no. 1 by Erik Satie. This track was a major thematic track for the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya that sort of serves as a prequel to this series.  I seriously love Gymnopedie; it's slow, warm, mysterious and embodies Nagato's cold exterior in front of her inner human emotion. An appearance in this show will be welcomed with open arms by me and will also help tie the film and this together in terms of musical theme. The piano score that replaces it is serviceable to as to convey the confusion Nagato is feeling when watching these flashbacks but isn't memorable despite following the similar crescendos and decrescendos of Gymnopedie.  [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!] The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
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I am thou, Thou art I
Hey Haruhi fans, remember when Kyon bunked off looking for paranormal stuff and spent his afternoon in the library with Nagato instead, only to get scolded by Haruhi? Would you like to watch it again with a different art styl...

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 705

Aug 20 // Anthony Redgrave
By the grace of Oda, Corazon somehow fought off Barrel's men that had him pinned down by gun point and was able to deliver the Opi Opi fruit to Law. Law, apparently still in shock to see his feathery friend fails to notice the vast number of bullet wounds leaking vital fluid all over the snow. Even at a young age Law is skeptical about the fruit's abilities and only until Corazon force feeds him the devil fruit does he finally ingest the heart shaped power up. This scene's tone is all over the place. First we get a rousing speech by Corazon shouting about being happy about the successful heist and Law's upcoming cure, to a funny scene with Law struggling to fit the entire fruit down his gullet, and finally Corazon lying facedown in the snow slowly bleeding to death.  The gut punch comes when Law attempts to use his newfound power only for nothing to happen. I always assumed after eating the devil fruit, the users will have some way of controlling it or at least turning it on. Sabo ate the flare flare fruit and was tossing fireballs willy nilly in a matter of seconds since he was in a gladiator match and later toe to toe against an admiral. Corazon passes Law some valuable information for Marine eyes only regarding Dressrosa and tells him to run for the Marine ship that was hiding on the West Coast. Unfortunately, the first Marine Law meets up with is the double agent Vergo. Vergo smacks the shit out of Corazon but even Law. Yep, this haki imbued body of pure muscle doesn't waste any time hitting a kid on his death bed and a clown with the power of muteness. The episode ends with Doflamingo arriving with the family and casting bird cage on the island basically preventing anyone from escaping. This makes Vergo stupidly confident as he leaves the clown and the child to die slowly instead of tying them up and leaving them for the family to find.  As of now Corazon has shown more D. family qualities than Law. He is upbeat, wacky, resourceful, and very passionate about helping his friends. He is also stated that he will die with a smile, a very familiar D. trait as shown by Saul and even the famous Gol D. Roger.  [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation] [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation] By the grace of Oda, Corazon somehow fought off Barrel's men that had him pinned down by gun point and was able to deliver the Opi Opi fruit to Law. Law, apparently still in shock to see his feathery friend fails to notice the vast number of bullet wounds leaking vital fluid all over the snow. Even at a young age Law is skeptical about the fruit's abilities and only until Corazon force feeds him the devil fruit does he finally ingest the heart shaped power up. This scene's tone is all over the place. First we get a rousing speech by Corazon shouting about being happy about the successful heist and Law's upcoming cure, to a funny scene with Law struggling to fit the entire fruit down his gullet, and finally Corazon lying facedown in the snow slowly bleeding to death.  The gut punch comes when Law attempts to use his newfound power only for nothing to happen. I always assumed after eating the devil fruit, the users will have some way of controlling it or at least turning it on. Sabo ate the flare flare fruit and was tossing fireballs willy nilly in a matter of seconds since he was in a gladiator match and later toe to toe against an admiral. Corazon passes Law some valuable information for Marine eyes only regarding Dressrosa and tells him to run for the Marine ship that was hiding on the West Coast. Unfortunately, the first Marine Law meets up with is the double agent Vergo. Vergo smacks the shit out of Corazon but even Law. Yep this haki imbued body of pure muscle and haki doesn't waste any time in hitting a kid on his death bed and a clown with the power of muteness. The episode ends with Doflamingo arriving with the family and casting bird cage on the island basically preventing anyone from escaping including Law and Corazon if they could get passed Vergo. As of now Corazon has shown more D. family qualities than Law. He is up beat, wacky, resourceful, and very passionate about helping his friends. He is also stated that he will die with a smile, a very familiar D. trait as shown by Saul and even the famous Gol D. Roger.  [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation] [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation]
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Bad Luck Favours the Bad Guys
Has anyone else noticed that Swallow Island not only looks like a Swallow from a boat if it is looking at it from the right angle but also looks like a Swallow from birds eye view too? It's funny how coincidences just work in...

First Impressions: Himouto! Umaru-chan

Aug 15 // Anthony Redgrave
The show focuses on the perfect beautiful student Umaru Doma. She is incredible at athletics, academics, popular, sweet, cute and basically the ideal school girl. However, she has a secret that only manifests itself when she comes home. In reality, she is an ultra slacker otaku with borderline hikikomori tendencies if it weren't for the weekly Jumpu and arcades that need visiting on weekends. This is a literal transformation as she goes from moe student to chibi Crayon Shin Chan straight after crossing the threshold of the door. Only her older brother and guardian knows of this secret, but some characters have come dangerously close to discovering it. As a premise, it's quite an interesting one. A lot of anime have otaku characters and they wear their nerdy hobby on their sleeve thus being shunned as outcasts or played for laughs. In the case of Umaru, she has to constantly hide her passions due to her already preconceived image as a sweet feminine student darling. It's also great to see her transform from her selfish home self to her cute outdoor self whenever she wants to get something out of her brother. Most of the time she is in her indoor mode, eating snacks and drinking lots and lots of cola. I'm not an expert, but the amount of cola she drinks a day is evidence of addiction. I'm surprised she doesn't get any shakes or withdrawal symptoms when she's at school.  Since Umaru is based in a high school, the supporting cast is mainly other high school girls that Umaru interacts with. First is the ditzy one Nana Ebina who is basically Mikuru from Haruhi right down to the big chest, next is the hyper competitive Sylphynford Tachibana who is like Tsubasa from Haruhi without the fang, and finally Kirie Motoba the misunderstood girl who doesn't share the likeness with any Haruhi character. Most of the time these side characters are played for laughs due to their extreme personality quirks. If anyone has seen the anime Working!! it's exactly like that. Whenever the set up to a joke is being played out you can accurately predict how each character will react making some jokes to be too predictable and overplayed. This was also the downfall of Working!! as the second season had no new material. Himouto! Umaru-chan is balancing this fine line after seven episodes and it's keeping my attention due to the consistent parody of video games.  I think the bottom line is Himouto! Umaru-chan is if Lucky Star was put in a blender with Working!!. The show works well as a comedy and the art style is very appealing to look at. The only downsides apart from the longevity of the same jokes being used over and over again is that Umaru may not be very likeable in her indoor form. She's lazy, bossy, selfish, and spoilt and watching her cry about wanting more cola or money for a game makes me think back to the cries of toddlers in supermarkets when they reach the sweets aisle. On the plus side they're bringing more characters into the fold so they're no longer one note characters. I'm especially liking Kirie opening up to the Doma family and integrating with Umaru's other friends.  [Cover from Person of Leisure at Pixiv][Watch Himouto! Umaru-chan on Crunchy Roll!]  [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!]
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The Otaku Jekyll and Hyde
Himouto! Umaru-chan is an anime series I never intended on starting this summer but seeing that I'm now writing an extremely late First Impressions it certainly did catch my fancy after the first few episodes. Himouto! Umaru-chan

Week Ender - Vampires Edition

Aug 15 // Red Veron
[embed]34158:4983:0[/embed] "Walk no Yakusoku"Anime: ShikiHere's an anime I've been wanting to watch but keep forgetting. I finally looked up the synopsis and found out it's set in the 90's so I'm definitely checking it out soon. I totally dig this song.   [embed]34158:4984:0[/embed] "Strike My Soul"Anime: Strike The BloodI often refer to the studio behind this anime as "poor man's SHAFT" (but in the best way possible) and this ending shows that well. It's simple and still has creative ways to give it some visual flair even with minimal animation.   [embed]34158:4985:0[/embed] "Shine"Anime: Hellsing  This song is so 90's. I love it. Pretty great to unwind to after an intense episode.   [embed]34158:4986:0[/embed] "scaPEGoat"Anime: Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign  Cool rockin' song that starts out slow and builds up suits the post-apocalyptic along with characters doing cool poses in the rubble. What dumb song title.   [embed]34158:4987:0[/embed] "Still Doll"Anime: Vampire Knight I kinda liked the manga but never really liked the low budget anime adaptation. I did like this ending, nicely drawn and very minimal (in keeping with the budget). I like that eerie feeling song matches the visuals.   So what's your favorite anime that features vampires? IF I MISSED ANY, FEEL FREE TO SHAME ME AND SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW AND TELL ME I SUCK. 
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They Suck
For this weekend's Week Ender, we continue to look at some Vampire-themed anime endings. Vampires have this appeal to people, with power and strength with a side of mystique So what's your favorite anime that features vampire...

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Bubu & Bubulina

Animator Expo's 27th short is a colorful treat

Cartoony visuals everywhere
Aug 14
// Salvador GRodiles
Whenever the Japan Animator Expo project pops out a decent piece, a stronger one takes its place. In this case, Takashi Nakamura's (Robot Carnival's "Nightmare" short and Tree of Palme's Director) piece, "Bubu ...

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 704

Aug 13 // Anthony Redgrave
Just as Law and Corazon start bond the amber lead poisoning that has been slowly killing Law begins to get serious. He collapses unresponsive to Corazon's cries just after Doflamingo's call via Den Den Mushi. Turns out Doflamingo has found a cure for Law's disease in the form the Opi Opi fruit which he would like Corazon to eat. The fruit is being held by the pirate Diez Barrels hoping to sell it to the Marines for a tidy some but before the exchange the Doflamingo family plan to steal it for themselves. Corazon being a Marine spy and brother to Doflamingo plans to double-cross them both and steal the fruit to cure Law. Turns out it cannot be used to its full potential if the user doesn't have any medical knowledge. We also get full confirmation here that if a person eats two devil fruit that they die as Corazon reasons he cannot eat it despite the intention to heal Law with its powers. But this could be complete superstition passed on from pirate to pirate as we saw earlier Blackbeard get the Yami and Gura fruit powers albeit behind a curtain. People in One Piece do mention giants, floating islands, Government super weapons, and Ohara being myths and they're all real.  The episode is a desperate struggle for Corazon to retrieve the fruit from Diez Barrel's crew before Law dies. With high stakes and slim chances this episode kept me on the edge of my seat. Corazon's power isn't amazing as demonstrated in an interlude of Corazon showing off his power to Law. It's small moments like these that make One Piece still one of the most charming shonen shows on-air. Corazon isn't a goal driven psychopath or an all serious mentor, he's a guy that wants to save Law but also make him happy.  The episode's finale is Corazon utilizing his devil fruit power to steal the Opi Opi fruit from right under Diez's nose. This is quite possibly the only time the Calm Calm fruit would be the most useful fruit ever apart from the Clear Clear fruit. Just as he enters the home stretch, forced clumsiness befouls the clowned hero as he stumbles into enemy hands. What happens next will require a lot of suspension of disbelief if he survives. I found it incredibly hard to fathom when Brownbeard got blasted in the face from point blank range by the Yeti Cool Brothers in the Punk Hazard arc and still survived, but this is like 10 times that.  [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation] [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation]
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Corazon the Clown
Corazon reminds me of that weird uncle everyone has. The one that comes around for the holidays, always gives you awesome presents, tells great stories, but is also just plain weird. You were scared of him when you were younger cause he was all up in your face but now you've grown to accept him as an eccentric individual. That's Corazon. 

OP Up! Vampires Edition

Aug 12 // Red Veron
[embed]34148:4974:0[/embed] "X.U."Anime: Seraph of the End Let's start off with one of the newest shows about the vampires and post-post apocalypse setting. A standard shounen action show with an interesting setting, this one is set after a virus kills all humans over the age of 12 and vampires have taken all the young survivors as a source of food. As these young survivors get older, many of them organize to fight back against vampires using forbidden magic. Oh and adopted brothers find themselves on opposing sides for drama reasons.   [embed]34148:4975:0[/embed] "SPIRAL"Anime: Blood-CA favorite opening of mine from a show that didn't turn out so well, this opening and its song was the best part of the show since it showed off the good stuff. We get to see the heroine Saya, show off her gentle side to contrast her bloody red monster slayer side in this opening. Couple that with the awesome song, we get a song that gets your blood pumping for some bloody action that is plentiful in this show.   [embed]34148:4976:0[/embed] "Strike the Blood"Anime: Strike the Blood   A guilty pleasure of mine, this show is a supernatural action show with light harem comedy. Also them lolis. There's some elements that I like about these supernatural action shows, organizations using magic in modern day settings along with modern technology. This show has a lot of what I like.   [embed]34148:4977:0[/embed] "Logos Naki World"Anime: Hellsing   Here's one from the early 2000's US anime boom that a lot of older anime fans remember and love. This opening has that late 90's/early 2000's serious anime opening feel with the almost minimal music video feel to it. That song is pretty great too. I totally need to rewatch this one and the new adaptation.   So what's your favorite anime that features vampires? IF I MISSED ANY, FEEL FREE TO SHAME ME AND SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW AND TELL ME I SUCK.
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No Sparkling Allowed
What is it with Vampires? Whether they're the hero or villian (or both), the creature of the night has always had great appeal in all forms of fiction. Is it the eternal life? Is it the romanticized portrayal of these creatur...

First Impressions: School-Live!

Aug 11 // Nick Valdez
School-Live! follows the School Life Club, four girls who are living within school grounds named Yuki, Yuri, Kurumi, and Miki. The show opens with Yuki, a bright and optimistic young girl who's the typical anime protagonist. She's a bit airheaded, lazy, but genuinely enjoys school. But there's also something very special about Yuki, and that's what sets the show in motion. You see, the girls are victims of a zombie apocalypse. After an outbreak, the girls were forced to live in the school in order to survive. Within the first couple of episodes, we don't know the extent of the outbreak other than its damaged the entire school and the four girls (and their teacher, which Yuki refers to as "Megu-nee") are the only survivors. The awesome thing is that you wouldn't know all of this from the outset.  As the first episode follows Yuki, everything seems fine. There are other students, the school is pristine, and like as mentioned before, everything about Yuki screams "typical." But that image shatters fast when you realize Yuki's just living in a huge daydream. When the apocalypse is revealed halfway through the first episode (so I'm not spoiling it for you), it's actually shocking. This show's pretty good about hiding things. Although some of the hints are heavy handed (like how Miki refuses to acknowledge anyone other than Yuki during the classroom scenes), there's an attempt to save most of it for an emotionally charged finale. Seeing the delusional Yuki talking to herself in a bloodstained classroom makes for a terrifyingly gripping image. The series also adds a bit of darkness into its opening CV from episode two on. You'll have to see it just to absorb how truly jarring it is.  Like the better zombie media out there, Live! is more about the survivors dealing with a changing world rather than the zombies. It's just in place of adults, it's little anime girls. I thought the art would push me away at first (since I'm still not used to the sexualization of young girls in these shows), but the use of bright color awesomely clashes with the gritty material. It's entirely unique to the series, and I don't think I can find that aesthetic anywhere else. That's most likely why Yuki's world looked so inviting at first. There's a sense of displacement seeing these girls interact with the zombies. For the first time in a while, the zombies feel more disturbing than not because they clash so much with the character design. Seeing the cutesy frames of these characters twisted in a dark fashion is an accost to the viewer. Live! is just full of great little design choices like that.  As for the story itself, the setting is at least groundbreaking if nothing else. I'll give a lot of credit for skewing the age of these survivors (it's been a long time since I've seen zombie media focus on a child's perspective), but it runs the risk of growing stale. Yuki's delusional state is definitely the anchor of series, and the first three episodes explore this, but I want to learn more about why she ended up that way. I'm waiting for the inevitable fallout where Yuki's forced to accept that zombies are real, and that'll either be thanks to an attack or someone close to her finally breaking the news to her. I'm also curious as to how far her delusions extend. Is Megu-nee real? Does no one listen to her as a joke or is she made up in Yuki's mind as well?  I guess the overall darkness of the show took me by surprise. Although I knew it was going to be a heavier type of show going in, seeing it in action is something else all together. I got to hand it the production team, Sentai Filmworks, on this. Since this is adapted from a manga I'm sure the story's pretty much the same, but I've been taken aback by the visual choices here. It's changing opening CV, the girl's designs, the zombies highlighted by shading rather than blood, it's all so wonderful to take in.  School-Live! looks so good, it's got me interested in the story. That's never happened to me before. This is all new territory for me. 
School-Live Impressions photo
Life with the afterlife
Zombies are played out at this point. Numerous movies, television shows, comics, manga, and anime have been churned out each tackling the genre but failing to do anything interesting for a long time. Each piece of zombie medi...

Annotated Anime: GANGSTA episodes 6

Aug 11 // Anthony Redgrave
Again this episode is split up between the present where Nicolas and Doug were successfully stabilised by Nina after Worick had dragged their asses to the surgery and the past with Young Master Worick and Nic trying to co-exist with the increasing anti-twilight hostility. The flashback sequences are the show stealers in each episode as they convey much more emotion than the action driven present. GANGSTA carefully peppers these flashbacks without giving away the full story and mixes them into the story of the present to help explain the Handyman's relationship with one another. The show makes the point that despite the difference in their social standing they still share the same miseries and hardships.  Worick having enough time to collects his thoughts talks to Nic about the big bad behind the massacre and the motive behind Monroe's hit. Before Worick leaves for the office to find out what happened to their new secretary he states that he doesn't want to abuse the 3 laws to control Nic again. This shows that Worick is Nic's master and if an order is given by Worick, Nic cannot disobey. I'm guessing in the finale we'll see what happens if a Twilight does disobey a master. Dog tags aren't robots as far as I know so there isn't a self-destruct and they don't seem honourable to commit suicide. The only group have any control over the Twilights as a whole is the Guild run by Gina so I'm guessing she'll be responsible for any rogues.  Back at the office my prediction at the end of last annotated anime was correct, it was the kind Dr. Theo looking to check up on Alex. Turns out she was under the effects of withdrawal symptoms of a drug that pimps used to control their prostitutes. Think of it as the GANGSTA version of heroin or cocaine with the disposition of schizophrenia causing Alex to hallucinate about her former pimp Barry. Personally I would've liked to see a supernatural element with a ghost Barry haunting Alex. Whenever he was on screen the lighting and colors had all the elements of a supernatural horror so it would've lent itself well to that genre. Worick gets a lot of great parts in this episode as he fixes Alex with some good ol' shonen violence (or a headbutt) ironically hurting himself more than her. My favourite part is how nonchalantly he plays off Alex coming onto him and immediately starts to bitch about what a shitty day he has had.  [GANGSTA streams on FUNimation] [GANGSTA streams on FUNimation]
Gangsters have feelings too
GANGSTA continues to entertain week on week and this week is no different. I was going to write about how it still continues the trend of being slightly too vague to follow coherently until I gave up midway through my fi...

Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episode 11

Aug 10 // Anthony Redgrave
The episode opens with a recap of last episode narrated by Nagato (H) in a similar manner as Endless Eight, lots of reused footage with different framing. We learn that Nagato (H) is aware she has hi-jacked Nagato (D)'s body but is having problems with the memory side of things. Fortunately, she is still in tune with Nagato (D)'s feelings and can act accordingly when interacting with Kyon and Asakura. Mother bird Asakura takes this news very well considering her friend has a completely new personality and chooses to treat the new Nagato in the same way as Nagato (D) until Nagato (D) resurfaces. With the blessings from the hospital, Nagato (H) is discharged to continue treatment at home and attempts to live the life of the previous Nagato (D). See what I mean by confusing. The first quarter of the episode has the same muted tone as last episode to match Nagato's new personality. The next half is more in line with the fluffy slice of life comedy expected from the show complete with comedic facial reactions and friendly smiles to counter hardships. However, the elephant in the room prevents the show from recapturing the spirit of a high school rom-com. Nagato is no longer Nagato so the beats and timing of each gag take a pause to see whether Nagato (H) would react the same as Nagato (D). In this way, the show does a grand job in exemplifying the disappearance part and how it affects the characters on the show. I think introducing Nagato (H) was a good choice. A lot of the romantic elements in anime tend not to lead anywhere and constant hinting/ near misses puts me in the frustrating situation of wishing the show would shit or get off the pot. Another 9 episodes of will they/won't they would get old unless it was backed up with some solid comedy, so introducing a familiar face helped mix things up. [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!] The episode opens with a recap of last episode narrated by Nagato (H) in a similar vein as Endless Eight, lots of partially reused footage with different framing. We learn that Nagato (H) is aware that she has hi-jacked Nagato (D)'s body but is having problems with the memory side of things. Fortunately, she is still in tune with Nagato (D)'s feelings and can act accordingly when interacting with Kyon and Asakura. Mother bird Asakura takes the news very well considering her friend has a completely new personality and opts to treat Nagato (H) in the same way as Nagato (D) until Nagato (D) resurfaces. With the blessings from the hospital, Nagato (H) is discharged to continue treatment at home and attempts to live the life of the previous Nagato (D). The first quarter of the episode follows the same muted tone as last episode to convey the tone of uneasiness of Asakura and Kyon to Nagato's new personality now that they have deduced it is no longer Nagato (D). The next half is more in line with the fluffy slice of life comedy expected from the show with facial reactions to dramatic situations and friend's supporting each other emotionally. However, the elephant in the room prevents the show from recapturing the spirit and feel of the whimsical nature of a high school romcom. Nagato is no longer Nagato so the beats and timing of each gag take a pause to see whether Nagato (H) would react the same as Nagato (D). In this way, the show does a grand job in exemplifying the disappearance part and how it affects the characters on the show. I think introducing Nagato (H) was a good choice for the show. A lot of the romantic elements in anime tend not to lead anywhere and constant hinting/ near misses puts me in a frustrating situation wishing the show would shit or get off the pot. Another 9 episodes of will they/won't they would get old unless it was backed up with some solid comedy so introducing a familiar face helped mix things up.
Nagato Yuki photo
The real disappearance
I never thought I'd miss the new dopey Nagato Yuki but I really do. It's going to get confusing talking about the two Nagato's so I'll label them as such; the new Nagato to this series will be Nagato (H) as she...

Comedy Skit 1989 photo
Comedy Skit 1989

Experience Animator Expo short 26's twin-related hijinks

The Showa era of comedy is back, baby
Aug 07
// Salvador GRodiles
Is it me or was this week's Animator Expo short a bit weak on the humor side? Who knows, it might have to do with my lack of experience with Showa era comedy skits. Then again, "Comedy Skit 1989" made me giggle during so...
Splatoon photo

Behold the glory of Splatoon's Squid Girl gear

Coming soon to everywhere!
Aug 07
// Josh Tolentino
It's happening! Everyone's favorite cephalopod-children combat painting simulator, Splatoon, is getting the long-awaited crossover with everyone's favorite cephalopod-conquest documentary, Squid Girl. Scans from the latest is...

Annotated Anime: GANGSTA episode 5

Aug 06 // Anthony Redgrave
I asked for action in the last annotated anime of this show and action I received. Nic goes toe to toe against the young dog tag Doug and although the enemy may not have Nic's brute force he can definitely out manoeuvre our deaf protagonist. The animation isn't the best during these sequences as the level of detail is toned down as seen in the screenshots making the characters reveal their amiibo derpy faces. Even though Monroe is being targeted by Doug he remains unfazed and chooses to make bets on which Dog Tag will come out on top considering they are the same rank. We gain a better understanding of how Twilights fit in the town of Ergastulum. Dog Tags are feared for their brutality and subsequently barred various outlets like restaurants creating a class divide. But the show hasn't really emphasised the negative sides of being a Twilight. Nic has been respected for most of the show and his only weaknesses seem to be susceptibility to downers. Apart from that he is a cold-hearted killing machine dispatching gangsters easily. The negatives of taking too many uppers have not been shown and have been working well for the deaf swordsman as it mutes the pain caused by Doug. This episode introduces a guild made up of Dog Tags under the leadership of Ginger. They seem to be a big deal as they easily put a stop to Doug and Nic's fight and even disarm Worick without any struggle. I like how they introduced these girls as a threat and indicate the Dog Tag/ Human relationship will be unstable without guild intervention.  Dog Tags start to become allegorical in this episode as each of them is bound to three laws if they are to stay in the town. If you've seen I, Robot it's basically that. I wish they were more original when it came to thinking up rules for a master-servant relationship, but it's difficult to argue with one of the best all-encompassing sets of laws to represent this dynamic.  Throughout this long day, Alex has been laying about at Handyman HQ having hallucinations about her former pimp Barry who was killed in the first episode. It's actually pretty interesting to see a former prostitute go through these panic attacks as most anime heroines live the life of Riley once they have been rescued. In the final stretch there are some great horror moments leading to a cliff hanger ending.  My guess, it's the doctor.  [GANGSTA streams on FUNimation] [GANGSTA streams on FUNimation]
Did a quick google search for 'GANGSTA' before writing this piece and it turns out that the first two results are for the manga and not the thuggish lifestyle of urban America. Japanese animation and manga industry is cu...

Annotated Anime: One Piece episode 703

Aug 06 // Anthony Redgrave
Along with the greatest shit eating grin in the whole of One Piece, Corazon sits down with Law and talks vaguely about the D. legacy and how his brother is probably the evilest thing ever conceived. Law isn't having any of it and threatens to tell Doflamingo of Corazon's selective muteness. Coinciding with the muteness theme, Corazon possesses the devil fruit power of muteness too. Devil Fruits come in two varieties; they are either vague enough to mean the user can do anything related to its broad definition of the power or they are too specific so they are extremely useful in one instance. In this case he uses it to talk to Law without anyone else hearing them including a curious Baby 5 and Buffalo. As Donquixote pirates prepare to leave the town Corazon kidnaps Law determined to find a cure for his Amber Lead poisoning much to Law's chagrin. This episode also sets up the beginning of Vergo's infiltration of the Marines. Vergo was the previous Corazon in the family before the present one took over meaning Corazon is a rank not a name. It's strange that the Marine's wouldn't recognise Doflamingo's previous right-hand man and would allow him to transfer to G-5. I guess Vergo is ridiculously good at avoiding the camera like Sanji. But Vergo isn't the only backstabber in this flashback as Corazon holds a Commander rank in the Marines working directly under Sengoku. Again considering Doflamingo has so many connections it's strange that he is unaware of his brother's actions against him.  The rest of the episode follows Corazon has he frantically searches hospital after hospital for someone to cure Law's disease. Of course, everyone has eaten the lie that Amber Lead poisoning is contagious prompting the Marines to hunt down Law and Corazon. We get some insight into Law's personality and why he joined with Donquixote. After Flevance, he was rejected because of his disease but was accepted into the Donquixote family thus prompting a large amount of respect and gratitude to Doflamingo. Corazon however made him relive the days he could not make human contact causing even more pain on Law despite Corazon's primary motivation for finding a cure. This episode also brings to light Corazon's personal interest in Law and it's far more interesting than the family D. stuff I mentioned before.  Another great episode this week. Whenever One Piece is out of Dressrosa the story becomes more interesting, better paced, and generally more entertaining. Thankfully there is more of this in the next episode.   [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation] [One Piece streams weekly on FUNimation]
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Corazon does it for the D.
Today I like to make a shoutout to user Japanator reader Confuseddalek. Corazon really shines in this episode and we get to see why Law thinks so highly of him. Sadly we also get more vague information about what the infamous...

Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episode 10

Aug 06 // Anthony Redgrave
Because the hot springs episodes may have been a bit too racey and fast paced for regular Nagato Yuki-chan watchers with the inclusion of Haruhi, episode 10 slows the pace way down. Even though our heroine had escaped the crash relatively unscathed, Asakura goes super protective mother bird mode on her discovering new injuries every minute. Even if the physical injuries are relatively minor, Haruhi watchers will be familiar with the state that Nagato has reverted to which compliments the slower pace of this episode. For a while I thought it was because of shock from the car incident and it would take the collective efforts of the literature club to pull her out of this funk. This episode reminds me of the Digimon Adventures episode Home Away from Home where Tai gets to return back to Tokyo without his friends. It's vastly different from all the episodes before it with a muted tone and feel making it slightly eerie. At the literature club, Kyon tries to make conversation with Nagato but is greeted with the same specific answers as Asakura. This new Nagato does have a penchant of reading french books like The Mystery of the Yellow Room which Kyon has a hard time engaging with. How is Kyon going to get it together with Nagato if he doesn't understand the language of love? I loved the ending of this episode as it has me hungry for more. I was really tempted to watch the next one subbed just so it'll quench my curiosity. If you were thought Nagato Yuki-chan was too lackadaisy slice of life then this episode will revitalise your interest in the series even if it's quite slow. [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!] [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!]
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Wait, you can add cheese to curry?
Whenever I'm watching too much anime I tend to see anime in my anime. Like characters looking like other characters from other anime series' or storylines that have been covered by older anime. In this case, it's the Toyota A...

Annotated Anime: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma episodes 13-16

Aug 03 // Nick Valdez
Episode 13 For the final day of Totsuki's survival camp, students are challenged to serve some kind of egg dish to 200 people within 2 hours at an all you can eat buffet. The major push of this episode goes toward introducing two new rivals, Alice Nakiri and her henchman Ryo Kurokiba. Since Alice is related to Erina, they have quite a fierce family rivalry (which leads to some funny introductions between the two and Souma), but Souma pays them no mind and ends up developing an egg souffle. But Erina quickly looks down the idea and notes Souma is making a huge mistake, When Souma gets placed next to Erina in the serving area, he's quickly dominated by Erina's eggs benedict dish covered in dry fish egg powder. The other students seem to be faring well, but Alice's egg dishes are completely ignored since they look like plain eggs served different ways. But Souma's dish is also struggling. No one seems to be choosing his souffle and they're collapsing fast.  Episode 14 Finally realizing what Erina was talking about the episode prior, Souma stumbles when he sees his egg souffles crumbling and ignored (since buffet goers usually don't eat every food when they're prepared, a souffle was a bad idea since they don't hold form for long). After taking a brief pause, Souma decides to draw in 190 customers within the final 30 minutes of the task. Jumping into this impossible task, Souma decides to live cook each of the dishes in order to draw attention. This episode had the slickest cooking animation I'd seen yet. To reflect his massive task, and how fast he was going, Souma was accent with speed lines, quick edits, and it was the right kind of flashy. This show has trouble at times since it wants everything to look slick (since cooking isn't exactly full of action), but thanks to this sequence we get all the action we need. Souma was able to complete his servings barely before the buzzer sounds. As we check in with the rest of the students, we learn Erina served something like 400 dishes, Alice (whose egg dish actually was meticulously calculated through science cooking) served 300, and everyone else managed to make it through the task. After some celebration of the final task of camp, about 2/3 of the students who first attended camp made it through the week. Souma then realizes he's glad he came to Totsuki Academy in the first place.  Episode 15 With the Totsuki survival camp over, it's time to head into the next arc, The Autumn Elections. After Souma and Erina miss the bus home, they have a chat about the Autumn Elections which will serve to get their name known to restaurant owners and chefs. That's also why the survival camp exists as sort of a preliminary exam for the Elections. But as the gang returns to the Polar Star dorm, an unexpected guest shows up, Souma's dad Joichiro. Souma then learns some interesting things about his dad: he travels worldwide and cooks, he was a former Elite Ten member at Totsuki (the ten best cooks in the school), and he and Dojima were once members of the Polar Star dorm and their Shokugekis helped expand the dorm to what it is today. At the end of the episode, Joichiro challenges Souma to a Shokugeki in order to see how much Souma has/hasn't grown.  And with a new direction for the series, we also get a new opening sequence. Highlighting some folks we haven't met yet, and playing around with how wacky its visuals get, this opening is fun and intense at the same time. But I think I prefer the first opening's song. Also, maybe because the show's spent a huge chunk of its budget, there were plenty of shortcuts here. The animation surely taken a hit, but that's okay given that it's not necessary until we get to bigger scenes.  Episode 16 As Souma and his dad enter a new super early morning Shokugeki, they get the household caretaker Fumio, the nudist Isshiki, and a poor sleepy Tadakoro to be the judges. To reflect how early it was, Fumio decides the challenge will be a breakfast dish that invigorates the three for the day ahead. Souma creates an apple risotto, an interesting choice given that apples would be hard to cook within a risotto. But thanks to some apple juice, the risotto is filled with the right kind of flavor and ultimately leads to the image above. But Joichiro unleashes his worldly strength and produces an all vegetable ramen (one he perfected working with a vegan monk), and resoundingly wins the challenge. Which makes that 0/490 for Souma, and it also explains why Souma's never nervous for anything since he's been trying to overcome his dad's strength all these years.  Remember when I mentioned how action lines can be used weirdly two episodes above, that happens a ton here. Have fast moving backgrounds clash with the static characters in an attempt to make them feel like they're being adequately animated is a cheap ploy. And it's certainly a lack of budget seeping through. I hope it's being saved for the Elections themselves. If it's anything like it is in the manga, it's gonna be sooooooooooo good.  I'll try to keep these closer together once the Elections start, so hope you'll keep reading! 
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Shokugeki no Soma is quickly turning into the highlight of my week. The only problem with covering a Shonen-type series like this is that each episode isn't very substantial on its own, but the overall package is compelling e...

Annotated Anime: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan episodes 6-9

Aug 03 // Anthony Redgrave
Those expecting lots of T&A in this trilogy will be sorely disappointed. We spend more time looking at the bare chests of Kyon and Koizumi than the girls. These episodes feature more Haruhi and Koizumi as they drag the North High Literature club around the tourist sites. Haruhi brings the selfish bold headed charm into Nagato's meek world and it comes as a nice change of tone from the lovey dovey storyline. Laughs can be found in each episode from visual gags to Kyon being treated like shit throughout the trip. I especially liked the boy's interaction with one another as Koizumi is played off as an extreme version of himself from Haruhi which means some uncomfortable situations for Kyon.  Despite Haruhi energizing the show, the first episode has the pace of Aunt Jane's Japan Holiday slide show. They spend too much time going to different sites, messing around in the gift shop, praying at the shrine, and even on who sat next to whom instead of pushing the story along. The show had slowed down and I don't think it can handle more characters than Nagato, Asakura, and Kyon at once. There are fewer character interaction and more time on what they're doing which proved to be charming but meaningless. Asakura gets some character development in this trilogy as we finally understand her fear of getting Nagato with Kyon. However, these set of episodes contain almost no drama. Whenever it gets to be an interesting moment it is immediately diffused in place for a joke thus losing all tension.  Ultimately I think these episodes can be skipped. Viewers that pay attention to this show will already know why Asakura is worried about Nagato's relationship and if they don't then a synopsis search online will clear it up. They are nice distractions but don't provide any information that we have not seen before. [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!] [Watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan on FUNimation!]
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The Hot Spring Trilogy
We've now hit the middle of the season so it's time for some fan service-y filler episodes. In Haruhi they went to Koizumi's beach house to solve a murder, in Nagato Yuki-chan they're heading to Tsuruya's Hot Springs under th...

Annotated Anime: GANGSTA episodes 3-4

Aug 03 // Anthony Redgrave
We know already that Nic is a deaf mixed race killing machine and is feared in the town because of his dog tag. But we don't know that much about Worick apart from his faux pirate appearance. Episode 3 introduces Worick's other job as a Gigolo. Yep, good looks can't be wasted in Ergastulum as his past had caused him to enter the sex trade from an early age. Unlike Alex, Worick isn't strong armed into continuing this profession which makes for an interesting comparison between the two. The Handymen don't only deal death and sex but also drugs, Twilight drugs to be exact. This drug is a critical part of the story as Alex and Nic make their rounds through the city emphasizing the necessity and reach the drug has on the town.  The next episode explores how Nic met Worick. We find that Worick was educated as a young man and Nic was assigned as his bodyguard. Like all great duos they didn't initially get along due to Worick feeling sour for receiving a disabled bodyguard but they do warm to each other. Or should I say, Worick cools off about Nic's disability. I find with GANGSTA's story telling a little hard to follow at times. This might be intentional as it's gradually feeding information to the viewer as showing its whole hand would ruin the big reveals but it's hard to grasp the lore when there are multiple names used interchangeably i.e. dog tags, Twilight, Twilight drugs. That's when I have to resort to wiki to set things straight but potentially ruin major plot points. The episode ends with Nic engaging with another dog tag of the same rank. I'm really hoping the next episode opens with some action. GANGSTA has shown it's got an interesting world and it would be a cherry on top of a blood filled sundae if it has some great fight sequences.  I wonder if they're gonna meet a dog tag that Nic doesn't have to slice and dice? [GANGSTA streams on FUNimation] Ergastulum
That's Nic's Girl
I tend not to look too deeply into a new anime series' before I watch them. If I'm a late comer then I'll do a quick wiki search to get a feel for the show before diving in but apart from that I came into GANGSTA like a sprin...

Attack on Titan: Junior High preview released

Aug 02 // Soul Tsukino
The series has a familiar start it seems with a gathering of the town.. sort of...okay it's the first day of the school year ceremony. A guest arrives to watch over the ceremony. The reaction is one of surprise. But as you can see things stray a bit from how these events played out in the original. Yeah, this is gonna be a different kind of Titan series.. I mean THIS is the school they are going to: It looks like the Industrial arts wing of Hogwarts. I mean the titans are still scary. But I have a hard time seeing this series having people chewed in half or having met their end going face first into a giant tree. But fear not! This little preview DOES show there is a lot of eating going on. I just D'awwwwed. I bet you did too, be honest. The series looks to be released sometime in October of this year, so in the meantime see this preview of the adventures of Mini-Erin and all his buddies. [embed]34116:4965:0[/embed]     The series has a familiar start it seems with a gathering of the town.. sort of...okay it's the first-day school ceremony.
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But will Senpai notice them?
The mega-popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan has played host to several spin-off stories from the series. Now you can add one more to the list with Attack on Titan: Junior High, where things get slightly smaller, a...

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