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5:00 PM on 03.20.2014

A look at: Phantom Thief Jeanne Volume 1

By day Maron Kusakabe is a normal, everyday high school student. She lives in an apartment by herself, has a best friend who lives next door and she's a member of the rhythmic gymnastics team. What people don't realize, howev...

LB Bryant

A Look @ Fairy Tail Volume 33 & 34 photo
A Look @ Fairy Tail Volume 33 & 34
by Pedro Cortes

Before we take a look at the latest volumes of Fairy Tail, let’s take a look at where we’re at in the story. The members of Fairy Tail are in the midst of the Grand Magic Games. Held to determine which guild is the strongest, Fairy Tail has been at the bottom of the rankings for the last several years due to all of the strongest members being shifted through time in prior volumes. In order to restore their reputation, the time-displaced members gather together and challenge the world, though things are quite a bit different from when they last were around.

After barely squeaking by the first portion of the competition, the members of Fairy Tail have not been performing well in the one-on-one fights. Lucy and Mystogan both lost their matches, leaving both Fairy Tail teams dead last. They’re going to have to make some points quick or they risk falling too far behind to catch up. However, if there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s that Fairy Tail will find some way to come out on top.

Hit the jump to find out how!

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Import Preview: Exstetra photo
Import Preview: Exstetra
by Elliot Gay

Every now and then a game comes along that changes the way you think about entertainment. It flips conventions on their head, and tackles common tropes in a way that completely alters the gaming experience.

Video games have the power to elicit a lot of emotions out of players through a combination of both gameplay and narrative. At their best, they can provide memorable and entertaining experiences that stick as time passes. At their worst, they have the power to make you angry and annoyed, perhaps even vengeful.

After spending ten hours with it, I can now confirm, without a shadow of a doubt, that FuRyu's Exstetra is a game that definitely made me feel very strong emotions. [Editor's Note: put on your flame-retardant gear folks, this is going to get rough.]

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Import Preview: Utakumi 575 photo
Import Preview: Utakumi 575
by Elliot Gay

I quite enjoy the rhythm action genre. 

By no means am I great at them, but there's something undeniably appealing about putting a comfy pair of headphones on and getting in the zone. I've always been big on the genre when playing handheld consoles, and fortunately for me Sega seems to feel the same way. Last year they released Project Diva f for the Vita, and this year they have a sequel ready to go already.

That's not all though. Sega recently released Utakumi 575, a brand new original rhythm game with a unique take on the genre. Is it any good though?

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A Look @ Hello Kitty: Delicious!  photo
A Look @ Hello Kitty: Delicious!
by Kristina Pino

The first volume in the Hello Kitty (reviewed) series published by Perfect Square was all about travel, and it didn't disappoint; we went all over the world and beyond. This second volume promised to have our mouths watering, and once again, it didn't disappoint; I think I have cavities.

Jacob Chabot and Jorge Monlongo return and are accompanied by Ian McGinty and Stephanie Buscema for a whole new set of adventures featuring Japan's favorite feline (move aside, Maru). All of the stories are food-related, though that isn't a stretch in Hello Kitty's cake-filled world under regular circumstances.

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A Look @ Nisekoi, vol. 1 photo
A Look @ Nisekoi, vol. 1
by Kristina Pino

Nisekoi turned out to be one of those happy discoveries you sometimes stumble upon when you aren't looking for anything particular, read a silly synopsis, and think, "Why not?" I wasn't too sure what to expect from this coming in, except that it was probably a romantic comedy.

And it is.

It's a romantic comedy that's apparently published in Shonen Jump, and the first volume which comprises the first seven chapters had heaps of fighting in it -- between the lead male character and a girl he has to pretend to date in order to appease the rival gangs they belong to.

Let's have a quick look at the copy before I move on with my thoughts:

It’s hate at first sight—or rather a knee to the head at first sight —when Raku Ichijo meets Chitoge Kirisaki! Unfortunately, Raku’s gangster father arranges a false love match between Raku and their rival gang leader’s daughter, who just so happens to be Chitoge! Raku’s searching for his childhood sweetheart from ten years ago, however, with a pendant around his neck as a memento...but he can't even remember the girl’s name or face!

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8:00 AM on 11.20.2013

A Look @ Wolfsmund

Wolfsmund is based upon the story of William Tell, and the rebellion looking to overthrow the Swiss Alliance. In between Switzerland and Italy, though, lies the St. Gotthard Pass – the only way to travel between those t...

Brad Rice

A Look @: The Hobonichi Planner photo
A Look @: The Hobonichi Planner
by Kristina Pino

The Hobonichi Planner (Techo) has been around for years, and it comes in three different sizes. But it's more than just a planner - it's a record of your daily life, and a vessel for your creativity, designed to serve as an "anything" book you can (and should) use every day. It was translated into English for the first time this year, and the 2014 edition of the planner is now available for purchase.

This new planner boasts a few improvements from this year's. It features global holidays, a snazzier-looking cover, and a "Coming Up!" page at the beginning of each month to jot down your outlook of the coming weeks. All of these elements combined with the features the Techo already had make for a solid book that I see myself brutalizing lovingly as soon as December begins.

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A Look at: Hello Kitty: Here We Go! photo
A Look at: Hello Kitty: Here We Go!
by Kristina Pino

Today is the day that Japanator recommends you buy a Hello Kitty comic. Things sure are goofy around here.

Hello Kitty: Here We Go! is the first volume in a collection of short comics chronicling the many adventures of the world's most famous cat with a pink bow. She travels all over, even through time and space, for all kinds of reasons.

In reading this comic, I've discovered that Hello Kitty wears many hats. She's a friend, first and foremost, but she's also an astronaut, a secret agent, a photographer, an avid reader with a hyper-active imagination, and who knows what else. True to the premise of the character in the first place, Hello Kitty is basically you and me.

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A Look @ Tanto Cuore iOS photo
A Look @ Tanto Cuore iOS
by Jeff Chuang

Tanto Cuore is a tabletop card game where two to four players compete to be the best master or mistress of maids. Originally developed by Japanese game maker Arclight, this Dominion-style deck building game was ported by a West Coast-based company Japanime Games a few years back, and is now available on iOS.

Those of us who regularly visit large cons might have noticed a booth in the dealer's room with a few people dressed up as maids promoting Tanto Cuore. Now you don't even have to go that far to have a look, if you rock an iPhone or iPad. More importantly, these maids make an offer that is really, really difficult to refuse.

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Impressions: Elfen Lied Blu-ray/DVD comparison photo
Impressions: Elfen Lied Blu-ray/DVD comparison
by Pedro Cortes

What's this? Another Elfen Lied review? Not quite. Like some other popular ADV shows, Elfen Lied was released several times. Not including digital releases, I believe this is the fifth time you can buy a new version of this show. While I absolutely love the show and believe it should be owned by as many people as possible, it's hard to justify that many releases of anything.

That said, I bought it again. Yep, this is my third time buying this show. Sucker? Perhaps, but hey, at least it's a new format. So that means that it's totally worth the price and you should definitely buy it, right? Well, hit the jump to find out if this latest release is for you, because it might not be.

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A Look at: SMT: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers photo
A Look at: SMT: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
by Kristina Pino

Amami City: land of the high-tech, and test center for Paradigm X, a second-life sort of online social networking experience not unlike OZ from Summer Wars. It is here that you take the reigns as an unvoiced, generally unseen male protagonist on the quest to... well, I'm not really sure what. Fight monsters, and collect demons?

Rather than a review, I'm giving this game a thoughtful assessment based on my experiences playing the first chunk of the storyline. It really should have been a review, though. But for many reasons, which are explained below, I found Soul Hackers to be virtually unplayable. 

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