It started with Astro Boy, look where we are now

Over 50 years of anime
Dec 20
It's no mystery that anime has gotten greater and more common over the years. But even when it was first made and shown to the world, it was amazing. So many series have been designed, put together, and brought to life over ... read

Finally, A Polar Bear Cafe AMV

What took you so long, Youtube?
Nov 22
You know what keeps me up at night? The lack of good Polar Bear Cafe fan videos. Sure, I could stay awake worrying about the economy, socio-political instability or the wide variety of toxic chemicals surely present in my fa... read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) - Krewella
Sep 27
I feel so alive! Happy Friday everyone! read
Disco Party Friday!

Disco Party Friday!

Disco Heaven - Lady Gaga
Sep 13
Let the disco ball drop from heaven! Get down with your bad self because it's Friday! read
Rock Party Friday!

Rock Party Friday!

Not Gonna Die - Skillet
Sep 06
It's finally a Friday that there is not a convention going on for me to go to! I'm not gonna die because it's Friday! read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Till The World Ends - I See Stars
Aug 16
It's Friday! Dance until the world ends! read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Rise and Fall - S.A.S
Aug 09
Rise up and lets fall into the weekend! Happy Friday! read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Payphone - Maroon 5
Aug 02
Better call someone. It's Friday again!! Happy Friday everyone! read
Cosplay Party Friday

Cosplay Party Friday!

Raise Your Glass - Pink
Jun 21
Raise your glass to Fridays! Getting started early for the weekend! read
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

Lovely eye candy
Jun 20
If you know anything about me, you probably know one of my all time favorite manga is the epic series by Mamoru Nagano, Five Star Stories. The manga was on a grad scale that I had never seen before. Love, politics, and mecha... read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Max Graham Ft Susana - Down To Nothing
Jun 14
Get down! It's nothing but a Friday! read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Two Door Cinema Club - What you know
Jun 07
Know that it's Friday! Happy glorious Friday! read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Radio Active - Imagine Dragons
May 31
Welcome to the new Friday! Go radioactive for the weekend! read
Attack on Hilarity

Attack on Hilarity!!!
May 24
Everyone already understands that the opening for Attack on Titan is one of the most epic opening songs. It is so epic, that it can make anything more epic. If you don't believe me, take a good look at the video gallery below. read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Touch You Right Now - Basic Element
May 24
Enjoy your holiday weekend! Happy Friday! WOOT! read
Dubstep Party Friday

Dubstep Party Friday!

Killin' It - Krewella
May 17
I'm always killin' it on Fridays! Hope you are too! read
Dance Party Friday!

Dance Party Friday!

Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
May 10
Feeling a little bit old school today! Have a safety Friday! read
Dance Friday!

Dance for the ladies Friday!

Boy Like You - Kesha
May 03
Something for the ladies! Happy Friday! read
Rock Fanservice Friday

Rock Fanservice Friday!

Pretty Handsome Awkard - The Used
Apr 26
Something "uplifting" for the weekend! Happy Friday! (ladies turn next week) read
Dance Party Friday

Dance Party Friday!

Like it Loud - Myah Marie
Apr 19
Turn it up! It's Friday! read
Manga Maniac

Dance Party Friday!

Manga Maniac - S.E.X. Appeal
Apr 05
You don't know how much I missed you Friday! *hugz* read
Funk Party Friday

Funk Party Friday!

Down the Road - C2C
Mar 29
Get funky down the road to the weekend! Funk yeah, Friday! read
Rock Party Friday

Rock Party Friday!

Fighting - Yellowcard
Mar 22
Fighting for the weekend! Happy Friday! read

Rock Party Friday!

Takedown - Blue Sthali
Mar 08
Have a kickass Friday, everyone! read

Dance Party Friday!

Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj
Mar 01
Pounding into the weekend! Happy Friday! read
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

That's the name of the band, by the way
Feb 27
Having trouble overcoming Hump Day? Well, think of it as your HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's the Daily Dose! Today's artist is called "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", appropriately enough, and their song "Koi Boudou", made up one of my favorite endi... read

Dance Party Friday!

Elissa - Mamboleo
Feb 08
I love Friday's, don't you? read

Dance Party Friday!

Dam Dadi Do!
Feb 01
Just happy it's Friday! read

Monday MADness: The Scientifically worst AMV ever made

A tragedy in thirty-seven parts
Oct 22
Earlier this year I was at NDK with some friends were we waited in line for one of their AMV panels for who knows how long only to be turned away at the last moment. We were at the front of the line, and where one of the sta... read

Monday MADness: Anime staff members love tokusatsu

Hotblooded 2D and 3D characters unite!
Sep 24
It has been known for quite a while that magical girls, super robots, over-the-top anime heroes, and toku heroes have taken notes from each other when it comes to flashy sequences, poses, and attacks. Using a remix... read

Cool Picks: Mad Bull 34

Apr 01
Now that the kiddies are all asleep, let's talk about some real anime... Mad Bull 34 is an anime that is better than every other anime. This is a fact. The sky is blue, children are starving in Africa, Hitler killed a lot of ... read

Monday MADness: Spicy Love

Feb 20
So this week I decided to dig one of them romantic AMV for you guys to make up for last week's shenanigans. Ok, well sort of. Snegov1k's "Spicy Love" still isn't your typical lovey-dovey romantic affair but I don't think you ... read

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