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6:00 PM on 02.05.2014

A Look @ Fairy Tail Volume 33 & 34

Before we take a look at the latest volumes of Fairy Tail, let’s take a look at where we’re at in the story. The members of Fairy Tail are in the midst of the Grand Magic Games. Held to determine which guild is th...

Pedro Cortes

7:00 AM on 02.18.2013

Rejoice! Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown gets a new trailer!

Vanillaware's upcoming Vita/PS3 brawler, Dragon's Crown, has seen one hell of a bumpy road. Announced back at E3 2011, Dragon's Crown disappeared for quite some time, only for Vanillaware to reveal that Atlus would be ...

Elliot Gay

10:00 PM on 10.16.2012

Crunchyroll to stream Pandora Hearts, more to follow

Though NIS America released Pandora Hearts a long while back in two parts (Part 1, Part 2), it looks like now they're sharing the love with all you digital fiends. Starting now, you can load up Crunchyroll on your computer or...

Kristina Pino

Final Impressions: Lupin the Third photo
Final Impressions: Lupin the Third
by Chris Walden

An anime that has Takeshi Koike involved, the guy responsible for the characters and animation in both Dead Leaves and Redline? You mean to say that we're going to mix Lupin the Third with ounces of style? Yeah, so this happened. It's been quite a while since Lupin had a whole series, and it was hard not to get excited for this one when the details started reaching the public. 

The Castle of Cagliostro is a fantastic film, but I was pretty let down when I soon after watched the original anime series. It hadn't really aged well, and disregarding the last few episodes, it seemed to just drag on. Fusing the Redline style with the goofiness of the Lupin the Third characters seemed like it would be a perfect fit.

But was it? Consider this your spoiler warning!

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Final Impressions: Jormungand photo
Final Impressions: Jormungand
by Chris Walden

Well, there we have it. Jormungand, the show billed for two seasons before it had even started airing, has recently showed us its twelfth and final episode. While it's certainly considered to have a sizable manga following, I think there were a lot of us that decided to watch it purely because it 'looks like Black Lagoon'. 

That's not a bad reason, by any means. It does look a lot like Black Lagoon, but with this being a Final Impressions, I'll tell you whether or not it's similar in other ways too. When Jormungand is compared to a show as popular as that from the get-go, it certainly gives itself a lot of work to do! Join me after the jump, where things will get a little bit more loco.

Oh, there'll be spoilers, so skip to the last two paragraphs if you haven't seen the show yet!

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5:00 PM on 03.22.2012

Jormungand looks more than a little bit like Black Lagoon

That's definitely not a bad thing if you're looking for more Black Lagoon-ish stuff. The lady looks like a young Balalaika, but I've yet to see this show's version of Rock and Revy. The kid with the assault rifle's still a bi...

Josh Tolentino

3:00 PM on 03.08.2012

Is Black Lagoon's manga returning from hiatus?

Black Lagoon has been on hiatus for a while now. The manga has been running since 2002, but only nine volumes have been collected, with the last one released in 2009. That might change soon, as mangaka Rei Hiroe recently post...

Bob Muir