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Final Impressions: Keijo!!!!!!!!

Jan 11 // Nick Valdez
One of the things I noted back when I first covered the series was how impressed I was by its smooth action animation. Luckily that indeed continued as the season rolled on to its end. As the girls' attacks became more ridiculous, so did the animation. Unlike other sports anime, which only bent physics, Keijo!!!!!!!! often incorporates many flashing lights and colors not unlike ones you'd see in traditionally shonen anime. In the last mini-arc, as sort of a graduation exam from their time at the Keijo Academy (which was only a year long, for some reason), the girls found themselves facing off against a rival academy from the East. This meant the series suddenly found itself in even wackier circumstances than before. This mini-arc presented the best episodes in the series as girls suddenly started using spiritual qi attacks, harnessed wind, and, of course, the absolutely nuts "Gate of Bootylon."  But ridiculous as the visuals were, I found myself not caring about any of it. As was indicated in the first episode, these girls have no character beyond what techniques they use. Nozomi had an interesting motive for joining the sport (wanting fame and fortune, which is pretty atypical for the sports genre) but that was dropped after the premiere. Even when the series slowed down for its brief training intermissions, these episodes felt like filler. Just as how it became a shonen series in animation, it took on some of the worst characteristics of shonen storytelling. The filler training episodes were more about developing certain techniques rather than use the development of those techniques for character growth. For example, Nozomi training to use her signature Vacuum Butt Cannon only resulted in her learning the move rather than have the move be a resolution to a personal problem. It wasn't to overcome any weakness, or something a bit more worthwhile character wise, it was just because. While that's characterization in itself, it's still not strong enough to warrant following this character through the series.  But as you've probably guessed, strong character work isn't exactly Keijo's top priority. That's totally fine, but it doesn't save the show from being hollow. At least it does a few different things toward season end that actually might be interesting additions if/when the show continues. Along with the flashier moves and kookier characters, a bit of characterization is introduced in the final mini-arc. The top keijo player in the rival East school is a girl named Maya. We're given a bit of her background in which she's teased for her inhuman strength until her mother introduces her to keijo (by having Maya break a hole in a bed with her butt), but her anxiety over the sport created a second, more antagonistic personality, Kaya (complete with new eyes and hair color). Her inner conflict (solved within two episodes, on par with the series' rapid pace) ends up an outer conflict against Nozomi and it's a bit interesting. Nothing to write home about, but better than the zero character work than I expected. It's just a shame Nozomi doesn't develop herself as a result. All she gets is a 'Super Saiyan' like mode which helps her win the day. I suppose there's an argument for having a blank slate main character as Keijo becomes more of a shonen-action series, but the best shonen anime give their main characters personalities, if small ones. Yu Yu Hakusho's Yusuke was a brash punk, One Piece's Luffy is blindly optimistic and selfish, and even Dragon Ball's Goku more often fights for himself than others. Then again, those series had time to flesh out their characters. Keijo's hugest flaw is how much it wants to cram into its short, 12 episode run. The series just has too many characters doing things at one time to really focus on anyone. Apparently the season took place over the course of a year, and that year was Nozomi's entire time at the Keijo Academy. That's insane. Because at the end of the season the girls start talking about their love for one another, but there's not enough evidence of this before it's all just dumped on the viewer. Much like taking a hip whip to the face, the series blindsides you with how fast it goes.  It's like butt whiplash.  I may not be interested in Keijo!!!!!!!! anymore, but I'm glad it has its fan base. There are already quite a bit of anime productions littered with fan service, so viewers might as well enjoy the competent one. If you're going to look at boobs and butts, then I fully support looking at ones used as tools and weapons.  I mean, when nipples are hardened to the point where they're used as acupuncture to achieve a "Super Saiyan" transformation, I can see the appeal.  [You can stream Keijo!!!!!!!! on Crunchyroll and Funimation Now] 
Keijo Final Impressions photo
Zoom-a zoom-zoom-zoom and a poom poom
At the start of the Fall 2016 season, as the Japanator staff chose anime to cover, Managing Editor Josh Tolentino warned me about selecting Keijo!!!!!!!!. He told me to be sure about covering this show because I'd have to kee...

Annotated Anime: Keijo!!!!!!!! episodes 2-5

Nov 08 // Nick Valdez
Before I begin, I'd like to discuss a bit of the discourse I've seen surrounding that first episode. While some (rightfully) declared Keijo was an offensive work, others (also rightfully) defended its parodical content. Neither perspective is incorrect since the women (18 and over, as poignantly noted) do have agency, as they have yet to make a decision for someone other than themselves, but the fan service nature of its production rejects that agency. But as I've noticed throughout the last four episodes, the balance between the two perspectives is thrown out of whack when the girls aren't competing.  For example, episode two and three are a training episodes. As Nozomi and her friends practice to take an elite class entry exam, they train in various techniques. Like most sports anime, Keijo adheres to the training episode narrative (girls struggle before eventually succeeding when they exploit a new technique). But try as it might to take this part of the story seriously, the episode's fan service point of view negates a lot of its attempted narrative work. You see when the girls are competing, there's a sense of seriousness in the work regardless of how ridiculous its imagery gets. The girls may fight each other with their butts and boobs, but they're treated like tools or fists. There's a respect for these girls in the animation when they compete. Shots are composed at wide angles, and they usually don't linger in compromising positions. Yet, in the training episodes, there are several shots dedicated to zooming in on these same body parts with less respect. These "butt figure eights" or Nozomi's constriction suit are shown in lower POVs, emphasizing the girls' assets, instead of reflecting hard work (as you would see in sports anime). Then its a matter of breaking down Keijo's parodical take on sports anime. When does the fan service perspective outweigh the exaggerated comedy? As mentioned, the girls' Keijo battles are definite highlights. Leading to things like "Titty Hypnosis," "Shoryucans," "W-Acceleration," "Vacuum Butt Cannon," and "Cerberus," the flame dog automatic butt attack that literally bites into the other girls. With these moments, we're laughing with the series. And so far, the ratio has been on the more positive end. While the second episode (and one match in episode 4), made the imagery more titilating, the rest of the episodes have yet to do that so far. But the visuals wouldn't be as big of a deal as I'm making them if the rest of the show had anything to work with.  Since Keijo's  personality is entirely derived from its imagery, its characterization falls flat. The girls themselves are, forgive me, two dimensional. The only development each girl received so far is a new technique. and only two of those reveals are relevant to the girl's personality type (i.e. the shy girl talks when her skill is revealed to be dope, the klutz has a butt cushion which helps her accidentally steal victory). The worst part about all of this is I'm forgetting all of their names. That's the trouble with exploitation media in general. You can argue stuff like story and characterization away by simply stating "it's meant to be a joke!" But sexual exploitation is always icky when not subverted by the rest of the production. You need something to say its alright to enjoy its explicit fan service. Whether its humor or some kind of satire, it just needs to be something of importance to elevate its schlock. Otherwise, it won't last long.  The difference between Keijo!!!!!!!! and intentionally exploitative productions (such as Grindhouse or Black Dynamite) is there is still not enough done to elevate its exaggeration. It's slowly making its way toward more fun, but right now it's hollow fan service. I'll even go as far to say that if it were not my job, I most likely would not continue on with this series.  But since I've already invested the time, I will keep hoping something more concrete eventually hits the series. While I still believe Keijo!!!!!!!! indeed succeeds as a fan service delivery system, it has lost that unique sense of fun and confusion I felt after watching the premiere.  [Keijo!!!!!!!! is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation Now]
Annotated Keijo photo
Get it right, get it right, get it tight
The series premiere of Keijo!!!!!!!! was probably the most confusing anime I've seen this season, and most likely the year. Introducing a world in which busty girls attack each other with their butts for money, I expected the...

First Impressions: Keijo!!!!!!!!

Oct 11 // Nick Valdez
Keijo!!!!!!!! (from here on out, I'm going to refer to it without eight exclamation points) follows Nozomi, an eighteen year old girl (which the episode hilariously points out before the fan service begins in full) who dreams of being a pro Keijo player because they make a lot of money. Keijo is a sport where girls try to knock each other off of floating platforms without using their hands and feet. Which means, of course, each girl's butt is the weapon of choice in this sport. When Nozomi is accepted into an academy for budding Keijo athletes, she meets several rivals who are out of her skill level. Including her best friend, Sayaka, who has a habit of giving herself a swimsuit wedgie before she competes.  At first glance, Keijo doesn't have much to offer beyond your standard "look at these girls bounce around." Once it gets passed its abrasive opening theme and credits (as it feeds almost too much audiovisual information at once), you'll find that it's basically that. The story and characters don't really have any interesting or new characteristics that'll separate them from other offerings. That'll most likely come out the longer the show runs, but at least there are interesting quirks in the dialogue. For one, Nozomi and another main character speak with an accent and Nozomi pointing it out is a cute moment. When Nozomi says something like "Her butt muscles are incredible!" or one girl declaring "Is that a butt that looks like giant boobs?" the story's serious tone wonderfully clashes with the inanity of its visuals as the animation works with the funky dialogue. But thankfully for everyone involved, the dialogue is not the focal point of the series.  The first episode runs us through a typical Keijo match as it flashes back to the mock trial in the academy's entrance exam. And boy does it pop off. Impressively, Keijo shocks with how competently it animates its movements. If you're unaware of its production company, Xebec, just know they're pretty good when it comes to stuff like this. As seen in shows like Shaman King, Tokyo ESP, or its more fan service fare like To Love-Ru, Love Hina, and Maken-Ki!, Xebec is very good at highlighting a character's movements with stuff like squalls (basically when a character moves really fast and wind is shown flowing around them to accent it) and action lines. So as weird as it is to see these techniques utilized on peaches, it's never truly disorienting. In fact, the surprise of seeing it all in such smooth animation put a giant smile on my face. It's a matter of wondering how far the show will go or how intense these girls' techniques are.  For example, when one girl spins her hip around so fast she knocks others unconscious it's sort of the best idea ever. Then Keijo goes and tops itself when Nozomi counters that move with faceplanting right into her bottom because she realized that girl attacks jaws with her butt power. And then it tops itself once more with the booty guillotine! It's one surprise after another as the "sports" part of this anime begins to reveal itself and becomes as entertaining as say, a good match in Prince of Tennis. But the harsh matter is whether or not Keijo will be entertaining beyond these moments. Because when the dust finally settles and we go back into the story proper, it falls back into the same types of archetypes we've seen before.  In the end, I'm not sure if my ironic love has gotten quite to un-ironic level quite yet. This is one of the better first impressions I've gotten from a series this season, however. On concept alone, Keijo!!!!!!!! earns all eight of its exclamation points. But like all surprises, it's impossible to capture that feeling again once you're aware of what's going on. Whether or not Keijo!!!!!!!!! is a fleeting joy will reveal itself over the next few weeks. But at least there is a joy.  [Keijo!!!!!!!! gives new meaning to "headbutt" on Crunchyroll.]
Keijo First Impressions photo
I found you, Ms. New Booty
Keijo!!!!!!!! has both the best and worst first episode I have ever seen in anime. It's most likely one of the biggest surprises of the Fall season merely for its audacity to exist. In a wonderful maelstrom of fan service, sl...

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni photo
Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni

Valkyrie Drive gets weaponized for the West

Let's get physical!
Jul 10
// Salvador G Rodiles
Now this is a bit of a surprise: It turns out that PQube is bringing over Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, the 3D brawler game by Senran Kagura Series Producer Kenichiro Takaki where girls turn other girls into weapons through...

Senran Kagura  photo
Senran Kagura

Aw, yeah: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus hits PC next month

It's about to get steamy around here
May 25
// Salvador G Rodiles
To this day, the Senran Kagura series remains on my list of games to play, since the franchise's over-the-top beat 'em up combat system (both 2.5 and 3D) and fun cast have caught my interest. Speaking of which, XSEED has...

First Impressions: Myriad Colors Phantom World

Jan 30 // Nick Valdez
Based on a novel by Soichiro Hatano, Phantom World takes place in a future where a mysterious virus outbreak accidentally allows humanity to see outerdimensional beings that have always existed beside them. Think of any fantasy creature (like Jinn, ogres, yokai, and the like) and you've gotten the idea. Thanks to the virus, some children developed powers capable of fighting and sealing away some of the more wily phantoms. Haruhiko can draw phantoms and seal them away, but he's full of mostly useless facts since he's got a library in his house. Together with his phantom hunting club mates Mai, who uses martial arts and elemental powers she channels with her body (water from her kidneys, air from her lungs, etc.), and Izumi, a girl with a phantom absorbing stomach, they fight phantoms for sandwiches or something. First things first, Phantom World is absolutely gorgeous. KyoAni's high quality is still up to task here. There are great uses of color, the phantoms all have an interesting technological spin on them (think of them as kinda like Digimon when they appear in the real world and glitch in and out), the actual phantom sealing is beautiful as it takes on this swirling watercolor effect, the opening theme is kinda good, and the characters move with a pleasant fluidity. The character designs themselves are a bit uninspired, but everything moves well in motion so it kind of balances itself out. And despite all of Phantom World's (and my) jokes about boobs, it really lets off after the first episode. But there are a loooot of them. Almost to the point where I have to believe they gave one of their characters a large chest just to poke fun at her. That brings me to my issue with the first three episodes overall.  Unlike Kyoto Animation's tighter premises, there's a distinct lack of focus for this series. It doesn't really know what kind of show it wants to be. Is it an action show? A comedy? Because of this confusion, the pacing of each episode suffers quite a bit. With the series' set 12 or 13 episode run, any sleights are even more egregious. For example, the show has a monster of the week formula. This would be fine had there been at least some character development going on in the background or the phantoms themselves been any interesting, but so far nothing quite has any real depth. The first episode's phantom, telephone poles that force the gang to limbo (thus resulting in Mai's boob bounce weirdness), was goofy enough to work but that brought the episode to a halt. It was an encounter that didn't move the plot forward, and it was super weird seeing as how the first half of the episode dealt with so much world building. You'd figure the premiere would capitalize on it, but maybe they're trying to tell the audience they have a different type of story in mind. Although it sounds like I'm being harsh, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hang around for the rest of the series. By the end of the third episode it doesn't feel like Phantom World is any closer to finding a focus, but there were some positive developments. Episode two introduces Minase, a cool headphone wearing girl who fights phantoms by singing, Haruhiko's ability to summon super cute things, and episode three introduces a kid who probably fights using her teddy bear or something. Basically, there are enough tidbits here and there to keep me hooked through the rest of the series. If not, I'm hoping the show nails its pacing better down the line. At least it seems like its getting better at melding the comedy with the action by the end of the third episode. There's even a little bit of character development!  Myriad Colors Phantom World is definitely off to a rough start. It may be stunning to look at, but right now its best qualities are surface level. Since we're a quarter of the way into the story, it's a bit troubling there's yet to be something of true substance. But if you don't mind just looking at pretty animation and want some kind of new distraction, there certainly are worse options out there.  It's slick, some of the jokes land, and it's pretty cute. So maybe it'll get better over time? I certainly hope so.  [You can stream the myriad of colors of Crunchyroll and Hulu]
Phantom World Impressions photo
Myriad of boobs
Animation is a fantastic medium. With it you can do all sorts of otherworldly things like outlandish hair colors, crazy stories full of physical feats you can't do in the real world, and most importantly, you can really nail ...

Oneechanbara Z2 photo
Oneechanbara Z2

TGS 2014: Oneechanbara wins the TGS booth wars

Quite roomy!
Sep 18
// Josh Tolentino
[Update: A bonus piece of fan art from an animator at Lab Zero games, makers of Skullgirls. - Thanks, 2-D!] D3 Publisher are promoting their new game, Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos, and for that they built a booth at the Tokyo Game ...

First Impressions: Momo Kyun Sword

Jul 14 // Josh Totman
Momo Kyun Sword follows the busty Momo who was born from a magical peach that a couple found floating in the river. They raised her as their own and watched her ripen. Somehow growing up she had made friends with a dog god, a monkey god, and a pheasant god. The first episode doesn’t really go into how they all meet, but I’m sure it will in later episodes. We also get to meet the Celestial Maidens that have been sent by the top maiden, Sumeragi. These maidens are out to stop the demons from finding and taking all the fragments of the Michimi Peach which gives the holder great power. Boy, does this thing sound like something you have already watched before? Besides the cut and paste story, everything about this show screams overdone. The character designs look pretty generic. There is no real pop to them at all. Mainly it looks like it was made this way for easier animation. The peach theme is all around as well. Yes, yes, I know it’s the main running theme of the show, but the peach shape should be reserved for butts not boobs. Momo’s boobs don’t look all that attractive because of this keeping with the peach shape. It only makes them look heavy and awkward. The rests of them in the show don’t have this problem thank god. The real question we have to consider here is; where do we see this show going? That could be easier said than done. What I mean is this type of first episode set up could go in multiple directions. One of the ways it could go is the more serious approach where the characters find out more about themselves as they hit the road battling demons and recovering the peach shards. Then we could have pretty boring trope of them just dealing with almost the same situation at each shrine in every episode. Lastly, we could have a series that is just going to make fun of itself and keep making perverted jokes and situations all around boobs. Most of us are going to pick this last one because that seems to be the easiest way something like this could go. So far the show was...interesting. There were a lot of things that reminded me of other series’ and the show doesn't quite seem original. I could second guess most of what was going on or what was going to happen before it did. This does not make for fun anime watching. I’m not all that excited to watch any more of this series, but I will just to confirm what type of series we are dealing with. My normal threshold is three episodes for a series to really hook me unless the first one is really bad. Momo Kyun Sword is OK at best and that is still stretching it. Most people would already write this off as a bad series, and frankly, I don’t blame them one bit. This series is really going to have to put something out there to win people back, and hopefully, it’s not just boobs that they are putting out there...
FI: Momo Kyun Sword photo
Millions of peaches, peaches for me
As the site’s official “boob anime connoisseur”, it is my duty to watch all the boob anime each season.  It’s a filthy dirty job most of the time, but there are times when it can pay off beyond the bounce and deliver a good engaging story. This season, I’m afraid to say, will not be one that I see paying off...

SoniComi photo

More! Sonicomi gameplay videos show you how to shoot

You'll shoot your eye out...
Jan 22
// Josh Totman
Nitroplus and Kadokawa Games released two new gameplay videos from their upcoming PS3 title More! SoniComi. In the game, you play a photographer with the task of shooting the voluptuous Sonico in photo shoots. During th...
Dekamori Senran Kagura photo
Dekamori Senran Kagura

More details on Dekamori Senran Kagura bounce in

Three desires of man
Jan 15
// Josh Totman
When Marvelous AQL announced a rhythm cooking game staring the lovely ladies of Senran Kagura, needless to say, I was one happy man. It has everything that I would ever want in a game; good music, cooking food, and busty wome...
Senran Kagura photo
Senran Kagura

A Senran Kagura cooking game? Yes, please

Deka Mori Senran Kagura looks delicious
Jan 08
// Tim Sheehy
Unlike some outlets, we tend to approach games like Senran Kagura with an open mind -- after all, what's not to love? Two schools of busty vixens, trained in the deadly arts of Ninjutsu, who constantly battle each other whil...

Review: Aquarion: EVOL - Season 2, Part 1

Jan 06 // Pedro Cortes
Aquarion Evol DVD/Blu-ray Part 1Studio: SatelightLicensed by FUNimationRelease Date: 12/3/2013MSRP: $69.98 [Amazon | RightStuf] Taking place 12,000 years after Aquarion, the humans of planet Vega are being attacked by unknown assailants from the planet Altair, across the cosmos. The populace is protected by Neo-DEAVA, an organization that sorties combining robots to fight off the invaders. Neo-DEAVA is also divided by gender, consisting of separate teams of men and women. That status quo is broken after Amata Sora and Mikono Suzushiro are pulled into the conflict during a particularly brutal attack. Somehow, Amata is able to break every Neo-DEAVA safeguard preventing men and women from combining, forming the powerful Aquarion Evol. From that point on, Amata and Mikono are drafted into Neo-DEAVA, where we slowly learn that certain elements are very similar to events that occurred 12,000 years prior. This is where a familiarity with the original Aquarion would be handy. From the first episode, a movie becomes an important plot point between Amata and Mikono, and I'm pretty sure that film recreates events from the first show. Throughout this half of the show, it becomes clear that the main antagonist from the original Aquarion and is back for further nefarious purposes. While I do feel that I'm losing something, Evol has done a good job thus far in keeping me informed about the past and its connection with the present. Viewers in similar situations should be able to keep up, though those with previous experience with the franchise will likely get more out of these connections. In this half, Evol's story has remained fairly lighthearted. Much of the show has to do with these kids finally being able to interact with members of the opposite sex, which leads to the kind of teenage antics you'd expect. Story reasons prevent any sort of romance from growing, which adds more sexual tension to every interaction these kids have with each other. Most of the kids are the kind of flat caricatures you'd expect in any rom-com or mecha show, i.e. the BL lover, the hot-blooded pervert, the protective big brother, the tsundere, etc. Even so, they're stupidity is occasionally charming and I'll be damned if I'm not sold on the Amata/Mikono relationship. Barring some stupid stuff in the first couple of episodes, their blossoming love is adorable. The Altairians are an interesting set of villains, but my lack of familiarity with the original show leaves me wondering if I'm missing something. Their plight, which forces them to come to Vega and attempt to kidnap specific people, makes you feel for them, even if their methods aren't right. The thing is, I can't tell if their plight has anything to do with prior machinations or if it's something different all together. Hopefully, the second half of the show will tell us more. Evol is a damn pretty show. With male character designs from Chinatsu Kurahana (Samurai Flamenco, Uta no Prince-sama) and female designs from Ishida Kana (Ai Yori Aoshi, OreImo), all of these characters stand out. Even nonsensical elements like Mix's single portion of dyed hair and Zessica's ridiculously exposed outfit add a certain amount of charm. The verdant landscapes of Vega are gorgeous to look at, contrasted with the dying mountains of Altair looming over old cities falling apart. My only gripe with the visuals are the Aquarion's designs; I'm just not digging most of the variations of the Evol. If it's possible for a super robot to look too garish, then most of the Evol's forms are just that. The only design that I'm digging is the slimmer Spada, which resembles a fencer and is lacking in extra ornamentation and gloss. The audio is pretty solid too, featuring music from the legendary Yoko Kanno. The over-the-top insert music used during combining sequences screams of old super robot shows, which is fine by me. The Japanese and English performances are equally good, so fans of either format will be pleased. Characters that are shrill and annoying on one vocal track are just as annoying on the other, so that's more a character issue than a performance one. Overall, the first part of Aquarion Evol is pretty fun. It isn't the deepest or most nuanced of shows, but it did entertain me. To be fair, I wasn't expecting much else. Despite robot designs I wasn't too fond of, it had the kind of good, fast paced action you'd expect from a show with super robots that make their pilots climax when combined. The cliffhanger from this first part left me wanting more, so that's as about as good a recommendation as I can give. If you need some big, honking robot action, Aquarion Evol should give you your fix.   7.0 – Good. Films or shows that get this score good, but not great. These could have been destined for greatness, but were held back by their flaws. While some may not enjoy them, fans of the genre will definitely love them.
Aquarion Evol photo
They take gattai very seriously
When you think Shoji Kawamori, his work on Macross immediately comes to mind. It's been one of the most influential properties in Japan since it's debut. However, another major show that Kawamori worked on is Aquarion. You mi...

Senran Kagura photo
Senran Kagura

Possible Senran Kagura 2 announcement soon

More 3D bouncing goodness
Dec 31
// Josh Totman
Looks like Marvelous AQL might be announcing the next installment of the busty shinobi series Senran Kagura. Accorning to the event page on NicoNico Live page, there is a live event called “Senran Kagura Bakun...
To-Love-Ru photo

To-Love-Ru Darkness puts Vita screens to good use

Gotta love them touch screens
Dec 28
// Pedro Cortes
Fans of touch-screen antics and scantily clad school girls take note: To-Love-Ru Darkness is getting a dungeon crawler for the Playstation Vita. The game, known as To-Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy, is a dungeon crawler tha...

Review: Godannar Complete DVD Collection

Oct 07 // Pedro Cortes
Godannar Complete DVD Collection [DVD]Studio: OLM Incorporated / Anime International Company Inc.Licensed by: Sentai FilmworksRelease Date: 10/01/13MSRP: $64.98 [Amazon | Rightstuf] Set in the future, monsters known as Mimetic Beasts have attacked humanity, forcing man to create giant robots in their image, as they're wont to due in this kind of situation. While Tokyo is destroyed by a particularly difficult to kill baddie, a pilot named Goh Saruwatari manages to save his boss's young daughter, Anna Aoi, while killing the monster in the midst of all the rubble and trashed robots. Five years later, Goh and Anna are set to get married, only to be interrupted by the reemergence of the Mimetic Beasts. Goh jumps back into his mech, the Dannar, while Anna unseals an old mech and joins her fiancee on the battlefield to help save humanity. The two regularly combine mechs on the field of battle as they also struggle to maintain their relationship in the face of constant interruption from Goh's little brother, petty arguments and the occasional ex-flame. While robots maybe one of Godannar's draws, the real heart of the show is in Anna and Goh's relationship. Separated by 12 years and a ton of life experience, the two regularly have trouble understanding each other. Anna is still in high school, often lacking the maturity to deal with Goh's stubborn nature and his traumatic past. Goh is much older, yet is also emotionally stunted from his participation in the events that open the show. He has trouble getting close to his fiancé and uses his piloting as a way to keep himself from getting hurt again. The two often clash, but there is plenty of genuine love and affection. It's surprisingly touching, and it's not often you see this kind of relationship in anime-- much less in a fanservice-laden giant robot show. It really makes Godannar feel like it's aimed at an older audience. Speaking of fanservice, that is another one of  the show's big draws. Considering the aforementioned older audience, they packed these 26 episodes with as much boob-bouncing, rear angles and crotch shots as possible. In fact, I would've loved to have seen a jiggle counter in the corner slowly ticking up as each episode went on. With as many female characters as this show features, I wouldn't be surprised if that jiggle counter overloaded at several points. I mean, they even included bouncing boobies for the female-shaped robots. It's ridiculous and it kept me amused the entire time, though those rigidly against fanservice will obviously take issue with it and have difficulty enjoying the show as a result. Oh yeah, I almost forgot there were robots in this show. Yeah, giant honkin' robots (without even a casual relationship with reality and/or the laws of physics) leap around and slam their fists and feet into the hideous-looking Mimetic Beasts and, every so often, into each other. Each area of the world that contributes to the war effort has a pair of representatives that pilot a combining robot. Each of these pairs has some sort of messed up romance that is more or less dealt with throughout the series, though they all take a back seat to the Goh/Anna drama. Included is a very busty dominatrix from Russia and her passive manservant, an English playboy and his stepsister with a brother-complex, two women from America that cannot admit their romantic feelings toward one another and the Chinese pilots that should just get married already. Each one of their mecha looks unique and totally off the wall, as well they should on a show like this. Besides the pilots, there are the usual wacko engineers and servicemen at the Godannar base. They provide a fair amount of comic relief while occasionally providing moments of poignancy after certain events. One of my favorite episodes focuses just on the mechanics and their daily routines in keeping the robots functioning. It's a nice touch, since so many comparable shows have side characters just like this and invariably forget to do anything with them. No such missed opportunity here. The show looks and sounds good. While it isn't GAINAX or BONES level of animation, everything is solid. Some may not like the ridiculous female character designs, but considering how bizarre the hot-blooded male pilots and mechanics look, I felt the style was consistent overall. The soundtrack sounds sufficiently like an old mecha show, with a pair of cheesy opening songs and an assortment of blood-pumping action tracks. The voice tracks are particularly amusing for me, as the casts in both languages absolutely get the kind of show they're working with. The Japanese tracks has a bunch of great mecha seiyu intentionally overacting and chewing up scenery. My favorite performance is by far Nobuyuki Hiyama (Viral from Gurren Lagann, Gai from GaoGaiGar), who dials up the hot blood as a pilot that somehow manages to survive impossible situations, despite everybody thinking he's dead. I also liked the English voice track; the actors have fun with the cheesiness of the whole production, but know exactly when it to reign it in for the serious parts. In terms of bonuses, Sentai's release has got a decent amount. Inside the case is a booklet with staff and cast interviews, as well as various sexy bikini shots that appeared on the original packaging for Godannar. On the disks, you get the usual clean opening and closing videos, as well as another swimsuit gallery, character and robot files, production sketches, key words and a couple of bonus clips. Despite the slimmed-down packaging from the original DVDs and Thinpak, this has a lot of stuff in it. If you've read a word of what I've written, you can tell that I loved this show. It's fun, looks good and has a lot of heart, hidden behind a lot of heaving mammaries. It's not often that you get a solid, interesting relationship that grows in a show with a lot of giant, flaming robots and half-naked ladies. The only negatives that I could mention would be that I wished we got more development from the other pilots, and parts of the second season can look cheap. Oh, and if you're offended by fanservice, steer way clear. Besides those minor quibbles, mecha fans and people looking for romance would do well in picking up Godannar.   8.0 – Great. A great example of its genre that everyone should see, regardless of their interest.  
Godannar photo
A marriage of robots & boobs
The robot genre has changed in many ways over the years. For one thing, the stories have become more complicated, incorporating social commentary in an effort to appeal to wider audiences beyond children who are impressed wit...

Oneechanbara photo

Oneechanbara Z: Kagura trailer is wacky

I almost think they just sold me
Aug 09
// Josh Totman
The first promotional trailer for Onechanbara Z: Kagura with Nonono is up and it is just blows my mind. Well, at least the second half does with game play footage of Nonono fighting(?) monsters. I'm still not sure if the gam...
Senran Kagura Burst photo
Senran Kagura Burst

Surprise Bounce! Senran Kagura Burst is coming to NA

Ninpu Shinobi Rejoice!
Aug 06
// Salvador G Rodiles
Well played, XSEED Games, your sneak attack has rendered me vulnerable to latest video game announcement. Even if your moves were rather sneaky, the peach color wasn't enough to fool the most experience shinobis on the b...
Super Sonico photo
Super Sonico

Bounce with Super Sonico in this first 3DS trailer

Idol training sime
Jul 29
// Josh Totman
NitroPlus as just announced and released it's first trailer at Wonderfest for the way far off SoniPro (Super Sonico in Production) 3DS game. Players will undertake the role of producer and trainer to Sonico as she tries...
High School DxD photo
High School DxD

High School DxD game knows where the power is

In my pants!
Jul 04
// Josh Totman
Just in time for the second season of the anime, Kadokawa Games announced their work on a High School DxD game for the 3DS. The game's story will revolve around Issei, the troubled high schooler turned devil's servant, as he ...

Final Impressions: Senran Kagura

Apr 05 // Josh Totman
Senran Kagura is the anime adaptation of the popular 3DS and Vita game of the same name. Being a little more popular than it should be, Sanran Kagura has gathered more of a following than I could have imagined. Normally any game outside of Dead or Alive that features large breasted female characters seem to fail on the game play part and instead relying on sex to sell the product enough to break even. With Senran’s popularity, it was inevitable that an anime would be right around the corner. Problem being is that I don’t think there was enough of a budget to make this series as successful as it could have been. One of the first things that struck me about the series was the low production values. The inconsistency of animation and even just of the drawing themselves was so bad that it almost seemed like they drew some things blind. The in between animations were just not that great unless it was on a "selling" point, as in the fanservice stuff. Even the fight choreography seemed downplayed. I was waiting for some kickass fights to come along for most of the show, but alas they never really came. Most fights were over with in a matter of a couple of moves. I’m not sure how this happened either it was not in the budget for bigger fights or they didn't have an actual fight choreographer planning them out. Now I am not saying that the show is all bad, just most of it is. The character designs were decent along with the outfits. Changing sequence was pretty standard along with the exploding clothes during battle. At least the exploding clothes had more of a purpose in this show by being the hit points of each character, unless they go into their special overdrive mood where you are just in your bikini. It’s a nice touch to at least do something with that part of the fights. There is also a girl for almost every taste which is a normal staple of these types of shows as well. The only problem with that is when your favorite girl doesn't get enough screen time. The story itself is at least good. There is a light side and dark side of the shinobi clans with both of them protecting one of the two scrolls. Each of the main female shinobi on both sides has a back story on how they got to where they are. All of this would make for a good story but with the time restraints by only having 13 episodes to tell the tale, I can understand why they couldn't dive deeper into these stories. I did enjoy the personal conflict each one had with each other because of the back stories. It made them connect with each other more and made the battles more worth it. You know, besides the boob jiggle. This show had the makings of a great fanservice series. I mean, how can you go wrong with big breasted shinobi girls whose clothes come off bit by bit as they get hit? All the elements were there and it all came down to poor production quality in the end. Believe me, I have seen worse, but I was rooting for this to be good. It hurts that I was let down by just production and maybe capital. Maybe it could have been better if they could of waited for another season or two to save up money or maybe it has always been doomed from the started and I just keep rooting for them. Guess I’ll just sit here and hope that the games make it over here to the west. I know it’s probably hopeless, but a man can dream right? Right?!
Senran Kagura photo
Shinobi! Change...the channel.
Ah, the sequential boob anime of the season. Normally these are a top priority in my watching queue every season. Besides the fact that this kind of stuff is ‘my thing’, it’s always fun to have a show where ...

Highschool DxD New photo
Highschool DxD New

New preview of Highschool DxD New

No voice, just music
Apr 01
// Josh Totman
Highschool DxD New preview is out to watch, Even more boobs to see

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus getting DLC quickly

Two new fighters join the battle
Mar 06
// Josh Totman
Fast off the heals of the amazing sales of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Verses comes new of two new character available for download sometime this month. You'll be able to chose from Daidouji from the Hanzou Academy or Rin from the...

First Impressions: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

Mar 04 // Elliot Gay
Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (PS Vita)Developer: Marvelous AQLPublisher: Marvelous AQLRelease Date: February 28, 2013MSRP: $79.90 Making the move to 3D movement and action was the best choice that Marvelous AQL could have possibly made for this franchise. It feels good to zip around the screen taking out weak opponents using the variety of flashy attacks at your disposal. Smashing through the tiny armies of weaker baddies is quick and entertaining, though the main event is definitely the one on one boss fights. These battles can be surprisingly tough due to how fast your opponents can move and recover, often punishing you for even the slightest of mistakes. A poorly thought out landing can result in damaging retaliation by the AI. The timing on your defense is important as a perfectly placed block will automatically convert to a counterattack (a parry so to speak), which can change the tide of battle. While there are different stages in the game, they're little more than battlefields on which you fight your opponent. In some ways, Shinovi Versus is actually rather comparable to Capcom's Power Stone. You face your opponent and a small army of weaker characters in an arena, and the stage ends once the boss has been defeated. This makes it fairly easy to jump in and out of the game for a quick round of battle. That being said, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus is not without its host of problems. The game looks good, but often suffers from chunks of slowdown when the action gets ridiculous onscreen. It's nothing so bad as to ruin the game for those enjoying it, but it's worth bringing up as you'll be seeing it a lot. Unfortunately, the camera does get in the way, a lot. It often has a hard time keeping up with the action, causing you to lose track of whoever it is you're fighting. This probably wouldn't be as big a problem if it weren't for the completely idiotic lock-on system. Rather than simply hitting a button to target the closest enemy, Shinovi Versus requires players to physically touch the Vita screen to select an enemy. Often times this is close to impossible when you're in the middle of a battle and hoping to change your target. The producer has already said that updates are coming (the first of which balances the online multiplayer), so I can only hope this gets fixed. Finally, the load times are quite bad. Entering and exiting a stage takes far too much time. I've only played five or so hours into the story mode, so it remains to be seen if the combat can hold up throughout the entirety of the game, but with 20 or so playable characters, as well as unlockable combo paths, I'm hoping things stay fresh.  There's a fairly robust online multiplayer mode included in the package, with way more care put into it than one would expect from a game like this. Up to four players (or bots) can participate in three different forms of deathmatch. The first mode is fairly normal, seeing points given out for defeating or damaging your opponents. The second mode is the "Strip Battle." Players earn points for destroying the clothes of the opposing players. The final mode, "Panty Collecting Battle," has players running around the battlefield collecting panties before their opponents do. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous and it is. That being said, I took Shinovi Versus online and was surprised to find that battles felt like a messier, more frantic version of Power Stone. I've only played a few matches, so I can't comment in too much detail just yet, but I'll be sure to play more as I progress in the game. For those of you interested in Shinovi Versus' more titillating features, there's plenty of that to go around to. There's an almost insane amount of customization options to be played with, including clothes, underwear, accessories, hair style and much much more. Playing through the story mode seems to unlock new items to purchase in the in-game shop, and their are DLC coins you can purchase that make getting the super rare items easier. If you're not interested in paying money, everything is still obtainable in the actual game proper. Clothing explodes, boobs are everywhere, and well... yeah. Not really a game you want to play outside. One word of warning however: Shinovi Versus requires an online pass for the multiplayer modes. Every copy of the game (digital or physical) comes with one, but I'm not sure what this means for importers and whether or not you'll be able to play online with the rest of us. I'll update this space when I get a confirmation. Keep your eyes out for gameplay videos and a full review sometime in the near future. EDIT: So about that online pass: you can use it to play online only if you have your Vita on a Japanese PSN account. Otherwise, you're out of luck.
Shinovi Versus Preview photo
Shockingly... fun?!
The original Senran Kagura was not a very good game. A repetitive, paper thin experience, not even the immense amounts of fanservice could save it from mediocrity. I'll be the first one to admit that the prospect of a super f...

Go West! Week Forty-One: Professor Phantasy Boob Ninjas

Mar 03 // Elliot Gay
Releases for the week of February 24 -  March 2: Playstation 3: Macross 30: Ginga wo Tsunagu UtagoeBandai Namco GamesOnline Price: 8,171 Yen ($90.90) Finally. After years of short, anemic bonus games packaged with the Frontier film DVD/BDs, Bandai Namco Games has finally released a full, proper Macross title. Huzzah! Macross 30 is a game celebrating the 30th anniversary of the franchise, bringing together every series for one giant action RPG experience. Set one year after the Vajra war seen in Macross Frontier, 30 stars S.M.S. pilot Leon Sagaki. After being shot down by an unknown enemy, our hero crash lands on the planet of Ouroboros where he's rescued by Aisha Blachette, the young Zentradi leader of S.M.S.'s Ouroboros branch. Crazy things are happening on the planet however, and the two youngsters discover a sleeping girl named Mina Forte. Time and space start to go all crazy, connecting them to the heroes and stories of the past. The combat in 30 is handled similarly to the previous two Macross bonus games, Trial Frontier and Last Frontier, so those of you looking for some fun dogfight combat need not look any further. Outside of your ship, you'll be engaging in visual novel-esque progression, having conversations with other characters and making decisions that change the course of the story. As much as I really want to dive into this one, Macross 30 is simply too expensive for me right now. The pricing is absolutely insane, and it blows my mind that Namco Bandai Games can get away with charging this sort of cash. That being said, if you're a big Macross fan (why wouldn't you be?!), you're eventually going to have to pick up 30. Just beware of that language barrier.  Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo5pbOnline Price: 6,283 Yen ($69.90) To be honest, I was fully prepared to write Sharin no Kuni off as another port of a forgettable PC eroge, but it looks like maybe I was a bit quick in jumping to conclusions.  Taking place in an unspecified nation referred to only as the 'wheel country', Sharin no Kuni creates a setting in which all facets of society are heavily influenced by 'special high class individuals' who possess complete legal authority over all others. They have the ability to confer 'obligations' upon lesser individuals, forcing them to abide by these absolute rules or risk confinement in labor camps. Kenichi Morita is our main character, a young man who's trained for years to become a special high class individual. As his final test, he's sent back to his hometown where he's tasked with rehabilitating three people who've had obligations imposed upon them. Posing as a student and forced to confront the past he tried so hard to flee from, Kenichi has one hell of a wall he has to overcome. Yeah, that's pretty goddamn interesting. I have no clue as to whether or not Sharin no Kuni is able to pull off its seemingly lofty narrative goals, but I'd love to give it a shot. Have any of you beautiful readers played the PC version? Is it any good? If you're looking to check this out, be warned that it's a visual novel with plenty of text. Non-Japanese readers need not apply. Playstation Vita: Senran Kagura: Shinovi VersusMarvelous EntertainmentOnline Price: 7,182 Yen ($79.90) That's right everybody, this week marks the arrival of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, the infamous game about boobs, ninjas, and exploding clothes. If that sentence doesn't excite you, then you should probably just skip ahead to the next release. Though I have to warn you: Shinovi Versus is actually a fun little game. I know, that sounds like blasphemy coming from me, right? Hear me out for a moment before you assume that Idea Factory games have caused me to lose my mind. From the five hours I've put into it, I'm amazed to find that I'm enjoying myself and looking forward to playing more Shinovi Versus. The characters are big, colorful, and animate well. The action is fast and fun, with an interesting counter system in place and unlockable combo paths. Levels are designed more like Power Stone battles than actual multi-area stages, making it much easier to just jump in and have a good time. That's not to say it doesn't have problems: the camera, lock-on system, and the load times are all pretty awful. Nothing completely game breaking, but I do hope these things get patched. The developers have already announced there's a balance update coming for the online multiplayer, so my fingers are crossed that they keep working at it. I haven't mentioned the fanservice element because, well, you know exactly what you're getting here. For more details and an in-depth look at the game, keep your eyes out for a full preview piece coming soon. Phantasy Star Online 2 Special PackageSegaOnline Price: Free to download and play, 5,654 Yen ($62.90) for a hard copy. Considering how successful this game has been for Sega in Japan, I suspect it could very well end up being the Vita's killer app for a large group of gamers out there. This is Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Vita, pretty much unchanged from the PC version that released last year in Japan. Downloading and playing the game is still completely free, and much to my surprise it runs extremely well on the Vita hardware. Want to play with your PC friends but worried that the Vita version isn't compatible? Fear not, PC and Vita gamers can play together with no problem. Your PC character is also playable on Sony's little system and vice versa. I played through the PSO2 Vita beta earlier this year, and while it doesn't look like too much has changed in the final release, that's not really a bad thing. This is a super fun game and it's quite frankly a little bit crazy that Sega's just letting Vita owners grab it for free. Why would anybody ever purchase the physical edition of the game, you ask? The answer is simpler than you might expect. the PSO2 download is about 4gb, meaning you gotta open a fair chunk of space on your memory card. Additionally, the game'll be getting frequent updates just like it's PC big brother, so I'd imagine that'd start to take its tole fairly quickly. The packaged copy of the game doesn't require an installation, so you'll only have to worry about the updates. For you importers though, the cart version holds much more value. If you live out west and purchase a hard copy of PSO2, you'll be able to play the game on your Vita without having to switch over to a Japanese account. Yeah, that's a pretty big deal as far as I'm concerned.  One last warning, PSO2 is an online game, meaning there is no offline component.  Nintendo 3DS: Professor Layton and the Azaran LegaciesLevel 5Online Price: 5,744 Yen ($63.90) Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the final Professor Layton game. Maybe. Probably not. In the hopes of investigating a supposed living mummy, Layton, Luke, and Emmy travel to the snow covered land of Snowrassa. Not a a mummy in the traditional sense, the trio discovers a young girl named Aria frozen in the ice. A member of an ancient race of people known as the Azarans, Aria is freed from her sleep but has lost all of her memories. Hoping to get her memories back, Layton and co travel around the world in search of answers. If you've ever played a Professor Layton game, then it should go without saying that Azaran Legacies doesn't try to shake up the formula in any significant way. There are over 500 new puzzles waiting to be solved, and unlike the previous releases, the characters get to travel around the world to multiple locations.  Look, if you enjoy Professor Layton and have been playing them up until now, I see no reason why you'd pass on this. Except, you know, waiting for the eventual English language release. Playstation Portable: Shining ArkSegaOnline Price: 6,373 Yen ($70.90) I'm so excited to be writing about a new Tony Taka Shining game that I almost don't want to write anything about the game at all.  Shining Ark stars a boy named Freed from the island of Arcadia. Covered in old ruins of a civilization long since passed, Arcadia is fairly isolated from the rest of the world. One day while minding his own business, Freed stumbles upon a beautiful and mysterious girl named Panis. The catch? She has a single black wing. Through the power of her singing voice, Panis is able to gather animals around her in an almost angelic showing of power. Drawn to her innocent and pure personality, Freed gets swept up into a series of events that will change the lives of a great many people. He'll also meet a lot of Tony Taka female characters who all look exactly the same and have hideous fashion sense. And some animal dudes too, I guess. Panis also sounds like penis, so that's something. Shining Ark continues the recent Shining trend of borrowing Valkyria Chronicles amazing combat system. I would much rather have a new PSP VC game, but this is clearly a battle I'm not going to win anytime soon. If you've enjoyed any of the most recent Tony Taka Shining games, you'll probably dig this one too. Just beware of that language barrier. Stellar * Theater PortableCyber FrontOnline Price: 6,193 Yen ($68.90) There are aliens in this universe. In our seemingly normal, ordinary world, aliens exist. Our planet is protected and watched over by those who possess the power of the Zodiac. Our hero has lived out his days peacefully and normally, free from the knowledge that the world is much greater than it appears to be. That all changes one day when he meets a girl possessing the powers of the Zodiac. Three mysterious girls transfer into his high school, and his childhood friend who he had since long parted ways with once again appears before him. Just what is going on? No. No. No. Onigokko! PortableAlchemistOnline Price: 7,452 Yen ($82.90) The story of a young hero who defeats the evil oni and claims their treasure, Momotaro is a well known fairy tale here in Japan. Time has passed since that era, and a phantom youkai thief named Ura has appeared. Sending letters proclaiming his intent to steal from his victims, Ura always completes the job with flashy moves. Proclaiming himself to be a descendent of the oni that Momotaro had once slain, his mission is to take back the treasure that was once his. His next target? The very island that the oni once lived on. One day, a new exchange student arrives at the island's school; a mysterious young man with a strange air about him. His true form? The mysterious phantom thief, Ura! I don't think I'd ever actually play this myself, but I like the idea of taking a well known Japanese fairy tale and working around it to tell a story. I doubt Onigokko even tries to do anything original with the idea, but I still think it's kind of quirky and neat. Import only if you have the Japanese skills to make your way through a visual novel. Solomon's Ring: Kaze no ShouPlan PeaceOnline Price: 3,677 Yen ($40.90) One day, Lily is attacked by evil demons wielding dark magic. Saved by three demons called the Solomon 72, they seek a contract with the young girl. Absolutely terrified and confused, Lily flees the scene. Days later, the three demons appear before her once again, warning her that the world is stuck in a time loop in which the same week will repeat itself for all eternity. What is the fate of Lily? The fate of the world?! What a terribly dull sounding otome game. In a crowded market of games, Plan Peace is doing very little here to convince me that Solomon's Ring is any better than anything else that's already out there. I'd say hold off on this one unless you're a big fan of Plan Peace releases or something. [And that's all for this week, lover boys and girls. If you think the release schedule was wacky this time, just wait until Go West! 42 rolls around. This month is jam packed with Japanese video games, so stick with me as I explore the deep, dark secrets of the industry... or just play games I guess. See you next time!]
Go West! 41 photo
Huzzah! Big releases all over the place!
Welcome back to Go West!, your weekly column about Japanese games, Idea Factory, and boob ninjas. This week? Lots of games! Feels like it's been a while since we've had such a packed week. Edition 41 brings with it a host of ...


Senran Kagura: SV for the Vita is looking... colorful

That game with the ninjas. And maybe the boobs too.
Feb 18
// Elliot Gay
You know, I gotta hand it to Marvelous AQL, publishers of the Senran Kagura action games. I certainly didn't think they had a success on their hands when they released the original game on the 3DS. Low and behold, two ...

Vote for Miss Hooters Japan 2013!

You're the breast, around~
Feb 13
// Josh Totman
Are you as excited as I am?  First round of voting for the Miss Hooters Japan 2013 is coming to a close on Valentine's day and we get to see who of the 55 lovey ladies will move on to the next round on February 16th. The...

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus brawls it up on the Vita

Dynasty Boob Warriors...or Boobie Basara?
Feb 09
// Josh Tolentino
When Marvelous Entertainment announced Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus for the PS Vita, I expected a mere enhanced port of the original, 3DS-bound Senran Kagura, maybe with nicer graphics and more content.  What I did...

Highschool of the Dead returns in Apocalyptic fashion

I'm Wet!
Feb 09
// Josh Tolentino
Lovers of zombies, anime, and physically impossible boob physics rejoice, because Highschool of the Dead is back! Or rather, it will be, after going on hiatus way back in January 2011. For those not yet sick of the inimi...

Get a feel for the BD/DVD release of Senran Kagura

Ads with boobs sell
Jan 31
// Josh Totman
There is only one way that the Senran Kagura series could be advertised in Akihabara for the BD/DVD release and that is with oppai standees. Three of the main girls of the series, Ikaruga, Asuka, and Hibari got the 3D op...

First Impressions: Senran Kagura

Jan 18 // Josh Totman
Now when I say tame, I don’t mean it in a bad sense. It just that from what I knew of the 3DS game, this show had all the potential to be an over the top ecchi show. So after I got done watch the first two episodes intensely, I found everything much tamer then I imagined. This did not disappoint me at all, which was a shock, but had me kind of confused. What I was looking for is a show that was going to be breast all over the place with clothes shattering into pieces just by the wind itself. Clever angles to just cover any nudity that might pop out were also lacking. There has been only one female that is a fondler and even that has only been with the main female of the cast. At least they are doing something phallic with the futomaki. The fact that they didn't want to go in that direction makes me think that they want this show to be a bit more serious than it needs to be. It’s an ecchi show. Leave it as an ecchi show. The basic premise of the show revolves around five girls going through a shinobi training academy. (Main Girl) is the granddaughter of one of the most recognized shinobi ever. It is her task to keep the honor of that name going, but she is a total klutz and idiot. Shocking I know, but that is how they want it to play out so let all think this is an original idea for them, k? The rest of the girls fall in line with all other girl groups in anime as well. We don’t know much about the girls on the other side of the story just yet. Again, I am only two episodes in and we have barely seen most of them. The good news is that they seem to be bossed around by a younger flat chested girl. I’ll let that sink in for a bit. It seems as though the fighting should be good in this series from what I have seen so far. Mostly it’s been training so far, but I’m pretty sure that the fights are just going to get more intense as the series progresses. Not like Bruce Lee quality but at least decent. It’s been awhile since I have seen a good ecchi show that tries to fill my pants with joy. The problem is that I am not so much in love with this show overall. Sure, the breasts are the size that I like, but the character designs, animations, and jokes are just not there so far. I catch myself almost wanting to scream at the screen ‘Be better!’ or look for more perverted antics that never come. Hell, the pervert girl had a bunny suit with her to put on some one but just ended up wearing it herself and then we only got to see the back of that! If you’re going to tease your audience, then tease them the right way. This half-ass teasing is not working out for me.
The Naruto I've been waiting for.
There are times in life where you want to just turn off your brain and enjoy something. Having the burden of trying to figure out how the story will progress or keeping up with everyone’s names can be a choir at times. ...

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