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2:15 AM on 09.18.2014

TGS 2014: Oneechanbara wins the TGS booth wars

[Update: A bonus piece of fan art from an animator at Lab Zero games, makers of Skullgirls. - Thanks, 2-D!] D3 Publisher are promoting their new game, Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos, and for that they built a booth at the Tokyo Game ...

Josh Tolentino

First Impressions: Momo Kyun Sword photo
First Impressions: Momo Kyun Sword
by Josh Totman

As the site’s official “boob anime connoisseur”, it is my duty to watch all the boob anime each season.  It’s a filthy dirty job most of the time, but there are times when it can pay off beyond the bounce and deliver a good engaging story. This season, I’m afraid to say, will not be one that I see paying off...

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10:00 AM on 01.22.2014

More! Sonicomi gameplay videos show you how to shoot

Nitroplus and Kadokawa Games released two new gameplay videos from their upcoming PS3 title More! SoniComi. In the game, you play a photographer with the task of shooting the voluptuous Sonico in photo shoots. During th...

Josh Totman

9:00 AM on 01.15.2014

More details on Dekamori Senran Kagura bounce in

When Marvelous AQL announced a rhythm cooking game staring the lovely ladies of Senran Kagura, needless to say, I was one happy man. It has everything that I would ever want in a game; good music, cooking food, and busty wome...

Josh Totman

4:30 PM on 01.08.2014

A Senran Kagura cooking game? Yes, please

Unlike some outlets, we tend to approach games like Senran Kagura with an open mind -- after all, what's not to love? Two schools of busty vixens, trained in the deadly arts of Ninjutsu, who constantly battle each other whil...

Tim Sheehy

Review: Aquarion: EVOL - Season 2, Part 1 photo
Review: Aquarion: EVOL - Season 2, Part 1
by Pedro Cortes

When you think Shoji Kawamori, his work on Macross immediately comes to mind. It's been one of the most influential properties in Japan since it's debut. However, another major show that Kawamori worked on is Aquarion. You might know it as the show where the mecha pilots had some rather...interesting...reactions whenever the robots would combine. I haven't seen it, but from what I heard it was a ratings success in Japan despite some problems with its story and pacing.

Years later, Kawamori came back to his hit franchise and made a pseudo-sequel, called Aquarion Evol. Considering my love of Kawamori's work on Macross and my passion for all things robotic, I decided to give Evol a whirl. The big questions were, will I be able to follow what's going on? Does Evol require extensive knowledge of the previous show in order to understand the nuances of the characters and story? In short, no. However, prior knowledge definitely wouldn't hurt.

Hit the jump to find out more!

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11:00 AM on 12.31.2013

Possible Senran Kagura 2 announcement soon

Looks like Marvelous AQL might be announcing the next installment of the busty shinobi series Senran Kagura. Accorning to the event page on NicoNico Live page, there is a live event called “Senran Kagura Bakun...

Josh Totman

4:00 PM on 12.28.2013

To-Love-Ru Darkness puts Vita screens to good use

Fans of touch-screen antics and scantily clad school girls take note: To-Love-Ru Darkness is getting a dungeon crawler for the Playstation Vita. The game, known as To-Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy, is a dungeon crawler tha...

Pedro Cortes

Review: Godannar Complete DVD Collection photo
Review: Godannar Complete DVD Collection
by Pedro Cortes

The robot genre has changed in many ways over the years. For one thing, the stories have become more complicated, incorporating social commentary in an effort to appeal to wider audiences beyond children who are impressed with shiny metal things. Writers will (usually) attempt to give their characters motivations that extend past hot blood, bromances and revenge. Animation has also generally improved, making it possible to have more complicated robot designs that can do more than occasionally leap into the air and drill their flaming limbs into the gooey innards of their opponents.

Godannar is what happens when you get kids that grew up watching those old robot shows and put them in a position of creative power. In a desire to pay homage to the best of classic giant robot shows, the creators also added a good plot, meaningful character development, a solid budget and voice actors that know when to go for camp and when to play it straight.

Oh, and several metric tons of fanservice.



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10:00 AM on 08.09.2013

Oneechanbara Z: Kagura trailer is wacky

The first promotional trailer for Onechanbara Z: Kagura with Nonono is up and it is just blows my mind. Well, at least the second half does with game play footage of Nonono fighting(?) monsters. I'm still not sure if the gam...

Josh Totman

10:30 PM on 08.06.2013

Surprise Bounce! Senran Kagura Burst is coming to NA

Well played, XSEED Games, your sneak attack has rendered me vulnerable to latest video game announcement. Even if your moves were rather sneaky, the peach color wasn't enough to fool the most experience shinobis on the b...

Salvador GRodiles

12:00 PM on 07.29.2013

Bounce with Super Sonico in this first 3DS trailer

NitroPlus as just announced and released it's first trailer at Wonderfest for the way far off SoniPro (Super Sonico in Production) 3DS game. Players will undertake the role of producer and trainer to Sonico as she tries...

Josh Totman