Kamen Rider Gaim

Zawame City's map gets redesigned in Gaim's home release

R.I.P., Gotham City-like map
Oct 16
Do you remember the time when Kamen Rider Gaim featured a map of Zawame City that resembled Gotham City? Well, that moment is now gone, since the Blu-ray/DVD version of the show's 33rd episode contained a different map from t... read
Kamen Rider

Holy Snap! Kamen Rider Gaim's setting resembles Gotham City

Gee willikers, Batman
Jun 15
Have you ever watched a show where you came across an unexpected observation that blew your mind? Well, Kamen Rider Gaim 33rd episode featured a surprising discovery no one saw coming. Long story short, a map of Zawame C... read

Podtoid-san 74: We is Alive! Edition

Nov 20
This is a triumph, we are still alive! Well, at least for another week we are. Welcome to another brand-spankin’ new edition of Podtoid-san, the internet’s greatest podcast about anime and Japanese pubic hair (or ... read

Quick, Robin! Get the Bat-PR to take care of this Bat-controversy!

Nov 11
The Internet is ablaze with controversy over Chip Kidd not including Batman manga author Jiro Kuwata on the cover credits for the book. He's mentioned on the inside flap and throughout the book, but not on the cover. Many peo... read

I've been a longtime fan of the Caped Crusader, ever since my childhood. I grew up watching the animated series, reading Knightfall, and dressing up for him at Halloween. As I've grown and learned more about Batman, I've come... read feature

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Lelouch vs. Batman

Jul 23
Last week we had an epic debate between two megalomaniacal leaders who also happen to be fan favorites in villainy; Gendo of Neon Genesis fame vs. Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka. If these two ever fought, you know the world w... read

Podtoid-san 67: "I am the Bat" edition

Jul 18
So I'm sure I had plenty of other things I wanted to talk about... but then I watched Batman. Sweet symphonies from serendipitous sirens have descended upon me, so now we're gonna talk about Gotham Knight. For those unaware, ... read

The only thing scarier than Batman is Batman on fire

Jun 25
  MTV got the exclusive on this clip from the upcoming Batman anime, which you all should be excited about. Otherwise, Batman will come and take your children away, because you're a bad person.Anyways, we've got Bat... read

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