gdgd Fairies photo
gdgd Fairies

Hilariously lame comedy gdgd Fairies gets a movie

Totally hoping for Fusako's glorious return, with
May 02
When the 3DCG cartoon short series gdgd Fairies first aired a few years ago, I didn't pay it any attention. Over time it gained enough buzz that I tried it out when the second season aired, via Crunchyroll. The half-length ep... read
Sonic photo

New CGI Sonic TV series coming in fall 2014

Gotta go fast! But not too fast! Wait until 2014 at least. Then go fast.
Nov 13
Sonic the Hedgehog, what a sad fellow. He's doing his best to get back on track but none of the latest games can push over that "mediocre" barrier. How sad is it when the best game Sonic is in is Smash Bros.? Ok ok, I know I'... read
Captain Harlock trailer photo
Captain Harlock trailer

Got 12 minutes for Captain Harlock? Of course you do

Captain on deck!
Jul 23
Oh Captain, my Captain...Harlock. September can't come soon enough for the long-awaited release of the new Captain Harlock: Space Pirate CG adaptation. I knew that this look at the show's first twelve minutes (it's curre... read

Wait, what? Miku Miku Dance program gets an anime

And is it eligible for the MMD cup?
Jan 12
In this week's helping "How in the world did this get approved?" news, it seems there's a new anime on the horizon. Given an opening date of February 6th, it's on a rather close horizon, to boot. Its title? Straight... read

Feast on the footage of Resident Evil: Damnation

Rookie cop Leon Kennedy!
Sep 16
Not enough lickers in your life? Need some B.O.W. goodness to round out your day? Curious about former rookie cops? Worry no more, for Resident Evil: Damnation is here to meet your demands for all of the above... read

In my experience with anime and video games, it's not often that a Western property gets any sort of love in Japan. While plenty of Japanese games and media get attention in the States and Europe, it seems pretty typical for ... read feature


International 009 Re:Cyborg trailer is lacking in scarves

May 14
This is supposedly a new international for 009 Re:Cyborg, released on the movie's English website. But in terms of what it shows, it's pretty much identical to last fall's trailer. Oh well, for those of you who forgot that t... read

Come on you apes! You wanna see Starship Troopers anime?!

Mar 20
Ah, Starship Troopers. Robert A. Heinlein's seminal space marine novel is required reading for any budding sci-fi nerd, aspiring United States Marine (true!), or person looking for Filipino characters in international pop cul... read

Gon kicks up a stink this April

Mar 07
Recognise the little fella among the penguins up there? Well, his name is Gon, and you probably recognise him from a relatively unknown game called Tekken 3. It's a little known fact here in the west, but before playing beach... read

Can you handle seven minutes of Tekken: Blood Vengeance?

Nov 20
Because that's what you're getting when you watch the preview below....if you dare! In case you were in  the dark about this whole production (a likely scenario), Blood Vengeance is a CG Tekken movie included with t... read

Studio Ghibli honors Pixar's 25th anniversary

Nov 17
Here's a rather cool bit of news: recently, Studio Ghibli, the company behind Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and the upcoming Arrietty the Borrower, congratulated Disney-Pixar on 25 years of working in the field of co... read

The Black Rock Shooter anime trailer has some primo CG

Oct 31
Really, just look at it here. You'll only catch flashes of it among the regular, less-CG'd portions depicting the life of two schoolgirls (which happened to be the conceit from Studio Ordet's earlier Black Rock Shooter OAV), ... read

.hack returns with a new 3D CGI movie

Aug 24
Proving that truly abandoning a brand will never happen even as returns continue to decrease, CyberConnect2 has announced .hack//The Movie, the latest installment of the massive multimedia franchise. The movie is set in a new... read

Despair: Appleseed maker Micott & Basara goes bankrupt

Apr 30
Lovers of all things Masamune Shirow may have something to lament - or celebrate, depending on their attitude towards adaptations - this week, as Micott & Basara, the studio behind the Appleseed CG movies and the upcoming... read

Be charmed by charming Fireball Charming trailers

Mar 26
Anime's greatest robot manzai comedy duo is back! I am, of course, referring to Drossel von Flugel and her butler Gedachtnis, the stars of Fireball. In case you didn't know what Fireball is, it was a 2008 series of two-minute... read

TV Tokyo announces Train Hero series, plus movie

Feb 07
It's been a while since we've had any train-related stories in anime or manga - not since Miracle Train, the anime where different train lines were represented as bishounen characters. That is set to change with the late... read

Cyborg 009 gets a CG remake, scarves everywhere flutter

Sep 29
Get your long yellow scarves out, because they're about to come back into fashion? How do I know this, you ask? I know this because Cyborg 009, everyone's favorite long-yellow-scarf-wearing cyborg series, is making a brief (b... read

Studio Ghibli and Pixar: animation giants & best friends

Dec 28
Pixar and Studio Ghibli are perhaps the biggest names in animation right now (let's ignore stuff like Madagascar right now, okay?), and in a recent news report about the release of Up in Japan, the report makes note of the ma... read

Production I.G. to help make Titan Rain CG anime

Nov 23
The header image I used for this post isn't actually from Titan Rain, a new international animation project, but the movie poster image provided was just too small. You can look at it in the gallery, though.In any case, I.G.,... read

Pixar's Up morphs to Grandpa Carl's Flying House on its flight to Japan

Jul 28
Earlier today on Twitter, @miyagawa mentioned that the Japanese title of Disney/Pixar's most recent animated film Up would be hitting Japan under a slightly different, and much longer, name: Grandpa Carl's Flying House.Now, t... read

Gatchaman trailer leaked; Galactor's sexual preference still in question

Jul 09
Someone managed to leak a few shots of the trailer for Imagi's upcoming Gatchaman movie that was playing on the floor of Anime Expo. I stopped to watch it while I was there, and while I felt the visuals were very &q... read

New announced anime: .hack//G.U. TRILOGY

Sep 14
A new .hack OVA, .hack//G.U. TRILOGY has just revealed itself on cyberconnect2’s website. This OVA is destined, by the Gods, to be released on the 25th of January; on both DVD and Blu-ray. This is more like a movie rat... read

Giant-Robo World War II Machines

Apr 26
CODE Guardian is a short CG film created by Marco Spitoni envisioning an alternate world in which the major forces during World War II had giant-robot technology. Well, at least they each have A giant robot. Anyone else reminded of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots? [via Japan Probe] read

Vexille -- Pretty CG goes boom

Apr 03
Vexille is a new CG film from the director of Ping Pong. Recently, footage from the movie has made its way onto Youtube from Japanese TV. Watching this, the film looks pretty exciting in terms of action, and the visuals are... read

BLAME! to get a film makeover, CG style

Mar 23
Thursday at the Tokyo International Anime Fair, it was announced that Tsutomu Nihei’s manga BlAME! will be getting a feature length film made entirely with CG. Micott and Basara, a CG production company will be lending th... read

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