Japan Expo USA announces Yusuke Kozaki as first con guest

Character designer for No More Heroes & Ouendan to appear in Cali
Mar 06
// Brad Rice
Remember all of our Japan Expo coverage? The whole event for the American Press was a lead up to the announcement of Japan Expo USA. Set to run from August 23-25 in Santa Clara, CA, the con just announced Yusuke Kozaki as the...

Animator Toshihiro Kawamoto to attend AM2 convention

Feb 18
// Michelle Rodanes
It was just revealed that animator Toshihiro Kawamoto, co-founder of the Bones Animation Studios, will be the guest of honor at this year's highly anticipated AM2 animation convention. Kawamoto is best known for his work as a...

Cat ears respond to your every whim!

May 06
// Crystal White
You've seen it at cons. I've seen it, everyone's seen it: people with cat ears. Whether it's a hot cat girl or a slave-like cat boy, cat ears inevitably have merged themselves with some aspect of otaku culture that I still ha...


Bullet trains coming to America?

Jul 05
// Crystal White
Could we be this lucky?I know I loves me some high speed transportation and riding a bullet train has always been one of the things I'd like to do, you know, just for the novelty of it. Well soon enough, we may not even have ...

Anime Expo gets even more big names to appear!

Jun 22
// Crystal White
I know you've been dying to hear more Anime Expo details! Well, here, I have lots! Mangagamer is presenting Kase Aina, on behalf of CIRCUS, to appear at Anime Expo this year! This vocal talent perform...

Hinako Takanaga to appear at Yaoi-Con 2010

May 20
// Crystal White
Digital Manga Publishing has announced that there will be a special guest at Yaoi-Con 2010, none other than Hinako Takanaga, creator of such juicy guy-on-guy action as Little Butterfly, The Devil's Secret, Challengers, Croqui...

Horrible cosplay wigs are horrible

Oct 14
// Andres Cerrato
Cosplay, to some, is very serious business. Finding the right wig is a crucial part of any cosplay. I can't imagine what I found at F.Y.E. this past weekend to be useful in any sense. I'm sure that $20 is a fine price fo...

Visual Kei band An Cafe coming to California

Mar 30
// Eva Duenas
I'm so out of the visual kei loop that I didn't even know that Bou isn't part of their band anymore. Even if you're unfamiliar with the band An Cafe (short for Antic Cafe), you'll know them for singing the second opening song...

Santa Barbara Film Fest to have premieres of Eva 1.0 and 20th Century Boys

Jan 14
// Brad Rice
For all of you in the SoCal region: gather up your friends and head on down to the shores of Santa Barbara for this year's Santa Barbara Film Festival. Why? Because they've got a couple of premieres for you: the American prem...

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