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Cat Day photo
Cat Day

Happy Cat Day!

Mewl in delight
Feb 22
// Josh Tolentino
The best thing about living in a world with more than one country is that folks in the right frame of mind can celebrate certain holidays more than once. Like Cat Day, which is today in Japan.  Whereas Cat Day in North A...

JapanaHow: Tips for Bathing Your Catgirl

Apr 01 // Josh Tolentino
1.) Assess your Catgirl's needs Every Catgirl or Catboy is different, and this goes for grooming as much as personality. Before beginning the bath, ask yourself a few questions: Is your Catgirl a human with cat ears or a human-shaped cat? What type of coat do they have? Is their fur confined to the head and scalp or does it extend downward into a set of clothing-like strips on the body (also known as the "Felicia" cut)? The answers to those questions can influence everything from the type and quantitiy of shampoo called for to the need to use soap or other human-targeted bathing tools. 2.) Make your Catgirl want to bathe This step may be difficult, and will depend on your Catgirl's personality, as well as your relationship to your Catgirl. Playful Catgirls may be happy to take a bath with you, and in cases where you are your Catgirl's master (or they your maid), they may be obliged to follow your commands. More adventurous or headstrong Catgirls may need more cajoling, or even a bit of trickery to get into the bathing state of mind. Try placing favored treats, precious gems, or high-level equipment in the bathing area to attract them to the location. 3.) Do not ambush your Catgirl This is important. Catgirls, like cats, have keen senses and a hunting instinct, and can become violent if shocked or cornered. It is unlikely that a mere human would be able to take them by surprise. Furthermore, ambushing a Catgirl, even with the best of intentions, can be interpreted by authorities as harassment, coercion, or even assault . A Catgirl's consent is required before any bathing takes place.  4.) Comfort your Catgirl when it's over This can be a fun and engaging activity for both of you. Catgirls may be cold after bathing, and will likely want to stay warm as they dry out. Pet or stroke your Catgirl gently (within the limits of the law), and be rewarded by appreciative mewling or cooing. [Special thanks to WikiHow, Sketcher2007, Kedama, Mako Tatekawa, and Hisashi Kawata]
JapanaHow photo
No need for a cat-astrophe
Hello, and welcome to JapanaHow, our new semi-regular How-To column covering the basics of life once you've Made Anime Real.  If you're one of the growing number of people who've Made Anime Real, you may find yourself th...

Cat Island photo
Cat Island

Japan's Cat Island gets lots of love to fight food shortage

A Purr-ty big response!
Feb 29
// Soul Tsukino
Aoshima is a small island in a remote part of the Ehime prefecture of Japan. It's the kind of small island you mind find a martial arts master residing, or the kind of place you'd take a high school class for a trip (don't forget the commemorative metal collars!). The whole island is only about 8 miles around and is occupied by about 16 people- -and oh yeah... Aoshima
Meowgaroo Jumpsuit photo
Meowgaroo Jumpsuit

This cat jumpsuit lets you bond with your feline purrfectly

Sounds Ameowzing!
Nov 19
// Salvador G Rodiles
There's something uplifting about hugging an animal-- especially if they're your pet. In a way, it can help relieve one's stress from a rough day at work, which is one of the best things about taking care of a dog, cat, or a...

Animals photo

Feast your eyes on a man walking nine cats through Tokyo

On a stroller, of course
Oct 13
// Salvador G Rodiles
I may be more of a dog fan than a cat one, but it's hard to ignore an adorable moment where a guy takes his Chinchilla and Himalayan Cats for a walk in the streets of Tokyo. Instead of walking them like a dog, the man places ...
Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan opening made with cats

Cat owner spends 4 months on parody video
Oct 21
// Ben Huber
Here we go: an Attack on Titan parody featuring cats! A very dedicated fan took his cat and placed it in front of a blue-screen along with a miniature town he built, then proceeded to make the best AoT opening parody yet (ma...
Weird news photo
Weird news

Nyan Nyan Nouveau, a special wine just for cats

B&H Lifes to class things up with this feline wine
Oct 18
// Tim Sheehy
A hot new Japanese product has been making the internet rounds over the past few days -- Nyan Nyan Nouveau, a wine being marketed specifically for cats. Some of you who've yet to read about it are probably questioning wh...
Daily Japan Photo photo
Daily Japan Photo

Kristina's Summer Vacation: #2 - Escape

This cat
Aug 02
// Kristina Pino
Some cats just can't handle all the love they get at cat cafes in Japan. This one in particular was ready to get the hell out. I've got more pictures of the other cats somewhere... [click on the gallery thumb for the full image, which is cropped for the header!]

A kitten taking a warm bath brings great joy to my heart

Take that, evil Mondays!
Feb 25
// Salvador G Rodiles
As you are ready to clock out of your day job, please take a moment and behold the adorableness of a kitten enjoying a relaxing hot springs-like experience. Okay, it's technically not a hot springs, but y...

Japan's new police cat will take down any purrfect crime

May 14
// Salvador G Rodiles
Criminals beware, there is a new crime fighter in town. Say hello to officer Lemon aka the first cat to ever become a police officer in Japan. At the age of two weeks, Lemon has become a great asset in the fight against crime...

Cat cafe feline employees stick it to the man

Apr 17
// Michelle Rodanes
[Update: After some consideration, Tokyo has decided to allow cat cafés to remain open until 10 p.m.] Cat cafés are themed bistros where patrons may pay a cover fee to enjoy a snack or a cup of coffee in the com...

Popular cats unite in new cat idol group NKB48

Mar 05
// Bob Muir
With elections being held for stray cat idols, it was only a matter of time before some keen producer put together an official idol group. Online cat shop Felissimo has created NKB48 (NeKoBu48), an idol group made up entirely...

Update: Sorry guys, no new podcast tonight.

Jan 12
...but we'll let you know when we're back into the swing of things! Nobody's dead, we just had some some trouble behind-the-scenes (to put lightly). We figured it'd be better to let you all know instead of being mean and lett...

Congratulations Minoru Shiraishi!

Nov 14
// Chris Walden
According to 0takomu, the legend himself Minoru Shiriashi has confirmed that he has married a lovely lady. How lovely? Well, we can only speculate, as he has yet to reveal her identity. As weird as that sounds it's pretty com...

Election held for stray cat idols

Oct 10
// Bob Muir
What does your town do when it has a lot of stray cats? If you lived in the town of Saga, it would make them celebrities instead of calling animal control. Two years ago, Saga decided to deal with its stray cat problem by cho...

Natsume Yuujinchou has a 4th season... in January!

Sep 21
// Chris Walden
Those that have been watching the currently airing third season of Natsume Yuujinchou will know that the final episode is due out very soon, so it comes as quite a surprise that a sequel has already been announced! The aptly ...

Video: Japanese cat learns spoken commands

Jul 08
// Tyler Jones
A cat named Leon belonging to a woman in Shizuoka can apparently differentiate between several very similar sounding commands. Leon will eat when given the owner says "yoshi," but not "yoshiko" or any similar words. He also w...

Nyanicorn is the Nyancat game

May 28
// Josh Tolentino
Hey! You know "Nyan-cat", that Vocaloid/Utau-song-turned-internet-meme? It's got a game now, called Nyanicorn and clearly based off of Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack, except with "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" by daniwellP instead of "Always" by Erasure, and a cat with a Pop Tart for a body instead of a robot unicorn. Works for me.

FACT: Cats love bowls

May 16
// Tyler Jones
It's a well known phenomenon that cats love donabe, the round ceramic bowls for cooking nabe, or Japanese hot pots. It's well known in Japan, at least. In case you weren't aware, there is a very important educational video on...

Cat ears respond to your every whim!

May 06
// Crystal White
You've seen it at cons. I've seen it, everyone's seen it: people with cat ears. Whether it's a hot cat girl or a slave-like cat boy, cat ears inevitably have merged themselves with some aspect of otaku culture that I still ha...

Why we love the Japanese: Cats in bowls

Apr 19
// Colette Bennett
Do me a favor. Whatever you're doing, stop. Just stop now. Save that email draft, pause that song in iTunes, hold on a sec on that Tweet. Just stop and enjoy the fact that there is a Japanese game show that features challenges such as "How many cats can we fit into these bowls?" There. You're done. Now watch the video, laugh, and get on with your day. [Via Neatorama]

You've heard of the Cash Cab, now check out the cat cab!

Jan 14
// Crystal White
I think most cab drivers have to be slightly eccentric people, just to deal with the daily toils of their job. Perhaps they compensate by annoying talking to their passengers nonstop, or possibly by doing other quirky things....

First Norageki trailer now online

Dec 13
// Ben Huber
Here's a little something that might've slipped under your radar: Norageki, Bandai's new 40 minute OVA coming out on BR and DVD March 25th, from Hiroaki Ando (the CG director on Steamboy and the technical director on Tekkon K...

Cute video of the day: many small boxes and Maru

Nov 13
// Ben Huber
There's something delightful about Maru. He's just so innocent, and he loves boxes so much.In a turn of events that I wouldn't call surprising at all, Maru's owner presents the cat with a small box. You can guess what happens...

Too small box and Maru

Oct 14
// Brad Rice
Silly cat, boxes are for kittens!

Fish are the new barbells

Jun 23
// Bob Muir
This is a video about cats weightlifting fish. Let that sink in for a moment. The concept will feel weird at first, as it should, because this is entirely ridiculous. And yet, something about it just makes sense, like it's th...

While everyone else is busy with their Valentines Day posts, I've decided to go out of my way to make sure nobody forgets the real holiday that happens to be going on right now. It's Chinese New Year! For those...


Jalan shows off the adventures of business cat

Jan 29
// Colette Bennett
Allow me to assure you of this one sure fact: no matter how far and wide you search on the internet today, if you are an animal lover, you are not going to see anything better than the video after the jump. From travel servic...

Itazura coin bank will delight cat fans everywhere

Dec 03
// Colette Bennett
There is not one single thing about this cat bank that does not delight me. Seriously. The little orange crate, the small spot marked with a fishbone that you place your coin on, the little round black pools of kitty eyes tha...

Toro gets evicted, new app to replace Mainichi Issho

Nov 03
// Topher Cantler
This is the worst news I have ever had to report. For three years, SCEJ's Mainichi Issho has been a free app for the PS3, and as far as I'm concerned, one of the greatest things mankind has ever conceived. If you play it, you...

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