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8:00 AM on 12.25.2011

Happy Holidays from Japanator

So, it's 8 AM in Chicago right now, I wanted to make sure to be the first to wish you a happy holiday and a merry Christmas from your friends at Japanator. It's been a fatalistic year for me at the site, and we still have a f...

Hiroko Yamamura

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Yukiho Hagiwara! photo
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Yukiho Hagiwara!
by Josh Tolentino

Your birthday is on December 24th, a great day for posting Idolm@ster galleries!

May you be gifted with greater self-confidence, a proper story arc, and a gold-plated shovel.

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Japanator Discusses: What we got for Christmas photo
Japanator Discusses: What we got for Christmas
by Josh Tolentino

Had enough of Christmas posts? Too bad, because here's another one, but one that emphasizes the best parts of Christmas, short of that whole "celebrating the birth of Christ" part: presents, and the act of giving and receiving them.

Which, in a slow news week, is the best way to put up a Christmas day post!

Behold then, and see what your friends at Japanator found under their trees, and tell us what you got and gave, too! How big (or awesome) was your haul?

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6:00 AM on 12.25.2010

Holy Beckii Cruel-Wannabe! It's a Christmas miracle!

Oh, sweet. I love Fruits Basket. Merry Christmas, everyone![Via King_gg on the '4ums]


Japanator Original: Wild Predictions & Surprises for 2011 photo
Japanator Original: Wild Predictions & Surprises for 2011
by OxKing
The holidays are closely approaching, and every year, December serves as an entire month to anxiously await  new gifts to receive. To me though, all it serves for my high expectations is unfulfilled wishes and lame gifts, like a Snuggie or a gym membership. *sigh*...

However, one cool thing about this time of year is the ability to imagine all sorts of crazy, impossible things that you want to happen for the next year. Maybe this is the year FUNimation announces that they are done with anime, and instead are now focusing on the untapped market of East-Indian medical dramas. Or maybe, Katsuhiro Otomo announces a continuation to the Akira manga, this time with a Christmas theme. The spirit of the holidays are always happy, but a sense of mystery and surprise always is lingering behind that feeling. So, let's get to the bottom of this; these are my predictions for the biggest surprises in 2011 after the jump.

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8:18 AM on 12.08.2010

Save on S.A.V.E.! FUNimation releases anime up to 58% off

Well, we all love deals, and here at Japanator, we love to give you the latest bargains for your pitiful otaku wallets. Lately, when asked how to get the newest anime on the cheap, one of the best opt...


4:00 PM on 11.30.2010

Hyadain makes the most angry, messed up Christmas song

Famed Japanese YouTube remixer Hyadain hasn't released much lately, but he's back this week with a new Christmas song. Before you head the other direction from Christmas music overload, know that this one is hilarious and fan...

Dale North