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12:00 PM on 09.17.2014

Promoted Community Blog: Break it Down: School Days

[Awesome user MrRasczack has a great breakdown of School Days, everybody's favorite "Nice Boat" anime. Want your deep thoughts to get on the front page? Write a cool community blog! -Josh] When the anime adaptation of Sc...


Votes are in: Readers Choice Anime of 2013! photo
Votes are in: Readers Choice Anime of 2013!
by Chris Walden

Welcome to 2014! A brand new year means brand new anime, so you better prepare yourself for the good, the bad and the oh-so-ugly over the course of the next twelve months. But forget about new beginnings and fresh views for just a moment, as we still have loose ends to tie up; it's time to announce the results of the community vote held over the past week or so, and crown the Japanator readers' pick for Best Anime of 2013.

Many thanks to everyone that dropped in a comment to vote for their show of choice, especially since it was a close contest and every vote counted. Let us know how your show fared in the comments below, and if your favorite didn't score as highly as you might have liked, why not tell us why we should check it out in the C-Blogs?

Anyway, the votes have been tallied and you can see the winner below the jump. Yes, I'm going to add just a little more suspense like I did last year, whether you like it or not! We've got to amp up the drama, right?

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Vote for your favorite anime of 2013! photo
Vote for your favorite anime of 2013!
by Chris Walden

[Update: The year is nearly over, so be sure to get your votes in ASAP to give your favorite show the best chance of winning! - Chris]

Once again, it's time for the Japanator Readers' Choice Award 2013! You've been hearing about our top picks all week; now it's your turn to tell us what you think. This time last year there was a heated battle between Fate/Zero S2 and Sword Art Online, and well, the rest is history. Plenty of great shows came out this year, but now is your chance to make your favorite stand above the rest for posterity.

Below the jump is a bumper list of eligible anime, so be sure to read it over and decide on your favorite. Leave your choice in a comment, and we'll count up the votes and crown the winner at the very end of 2013. Please specify which show has your vote by placing it first, as if your comment contains the titles of multiple shows, I will pick the first show you mention.

Be sure to tell your friends if you want your show to come out on top, as even a single vote could mean the difference here. Hey, you could even write a community blog about why your show deserves to win in an attempt to sway other readers!

Be sure to let me know if I've missed an anime from the list, and best of luck!

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7:00 PM on 11.08.2013

Japanator Loves 001: Gar Gar Stegosaurus

Welcome to Japanator Loves, a brand new weekly feature where we scour the internet for the best of what our fellow otaku have to offer and post it up for your pleasure! We know we're not the only shining star out there in the...

Brittany Vincent

Monthly Musings: Fabulous dressers photo
Monthly Musings: Fabulous dressers
by Brittany Vincent

Don't panic. Grab a towel. Ben hasn't gone anywhere, like many of you were concerned about -- he's still on deck! I'm sure most of you were thrilled to see the new dawn of Yotsuba comics yesterday, so don't worry! If he were gone, that would be...problematic, since he's helping to show me the ropes! I am, however, going to be handling the Monthly Musings from here on out, so if you haven't yet read over my introductory c-blog as Japanator's new CM, pop over and do so! I'll wait. 

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8:00 AM on 10.29.2013

Remake-Worthy: Lunar Legend Tsukihime

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Type-Moon and its works. I wrote a giant post about them earlier this year, for goodness' sake! And in said post, I mentioned the ever-dreaded Tsukihime anime adaptation. Or, if you really...


8:00 PM on 10.12.2013

Monthly Musings: Why Air is Remake-worthy

[It's the first promoted post for October! Lifesong offers up the case for Air! Post your own blog about a remake-worthy anime and you could be featured on the front page too!] Yes, I am going for the lowest hanging fruit I c...


Monthly Musings: remake-worthy anime photo
Monthly Musings: remake-worthy anime
by Ben Huber

Guess what I have cooked up this time? A Monthly Musing! That's right, we're resurrecting our monthly feature and we want to get you guys involved! In case you haven't taken part in a Monthly Musing before, here's the gist: we have a topic each month that we toss out to you, dear reader! Then, just blog about it in our Community Blogs (cblogs!) and you'll have a chance to be promoted to the front page! It's that easy.

So for all of October our fresh topic is: what is the most remake-worthy anime? What anime really deserves to be revisited? Which show needs a fresh coat of paint and some extra-pretty animation? Do you have a certain studio you really want on the job? Just begin a blog post, include "Remake-Worthy" in the title, and then go to town! Your post can be as long or as short as you'd like, but if you want to get to the front page it should at least be interesting (and being well-written helps too)!

Best of all, we have something special for you. While we'll be picking cblogs throughout the month to promote to the front page as always, this time one cblog will be the one the rule them all! One cblog will be chosen at the end of the month and win a prize from the site's pile of goodies. I had Tim rummage around and we found something cool: Gungrave: The Complete Series on Blu-ray. So get those keyboards warmed up, and join in!

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Bloggers Wanted: Liar Liar! photo
Bloggers Wanted: Liar Liar!
by Chris Walden

I hope you lovely folks have been checking out the C-Blogs of late, as we've been getting lots of interesting posts from people just like yourself (unless, of course, it's you posting them...well done!). As ever, we'll promote articles we think should go on the front page whether you're writing for Bloggers Wanted or not, but I'm here to give you a few ideas if you're stumped at what to write.

Hey, have you heard of April Fools? Yes, that time of the year when the Internet lies even more than usual! We decided to pretend we were poets instead of lie to you lovely folk, but I don't doubt everyone was raising their eyebrows just in case. For this months topic, I want you to tell me what you would lie about!

Imagine you finally get a friend to watch some anime for the first time. If there is a big surprise in store, like in Madoka, do you lie to get them through a few episodes of magical girls? Maybe you are just a real-life troll and would get your friend to watch School Days for the school-shenanigans, and not for the nice boat. Would you lie that you had seen something, because it's that embarrassing? Hell, would you lie about liking anime? Spill the beans and tell us all, anything goes so long as there is a lie involved!

Make sure to start your C-Blog with "Liar Liar: ", followed by something related to your post. We're always on the look out for cool, interesting and/or funny stories, so give it a whirl and maybe you'll find your way onto the front page!

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Bloggers Wanted: Progression photo
Bloggers Wanted: Progression
by Chris Walden

Having a discussion topic like 'Top 5' is pretty fun for me, as it means I get a decent split of serious to not-so-serious articles over in the community blogs. Hopefully we can enjoy the best of both worlds once again with this topic that has been very thoroughly planned and thought out, and definitely wasn't thought up by me on the walk back home from the bus stop. Honest. 

I want you to pick something, be it an anime, manga, novel or whatever, and tell me where you think it's heading. Do you think your favourite anime will naturally progress into a dedicated theme park? Will that manga that finished years ago be revived as an American live-action movie? Maybe you read a good novel and think it should be made into an anime? Have a think, and don't worry about being all that serious! If you think K-On! will eventually become the ninth planet to orbit the Earth, that's cool! Just tell us why, being as detailed in your explanation as you like, in the community blogs. Perhaps I'll stick it on the front page for all to see!

Be sure to have some fun with it! I think I'll give it a go myself this month, so I'll start thinking of a topic. Perhaps I can get across why I think all anime should be distributed as QR codes...

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Top 5 Best Eyepatch Gals photo
Top 5 Best Eyepatch Gals
by Marlin Clock

[How about another promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted? Marlin Clock is on hand to give us the low down on the best eyepatches available on the market, as well as the lovely ladies they are attached to. Hit the jump for an eyeful, and be sure to tell us your own favourites down there in the comments. Stay tuned for this months Bloggers Wanted topic which will be going up later today, and you too could find your writing on the front page! - Chris]

Ever since I have started this long quest to find truth in the world, only one thing has stayed constant. In my thoughts and in my words the utterance of this very truth has saved me from the pits of despair and the heights of hubris. Whispered in hallowed halls as much as it is trumpeted in raucous pubs is something every red blooded man that lives on the face of the earth can attest to: Eyepatch chicks rule.

How do I have such confidence you ask? Have you ever even contemplated the beauty and majesty having an eyepatch gives to a humble maiden? It can transform her into an unstoppable force of nature whose very essence summons explosions in the brain. She can become a watchdog of death, unafraid of curses. The eyepatch can even turn a grieving girl into a completely adorable moeblob, arresting the thoughts of all like-minded men! There are so many examples I could give to you of the lovely ladies that have partaken in this sacred tradition, but fate dictates I may only enumerate 5 of their names as the apex of this splendid genre. As is customary for such descriptions, intimate details of their life story may be revealed, so be wary if you wish to remain in ignorance. Join me then, if your heart burns aflame for a cloth covered orb as much as mine does, and let us celebrate these splendid damsels henceforth!

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Promoted Story: Top Five Mecha photo
Promoted Story: Top Five Mecha
by SeonArikale

[The first promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted! SeonArikale gives us the all of the juicy details about his top five mechs, from both anime and video games. Hit the jump to see if your own favourite has made his list, but if they don't, why not write your own blog about it? Check out the guidelines for this months Bloggers Wanted for the chance to show off your own writing on the front page! - Chris]

So, I've been lurking in the corners of the mecha fandom for years, occasionally poking out my head with some small review here or there. But I decided no more! I'm gonna start putting stuff out there for everyone to see, and to start, I'm gonna lay my cards on the table with my five favorite mecha from anime and manga. So! Without further ado let's get this list started!  

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