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4:30 PM on 04.07.2014

Crunchyroll partners with FUJI TV to stream 21 dramas

Remember when Crunchyroll used to show Japanese drama? I kid, but let's be honest, it's been pretty slim pickings on the drama front as so much time and effort was instead poured into acquiring anime simulcasts. However, this...

Chris Walden


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3:30 PM on 04.05.2014

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!! headed to Crunchyroll

The shonen-sports genre is one of a niche I usually avoid, and not because every show is terrible, they're not -- it's just that many of them seem so interchangeable. A group of down-trodden students join a club and bound tog...

Tim Sheehy

3:00 PM on 04.05.2014

Crunchyroll to stream Captain Earth

Crunchyroll will be adding Captain Earth to its growing list of anime set to stream this season. The series will premiere at 11:00 AM PDT on April 5th for premium members, with episodes available for free users a week after a...

Tim Sheehy

8:00 AM on 04.04.2014

One Week Friends coming to Crunchyroll in NA

Anime streaming sites are aflutter with announcements of titles they will be streaming for the imminent spring season. One of the titles I will be covering, One Week Friends, has been announced to stream on Crunchyroll in USA...

Dae Lee

3:00 PM on 03.15.2014

Don't forget about this year's Makoto Shinkai Day

Spring is almost here, and do you know what that means? You might say "the weather is warming up," but here in New York we still have snow on the forecast for Monday, so uh, NO. It is not necessarily warming up all that much....

Karen Mead

7:00 PM on 03.08.2014

Even more manga is added to Crunchyroll

Another one of Moyoco Anno's wonderful mangas has been added to Crunchyroll's manga list called The Diary Ochibi-San. It's about a boy named Ochibi-San, who lives with his dog Nazeni, and his cat Jack. The story line fol...

Amber Hunt

11:00 AM on 03.07.2014

Crunchyroll adds new manga to their website

Crunchyroll has really been on point with their manga system lately! They've been adding new titles left and right. Recently, they've added two new ones which you can read now. Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen (Bikacho Shinshi Ka...

Amber Hunt

5:00 PM on 03.01.2014

Two new motion mangas added to Crunchyroll

Two new motion mangas have been added to Crunchyroll recently! One goes by the name of Hadigirl, which is roughly about a girl who is visited by a fairy. The fairy gives the main character, Sae, various tasks to do with ...

Amber Hunt

4:00 PM on 03.01.2014

One Piece to stream on Crunchyroll

Like One Piece? If you answered yes, then boy do I have some dandy news for you! Crunchyroll is now going to be streaming the anime on their website. The really long pirate anime will be on Crunchyroll starting this Saturday ...

Amber Hunt

6:30 PM on 02.27.2014

Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll team up

In a press release sent out earlier today, anime recommendation site Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll announced something big. Huge. Ground breaking even. In a move that that is unheard of for a start-up site like Anime-Planet, t...

LB Bryant

3:00 PM on 01.28.2014

Crunchyroll to stream Robot Girls Z

I've never been one for giant robot/mecha anime. There are some notable exceptions to that but generally if a series has giant robots in it I tend to tune out and get bored very quickly. Finally though Japan has created a sup...

LB Bryant

5:30 PM on 01.07.2014

Crunchyroll snags Wizard Barristers and Nisekoi

Here's two more shows for today, from our dear friends at Crunchyroll: Wizard Barristers and Nisekoi. The former show is set in 2018 where wizards and humans live together peacefully. But while humans are still governed by tr...

Ben Huber