DMP announces Hot and Steamy, new licenses

Mar 19
We just got word that Digital Manga added three new titles to their collection this weekend: Love Makes Everything Right (Ai ga Areba Daijoubu) by Sanae Rokuya, Hot & Steamy vol.1 (Yukkuri Shiter Ne) by Hiroshi Itaba, and... read

Erementar Gerad manga to be digitally distributed by DMP

Feb 11
Oh hey, look at that. One of the many titles that was killed off during Tokyopop's temporary demise is now making a come back. Digital Manga has decided to re-release the manga known as Erementar Gerad in digital fo... read

DMP uses Kickstarter to fund license of Tezuka's Barbara

Jan 17
DMP has done it again. In just one weekend, they managed to get enough buy-in from manga faithful in order to fund their license of Osamu Tezuka's Barbara, a title that's described as "dark" and "experimental." Previously, DM... read

Project H will cater to your H-manga needs this August

Jul 22
Every manga reader outside Japan (perhaps even inside it), asks this question at some point in their manga-reading lives: "Where is the manga that caters to my needs?" For some, those needs are for action-packed Shonen JUMP&n... read

DMP's Digital Manga Guild reveals first Japanese partners

Dec 08
I don't care much for it, but digital manga has become pretty big in the otaku community. It's a shame, then, that the majority of that business comes from scanlations, which are, uh, not exactly legal. Still, I like the pass... read

Digital Manga Publishing and TOKYOPOP bring 12 new titles

Oct 15
Digital Manga is pairing up with TOKYOPOP in order to bring tweleve new titles from TOKYOPOP's BLU Manga yaoi imprint to eManga's online collection.  BLU Manga yaoi will be available for purchase on eManga's Website, whi... read

Omnibus Manga: Big books for your bucks!

Nov 19
One of the nice things about reading books like Les Miserables, Anna Karenina and The Canterbury Tales (and yes, I have read all of those) is that they're so big it makes you look smart. Thick books have a tendency to make ot... read

Digital Manga Publishing announces new titles

Nov 02
Digital Manga Publishing has announced titles it will publish in 2010. Their soon-to-be-released manga are A Bloody Kiss Tonight by Makoto Tateno; Double Cast by Ellie Mamahara; Cafe Latte Rhapsody by Toko Kawai; Endless Comf... read

Games with Me makes The Last Samurai better by injecting yaoi into it

Sep 24
Ever wonder what would happen if Tom Cruise's character in The Last Samurai had decided to start sleeping with Chinese male prostitutes instead of going to Japan? I do, all the time. Thank Goodness for DMP, who is going to be... read

DMP pushes forward in the digital world, with manga now on Kindle and iPhone

Jul 14
For all of you with a penchant for reading digitized copies of your manga, DMP is ready to offer you some of their biggest titles -- currently just over 40 items from their DMP and June imprints. Yes, you can have your Boys L... read

DMP selling unlisted titles from Diamond directly to retailers

Jun 09
With Diamond Distribution raising their minimum and cutting a large chunk of their catalog, what are publishers to do with all of those extra titles they've got sitting around? Well, DMP is taking action and selling titles di... read

DMP puts up preview of Tezuka's Swallow the Earth

May 29
Tezuka just keeps popping up in my life over the past week. Perhaps it's a sign. First, it was picking up Pluto, then deciding to catch up on my reading of Black Jack, and then spending a good portion of the day looking for m... read

DMP acquires 2 new Hideyuki Kikuchi titles, plus contest for Vampire Hunter D pre-order

Apr 03
If you're a fan of Hideyuki Kikuchi work, the person behind Vampire Hunter D and Wicked City, then you'll love this bit of news. Digital Manga Publishing announced that they have will be releasing two great titles by Hideyuki... read

Say 'guilty pleasure' and mean it (DMP acquires Itazura na Kiss)

Jan 28
Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) sez it is releasing Tada Kaoru's shoujo classic Itazura na Kiss starting this November. If you've already seen the ItaKiss anime, then any further babble is as unrequited as Kotoko's love for Na... read

Anime Expo '08: DMP / Pop Japan Travel panel

Jul 04
[Liveblogging]Crap, we had to run from the Bandai Entertainment panel to here, for the Digital Manga Publishing industry panel. These guys are great, but I can't wait until dinner. Damn, I missed a whole huge list of titles.T... read

DMP is trying to revv your engine at NYCC

Apr 13
Look to get a bit more Speed Racer in your life? Well, while you're sitting amongst your themed lunchboxes and clocks, counting down the minutes until the new film is released, DMP wants to remind you that they've put out a n... read

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