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Japanator's 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide: Music and Misc. photo
Japanator's 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide: Music and Misc.
by Jeff Chuang

You've already seen our holiday recommendations for anime, manga, and video games; what could possibly be left? Quite a lot, actually. Not only do we have recommendations for music lovers (and we hope that group includes pretty much everyone), but also suggestions for some odds and ends that didn't fit into any of the other guides, but still make great gifts for the right people.

However, unlike the items in the previous three guides, the products on this list range from difficult to impossible to pick up at retail, so you'd better get your cyber-shopping started now.

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10:00 PM on 11.23.2013

Rejoice! Garo gets a boatload of new announcements

Garo Appreciation Day (a.k.a the Garo announcement on November 23rd) has ended, and the Golden Knight is ready for a new year! Before I move on the next step, I'll need to summon my armor by creating the proper circle w...

Salvador GRodiles

11:30 PM on 11.18.2013

Za Warudo! JoJo's new season to premiere next Spring

I don't know about you, but a part of me is wishing for 2013 to be over already. Other than Space Dandy's super amazing entry into the 2014 Winter Anime Season, the return of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is another fine treat to ...

Salvador GRodiles

11:00 PM on 11.11.2013

Huzzah! Seven Seas grabs The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

Today is an incredible day to be a manga fan, because Seven Seas is going to license The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer (a.k.a. one of the best seinen titles in existence)! While they haven't made an official announceme...

Salvador GRodiles

2:00 PM on 10.14.2013

Throw those hugging pillows away, Charlotte is here

Even at a whopping four feet long, this Charlotte plush is but a fraction of her true size. Still, this is as good as you're going to get without finding the one from the Good Smile Café, and it's not a bad compromise....

Chris Walden

2:00 AM on 09.15.2013

Say your prayers, evil! Garo is getting two new projects

Vanquishing evil isn't easy, and there are even times where I'll end up being late to the party on certain occasions. As Garo: The One who Shines in the Darkness is nearing its end, the franchise has revealed its next steps t...

Salvador GRodiles

9:30 PM on 09.11.2013

Project Phoenix's Kickstarter comes to a victorious close

[Update: The press release for Project Phoenix's victory has been posted below, along with a link to a video that features an adorable 3D model of Ruffles.] Once again, I would love to give a ginormous congratulatory victory ...

Salvador GRodiles

6:30 PM on 09.09.2013

Nice! Project Phoenix and GSC team up to make a new prize

As Project Phoenix enters the final countdown in its Kickstarter campaign, a new prize enters the battlefield. Thanks to their efforts in joining forces with the Good Smile Company, backers that pledge at least $950 will get ...

Salvador GRodiles

9:30 PM on 09.07.2013

Stream, Please! Toei to create a toku channel for the US

Man, I never expected to see this happen in my lifetime. Heck, I almost thought that I was thrown into a wormhole when Toei and Cool Japan's new announcement slapped me in the face. While I'm still coming to my senses over th...

Salvador GRodiles

8:10 PM on 09.06.2013

Launch those trailers! Trails in the Sky SC is going west

Actually, when I meant trailers, I was talking about using a catapult to launch a bunch of trailers into the sky as a way to celebrate XSEED's new accomplishment. With the help of Carpe Fulgur, the awesome group that localize...

Salvador GRodiles

5:00 PM on 09.06.2013

Go Rebirth! Project Phoenix will be on the PS4 and Vita

I guess that's another burning fragment that will go inside of the Rebirth Furnace, because Hiro and his crew were able to achieve their goal of having Project Phoenix on the PS4 and the the PS Vita! In a way, this ...

Salvador GRodiles

12:30 AM on 09.04.2013

Glorious Joy! Bravely Default: For the Sequel goes west

Oh my goodness, I'm actually surprised by the generosity that Square-Enix has inflected upon the masses in the west. Never did I expect them to actually decide to localize Bravely Default: For the Sequel as the Bravely Defaul...

Salvador GRodiles