Steam sale photo
Steam sale

PSA: Anime is the name of Steam's weekend game sale

Now with more amorous avians!
Jan 09
Of all the geeky trends people took note of in 2014, one of the least appreciated is the Japanese gaming industry's growing embrace of indie development and global digital distribution. Sure, it's been happening for the last ... read
MangaGamer sale photo
MangaGamer sale

Celebrate Moe Day with MangaGamer!

Also, it's Moe Day!
Oct 10
October 10th is a special day for fans of moe and puns, because today is Moe Day! Why, you ask? Well, the Kanji characters for "October 10th" (十月十日) just so happen to line up just right to spell th... read
PSN Sale photo
PSN Sale

PSA: Dragon's Crown free, more discounts on PSN Sale

Get them while they're hot
Aug 08
It's not every day that you can get a bunch of good deals on a cool games, and that day has come if you're the type to buy things on PlayStation platforms. Both versions of Atlus' excellent Dragon's Crown are free to members ... read
Holiday Shopping photo
Holiday Shopping

Aksys Games holds digital holiday sale

Get Fate/Extra for $9.99
Dec 03
You've got to keep a close eye on the folks over at Aksys Games. When they're not busy trying to raise money to help Typhoon Haiyan victims, they're holding a sale on digital titles in honor of the holiday season. The sa... read
PS Vita sale photo
PS Vita sale

PSA: PlayStation Vita hardware on sale at Radio Shack

All the portable gaming you can eat!
Nov 11
Hey, North Americans, I hear you're getting a PlayStation 4 soon! You know what would be a good companion machine for that monster? A PlayStation Vita! At least, Sony and Radio Shack seem to think so. Sony's done its part by ... read
Japan PS Vita Sale photo
Japan PS Vita Sale

Japanese games star in the next PS Vita sale

Hook some big savings!
Aug 14
Hey, you know what's cool? Games from Japan for the PS Vita! You know what else is cool? Not paying a lot for videogames! It just so happens that Sony agrees with me, and has decided that for the next fortnight or so, you won... read
SMT and Fire Emblem offer photo
SMT and Fire Emblem offer

SMT IV gets an offer that gives you back part of yo yens

Only if you buy Fire Emblem Awakening as well.
Jul 09
First I would like to say that Atlus has officially become my number one waifu, since they have teamed up with Nintendo to create an offer that's too good to be true. Starting July 16th, people who register Shin Megami Tensei... read

PSA: Persona and other Atlus titles on sale for Euro PSN

Persona, troll boulders, a funny way to say 'droplets', and the holy Trine-ity
Jan 16
Are you a fan of deals? Sure you are! That's why Atlus is offering those of you European deal-lovers that also happen to be game-lovers a deal...on games. Atlus-published ones. On the PlayStation Network.  From now until... read

Get your shopping on with pre-Black Friday sales

Nov 21
Looking to spend all that holiday gift money on your friends yourself? Well, here's a chance to blow everything you've got left after that Criterion sale earlier this month. Right now, there are three big sales going on: FUNi... read

PSA: Buy a PS Vita from Amazon, get Gravity Rush

Aug 01
In case you've been on the fence about getting yourself a PS Vita, a new Amazon offer might just help your decision. Buying a PS Vita, be it the 3G/Wi-Fi bundle or the regular Wi-Fi only model, will net you not only the handh... read

PSA: RightStuf begins its 12 Days of Savings

Nov 28
In this case the "S" in "PSA" means SWEET DEALS. Preeminent anime retailer RightStuf has begun its "12 Days of Savings" mega-sale. In fact, the whole sale will be going on for longer than twelve days, lasting through December... read

Hurry and buy: Persona 2, Fate/Extra are lightning deals

Nov 28
You've got less than half an hour left (as of 0850 PST)! And it's over! Fate/Extra (Regular and Limited) and Persona 2 are going for $20, $30, and $20, respectively.  Go! read

Poor food and late deliveries ruin some New Year parties

Jan 09
Japanese New Year celebrations usually incorporate osechi, a tradition dating back to the Heian Period involving symbolic foods packed into special bento boxes called jubako. Eating osechi is kind of a big deal, so you w... read

Save on S.A.V.E.! FUNimation releases anime up to 58% off

Dec 08
Well, we all love deals, and here at Japanator, we love to give you the latest bargains for your pitiful otaku wallets. Lately, when asked how to get the newest anime on the cheap, one of the best opt... read

Crunchyroll makes an offer you can't refuse

Nov 27
It's like a used car salesman teamed up with Crunchyroll. You know, the one who's always like, "These deals are so crazy I must be NUTS to offer them to you!" Because this is ridiculous.I'm a big fan of Crunchyroll ... read

Take a look at some anime Black Friday deals going on now

Nov 26
While people are trampling over each other to get the latest and greatest on sale now, I have a feeling most of you are sitting tight in your home, enjoying the post-turkey glaze over your eyes. That doesn't mean today is a d... read

Deals: Tokyo for $699 in September, TGS tour

Aug 04
I've just booked travel for Tokyo in September, as I do every year for Tokyo Game Show. I know how expensive it can get, so that's why this deal from Destination Japan caught my eye. Round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Tok... read

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