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Fujiyama Ichiban Ultimate photo
Fujiyama Ichiban Ultimate

Fujiyama Ichiban Ultimate Kickstarter failed to achieve its goal

The sun isn't out yet
Dec 04
// Salvador G Rodiles
Today marks a sad moment for many toku fans, as the Kickstarter for Fujiyama Ichiban Ultimate, the PG-13 film that brings us a different take on Los Angeles' local hero, ended at $7,282. Unfortunately, this means th...
Americana Dawn photo
Americana Dawn

Despair: Americana Dawn's Kickstarter failed to reach its goal

Let's hope that this project isn't over
Dec 23
// Salvador G Rodiles
Oh my. I never expected that it would come to this, but I'm afraid that Americana Dawn's Kickstarter couldn't achieve its $70,000 goal, since they were only able to rake in $28,239. While this means that Foster's jo...
The End of Naruto photo
The End of Naruto

The 700 Club: Naruto manga ending on November 5th, 2014

Good night, sweet (ninja) prince
Oct 06
// Josh Tolentino
I guess Masashi Kishimoto really wasn't kidding when he claimed that his baby and brainchild Naruto would be seeing its end sometime this year. That time is in six weeks or so, as the final chapter of the decade-and-a-ha...
Chroma Squad photo
Chroma Squad

Report: Power Rangers co. Saban sues indie Sentai game

Teens with too much attitude
Jul 19
// Josh Tolentino
I love the story of Chroma Squad, a little indie game from Brazilian outfit Behold Studios. They took something they loved - tokusatsu and Super Sentai - and made it into a unique game concept - putting players in the shoes o...

Jmanga shuts down photo
Jmanga shuts down

Woah: JManga shuts down operations

Users to be refunded
Mar 14
// Josh Tolentino
Wow. This came straight out of the blue. It seems that JManga, the Japanese publisher-backed digital manga portal, will cease operations, according to an announcement from the company. As of midnight tonight the site will hal...
Trolled by a wota photo
Trolled by a wota

I called it: AKB rage video a hoax

And a profitable one, at that
Mar 01
// Josh Tolentino
Remember when that one AKB48 fan seemed to go a little bit crazy in video format at the news of Yuki "Yukirin" Kashiwagi's alleged indiscretions? Back in that post, I wrote that I "sincerely hope that this an attempt to paro...
No Vita Price Cut :( photo
No Vita Price Cut :(

D'oh: No PS Vita price cut outside Japan yet

Blame the economy!
Feb 21
// Josh Tolentino
Sorry, North Americans, it looks like you might want to wait a bit before shelling out for a spiffy new PS Vita to Remote-Play your PS4 games with. Sony Worldwide Studios honcho Shuhei Yoshida has stated that the price cut th...
PS4 PSN bummer photo
PS4 PSN bummer

Sigh: PlayStation 4 can't transfer your PSN purchases

Sad, but unavoidable
Feb 21
// Josh Tolentino
While most of the news surrounding the PlayStation 4's official reveal has been positive - or at least neutral - the new console's first genuine bummer has just hit. Sony has just confirmed that current-generation PSN ga...

I really hope this Wota's reaction to AKB48 is a joke

Really, I do.
Feb 09
// Josh Tolentino
Unsurprisingly, the rain of "scandals" continues to pour on AKB48, this time due to Yuki "Yukirin" Kashiwagi having the temerity to attend a group party with *gasp* men in it, just days after the now-infamous "Mii-chan Affai...

Cosplayer Protip: Don't let bigots ruin your hobby

Wise words from an African-American cosplay goddess
Feb 06
// Josh Tolentino
You'd think that we'd have had enough of nerd "facepalm" moments in the last few days, but it's always worth calling out internet jerks. To shrug and say "Meh, internet" is letting them win. That's the case with one Chak...

AKB48's manager responds to Minami Minegishi scandal

Doesn't make it better, though
Feb 03
// Josh Tolentino
An eventful week for idol megagroup AKB48 continues. In case you haven't been following, Minami "Mii-chan" Minegishi was humiliated in rather medieval fashion for reasons that no one should ever have cause to feel ashamed abo...

AKB's Minami Minegishi humiliated for being a human being

Feb 01
// Josh Tolentino
[Update: The apology video has been removed following an official response by AKB management. An English-translated transcript of Minegishi's statement is available at the bottom of this post.] Ah, an "Oh, Japan" moment. ...

Some jerk's vendetta gets Kuroko's Basket banned

Sadness from Comiket 83
Dec 10
// Josh Tolentino
Never underestimate the power of otaku. Now, I'd like to say that that phrase is some kind of testament to nerd ingenuity or some other super cool thing, but the tone I must adopt this time is one of warning, that this is onc...

Despair, Gundam Seed Destiny is getting an HD remaster

Relive the character derailments in HD.
Nov 19
// Salvador G Rodiles
It's been two years since I got the chance to experience the Gundam streamapalooza that was going on ANN, Youtube, Bandai's official Gundam page, and Crunchyroll. Thanks to this rare privilege, I was given the honor to w...

Facepalm: Demon's Score is way cheaper in Japan

That's a lot of money
Sep 26
// Josh Tolentino
Here's another entry for you to put in the annals of "What the hell, Square Enix?!": It looks like the company that gave us Final Fantasy and a ton of strange decisions, has made yet another one, for it seems like they r...

Despair, for the Wii U will be region-locked

Sep 25
// Josh Tolentino
Turn up your despair dials, importers. Nintendo surprised few but disappointed many nonetheless when it confirmed officially that its new hotness, the Wii U (due this November), will have the devil known as "region-locking" i...

Eureka Seven: AO put on hold, new episodes in November

Sep 24
Did you enjoy the newest episode of Eureka Seven: AO? Yeah, I thought so. Look on the bright side, though: you don't have to see it again for a whole, entire month! This series has taken a few breaks before, but none nea...

Despair, Monster Hunter 3U for the 3DS will not be online

No portable online monster hunting for you!
Sep 17
// Salvador G Rodiles
Capcom did a great job in surprising us with the Wii U version of Monster 3 Ultimate for the west, which will allow 3DS players to play with Wii U players. Unfortunately, this piece of information comes with a helping of bad ...

Bandai Entertainment's anime titles to go out of print

See you in space, cowboy.
Sep 02
// Salvador G Rodiles
It's been eight months since Bandai Entertainment decided to stop its localization of anime and manga titles. According to the news from Robert's Anime Corner Store, Bandai Entertainment is going to close down its distributio...

Importers Beware: New PS Vita firmware locks memory cards

Aug 29
// Josh Tolentino
Hold it right there, person about to update his or her PS Vita's firmware to the latest version, which is v1.80! Ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do you have another PSN account located in a different region (say, Ja...

Final Fantasy Dimensions is going to be really pricey

Aug 25
// Josh Tolentino
Like, really pricey. Like, "Most Expensive Single App I've Ever Seen" pricey. Specifically, Square Enix's old-school-lookin' Final Fantasy Dimensions will run players roughly $29 to buy the whole thing, which is technica...

Uh-oh: Japan passes SOPA-alike, Youtube could be outlawed

Jun 21
// Josh Tolentino
Urk. I've always resisted (sometimes illogically), the characterization of Japan as a backwards country ruled by out-of-touch old people and shady corporate special interests. After all, it's easy shorthand for "Crazy Japan" ...

Good news: Valkyria Duel's a new Valkyria Chronicles game

Jun 19
// Josh Tolentino
The somewhat less-good news? Valkyria Duel is a free-to-play, browser-based, card-battling strategy game. It'll have base-building elements, territory control, 3D battle scenes (ala Advance Wars), and, of course, a ton of ca...

Media Blasters in financial trouble with New York State

May 07
// Bob Muir
Things have been a little fishy with Media Blasters lately. They had to cancel the rerelease of Record of Lodoss War, and they didn't get the license for Queen's Blade Rebellion like they did with the previous series. Right S...

Phi Brain puzzles Crunchyroll users by disappearing

Apr 18
// Chris Walden
It seems there is a bit of trouble over at Crunchyroll, as their Phi Brain season 2 episodes disappeared yesterday without warning, leaving the fan of the show... intrigued. There have apparently been some issues behind the s...

Ouch: Sega takes a bath, faces deep cuts

Mar 31
// Josh Tolentino
Happy times are definitely not the state of being at Sega right now, as it seems like the publisher that does what Nintendon't is about to do something else Nintendon't: Take a huge loss, to the tune of some 7.1 billion ...

Canada sights fishing boat swept to sea by Tohoku tsunami

Mar 26
// Josh Tolentino
It had to happen eventually, and just past a year following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that wrecked Tohoku, one of the largest single pieces of debris from the disaster has crossed the ocean, a full-sized commerci...

Media Blasters will not rerelease Record of Lodoss War

Mar 15
// Bob Muir
Back in 2010, there was much rejoicing when Media Blasters announced that they had acquired the license for a rerelease of Record of Lodoss War. And then, there was a whole lot of nothing. It's been two years and the rereleas...

Despair: Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei manga is almost over

Mar 13
// Chris Walden
Well, here is some news that you probably didn't want to see. According to Weekly Shōnen Magazine, the manga for Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei will be ending in nine chapters time. It'll end on a very impressive 301 chapters...

Have 13 shameful minutes of Touch Shot! Love Application

Mar 06
// Josh Tolentino
Still trying to decide if you're secure enough in your nerdhood to play Touch Shot! Love Application? Well, Compile Heart have opted to make it thirteen minutes and twenty-ish pictures easier, with a big ol' video and gallery...

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