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Loot Anime photo
Heroic Hilarity
Great heroes on epic journeys always evoke the imagery of serious and skilled people always doing the right thing. Though that sounds a bit boring, adventures can still be fun and even have some laughs so this month's Loot A...

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FLCL 2 trailer is here for you to Furi your Kuris again

Will it live up to the classic?
Jul 02
// Red Veron
[Trailer has been fixed and is not blocked anymore] There was news earlier last year about a sequel to the beloved anime classic FLCL, which is an anime that many older anime fans above the age of 25 will very fondly re...
E-SAKUGA photo

Dive into FLCL's key frames with E-SAKUGA's upcoming product

Ride on Shooting Sakuga
Nov 05
// Salvador G Rodiles
There's something wonderful about seeing the hard work that goes into creating an animated piece. One nice thing about this process is seeing the project's key frames that make each scene pop out. Speaking of which, FLCL is g...
FLCL photo

Praise Atomsk: New episodes of FLCL are incoming

Thanks, Toonami
Mar 25
// Josh Tolentino
If you're an anime fan of a certain age, you're probably going to find this news quite exciting (or perhaps terrifying): New episodes of FLCL are on the way!  For the uninitiated, FLCL (aka Fooly Cooly) was a G...


Releases of the Week: FLCL and Squid Girl

May 15
// Brad Rice
  Happy Tuesday, readers! It’s another week of light releases, but I do have one recommendation for you: FLCL the manga. While the anime was so profoundly visual and exclusive to the format of animation, the manga ...

More hammer time! Kyousogiga sequel announced

Mar 04
// Chris Walden
[Update: To celebrate the news, the original episode of Kyousogiga will be viewable on both Nico Nico Douga and Youtube for the rest of the month! Unfortunately, there are no subtitles on the Nico version, and you'll have to ...

A Daily Dose of Music: Old School Thursdays

Jan 26
// Hiroko Yamamura
All this freaking talk about FLCL on this site has apparently gone to my head, as the sounds of The Pillows seem to have been in permanent rotation fo me this week. Wether or not you agree with the series'...

FLCL releases on iTunes, sure to confuse the masses

Jan 10
// Bob Muir
FLCL, Japanator's #1 anime of the past decade, is finally getting rereleased courtesy of FUNimation. It's coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on February 22, keeping the wonderful Sync-Point dub and with claims of an improved ...

FLCL on Blu-Ray in Japan August 18th

Jul 27
// Crystal White
Now I know we've got some FLCL fans here, so here's a treat for you! The Gainax General Products web store has announced that FLCL will be released for a limited time on Blu-ray in Japan, beginning August 18th....

Quickie: FUNi using the Synch Point dubs on FLCL

Jan 08
// Brad Rice
A lot of you have been asking questions about FUNi's release of FLCL. Well, one of your fears can be laid to rest: FUNimation confirmed that they'll be using the original Synch-Point dub, and won't record their own for the sh...

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