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More of this, please~
Jul 30
Speaking frankly, I'm not a mecha kid of guy. It's pretty hard to find me watching anything that has to do with mecha outside, say, Macross. Even then, I come for the music and stay for the action. Anyways, what I am is a gu... read

Discotek Media licenses Gunbuster 2: Diebuster

Prepare for hot blood and manly tears
Jan 08
Long time readers may remember that I reviewed Diebuster a couple years back. I fellated the show, and with good reason. It's one of my favorite OVAs, only topped by it's predecessor, Gunbuster. The only problem is that ... read

Friday Night Fights: Rally Vincent vs. Revy

Jun 29
*ding ding ding* IT'S OVER!! With the wave of her fan and jiggle in her step. Mai Shiranui is the winner! (14 > 11) We are going to keep this lady train a move'n. This time around, girls with guns. In one corner we have th... read

Pregnant and new mothers get their own manga reading room

May 17
Here's a novel idea: a manga reading room that caters exclusively to new and expecting mothers. It's the brainchild of 37-year-old Ayako Ueki, who thought of the idea while on maternity leave. The room is located in Tokyo's N... read

Candy ad comes under fire for controversial AKB48 kiss

Apr 23
A recent ad for Pucchu candy featuring AKB48 has caught the eye of the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization, a Japanese broadcasting standards group. They claim the ad, which depicts members of AKB48 passi... read

John Goodman's face on anime girls is the best blog today

Apr 13
It's Friday. You've almost made it through a long work week. You're looking forward to relaxing over the weekend, and I can help with that. I've got something special for you, baby. Let me whisper it in your ear: "John Goodma... read

Science! Why tsundere girls are appealing

Mar 05
Why do guys like tsundere girls? Surely going after a girl that doesn't abuse you seems a lot safer? Is there some reason why guys will go along with the verbal barrage (other than the obvious reason)? Yoshihito Naitou, ... read

9 things that Japanese girls don't like about otaku

Feb 16
Japan's dating scene has gotten so bad that even the government is getting involved, in hopes of getting more couples to get it on. They're pushing girls to put themselves out there more and teaching guys how to be likable on... read

Official Surge Concerto images reveal... pretty girls

Jan 30
Surprise, surprise. We can now confirm through a new set of images that Gust's recently announced Vita game, Surge Concerto: Ciel no Surge, contains a plethora of attractive women. I know many of you are as blown away as I am... read

The newest AKB48 member isn't real

Jun 20
It seems like new idols are being made every day in Japan, but rarely is it as literal as with this story. The latest member of the idol group AKB48, Aimi Eguchi, is entirely virtual. However, unlike fellow virtual idol Hatsu... read

Italian ramen gains fans from girls watching their weight

Mar 05
Ramen is awesome. Noodles in swirls of fat and salt make for one tasty treat, albeit on that's high in calories and sodium. So for women in Japan, it's easy to see why they might try to avoid it if possible, making ramen more... read

SDN48 debuts first single and poses for Weekly Playboy

Dec 03
As if super girl group AKB48 wasn't big enough, they have a ton of sister groups. (One thinks that having all these sister acts get together on stage might cause gravity to collapse and form a black hole that consum... read

First Impressions: The World God Only Knows

Oct 07
Katsuragi Keima likes flat girls. No, not of the delicious flat variety. I'm talking about straight 2D, like on the screen of a PSP. The man likes him some galge and to those on the net he's known as the "God of Conquest... read

New hobby combines hot anime girls and cars for total win

Oct 05
A new hobby is emerging in Japan called itasha. Of all the unusual hobbies we hear of from Japan, what could this one possibly be? It's actually quite tame compared to some, but brings all the fun of Pimp My Ride (c... read

Japanese women don't understand men, sun rises yet again

Sep 19
It seems Japanese women just don't understand their men. According to a survey posted on What Japan Thinks, women find themselves perplexed over twenty different things men do that just don't make any sense to them. Some of t... read

Bring an iPhone to a dating party and be a hit with girls

Jul 31
Chalk up another victory to the iPhone in Japan. Not content with just being a hot gadget, Apple's iPod reinvention has begun to sneak its way into the dating scene. Special apps are coming out devoted to "gokon" (s... read

Cosplay Goddess Alodia to be in WoW movie

Jul 31
In my opinion, Japanator's been long overdue for a post about the Cosplay Goddess Alodia, who has been making waves in the international Cosplay scene with her amazing cosplay crafting talents. If you've never heard of her, ... read

Strike Witches manga is on hiatus due to disorganization

Jul 30
Were you aware there was a Strike Witches manga? Because I wasn't aware there was a Strike Witches manga. Apparently there are several! I thought the anime was ridiculous enough without creating more of the property. But don'... read

Gyaru girls march in support of...tampons?

Jul 27
Well this is certainly one way to get people to notice your cause. According to Japan Probe, the Unicharm Corporation apparently convinced around 100 gyaru to wear pink shirts and wave fans around in order to promote the use ... read

Damn, girl

Jul 19
Call me when you get done being a bitch in the background footage of weather news broadcasts. read

AKB48 to get a new sister group

Jul 13
That's right, kids! In Japan's ever growing quest to endlessly churn out more and more popstars, the famous AKB48 and SKE48 groups are getting a new sister group to add to the list. Osaka based NMB48, named after th... read

You are going to thank me: Horikita Maki in LovePhoto

May 31
As you all know, my first j-drama was Hana Kimi, and not only did I develop severe lust for Oguri Shun back then, but I also got a terrible girl-crush on Horikita Maki, who played the lead character and was just exactly the t... read

Oricon votes on hottest celeb lips, Matsujun and Aya win

May 21
I've decided I want to work at Oricon. All these freaking people do is sit around surveying the Japanese on who's hot, who would be fun to kiss, who has the best ass, who would make the greatest boyfriend, who would perform c... read

Anime's Most Memorable: Noriko Takaya

Apr 25
Hot blood, GAR and robots go together like peanut butter, marshmallows and chocolate: Though you can have any one without the other, the combination far surpasses the individual parts. Think of all the awesome robot shows you... read

More details about Sleeping with Hinako

Jan 04
Thanks to my secret industry connections DannyChoo, more information about the upcoming OVA Sleeping with Hinako has been revealed. Apparently, this incarnation of Hinako is designed as a nighttime companion; the interactive ... read

Record of Agarest War trailer is hella sexy

Jan 03
I'm not an avid gamer, so I wasn't too interested in the Record of Agarest War box art controversy from a few months ago. Hell, I can't even be bothered playing a JRPG unless the title begins with "Tales of". Howeve... read

Training With Hinako sequel teaches you how to... sleep?

Jan 03
Most of you remember Training with Hinako, the moe fitness video where we stared at Hinako's bouncing boobs as she attempted to teach us about exercise. Well, it appears a sequel is in the works, and it's called... Sleeping w... read

Santa Girls: Boxing Day Edition

Dec 26
Ah, Boxing Day... that magical time of year when we return all our crappy Christmas presents. Whether it's tube socks, an electric tea kettle or that stupid Scooby-Doo tie your in-laws gave you, nothing can escape being excha... read

Santa Girls: Christmas Day Edition

Dec 25
Well, Christmas is almost over. Did you get all the presents you wanted?If you did, congratulations. Now run along and play with your shiny new toys. For those of you who didn't, I have a consolation prize... more sexy Santa ... read

Santa Girls: Christmas Eve Edition

Dec 24
Ho ho ho! Christmas Eve is upon us, and Santa is already making his way across the night sky to deliver presents to all the good little boys and schoolgirls. However, since I don't trust the big red guy, I've decided to deliv... read

Top Ten Otaku Wives of 2009

Dec 05
The tsundere version of myself kept bringing up an unfortunate truth yesterday... many otaku don't have girlfriends. Perhaps this is what drives them to claim their favorite anime characters as "their waifu". Some e... read

Tsundere Day wrap-up gallery

Dec 05
Well, Tsundere Day is finally coming to an end. However, I still have all these images I collected for today's festivities, but wound up not using. So, I figured why not make a miscellaneous tsundere gallery for all the perve... read

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