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6:00 PM on 11.12.2013

Take a peek at Bayonetta: Bloody Fate's storyboards

Gonzo is making a Bayonetta movie, didn't you hear? You know what that means: time to run in terror! Ok, fine, maybe Gonzo isn't that bad, but they don't exactly have a stellar track record with their anime adaptions of video...

Ben Huber

6:00 PM on 10.23.2013

Hair Wild: Bayonetta Bloody Fate gets a trailer

I like Bayonetta. I never managed to finish the game, due to the PS3 version being quite busted at the time, but what I played was a character action game with one of the most distinct characters you could ask for.With her c...

Josh Tolentino

Friday Night Fights: Shana vs Ayano photo
Friday Night Fights: Shana vs Ayano
by Salvador GRodiles

*ding, ding, ding*

It's Over!

The Dangaioh team may have the psychic moves and number to overwhelm Sanger, but The Sword That Cleaves Evil still manages to come up on top. While the Dangaioh team aren't villains, their skills couldn't match up to Sanger's experience and hotblooded determination. Taking advantage of the Colossal Blade's ability to change into different swords, Sanger was able to use his sword skills to the fullest. Dygenguar wins! (4 > 1)

After going through a double dose of Shana, I think it’s about time to have her participate in the J-tor Arena! In order to solve an important question that’s been bugging me for a while, I’m having her go up against a woman that’s able to control fire as well. That said, it’s time to introduce both ladies to the audience!

First on the list, we have the Shana from the Shakugan no Shana series, a Flame Haze that has fought hard to protect our world from the Crimson Denizens that intend to devour our existence. It took a bit of hard work to get her to come, but we promised her that she would receive a truck load of melon bread.

Next up, we have Ayano Kannagi from Kaze no Stigma, and she’s taking a break from her usual adventures with her cousin to prove to us that she can fight toe to toe with the person that wields Alastor’s powers.

This battle could turn out interesting, since both characters wield swords and can control fire. Your votes and persuasion skills will be the key in crowning the true fiery maiden. Please make sure that you add a +1 to the blazing warrior that you side with, since it will let us overcome the heat. The battle will go on from today till Thursday, so make sure that your vote goes up on time. After the flames manage to calm down, be sure to drop by during the beginning of the next match to see who wins. As a fair warning, I advise that you head to your seat now, because the heat is about to get rough!

*ding, ding, ding*

Light Your Fires! 

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Friday Night Fights: Clash of the Alucards photo
Friday Night Fights: Clash of the Alucards
by Salvador GRodiles

*ding, ding, ding*

It's Over!

Captain Falcon may be a great bounty hunter -- his Falcon Punch was able to cause a galaxy sized explosion, but this is a race that we're talking about. JP on the other hand is willing to do whatever it takes to win, so it's obvious who the winner is. JP wins! (6 > 1)

So two days ago I was watching a stream of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the Sanctuary Crew’s channel on Twitch, and I think it’s time for Alucard to fight someone now. He may be Dracula’s son, but he’s helped out in his demise not once but twice. While he had the help of Trevor/Ralph Belmont in his first battle, he was able to take him down on his own in Symphony of the Night. Tonight Alucard’s equipped with his best gear to go all out in the J-tor Arena. His opponent happens to be named Alucard as well; except this guy is the Hellsing Organization’s trump card in fighting the vampires that threaten innocent lives. With Integra’s approval, Alucard will be sent to show people he's the superior Alucard! The two fighters are armed with some nasty abilities, so I’m excited to see how this battle will turn out.

Your votes and persuasion skills will be the key in determining the true winner. Make sure that you add a +1 to the Alucard that you side with, since it will let us keep track of the dark moves that will engulf the arena. Due to both fighters sharing the same name, make sure that you put SotN or Hellsing before the character's name. That way it will be easy to distinguish the votes. The battle will rage on from today till Thursday, so make sure that your vote goes up on time. After the battle comes to a close, be sure to drop by during the next match to see who wins. As we set the scene with the night sky, let’s get started with this showdown!

*ding, ding, ding*

Let's Get This Night Started! 

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8:00 AM on 03.12.2013

Kimi no Iru Machi getting an anime adaptation

The Akiba reports that Kimi no Iru Machi, a manga/story by the same creator of Suzuka, which has only had a couple of OVAs will now be adapted until a full-on show. There aren't really any details further than that, thou...

Kristina Pino

1:00 PM on 02.19.2013

Turbulence: FUNi's Last Exile FAM box sets get delayed

Well, it looks like FUNimation's release of Last Exile - FAM, The Silver Wing took a wrong turn off of the designated flight path. But no need to fear, since they are only facing a minor delay in FAM's release date.  Ins...

Salvador GRodiles

1:00 AM on 02.16.2013

All clear: Last Exile FAM's English staff makes a landing

I remember back in high school when I was exposed to the first episode of the original Last Exile series during an anime showing at the after school anime club. And one thing that I enjoyed out of the series was how...

Salvador GRodiles

First Impressions: Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- photo
First Impressions: Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-
by OxKing

Gonzo is kind of an on-going joke in the anime community. A joke that I feel is a bit too harsh, but a joke nonetheless. The original Last Exile is thought to be one of their last greatest shows (and is by far my favorite Gonzo produced anime), but credit is due for the studio, as it experiments more and more with the original shows they put out, more so than most other studios have been releasing lately. Witchblade was phenomenal considering peoples initial reaction to it. Speed Grapher and its nods to Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut gave it a vibe that no other anime before it ever gave, on top of being an engrossing thriller. Afro Samurai is a testament to the amazing things that can be created with cross-production of the East and West. Even some of there best adapted series', like Welcome to the NHK and Samurai 7 is overshadowed by their less critically acclaimed shows, like Strike Witches, and their less-than-acceptable quality put into animation and touch ups.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that, when given the chance, Gonzo is given the chance to release this "Gonzo Quality" stigmata that it's been carrying around for years with its newest spin-off series, LASTEXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing-.

But does this new anime fare well enough to surpass the original? Unfortunately, that is a tough question to answer...

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6:00 PM on 08.09.2011

The man who designed Hatsune Miku is making an anime

A lot of factors contribute to the success of Hatsune Miku and the whole Vocaloid thing, but one of the most critical was Hatsune Miku herself, as a character. Hers was the face those many amateur composers wrote their songs ...

Josh Tolentino

12:00 PM on 07.09.2011

First Impressions: Nyanpire

When I first saw the preview of Nyanpire, I thought it looked like a cutesy show meant to promote a cutesy mascot to sell some cutesy merchandise. While I'm pretty sure this is the case (and there's nothing wrong with that), ...

Tyler Jones

2:00 AM on 04.09.2011

Enjoy this new Last Exile PV, it has vanships and stuff

A lot of people were excited to hear about the new Last Exile sequel when it was announced last February as Last Exile ~Fam, the Silver Wing~, and now, those same people can rejoice once again thanks to a new PV tha...


6:00 PM on 02.07.2011

Later this year, Last Exile ~Fam, the Silver Wing~

I watched the original series Last Exile (2003) last year for the first time and I really, really enjoyed it. Naturally, I am more than delighted by the news that eight years later, Gonzo is producing a new series with a new ...

Kristina Pino