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Bayonetta photo

Take a peek at Bayonetta: Bloody Fate's storyboards

You can look but it's only a SAMPLE!
Nov 12
// Ben Huber
Gonzo is making a Bayonetta movie, didn't you hear? You know what that means: time to run in terror! Ok, fine, maybe Gonzo isn't that bad, but they don't exactly have a stellar track record with their anime adaptions of video...
Bayonetta Bloody Fate photo
Bayonetta Bloody Fate

Hair Wild: Bayonetta Bloody Fate gets a trailer

Those librarian glasses...
Oct 23
// Josh Tolentino
I like Bayonetta. I never managed to finish the game, due to the PS3 version being quite busted at the time, but what I played was a character action game with one of the most distinct characters you could ask for.With her c...

Friday Night Fights: Shana vs Ayano

Aug 09 // Salvador G Rodiles
Friday Night Fights photo
Things are about to get hot around here.
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! The Dangaioh team may have the psychic moves and number to overwhelm Sanger, but The Sword That Cleaves Evil still manages to come up on top. While the Dangaioh team aren't villains, their skills...

Friday Night Fights photo
Who is the better Alucard?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Captain Falcon may be a great bounty hunter -- his Falcon Punch was able to cause a galaxy sized explosion, but this is a race that we're talking about. JP on the other hand is willing to do what...


Kimi no Iru Machi getting an anime adaptation

Awww, it's all grown up!
Mar 12
// Kristina Pino
The Akiba reports that Kimi no Iru Machi, a manga/story by the same creator of Suzuka, which has only had a couple of OVAs will now be adapted until a full-on show. There aren't really any details further than that, thou...

Turbulence: FUNi's Last Exile FAM box sets get delayed

No need to panic.
Feb 19
// Salvador G Rodiles
Well, it looks like FUNimation's release of Last Exile - FAM, The Silver Wing took a wrong turn off of the designated flight path. But no need to fear, since they are only facing a minor delay in FAM's release date.  Ins...

All clear: Last Exile FAM's English staff makes a landing

The landing bay is secured.
Feb 16
// Salvador G Rodiles
I remember back in high school when I was exposed to the first episode of the original Last Exile series during an anime showing at the after school anime club. And one thing that I enjoyed out of the series was how...

First Impressions: Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-

Oct 24 // MARC
There's a lot of care that went into the Last Exile series its first time through. Say what you will about the predictable boneheaded nature of Claus and the obvious signs that Lavie wanted to screw him soooo badly, and what you have is a setting full of it's own consistent mythos, language, technology and, perhaps my favorite part of these, a unique method of communication through Morse code. These together create not only a story that makes since given the differences between it and real-life limitations, but also continuously uses these things to make us think in the same way as the people in this universe, rather than introduce these things in an attempt to quickly explain the impossibilities in the world. Out of all the controversial things I'm about to say in this Impressions piece, here's a doozy of a simile: the original Last Exile is a lot like the original Star Wars trilogy, in that the two have a detailed enough setting that various themes and plot can be recalled just from that alone. Add on top of that a cliche story that may have been impressive in its own time, and you have a fair comparison of these two series'. Funny enough, LASTEXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing- is naturally Star Wars Episodes I-III, and over the time you watch the first episode, this becomes very apparent in more than one way. The thing about -Fam, The Silver Wing- is that it's a grand return to the awesome world of Last Exile, yet things begin to not look so well upon realizing that it has lost any and all charm that it had once originally had due to new characters juxtaposing the idea behind the first series. The original theme of Last Exile has been lost in the nearly decade-long gap between these two shows, and instead of feeling this sense of wonder that the original must have given back in its heyday, now I feel spoiled by all of the homages and similar anime that came out between the times. Not only that, but many of those shows, like Eureka Seven or, well, pretty much any other high-budget BONES series actually left me off with a better first impression. The problems start with our new characters. There is our main character Fan-Fan Fam, and then there is Fam's co-pilot. My initial thought was that I refuse to look up her name, because along with the amount of effort (or rather, the lack thereof) that pushes me to care so little enough about her also would have the same effect on learning what Fam's name was, but thankfully, her name is in the goddamn title of the show. Then, I had a change of heart, and, after extensive studying on Wikipedia, decided to share with you all that her name is Giselle. Unfortunately, that is the extent of how far her personality goes, as she plays the relatively silent role of a shy girl with a perfect body figure and maybe secretly wants to have sex with Fam. Yeah, that kind of personality. With the addition of Dio playing a leading role in this spin-off (who partially played the antagonist and then befriended the main character in the previous series), my acknowledgement of references and tributes to the original series is surely a high point of the first episode. Already knowing the functionality of this universe adds a new value to -Fam, The Silver Wing-, and with various nods to things like the familiar "opening book" intro for the episodes title and references to the ship The Silvana do add to the nostalgia that spin-off series' mainly rely on. The thing about Dio, though, is that he's really annoying. A rather deep character as learned from the original series, yes... but having new fans' first encounter with such a character kind of pains me, especially without his slave-master dynamic with Lucciola. In fact, Dio brings up terrible memories and flaws of the original Last Exile, chief of which was the CGI. Well, if you worried about it before watching the series, fear not! LASTEXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing- takes that tradition of terrible CGI back, and with full force! Now, Gonzo isn't known for exuberant budgets... in fact, it's almost comically the opposite... yet the inclusion of the CGI would be much more bearable if only restricted to inanimate objects. I swear to you, and whatever entity you believe in, that I saw a CGI Dio, flying around in a CGI Vanship, and Christ on the throne was it the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. Not just the actual way that it looked, but rather the idea and thought process that went behind the whole absurdity of it all. Remember when I said that this spin-off is a lot like Episodes I-III? Gonzo is the George Lucas of this scenario. Background CGI characters? That's fine, I mean I only notice it some of the time and can seriously get behind the idea of cutting back sometimes. Placing an obvious computer-generated replacement in for a main character(s) fairly close to the camera? I laugh my fucking ass off. I seriously think Gonzo needs to move away from that kind of stuff, although so does everyone else so I guess they really haven't gotten that message yet, huh?  All that was needed to be necessary to make a sequel for Last Exile is exactly what LASTEXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing- turned out to be, but that's just it: it's all that was only necessary for a sequel. Nothing more, nothing less. There's no spirit or even motivation to succeed the original, but rather just a blank attempt to move the series forward. I'll give the story the benefit of the doubt, seeing as though the original Last Exile ended up surprising with an onslaught of awesome characters throughout its course, though I doubt the excitement or energy of the series will ever become any more than what it is now, and that's honestly a real shame.

Gonzo is kind of an on-going joke in the anime community. A joke that I feel is a bit too harsh, but a joke nonetheless. The original Last Exile is thought to be one of their last greatest shows (and is by far my favorite Gon...


The man who designed Hatsune Miku is making an anime

Aug 09
// Josh Tolentino
A lot of factors contribute to the success of Hatsune Miku and the whole Vocaloid thing, but one of the most critical was Hatsune Miku herself, as a character. Hers was the face those many amateur composers wrote their songs ...

First Impressions: Nyanpire

Jul 09
// Tyler Jones
When I first saw the preview of Nyanpire, I thought it looked like a cutesy show meant to promote a cutesy mascot to sell some cutesy merchandise. While I'm pretty sure this is the case (and there's nothing wrong with that), ...

Enjoy this new Last Exile PV, it has vanships and stuff

Apr 09
A lot of people were excited to hear about the new Last Exile sequel when it was announced last February as Last Exile ~Fam, the Silver Wing~, and now, those same people can rejoice once again thanks to a new PV tha...

Later this year, Last Exile ~Fam, the Silver Wing~

Feb 07
// Kristina Pino
I watched the original series Last Exile (2003) last year for the first time and I really, really enjoyed it. Naturally, I am more than delighted by the news that eight years later, Gonzo is producing a new series with a new ...

Japanator (Doesn't) Recommend: Linebarrels of Iron

Nov 06
// Bob Muir
I like to consider myself a fan of mecha anime. Whether it's a super robot show or a "realistic" robot show, I'm willing to forgive certain tropes of the genre, such as young kids piloting weapons of war, if the act...

Scandal! It seems that just today 49-year-old Takeshi Matsubara was arrested for allegedly doing insider trading back in 2006-2007 on stocks of Gonzo. According to the report, Matsubara was arrested for, "having traded s...


Jason carves Saki chainsaw sculpture

Dec 03
// Jon Snyder
Mass murderer Jason Voorhees, already famous for his anime chainsaw sculptures, has victimized yet another tree in pursuit of fine art. This time, he immortalized Nodoka Haramura of Saki, in her angelic form. He even managed ...

Worry not, AIC to take over Strike Witches for season 2

Nov 29
// Brad Rice
Fear not, dear readers: when the future of Gonzo is in doubt, the anime studio AIC is coming to the rescue and bringing you another season of plane-girls without pants. Coming from Kadokawa Shoten's Nyantype Magazine, AIC mad...

Moe Moe Buddhism!

Nov 24
// Jon Snyder
Do you remember the Shinto shrine that experienced a sudden surge in popularity because of Lucky Star? Well, it appears that the Ryohoji Buddhist temple near Tokyo has decided to go one better... with a full-blown catgirl mai...

First Impressions: Kiddy Girl-and

Oct 25
// Jon Snyder
Summary: Maid cafe antics abound, coupled with panties jokes and slapstick. My memories of the original Kiddy Grade have been ruined.The original Kiddy Grade was a futuristic female buddy cop anime, featuring plenty of fanser...

Japanator Recommends: Romeo x Juliet part 2

Aug 12 // Tim Sheehy
Romeo x Juliet (part 2)Creator: Fumitoshi Oizaki, GonzoPublisher: FUNimationRelease date: August 11, 2009MSRP: $59.98The second half of this series pick up where the first half left off, with Juliet having been captured by the evil tyrant, Montague. Her comrades are left to plot her escape against overwhelming odds. After, assisting in her, Romeo's father sends him to work the rest of his days away as warden of a prison camp, while Juliet and her men prepare for the final showdown with Romeo's father. All the while, we learn more about the mysterious tree that seems to be keeping the land afloat amongst the clouds, and its tie to Juliet's noble blood. The ending of the series is not what I expected, and while I won't post a spoiler, it, like most everything else, is different than the end of the play. The character of Tybalt comes into play more frequently in this half of the series. It's revealed that he's the son of Montague and another Capulet, and is hell bent on destroying his father for betraying his mother and slaughtering the rest of her family. I found it disturbing how closely his rage resembles that of his father, for which he despises, but at the same time I appreciated its contribution to the back-story. I've also seen people mention that they loved the series, but were not too happy with the ending. If that's the case, I can recommend reading the manga, as it's actually slightly different than the anime and might be more to their liking. While the show is still a tragedy--and by that nature, depressing to some degree--you can rest assured that the series resolves itself well. The real tragedy however is that some of the filler episodes--I call them that only because they're there for character development, but honestly each episode moves the plot along, even if just a little--are poorly animated. You can easily tell when the budget was tight during their production. It's more apparent during the episodes where Romeo is spending time in the prison camp. I shouldn't complain too much though, as this is pretty common with most series, and no where near as prevalent as it used to be during the mid-90s. In the end I absolutely loved the series and as a whole I can't help but recommend it. I know some of you might not agree with me, but I don't really mind. Sure the series isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan of Shakespeare, love stories, drama, you'll probably love this series as much as I did. It certainly helps that they threw in some action and gave the series a fantasy twist.  

Last time I wrote a recommendation for this series, it was met with some resistance. I'm not really sure why either. Nobody really went out of their way to explain what they didn't like about it. It seemed as though they had ...


Gonzo misses expectations, posts 3.4 billion yen loss

Jun 03
// Matthew Whitehead
Gonzo has reported its finances for the year ending this March, and the results aren't pretty. Even though earnings rose year over year, Gonzo posted a much larger loss than expected of 3.4 billion yen for the previous fiscal...

Pantless loli WWII pilots second season CONFIRMED

Apr 28
// God Len
The rumor of the mysterious second season of Gonzo’s Strike Witches anime will finally be confirmed. But it isn’t confirmed now, but will be announced on Thursday in the first issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Nyan...

FUNi grabs several Gonzo licenses, Bamboo Blade over Valentine's Day

Feb 16
// Brad Rice
So, if you weren't at Katsucon, like I wasn't, FUNi went ahead and grabbed several titles. Namely, The Tower of Druaga, Blassreiter, Dragonaut, and Bamboo Blade. I'm surprised Strike Witches wasn't on the list, considering th...

'Hi, I'm Mr. Yamamoto, from Bandai Visual's Gundam Department...'

Feb 13
// Brad Rice
Corporate restructuring is the name of the game today. We've got word about restructuring from both Bandai Visual and from Gonzo. Let's start of with Gonzo because it's the more serious of the two.How serious is it? Gonzo is ...

Crunchyroll obtains four new Gonzo titles

Jan 07
// Rio McCarthy
Crunchyroll has continued their stride of adding more and more amazing anime titles to their evergrowing list. Japanese anime production studio, Gonzo, has made their announcement that they will be adding four titles to Crunc...

1920's baseball and Korean MMO getting anime adaptations

Aug 24
// Brad Rice
Alright, who's ready for some baseball? And not the usual Major-type stuff, either. I'm talking full-out 1925-style rules here. The Taisho Yakyuu Musume novels (Taisho Baseball Girls) are going to be adapted into an anime, ac...

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