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12:00 PM on 12.17.2011

Yuru Yuri second season HNNNG

According to the official website itself, the adorable yet hilarious Yuru Yuri will soon be getting its second season! We'll be seeing the first glimpse of this new season, which seems to be titled Yuru Yuri♪♪, in...

Chris Walden

8:00 PM on 09.11.2011

Sell a kidney for a new Toradora! episode!

You know what would make a good Christmas present? The Toradora! box-set of course! Due to land on the 21st of December, the six-disc Blu-ray edition of this emotional roller-coaster will finally allow us to see the palmtop t...

Chris Walden

10:00 AM on 09.10.2011

A Daily Dose of Music: Heavenstemp

Oh Heavenstamp, I love you so much. Today's Daily Dose is pretty special, as it features one of my most favoritist bands. Their newest track Waterfall is no exception, nice pop melodies, with a bit of 90's brit rock action fe...

Hiroko Yamamura

8:00 PM on 08.30.2011

The new Persona games will be Ultimately Golden

Remember that little Persona teaser we posted about a week or so back? Well, it seems there is more than just one Persona game on the horizon. Famitsu reports some details on a few upcoming Persona games by our favorite publi...

Hiroko Yamamura

First Impressions: Bunny Drop photo
First Impressions: Bunny Drop
by OxKing

I'm always either laughing at or baffled as to how some people can stick on the edge of their seats with a long-running TV series like Lost, yet at the end of a series like Kimi ni Todoke or Video Girl Ai, I end up weeping like a baby. I am very, veeerryyy weak when it comes to keeping it together in a drama series. Despite never feeling the need to cry after high school graduation or the day when I became an uncle (in fact, they were more of a "yeah, whatever" kind of feeling), I cry deeply and happily at the most saddest, most heart-warming, most moving television shows instead.

So I don't know what I was doing in agreeing to watch Bunny Drop this season. I mean, I can pretty much tell that the only investment I feel I'll gain in watching this show is the chance to inevitably cry when it ends; I'm already "Hnnnggg"-ing and "D'awwwwww"-ing within the first 15 minutes if that's any indication.

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10:23 AM on 12.06.2010

Large Bagel is the best manga of all ages

Have you heard of the sensation Large Bagel yet? Well, not many have, but consider this your wake-up call: Large Bagel is the most sugoi kawaii manga you have ever read. No, seriously! Never before has a piece of work be...


11:00 PM on 10.24.2010

15 hot nerd costumes for guys

It's getting closer to Halloween, and hopefully all of you are hard at work on your costumes. I know I am, and I'll be sexing it up at my annual Halloween party as a slutty female version of Mr. Spock. Then I got to thinking,...

Crystal White

11:00 AM on 10.06.2010

Kimi ni Todoke season two on its wa-HHHHHHNNNNNGGGGGG

Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy.Call the EMTs, because you're going to need saving -- in the latest issue of BetsuMa magazine, they announced a second season of the Kimi ni Todoke anime. So that means ...

Brad Rice

11:00 PM on 07.14.2010

Weekly Wallpaper: DRR!! Bonus Edition!

As many of you may have noticed, in the Cblogs I've been doing a weekly blog called Weekly Wallpaper (how original and inspired, I know). I take votes from the community and make a wallpaper base on those, with new subjects a...

Ben Huber

2:00 PM on 06.05.2010

Looking for a good time? Yakuza dealers sell fake Viagra

So it's a Friday night and you're looking for a good time. Me? I usually have a few drinks with friends. But occasionally I need some Viagra to get me through the shame of having to bang a hooker. Really. I just pop one of th...

Crystal White

7:00 PM on 05.13.2010

Kimi ni Todoke to have extra episode bundled with manga

When Kimi ni Todoke ended, I was happy and frustrated at the same time. Happy, because this story that I had become so attached to was finally coming to a conclusion, and frustrated because I didn't get the ending I wanted. M...

Brad Rice

8:00 PM on 03.19.2010

Momohime's thigh perfectly realized in this Muramasa fig

Everyone knows that Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii isn't about a Demon Blade or sword-slicing action. It's about the achingly beautiful artwork of Vanillaware and George Kamitani, and seeing a kind of alternate gaming ...

Josh Tolentino