A few handy tips, because we care
In case you're planning a trip to Japan in the future (like for the 2020 Olympics), or even if you're there right now for Tokyo Game Show and are looking for suggestions, here's a list you didn't ask for but totally need. I've even gone through the trouble of sorting it based on interests/activities rather than just making it a numbered list. read feature

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

KPP ready to PonPonPon around the world in 2014

2014 world tour announced
Sep 10
Looks like there is no rest for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. That's because Warner Music Japan has just announced that she will be going on another world tour in 2014. This year's tour entitled "The 100% Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour 20... read
J-POP Summit's cute event

J-POP Summit taps into its cute side with a fashion event

My Harajuku can't be this cute.
Jun 17
After teaming up with ASOBISYSETM, J-POP Summit has gotten even more adorable, and it's all thanks to a fashion event that's invading San Francisco's Japantown! Their special attraction doesn't stop there, because they plan t... read

A Daily Dose of Music: Japan Expo Live!

Jul 13
I was really excited to catch this whole phenomena known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu this entire trip. Finally when the night came, I approached the whole concert cautiously. The girl has become a bit of an icon and a bra... read

Harajuku Evangelion store has launched

Nov 22
The guys over at ITMedia posted some images from the opening of the Harajuku Evangelion store that happened this week. The store store is set to fully open its doors Wednesday, but that didn't stop the party! Is that a f... read

Harajuku Evangelion Store is going to Impact my wallet

Oct 25
Media outlet, Tokyo Walker has put up images of a couple pieces of exciting new merchandise that will be featured at the new Evangelion Store, nestled in hip Harajuku. I think that Eva-01 wallet needs to planted fir... read

Kirsten Dunst is doing it wrong

Aug 28
Not that I care. I don't. She's adorable in normal clothes, and she's adorable in this one-off of Harajuku-style wear.Technically...technically she looks like sh*t. Technically. But she somehow pulls it off anyway. She's got ... read

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