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Review: Blessing of the Campanella

Mar 17 // LB Bryant
Blessing of the Campanella Complete Collection (DVD)Studio: AICLicensed by: Right StufRelease Date: 2/4/14MSRP: $49.99 Let's dispense with this right away... this is a moe harem series through and through. All of the characters are designed to be cute and lovable and the fan service is plentiful. This is a series where you are meant to find at least one character to attach yourself to and feel something special about them. Not that this is a bad thing; not in the least. I'm just letting everyone know ahead of time that if you're looking for some sword-clanging Record of Lodoss War-style fantasy action, you're going to be very disappointed.  If you're going into this series realizing that what you're getting is pure fluff, you'll find that this isn't a bad release at all. It's actually quite fun once you dispose yourself of the notion that Blessing of the Campanella is going to deliver anything particularly hard-hitting or deep. This is twelve episodes (thirteen if you count the OVA episode bundled as an extra) of cute wrapped up in adorable.  As you go through it you're bound to notice all sorts of fun little treats and tidbits. For instance, this is a surprisingly musical series, filled with various theme and insert songs. None of the songs are particularly wonderful (this series isn't trying to be K-ON after all) but they are certainly catchy and so don't be surprised if you find yourself whistling or humming one or more songs from this series long after you've finished watching it.  The big complaint that I have with Blessing of the Campanella is that it relies way too much on fan service to sell the female characters to the audience. Breast shots and bathing scenes are common throughout the series to the point of being pointless and distracting. Hell, one of the extras included on each disc are various 3D animated bathing scenes of the different female characters, which are nothing more than two minute nude scenes. Seriously.  Ignoring that one complaint though, Blessing of the Campanella has a solid story progression all the way through the series. The first few episodes are dedicated to introducing the characters and developing their personalities. We eventually learn everything we want to know about where Minette came from, and why the villain named Aberdeen wants to kidnap her and use her for his own nefarious purposes. The climax has everyone coming together to fix a major problem with their world, and wraps up in a satisfying manner. Overall I enjoyed this series though. It's fun and never takes itself too seriously, which is exactly the right attitude to have when watching this. Go and pick this one up if you're looking for a lighthearted fantasy romp.  Score: 7.0 – Good. Films or shows that get this score are good, but not great. These could have been destined for greatness, but were held back by their flaws. While some may not enjoy them, fans of the genre will definitely love them.
Review: Campanella photo
Fantasy world boobies
In 2010, Funimation simulcasted a fantasy series called Blessing of the Campanella and then, once concluded, it quietly went away. For months no one brought it up again until 2013 when Right Stuf revealed at a summer convent...


Dating to save mankind in Date A Live: Rinne Utopia

A man's work is never done
Jan 31
// Josh Totman
What a hard life to lead when the world makes you date women to save it. This is only half true in the new collaborated game from Compile Heart and Sting. The other half of this puzzle lies in our hero, Shido. He has the powe...

Christmas Waifu: Harem Edition

The more the merrier. If you know what I mean.
Dec 25
// Josh Totman
It's not Christmas unless you spend it with someone special. Whether it is with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friends, pets, or waifu/husbando. We all like to have that person, animal, love pillow next to us during this...

Japanator Recommends: Heaven's Lost Property Forte

Jul 01 // Josh Totman
Sora no Otoshimono Forte (BD+DVD) Studio: AIC License by: FUNImation MSRP: $64.98 (Buy for $37.95) It comes to no surprise that I would be taking a look at Sora no Otoshimono Forte seeing as I reviewed the first season. After reviewing the first season, I became a big fan of the series. It was a series that I missed the first time around with great heartache and despair, knowing that I would fall in love with it instantly. So when the time came around for me to be able to review it, I jumped on it like a Tomoki on a pair of woman’s panties. Then it happened again once the second season came down the pike and let me tell you, it was just as enjoyable as the first. We start off right where we left off in season one. Everything is all fine and dandy at the Sakurai household.  Except that the Synapse are still not happy with what’s been happening down on earth. So the Synapse sends some more angels down to take care of Ikaros since the others have failed. This time around we have the even more buxom Astraea. A close combat Angeliod that is clumsy and dumb as a brick. Typical. Its fine for what I like, but I digress. The other is called Chaos, second generation loli Angeliod. Don’t let the small size fool you. She packs a staggering high level of combat skills with an insane killer instinct. The series doesn’t let up at all on the pervert comedy front. It stays right on target with its outrageous games, interesting camera angles, and normal gags. On the writing side of things, it is hilarious in English. With so many puns coming at you constantly it’s amazing that the cast could get through it. It kept me laughing the whole time. Mainly because I have a sick sense of humor too, so that always helps me through most of the anime I tend to watch. Moving along, the cast returns to reprise all of their roles to a T. It’s like they never really left the booth from the first one. Everyone hits their marks and delivers their jokes spot on. I don’t even think I could read the subtitle even that well to make it that funny. Just as the first one, Greg Ayres is the main centerpiece as Tomoki. Really, I can’t think of anyone that could do a better job in this series then him. Bravo my good sir. Everything still looks nice and bright on the DVD I was sent to review. Just like the first series did. None of the quality in the production was turned down either. AIC does a wonderful job again keeping its standards up on this season. Seeing as their track record speaks for itself. Actually, I think they are my favorite animation company now that I have relooked at what they have done for the past 30 years. I’m really glad that I have gotten the chance to review this series. It’s completely up my ally in what I like to see in harem anime. Plenty of fanservice, but has a lot of heart. Along with that, it has a good story that drives everything forward. It keeps everything in balance while all the hilarity is going on. Can this stand on its own if you haven’t watched the first one? I would wager not as much as it should. It would be a bit confusing for anyone starting from here. Good thing that the first one is a bit better then the second. So go and check it out and you’ll understand why I’m in love with this series.  8.0 – Great. A perfectly executed film or series that defines its genre without resorting to cliches.  

Second seasons of anime scare me, same with movies. You go in thinking that it should be good or better than the original only to be disappointed in the end. Well I am glad to say that I was not disappointed at all with this ...


Conception, the best game idea ever, gets a release date!

Feb 01
// Elliot Gay
I maintain that this is the most brilliant idea in the history of video games (probably not). A game in which you, as the protagonist, have kids with a bunch of different women. Sounds simple and scandalous right? Well the fu...

AKB48 starring in their own comedy program

Aug 20
// Chris Walden
Got plans for September 29th? Well now you do, as you'll be staying in to watch an upcoming comedy show, starring none other than the small army of teens known as AKB48. Apparently, this show is set to "break the boundaries o...

Love Hina comes back after nine years

Aug 22
// Josh Tolentino
For better or worse, Love Hina helped define the anime-viewing landscape of my youth. To date it remains the romance show that I compare all other romance shows to. It introduced me to one of my favorite voice actresses (Yui ...

Infinite Stratos mecha musume anime set for winter

Aug 11
// Josh Tolentino
If you're one of the sci-fi nerd who has been decrying the decline in hardcore sci-fi mecha anime outside the various Gundam shows...well, you'll probably decry this show, too. But hey, mecha is mecha, even if it's mecha-musu...

To Love-Ru gets spin-off manga this October

Aug 01
// Bob Muir
After an ending to the original manga that left pretty much nothing resolved and an anime adaptation with another season on the way, manga-ka Kentaro Yabuki will be launching a new spin-off of his manga To Love-Ru. The origin...

Love Hina and its place in the romantic comedy

Mar 24
// Brad Rice
Love Hina is one of those hallmark titles of anime: a gateway for many into the mysterious and bizarre world of Japanese animation. Love Hina's distinction in the annals of anime is as one of the first harem series.The situat...

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