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FUNimation Friday Frights photo
FUNimation Friday Frights

FUNimation has your horror fix

Tune in on weekends
Oct 19
// Kristina Pino
FUNimation updated their blog recently noting that each Friday leading up to Halloween, they'll be posting up a horror movie or series for those looking for spooky watching material on the weekends. The latest big title you c...

Japanator Arena: Beyond the Grave vs Seras Victoria

Oct 05 // Salvador G Rodiles
In this corner: This man served under Big Daddy before he became a Deadman, after being murdered by his best friend. While his battle to defeat those involved with Seed has come to a triumphant close, Beyond the Grave from the Gungrave series is waking up to do some target practice with his Cerberus guns! In this corner: Getting killed after witnessing the death of your comrades is not a great way to die. It’s a good thing that Seras allowed Alucard to drink her blood, as it allowed her to see her colleagues get avenged by the Hellsing Organization’s strongest member. Now that she has become a Draculina, Seras Victoria has the necessary skills to take home the crown! Our two contenders are able to pull off some ridiculous moves with their unique set of firearms, so I’m curious to see how their natural abilities will come into play. As always, your votes and persuasion skills will be the key to determining the winner in this fight. When you cast your vote, make sure that you give a +1 to the character that you think would triumph, since it will help us keep track of the all the Demolition Shots and vampiric powers flying around all over the place. Grave and Seras will fight from today until Thursday, so I recommend that you vote on time. After the battle comes to a close, you are welcomed to drop by during the beginning of the next match to see who wins. Now that the usual rules are out of the way, let’s head to our ringside seats before this undead mayhem gets underway. *ding, ding, ding* Begin The First Phase!
Japanator Arena photo
Vampires and Deadmen square off!
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Gene Starwind fired off every Caster Shell in his arsenal, but Vash was able to see each one coming from a mile away. Since Vash can move at high speeds, Gene was depleting his ammo reserves tryi...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Halloween date showdown

Oct 21
// God Len
Last week’s Tuesday Otaku Debate was the be all, end all Gundam Wing battle royal between the different Gundams (and non-Gundams) of the Gundam Wing universe. Now to answer Heero’s question, the muse behind this d...

Hellsing and Afro Samurai figures from Organic USA available only at SDCC

Jul 08
// Brad Rice
As to be expected, Tomopop gets all the cool figure news. Even when it should be all ours, since the figures are about anime characters. And often come from Japan. If you're one of the many going to San Diego Comic Con at the...


FUNimation to release select Geneon titles -- Hellsing has been saved!

Jul 03
// Brad Rice
Here's a nice piece of news, before Anime Expo swings into full gear: FUNimation has signed an exclusive agreement with Geneon to "manufacture, market, and sell" some of Geneon's more established series, including H...

Whats cooler, Hellsing ORGANIC figures or Chars cell phone?

Oct 23
// God Len
I’ll answer the question right now, and skip the formalities: they’re both damn cool. Lets start with the Hellsing ORGANIC figure. ORGANIC does not mean the figure is made from spare animal parts and super-clean ...

Alucard-ism; a Hellsing version of Haruhi’s opening

Feb 04
// God Len
Have you ever wondered why all the good videos, in some way, have to do with Haruhi Suzumiya? Maybe it's because the show rocks, or that's just me. Nevertheless, here is a video that combines two contrasting series together in one happy package. Hellsing and Haruhi; the true opening.

Hellsing OVA has issues

Feb 03
// Brad Rice
  No, not those kinds of issues. Well, yes, it does have those kinds of issues too, but those aren't the kind I'm talking about. It would seem that production of Alucard and crew's latest adventure has run into a bit of...

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