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8:00 AM on 11.30.2013

Get a real good look at the Snow Miku 2014 street train

Pedro gave you all a preview of the Magical Snow Miku train at Sapporo, but now there's a whole video showcasing it and its opening day. You can see all the lovely details of the outside of the car as well as the posters, to...

Kristina Pino


Mistwalker's mobile-RPG Terra Battle has surpassed 1.5 million downloads worldwide

Unlock new "adventurers" from iconic Final Fantasy character designer Yoshitaka Amano and a new scenario from Yasumi Matsuno, designer of Final Fantasy XII. Also, Terra Battle received the highly anticipated online co-op mode update that allows players to work together to clear stages and adds summons to the battlefield. More Info.

5:00 PM on 08.07.2009

Red light reading: Hokkaido bank comissions report on its 'pleasure district'

Times may be tough everywhere, but the Susukino red-light district in Sapporo is doin' alright. The Bank of Japan noticed, and put out an order for a report on Susukino in an effort to determine the demand for this type of se...

Dale North

6:00 PM on 07.30.2009

Blue beer from Hokkaido reminds me of the ice and the sea

Beer is pretty...manly, but this particular Japanese brew looks to be delicate and beautiful. Romantic, even.From the great North of Japan, Hokkaido, comes Okhotsk Blue, from Abashiri Brewery. This beer is made from melt...

Dale North