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Atlus being absorbed, though its name shall remain

Aug 30
Now, now. It's not as bad as it sounds. Atlus, everyone's favorite Catherine developer/publisher, isn't being dismantled or shut down, but rather being merged into its parent company, Index Holdings, which purchased Atlus bac... read

Hoity-toity auteur types are bound to make grand statements every so often, and Yutaka Yamamoto (a.k.a. Yamakan) is apparently no stranger to that sort of thing. The former KyoAni luminary who was behind season one of The Mel... read feature

Will FUNimation be sold? Find out in two quarters

Aug 05
It's been rumbling about the industry for a while now, but it seems that the cat may soon exit the bag. Navarre Corporation, parent company of FUNimation, is due to make "a strategic decision" regarding the publishe... read

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of Japanator Discusses, a roundtable-style feature that we resort to when a topic - and the thoughts and commentary inspired by it - is too big for any one editor to monopolize.Toda... read feature

Jon Schiller Design caught tracing multiple anime, games

Jul 30
It's shades of Nick Simmons with a new comic/toy property called SINS!, a darker spin-off of Jon Schiller Design's Little 9 property. Artist Jon Schiller, or someone working under him, has released a series of promotional ima... read

Kannagi's Yamakan predicts end of anime home video sales

Jul 30
Apparently director Yutaka Yamamoto, a.k.a. Yamakan, is not too happy with the current state of the anime industry. Despite just releasing the highly anticipated OVA Black Rock Shooter through his own production company Studi... read

It seems that the ridiculous debate about the rights of fictional characters continues, disregarding common sense. Now, a Swedish manga translator (unnamed) has been fined by the district court of Uppsala Sweden for possessin... read feature

Ryu Murakami bypasses publisher dominance by going iPad

Jul 21
Despite really being several iPod Touches nailed together, it seems the iPad is here to stay.It's an intriguing device though, especially in its potential as a replacement for paper-bound books and manga. Nothing's going to t... read

West coast publisher TokyoPop, has paired with Zinio in order to offer manga available for download on Macs or PCs, as well as the iPad (I wonder if the iPod Touch is compatible as well). Singular download... read feature

MangaFox pulls their entire Viz library, 'talking' to Viz

Jun 21
I wonder how this is going to go: the folks over at MangaFox are currently trying to talk with the people at Viz in regards to all the scans they're hosting of Viz's licensed properties. In addition to all 230 titles Viz aske... read

Crunchyroll gets another $750k shot in the arm!

Jun 16
It looks like Crunchyroll really is attracting all the investors. Less than three months after TV Tokyo invested in the group, Japanese e-publisher Bitway announced that they're also dropping $750,000 into Crunchyroll's coffe... read

Yesterday, the announcement of the long-overdue anti-piracy coalition within the manga industry got a lot of people riled up, both here at Japanator and across the 'net. Of course, the press release wasn't the most specifi... read feature

If it wasn't on this whole time, you can be sure that it's on now, oh yes you can.What's on, you ask? The war against scanlation, that's what. Pretty much every major manga publisher on both sides of the Pacific have joined f... read feature

The impact that GAINAX, Evangelion, and its creator, Hideki Anno have had on the anime industry is huge. From the popular anime series to the recent movie remakes (or sequels, depending on who you ask), there have been few pr... read feature

Rest in Peace, Peter Keefe: Voltron producer passes away

May 29
Remember Voltron? Classic giant robot, the one with lines, later with cars? I do. Growing up in the Philippines I was a little too young to get on the Voltes V bandwagon, but was right on time to catch Voltron and lion-combin... read

Shocker: Evangelion 2.22 DVD/BD sells like gangbusters

May 26
Was it really any surprise that yet another Evangelion-related would sell like gangbusters, not least the biggest Evangelion-related thing since, well, Evangelion? Of course not.But this is, of course, a thing that ... read

It might seem like the end of the world, now that yet another manga publisher is closing its doors. This time, DC Comics has announced that they're shuttering their manga branch CMX as of July 1st. The publisher, best known f... read feature

Top story of the day: PW got the word that Viz is laying off a massive 60 employees -- about 40% of its total workforce, including shuttering its New York office. From some of the talk that I've heard going around, this is hi... read feature

Angel Beats makes mad ratings, we deign to pick it up

May 11
I initially dismissed Angel Beats! on the appearance of its protagonist, and I'm reasonably sure that I wasn't alone at the time. Now, new ratings reports from broadcaster MBS have inspired me to give the show a chance.It see... read

Press release fight! FUNimation fires back at Crunchyroll

May 09
Hey, remember late April, when FUNimation announced in a press release that they served over 8 million streaming views in March? Yes you do, and great for FUNi!Hey, remember Monday, when Crunchyroll pulled a sick burn on FUNi... read

Gainax's new anime is about panties and stockings

May 05
If there's anything you can rely on Gainax for, it's that you can expect some weird-ass projects coming out of that studio. From brain-melters like Evangelion to romance series like KareKano to robo-maid comedies like Mahorom... read

Anime Die When They Are Killed

May 03
Here at Japanator, we're full of opinions. When it comes to controversies you can be sure that Brad does not monopolize the discourse. (Well, almost. And unless you mean by his deep, sexy, podcast-breaking voice). The thing i... read

[Update: I've added a corollary talking about DVD pricing here in the US. It's an important addition to this debate. --Brad] Many of you may have heard already, but just in case you haven't: Bang Zoom's CEO, Eric Sherman, is ... read feature

Scandal! It seems that just today 49-year-old Takeshi Matsubara was arrested for allegedly doing insider trading back in 2006-2007 on stocks of Gonzo. According to the report, Matsubara was arrested for, "having traded s... read feature

Rest in Peace, Carl Macek: Robotech producer passes away

Apr 20
Last weekend saw a solemn day for anime fans everywhere, as Carl Macek (pictured left), perhaps one of the greatest pioneers of anime in the English-speaking world, passed away on April 17th. He was 58 years old.Macek was inv... read

Media Blasters going with box sets for future releases

Apr 17
Business is tough in the anime industry. What with the lean economy and the whole thing with the anime bubble bursting, publishers everywhere that don't have their claws in some kind of sure-win property are scrambling to ada... read

Well, how's this for something to wake up to? Aniplex America, who we've seen working with Bandai Entertainment for a number of years, has finally decided to get into the distribution market. For their first trick, they're go... read feature

Touhou is way too popular on the doujinshi scene

Apr 13
Look, I know that the Touhou Project series of moe bullet-hell games is big in the otaku world, but I really didn't know it was that big. It's pretty effin' HUGE.At least, that's the picture given by the latest amateur work s... read

No More Mutants: X-Men Misfits and more get axed

Apr 13
Dark times are nigh for fans of east-west comic book crossovers, as X-Men Misfits, a shoujo-manga-styled adaptation of everyone's favorite mutant franchise has been separated from its ability to exist, Scarlet Witch style.Deb... read

VIZ Eisner's best friend, scores six award nominations

Apr 11
It seems that VIZ Media are in the habit of picking out winners, as this year they - or rather, works that they've published - cleaned up at the nominations for this year's Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - The Eisners.Whoe... read

FUNiCon 3.0 online discussion panel is go for March 29th

Mar 26
Have a question to ask a North American anime-publishing superpower? You'll get a chance on Monday, as FUNimation Update Blog is right and ready to hold FUNiCon 3.0, its online panel, live via USTREAM, that live streaming ser... read

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