Oct 14
// Dale North
I am vibrating, barely able to contain an outburst of affection and emotion. Sorry for the screaming title, but I was just so taken with the above news clip.Meet Maki-chan, a white Shiba Inu, not unlike our friend Keikun (Ot...

I wish I could fly to Japan and help this dog right now

Sep 03
// Brad Rice
I think it's finally time to get a new puppy.[Huffington Post]

Get the tissues and be ready to cry over this trailer for Hachi, the Hachiko movie

Aug 11
// Brad Rice
Simply put, this trailer makes me cry like a little girl. And I think that it'll do the same to you. Like, full out bawling, even if you're some big "tough guy." For anyone that's ever had a dog, or even has any lov...

New Japanese music CD to calm your high-strung pet

Jul 31
// Dale North
I love my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but the dude is crazy. Seriously, he's f'n nuts. Big ears, long body, small brain, I say. He does things so weird that I can't even comprehend where he's coming from. At his best, he's hig...

SDCC: Yoroinu is a game about dogs in armor

Jul 24
// Andres Cerrato
Sure, Comic-Con might have been completely infested with Twilight fans yesterday, but that left time for people to find great things.  Cute things like a new game in development called Yoroinu, or simply Armoredogs. ...

Tuesday Otaku Debate - PaRappa the Rapper vs K.K. Slider

Jul 21
// Tim Sheehy
We just got back from Otakon yesterday, and already we're gearing up for Comic Con. I'm actually still in the process of figuring out how I'm going to work out my transportation for the convention despite actua...

Aww! Dog-only Japanese ringtones

Jun 23
// Dale North
No, this isn't ringtones of your precious doggy barking. You could make that yourself. This is actually even more useless.Dwango just announced a download service that enables Japanese cell phone owners to nab ringtones that ...

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