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4:00 PM on 02.20.2012

J-Drama-O-Rama: Oh! My Girl!!

Welcome back to J-Drama-O-Rama! This time around we are going to look at Oh! My Girl!!, a more light hearted drama then the others that we have watched. I'd have to say that this is like a diet soda of the drama world. It's light, fun, and means well, just like diet soda, but can still rot your teeth. Let's just jump right on in, shall we?

Josh Totman

J-Drama-o-rama: My Boss My Hero photo
J-Drama-o-rama: My Boss My Hero
by Josh Totman

Welcome back to the bi-weekly, never cheeky, always hokey, J-drama-o-rama! This week we will be jumping off a building into My Boss My Hero. A yakuza story with heart, comedy, and high school? Yup! 

How could this play out?  Is everyone in the school going to have to bow to this new yakuza student? Will no one get to buy lunch because they have made them all give up the money for lunches at the door? Actually, the exact opposite. Find out more of why this drama is at the top of my list after the jump.

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J-Drama-O-rama: Ranma 1/2 SP photo
J-Drama-O-rama: Ranma 1/2 SP
by Josh Totman

[Welcome to J-Drama-O-Rama, Josh Totman's new column covering the best in live-action Japanese TV! From drama to dorama to everything in-between, J-Drama-O-Rama's got it! - Josh (Tolentino)]

Rumiko Takahashi's beloved series Ranma 1/2 has finally had the live-action treatment! One of my favorites! I started watching the Ranma anime series way back around 1996, when VHS tapes were all the rage and you could get two episodes per tape for $30. What a deal!! The sad part, besides the price, was that after the third season it started to feel tacked on. My suggestion for anyone out there that has not seen any of the Ranma anime is to search out the first three seasons, OVAs, and movies. This will be all you need to enjoy this wonderful romantic action comedy.

Does the live-action TV movie special hold up to it's anime counterpart? Can Ranma find a way to stay a guy forever? Will Akane and Ranma finally find the courage to confess their feeling for each other? Find out this and more on the next episode of Ranma 1/2!!

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