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6:00 PM on 02.14.2015

JapanaTen: Ten shows to make you forget Valentine's loneliness

Hey there, buddy. Was today a rough day for ya? I know how you feel. All those "normals" and their stupid capitalist rituals that are designed to exploit those foolish enough to fall it. I am here to give you some suggestions on some good anime shows you can find to forget about today and to enjoy this weekend.

Red Veron

JapanaTen: Romantic Comedies to celebrate Valentine's by photo
JapanaTen: Romantic Comedies to celebrate Valentine's by
by Red Veron

[Author's Note: This is for those who want romance, those who do not scroll no further! I have something else for you later today]

Valentine's day falls on a weekend this year and I know some of you are in the mood for some romance anime to watch and maybe some comedy to add into the fun. So why not check out this selection of romantic comedy anime that I put together because I love you. Okay, not really but I just wanted make something for you. Don't misunderstand. Baka.

So I've got a list of ten shows that you can watch on streaming services such as Crackle, Hulu, and Netflix for convenience. Check out this list for something that you might like and find one or two that you can curl up to watch and enjoy today.

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6:00 PM on 10.31.2013

JapanaTen: Our Top Ten Horror Anime

Halloween is upon us, and it's time for horror movie marathons, bag snatching Trick or Treating, and consuming all the creepy media we can. But what if you happen to be an otaku? What's out there for you? Well, dear readers...

Brittany Vincent

JapanaTen: The top ten companies that should buy Atlus  photo
JapanaTen: The top ten companies that should buy Atlus
by Salvador GRodiles

Many of us here at Japanator have been a fan of Atlus’s games for quite a while. From Shin Megami Tensei to Catherine, the company has given us some great titles that have touched our hearts. With the fate of Atlus on the line, me and the rest of folks at Japanator have gotten together to create a list on the companies that we think that would do the Atlus name proud! Depending on how the auction ends up at the end of the month, there's a small chance that one of us will have our wish granted. 

So without further ado, you can join us below to see which companies made the cut. While you're at it, you could tell us your companies in the comments section! 

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JapanaTen: 10 Characters who'd be cool Americans photo
JapanaTen: 10 Characters who'd be cool Americans
by Josh Tolentino

As the clock turns over on July 4th, it's time to think about American independence in the only way that an idle mind can in the middle of the night: in terms of coolness

Y'see, there's a famous poem at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, and some of its lines go:

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

That's all well and good, but, if you could send a few badasses, top men (and women), and the general cream of your crop over this way, that'd be good, too! 

Here now are ten characters who aren't already American, but we think would make for model citizens of these United States. We consider it a...shortlist of sorts for the Immigration and Naturalization Service to go by when deciding which fictional characters to induct into this great melting pot.

Read on, then tell us which characters YOU think would make ideal Americans!

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JapanaTen After Dark: Our 10 Favorite Fanservice Fiestas photo
JapanaTen After Dark: Our 10 Favorite Fanservice Fiestas
by Josh Tolentino

Had enough of love, romance, and all that other junk? No need for all that gooey cootie-filled stuff?

Well, we've got the list feature for you, an opposite number to the tender caresses of a Valentine's Day love-fest. Yes, today's After Dark special covers ten of our favorite fanservice-filled anime series. After all, what else could we do after the lengthy discussion we had!

Head on below to check out our nominees (some of them are NSFW), and sound off about your favorite forces for fanservice in the comments!

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JapanaTen: 10 rad artists that performed at MAGFest 11 photo
JapanaTen: 10 rad artists that performed at MAGFest 11
by Kristina Pino

I had the pleasure of attending MAGFest for the first time this year, and of course that meant meeting lots of cool people, sitting in a few panels and what might be most important for some: checking out loads of concerts.

Since most, if not all, of the music I listened to was inspired by video games, I decided to make the list below to introduce you to some (emphasis on some. My list only scratches the surface) artists you may or may not have heard about before, who also happened to attend MAGFest, too. Some of them for the first time -- like me! 

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JapanaEight: Eight things that scare us photo
JapanaEight: Eight things that scare us
by Josh Tolentino

Take heed, dear readers! All Hallow's Eve is upon us, and on this most spooooky and scaaarrry of nights, things that go bump in the darkness ride out, be they on city streets in search of delicious candy, on videogame discs in search of delicious revenue, or on fun-loving Japanese culture blogs in search of delicious traffic *cough*.

Even we at Japanator are not immune to the Halloween fever, and in our delirious state, we've come up with eight things that put the fear in us. Our little fears run the gamut, from secret phobias and pet peeves turned frightening to disturbing societo-cultural trends and, well, random crap we thought was kind of creepy. Mostly the last bit, to be perfectly honest.

All ye of faint heart and jelly-like constitution (assuming you are not normally a monstrous slime or jelly-based lifeform), be warned! The rest of you can click on below to check out eight things that scare Japanator's hardiest writers, and perhaps take to the comments and tell us about your fears as well.

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JapanaTen: The Valkyries of Macross photo
JapanaTen: The Valkyries of Macross
by Pedro Cortes

Why does anybody really watch a mecha show? Is it for the deep stories that examine the relationships between people? How about the destruction that war causes and how it impacts the soldiers in the middle of it all?

Nope, it's none of those things. Sure, those things help make a show good, but a lot of people are there for the robots. Now, it just so happens that most of the series in the Macross franchise are quite good, but it also helps that there are some damn fine mecha designs. I mean, take the Valkyrie. You take a plane, which has its own charm. Then, you make that plane transform into a bi-pedal robot. That is quite awesome. On top of that, you can make said plane/robot turn into an in-between version of the two. It's easy to see why people would fall in love with a design like that.

So considering this is Macross Week, I'm going to show you guys ten different Valkyries across the entire franchise that rock my boat. Hit the jump to see which 'bots make it onto my list!

[Info and pics from Macross World and MAHQ. Show them some love!]

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JapanaTen: Ten Bandai shows you should pick up right now photo
JapanaTen: Ten Bandai shows you should pick up right now
by Pedro Cortes

With Bandai announcing the final date that it will be accepting renewal orders, a ton of shows will be going out of print. Granted, there's a chance that some of the properties that Bandai had will be rescued, but it's entirely possible that most of their catalogue will become difficult to acquire after November. As a guy who has attempted to acquire several out-of-print DVDs in the past, I can tell you that this means an oncoming spike in prices and increased difficulty in getting a couple of shows.

In a bit of whimsy, I decided to whip up this list of ten shows, in no particular order, that you should try and pick up before they disappear. At the moment, most of these shows can still be ordered through Amazon, Right Stuff or any one of a dozen retailers, but you might want to pick up the pace. Hit the jump to see what you'll be missing out on in a couple of months.

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JapanaTen: Our dream date spots for Valentine's Day photo
JapanaTen: Our dream date spots for Valentine's Day
by Josh Tolentino

It's Valentine's Day, everyone! Do you have a lover, 2D or otherwise? Yes? Then why are you here reading exploitative list features on the internet?! Take your lover out on a date! And no, I don't care if she or he is a pillow! That one guy..what's his name...James Franco did it. You can, too!

What? Don't know where to go? Well, that's what we're here for! Conveniently, our exploitative list for today is all about the places we'd love to go for our Valentine's Day outing!

Read on to see where we would go (or perhaps, where we went), then tell us where you would want to go on your dream date!

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JapanaTen: Delicious food we'd eat for Thanksgiving photo
JapanaTen: Delicious food we'd eat for Thanksgiving
by Josh Tolentino

Do you what day it is today? If you live in America, you may have an idea. If you don't, I'll tell you. It's Thanksgiving Day! What kind of day is that, you ask? It's a day for giving thanks for, er, things

Aside from simply being grateful, though, Thanksgiving has evolved into a day that excuses the eating of gratuitous quantities of tasty food, particularly turkey.

But does it always have to be turkey? Of course not! Gluttony does not discriminate! And it's in that spirit that we here at Japanator have chosen to celebrate this day of feasts. We present to you a wondrous list of the food - fictional and otherwise - that we would love to stuff into ourselves today!

Now, get on below and check out our menu then tell us what you gorged on today!

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