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2:00 AM on 11.28.2013

When trains and otaku come together

Do you love trains as much as you love anime? Well, someone on YouTube certainly does. Yes friends, this is in fact a cross over between the two. This channel is dedicated to filming trains, and basically playing anime openin...

Amber Hunt

11:00 AM on 01.24.2013

Sentai brings us the K-On! and Colorful movies

That's right. Mugi and company are back for their London adventure. Prepare yourselves for another year of K-On! themed posts here on Japanator. Sentai has promised that the show will be released "soon" on Blu-ray and DVD, in...

Brad Rice

3:00 PM on 04.24.2012

A Daily Dose of Music: Minako Kotobuki

Ever wanted to have your hair brushed by the Easter Bunny? Well, Minoko Kotobuki's new video for Kokoto Sukai can make all your dreams come true. It's a fun pop track with excellent rock sensibility and a crazy rabbit to boot. You may know of miss Kotobuki best for her role as Tsumugi Kotobuki on K-On!

Hiroko Yamamura

2:00 PM on 04.03.2012

A Daily Dose of Music: Our Favorite Anime Endings

Well guys and gals, it's that time again! We peek into that dark and disturbing place known as the souls of your all star Japanator editors. We had a great time sharing our favorite openings with you on The Daily Dose, but th...

Hiroko Yamamura

8:00 AM on 03.07.2012

K-ON! gets after school upgrade to the PS3

Looks like Sega will be porting its PSP music game K-ON! After School Live!! to the PS3. The port will feature updated graphics to the HD realm and the capability to share your PSP data with the new version, so you don't have...

Josh Totman

8:00 AM on 02.29.2012

Aki Toyosaki's Hey Jude cover is fun, even to hate on

I was figuratively crawling in my skin when I listened through Aki Toyosaki's cover of "Hey Jude," now on Youtube. It's not so much a murdering of a classic Beatles piece as much as hearing your average anime seiyuu pinching ...

Jeff Chuang

Licensing GET: K-On!! Season 2 heads west photo
Licensing GET: K-On!! Season 2 heads west
by Chris Walden

Jealous that Hokago Tea Time are spending all of their time in London as of late? Well, it looks like we have news of the next best thing, as the second season of the moe-music show will be localised by Sentai Filmworks on both DVD and Blu-ray. 

Some of you may be aware that the first season was released by Bandai Entertainment before they stepped out of the localisation business, so the dubbing of the show may be an issue. Fortunately, Sentai are working with Bang Zoom! Entertainment, so the chances are good that the same vocal cast will return. 

No word on dates or pricing, but we'll bring you details as they come. We do know that they are throwing in the OVA as a bonus, so that works out at twenty-seven episodes for the taking. That's nice, I guess? I can imagine that when the film releases on home media in Japan, it won't be too long before we hear from Sentai again. 

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8:00 PM on 02.13.2012

K-On fans visit London movie locations

The latest fad in anime location pilgrimages appears to involve K-On! fans visiting London real-life locations featured in the Come with Me film. Recently, a handful of threads plastered with fan travel photos have begun to s...

Michelle Rodanes

8:00 PM on 12.05.2011

Look surprised: K-ON! movie is making a lot of money

Like it or not, K-ON! is an incredibly succesful franchise. Testament to that is the news of how much money has been generated following the release of the film just two days ago. Just to reiterate, it's been out two days. Wi...

Chris Walden

7:00 PM on 11.27.2011

Do you know how much all the K-ON movie merch costs?

I'll tell you. A lot of money. More specifically, over 70,000+ Japanese Yen, according to an anonymous otaku who may or may not be the person who spent roughly $920 to buy all that stuff. Yup. Face masks, eye shades, clear fi...

Josh Tolentino

Japanator Theater 08: BLAP! photo
Japanator Theater 08: BLAP!
by OxKing

Here we are again: Japanator Theater is here for another week, and this time I've got a special dose of strange videos, courtesy of your friend Bleeep. Tonight, we go through his collection of videos he created and his personal favorites on YouTube, so we are not in short supply of amazing videos this week.

Music: Disco is dead.


Birthday: A couple late birthday gifts for a special girl...

Deo of the Week: This video will surpass all anime form now until eternity.

Alright, let's get this week started then! Japanator Theater is a-go!

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12:00 PM on 11.11.2011

Happy Birthday Azu-nyan!

If you're reading this site you're probably doing one of two things. You've either ditched work, and are still partaking in your 24 HR marathon of Skyrim, or you are celebrating K-ON!'s adorable guitarists's birthda...

Hiroko Yamamura