World's smallest phone

Say hello to the world's smallest, lightest cellphone

Designed for Lilliputians
Mar 07
To me, the viability of ever-smaller electronics began to peter out around the same time smartphones and tablets gained prominence. As the touch screen became the dominant (and in many cases preferable) mode of interface and ... read

Docomo's NERV smartphone captures the Evangelion feel

May 21
And that's both in the "It looks like it could be in the next Rebuild movie," sense, as well as the "Evangelion is merchandising incarnate so why the hell not a sweet phone" sense. That latter sense is the one most... read

Crunchyroll comes to Windows Phone

Apr 27
Poor Windows Phone users. Despite being a devoted iPhone fan, I do admire the Windows Phone's "Metro" style. But despite this cool design, there's a serious dearth of apps available for it. It seems that unlike Andr... read

Cunning pirate charged for making crappy audio recording

Jan 20
Okay Japan, we get it, you've got a tough stance on piracy and people stealing content. That's why you'll throw the book at the occasional small offense while many big offenses go unpunished in the West, especially in places ... read

FarmVille launches in Japan as FarmVillage?

Dec 01
The first ever localized version of Zynga's insanely popular social game FarmVille goes to Japan. It has been renamedFarmVillage, and it hits mobile devices this month in beta, on Mixi, Japan's largest social networ... read

Augmented reality app gets us closer to Eden of the East

Oct 28
One of the things that most fascinated me about Eden of the East was the titular information network, which allowed cell phones to recognize things in the world around them and provide a bevy of useful facts about it. An... read

Man gets arm stuck in toilet trying to rescue cell phone

Oct 23
A Chinese man from Jiangsu province managed to get his arm stuck in the the pipe of a toilet after trying to retrieve his dropped cell phone. Emergency teams arrived to aid the man, and saved him with only minor cuts and brui... read

BONES job application materials include silly pose

Oct 18
Are you watching Star Driver? I hear it's pretty cool. If you have seen it, you'll notice the villainous Kiraboshi Jujidan, or Order of the Glittering Star Cross, all greet each other with a special pose, seen in th... read

Wait, what? Persona 3 Social coming to mobile phones

Aug 17
With three versions of Persona 3 (the original, the FES expansion, and the PSP remake) already out in the wild, it's clear that Atlus isn't above revisiting popular territory. That's been a good thing so far, as each iterat... read

Minari no Seishun is now available on Android phones

Jul 22
Osamu Tezuka is basically the godfather of manga. He created numerous classics and crafted a visual style that those who followed in his footsteps would build from. Plus, you know, he made Astro Boy - that had a pretty big ef... read

Call out to the stars with the Gundam cellphone

May 28
Space might belong to the spacenoids, but you don't need to be a stinky Newtype to send your feelings over great distances. Rejoice, primitive Earthborn, for the Gundam cellphone is here!Marketed by the inimitable Softbank, t... read

HNNNGGGG: Otousan wears a school uniform

Mar 31
I knew it was only a matter of time before Softbank put our favorite dog in a school uniform. It has happened, and it was worth the wait. Actually, they also put Okasan in uniform. It looks like the two are on a high school d... read

WTF? Ring tone to clear your sinuses?

Mar 30
Wait. Hold the your nose.Got spring allergies? Some people in Japan do. The cherry blossoms were lovely when I saw them last week, but all the sneezing and sniffling wasn't. And now there's a fix for the congestion... read

Japanese iPhone app has girls smashing guitars

Mar 01
If there's one thing your iPhone is good for, it's Apps that serve no real purpose. Take this new one, for example. It comes from a company called K's Japan that makes an electric guitar named SMASH. The purpose of this 5,250... read

Survey points out your girlfriend's bad phone habits

Feb 22
I can't say that I nitpick how others use their phones, but when I looked over this list of Japanese internet-based questionnaire on phone habits, I realized that I too have phone-based desires for my mate. Just not these one... read

METI taps Hatsune Miku for recycling campaign

Jan 23
Now, I thought that the devious plan to send Hatsune Miku to Venus was the crème de la crème of weird Miku news, but that just goes to show what I know. METI (Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) ha... read

Viewers get to choose the Yamato Rebirth's ending

Nov 25
Having been too young to watch much anime during that period, I missed out on much of the huge space opera greatness that Space Battleship Yamato was part of. Needless to say I was pretty stoked when they announced that the v... read

Sadly, this mobile isn't deliciously melting in your hand

Nov 19
Oh, NTT Docomo, you and your strange-yet-desirable cellphone models. First a wooden phone, and now this?!The latest fashionable gadget from the Japanese telecom giant is a flip-phone by Sharp, customized by jewelry maker Q-Po... read

Bondage cellphone strap ensures no one will ever call you

Nov 10
Have you ever looked at a cellphone strap or lanyard and wished "boy, I wish I could tie a woman up  in a sexy manner with this?" No? That just means you are not in the target market for this kinky little acces... read

Give your network wood with Docomo's new cellphone model

Oct 06
I have to thank NTT Docomo for giving me the first-ever opportunity to use a "wood" joke on the internet, with their new line of "Touch Wood" cellphone models.The new phones use thinned Japanese cypress wo... read

Vocaloids don't make for good bling

Oct 05
While it would be a good thing overall if Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid pals were a more global phenomenon, there are times when I am reminded exactly why this is not the case just yet. Seeing this Miku-themed iPhone is one o... read

Japan hates Twitter: Only 2.6% ever tweeted

Jul 15
Tweeting isn't for everyone. I myself haven't completely warmed up to this intertube sensation. It might take a lot longer for Japan at large though, as a recent survey by the iBridge monitor group revealed that just 2.6% of ... read

Like the iPhone, but hate your pockets? This iPhone casing is for you

Jul 13
I don't know a whole lot about the devil machine that is the iPhone, but I do know that a lot of people like it, including Dale North.Of course storing one's iPhone in a pants pocket unprotected is a definite no-no. To furthe... read

Otousan wimpers as Japan doesn't care about the Jesus Phone S

Jul 08
I love my iPhone, but I know it isn't for everyone. The device has had a bit of a rough time taking off in Japan, and a new survey shows that even the new 3GS isn't winning the Japanese public over. A whopping 30 percent of ... read

Dakimakura on the go: here's the portable cell phone version

Jul 02
You know what a dakimakura is, right? A long body pillow that usually pictures a character from an anime series in various states of undress, which is for "decor" (which is a nice way of saying "dry humping&quo... read

Japan to use mobile phones to track disease?

Jun 08
The Japanese use their phones for everything: mail, gaming, oh, and phone calls. And now they'll use them to track disease, if the plan between Softbank and Aoyama Gakuin University works out. A group of 1,000 students will b... read

Getting lost in Tokyo can be fun...for awhile. Then there comes this point where you start to realize that everything looks the same, and that addresses aren't easily accessible or understood. Sure, you could carry a map, but... read feature

New mobile service allows you to record crushes and hope for a love match

Apr 08
Picture this: you're wandering down the street, maybe by yourself or with a friend, and suddenly a total fox rushes by you on his or her phone, looking kind of hurried and delicious all at the same time. Your pupils suddenly ... read

CUTE: Softbank Otousan's actor, Kaikun, featured in many books

Mar 04
Japanator boss Dick McVengeance and I have a standing tradition of sharing and/or pointing out new appearances of Otousan, the white Shiba Inu made famous by Japan's Softbank mobile phone commercials. I love this dog. Serious... read

Great otaku iPhone apps: Evangelion Clock and Picture Stamp

Feb 24
Let me tell you about these two new iPhone apps, both based on the Rebuild of Evangelion world and developed by Tokyo-based Appliya. Now, I know what you're thinking: how good could a clock be? And doesn't the iPhone already... read

Seriously: Japanese iPhone photo app Bow Cam and Meow Cam amazes

Feb 05
Well, maybe "amazes" isn't the right word. But the noisemaking photo software works, if the video above is any evidence. A message from the makers of this software, Tokyo-based Appliya, even admits that the idea so... read

*gasp* Japan to ban keitai in school

Jan 20
Fire off that last mail message and get your blog reading done, Japanese students. You won't be able to do that at school anymore. It seems that Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology doe... read

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