Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Drive photo
Kamen Rider Drive

Vroom! Kamen Rider Drive's design has entered the parking lot

This new Rider is ready to show us his wheels!
Aug 14
It's finally time for us to take a look at the new car-themed Driv...er, I mean Rider's design. Overall, the new Rider's appearance looks great, since Drive's Type Speed Form is basically a fusion between Kamen Rider Accel Tr... read
Kamen Rider Summonride photo
Kamen Rider Summonride

What?! Kamen Rider Summonride contains a Skylander-like system

It's time to toy around with with our favorite Riders
Aug 11
Oh my. I never expected to see the day that the Kamen Rider franchise would receive a game that'd be similar to Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Nintendo's Amiibo toys. Then again, both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai have their... read
Kamen Rider Gaim photo
Kamen Rider Gaim

S.H. Figuarts Gaim Pine Arms and Baron Mango Arms give off a nice tropical vibe

Pineapples and Mangoes are serious business, people
Aug 06
I probably don't say this around here too much, but I'm a huge fan of pineapples and mangoes. Actually, my passion for the latter is bigger than the former, as I find ananas to be great on certain occasions. That said, I woul... read
AT: Kamen Rider Gaim photo
Unlimited Fruit Works
Man. Time sure flies when you’re watching the world end. One moment, we're listening to a bunch of characters spouting out random lines about their ideals and what not. Then things break out into an all-out Fruity Warfa... read feature

Import Review photo
Journey through the Decayed
Back when Kamen Rider Battride War was first announced, many toku fans were excited over the fact that they were getting a Dynasty Warriors-like game that featured their favorite Heisei Riders from Kamen Rider Kuuga... read feature

AT: Kamen Rider Gaim photo
Emotions Squashed!
It’s time to go back to Kamen Rider Gaim’s main story, and things are about to get fierce again. Is there no more hope for our heroes to triumph over evil? Well, I guess there’s one option that Gaim’s ... read feature

Kamen Rider Drive photo
Kamen Rider Drive

Check out Kamen Rider Drive's gadgets and four-wheeled vehicle

2014's Rider gets a sweet new ride
Jul 25
Man. What's with all of these heroes getting cars all of the sudden? First it was Ghost Rider, and now 2015's new Rider, Kamen Rider Drive, is following this trend. Are motorcycles going out of style? Whatever the case may be... read
AT: Kamen Rider Gaim photo
The Fruit Bowl has begun!
Are you looking for a more exciting soccer match than the World Cup?  If so, then you’re in luck, my friend. It turns out Kamen Rider Gaim is taking a break from their main story to deliver the All Rider Cup, a soc... read feature

AT: Kamen Rider Gaim photo
There can only be one
Holy moly! Did Kamen Rider Gaim just do what I think it did? Since the show's plot has developed in a depressing way recently, I think we can all agree that there's no hope for anyone in this series. In fact, there’s no... read feature

Super Hero Generation photo
Super Hero Generation

Gundams, Riders, and Ultra Warriors join forces in Super Hero Generation

Shabadoobie, touch to team up!
Jul 09
It's been a year since Bandai Namco's released a Compatible Hero game, as Heroes VS came out in 2013. Lo and behold, the team's ready to have the heroes from the Kamen Rider, Gundam, and Ultra series reunite in a new adv... read
AT: Kamen Rider Gaim photo
Wheres your hope now?
Wow. It’s surprising to see that things are getting even worse in Zawame City. Just when you think that the current crisis will be resolved, another calamity jumps in to remind viewers that the world’s in grave da... read feature

AT: Kamen Rider Gaim photo
Never Give Up!
Gaim has returned from its one week break, and the show doesn’t pull any punches with the state that the main cast is in. With many lives placed at stake, the Butcher (a.k.a. Urobuchi) continues to place Kouta and the g... read feature

Kamen Rider photo
Kamen Rider

Watch Part 2 of Kamen Rider Girls' Kamen Rider Battride War II playthrough

Gaim's gameplay is looking great
Jun 17
It's been three weeks since we last saw the Kamen Rider Girls play Kamen Rider Battride War II. Now the idol group is back to try out Kamen Rider Kiva, Den-O, Gaim, and Wizard. Unlike Bandai Namco's last video... read
Kamen Rider photo
Kamen Rider

Holy Snap! Kamen Rider Gaim's setting resembles Gotham City

Gee willikers, Batman
Jun 15
Have you ever watched a show where you came across an unexpected observation that blew your mind? Well, Kamen Rider Gaim 33rd episode featured a surprising discovery no one saw coming. Long story short, a map of Zawame C... read
Kamen Rider photo
Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Battride War II's new trailer shows off Zenith Arms DLC

Lock Open!
Jun 13
It was only a matter of time until we got to see Kamen Rider Battride War II's Gaim Zenith/Kiwami Arms DLC in action. Lo and behold, the folks at Bandai Namco uploaded a brief trailer that shows off the Mighty Warlord's... read
AT: Kamen Rider Gaim photo
Don't mess with the Mighty Warlord
Welcome to the first installment of Annotated Tokusatsu. Though technically, this post is a continuation of my Super Toku Time segment, since I'm covering the toku shows from my previous feature. As for the reason b... read feature

Kamen Rider photo
Kamen Rider

Fruit Basket! Kamen Rider Battride War II gets Zenith Arms DLC

M-M-M-M-Mighty Warlord!
Jun 11
I had mix feelings with the original Kamen Rider Battride War game. While the first title's playable Riders were very close to the ones from the TV series, Battride War felt like an incomplete game. Thankfully, Battride ... read
Battride War photo
Battride War

Kamen Rider Battride War II goes full-on Movie Magic

All the most preposterous suits in one game
Feb 25
Kamen Rider Battride War was pretty much the closest tokusatsu fans came to getting a real "triple-A" tokusatsu videogame, and though it had its problems (namely by paling in comparison to the Dynasty Warriors games... read
Super Toku Time photo
Crisp and clean, no caffeine?
[Editors Note: This story has been promoted from our community blogs. The words and content expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Japanator or its staff. To start your own community blog, or learn more, click here... read feature

Kamen Rider Battride War photo
Kamen Rider Battride War

Henshin time: Kamen Rider Battride War 2 gets announced

Kicking in the movie casts
Feb 11
Rejoice, Rider fans! Your gods have spoken, and the deities of the driver have decreed that there shall be a sequel to last year's Kamen Rider Battride War, a Dynasty Warriors-esque fan service festa that, while not exactly t... read
Music photo

Don't say no to Just Live More's 8-bit remix

It's time to eat the Retro Fruit!
Dec 16
After remixing the opening themes of the previous Heisei Rider shows, Studio Me-gaane has mastered the powers of the Retro Lock Seed by giving Kamen Rider Gaim's opening the 8-bit treatment. Once again, the team does a stupe... read
Streaming photo

Say Bye Bye: Toei Japan Channel to shut down in December

See you on the other side
Nov 30
Well, people; it looks like Toei's special channel that intended bring classic toku shows to the US is going to disappear on December 31st. Silly enough, the main reason behind the channel's disappearance is due to Globecast'... read
Music photo

Orange Arm! Just Live More's music video enters the stage

These samurais are here to serve up some reggae and rock!
Nov 25
Gaim no Kaze (a.k.a. Shonan no Kaze) has entered the battlefield to sing their heart out, and Gaim is joining in on the action. However, the fruits are staying behind during the entire video. Wait, what?! How can you have a ... read
Cosplay photo

This year's Kawasaki Halloween Parade is a glorious treat

Kawasaki City's inhabitants know how to get into the holiday spirit
Oct 29
Halloween may be on the 31st of October, but that's not stopping the people of Kawasaki City from having their yearly parade before Hallow's Eve engulfs our lives. Overall, the attendees at the event continue to put on a grea... read
Tokusatsu photo

Kamen Rider Wizard & Gaim movie gets a full trailer

Fruits and doughnuts are going to war
Oct 25
Well, it's time to go to war, because the trailer for Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Gaim: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle-- try saying that three times fast-- is about to decide the fate of one's diet! Will fruits ... read
First Impressions photo
Pulperize and Destroy!
After recovering from a delightfully painful doughnut addiction, I have decided to substitute my cravings for yummy fried pastries with a healthy serving of fruit. By combining my new habit with a well-balanced mix of street ... read feature

Final Impressions photo
Being a Wizard is suffering
It’s hard to believe that a tale about a magical Kamen Rider that loves doughnuts could be a huge letdown. The show's premise was very promising, since our main hero was battling to protect the lives of innocent people ... read feature

Kamen Rider photo
Kamen Rider

Rider Give! Kamen Rider 1 brings hope to kids in Thailand

Riders are here to protect everyone
Oct 05
In the past, Japan has been protected by costumed heroes that go by the name of Kamen Riders. These great warriors of justice have stopped evil organizations (such as Shocker) from threatening the lives of Glorious Nippon's p... read
Japanese commercials photo
Japanese commercials

It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

One more peek!
Sep 18
With summer coming to a close, the advertisements are ramping up, preparing to stockpile Japanese consumers with entertainment in the colder months. This week's roundup, courtesy of JPCMHD is not without tons of energy and e... read
Toei's US toku channel  photo
Toei's US toku channel

Stream, Please! Toei to create a toku channel for the US

Warning, this is not a dream.
Sep 07
Man, I never expected to see this happen in my lifetime. Heck, I almost thought that I was thrown into a wormhole when Toei and Cool Japan's new announcement slapped me in the face. While I'm still coming to my senses over th... read
More Gaim details photo
More Gaim details

Huzzah! Urobuchi reveals more info about Kamen Rider Gaim

Coming from the mouth of the Butcher himself.
Sep 02
As I said before, don't let the fruit designs throw you off, because Urobuchi isn't going to play around with this fine piece that we call a fruit salad. In a way you could say that the reason that the riders are based off of... read
Kamen Rider Gaim trailer photo
Kamen Rider Gaim trailer

Put your Fruits on for Kamen Rider Gaim's first trailer

I'll take that slice of orange, please!
Aug 25
I don't mean to make an alteration to a signature catch phrase from a certain warlord, but the first thing that came to my head during Kamen Rider Gaim's trailer was Sengoku Basara. More specifically, Date Masamune, due to s... read

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