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Kannagi manga to get a spin-off in Comic REX

Mar 09
// Josh Tolentino
Not much to go on right now, except that it's going to be called Kenpachi Kanpachi, and will be run by Kannagi author Takenashi Eri's real-life brother, Yuuki Shinichi. This might smack of nepotism to some, but both are accom...

Otakon 09: The Yutaka Yamamoto Show and Tell

Jul 21
// Jeff Chuang
Yutaka Yamamoto, affectionately nicknamed as Yamakan (either as a conjunction of his family and given name, or as a conjunction of his last name and the title of director--kantoku), was a stallion at Otakon 09. Unlike the ave...

Nagi-sama needs your help to gain spiritual powers!

May 28
// Jeff Chuang
I don't know how you feel about viral marketing, for example, the stunts Bandai pulled to market Suzumiya Haruhi to the English audience back in '06 and '07, but I'm always up for a fun game of passing the meme around.Aniplex...

Unaired 14th episode of Kannagi to be released on DVD

Apr 27
// Eva Duenas
It seems there has been some exciting news for Kannagi fans. The Kannagi manga was put on hiatus for months after the creator, Eri Takenashi, had mysteriously fallen ill. She has recently been discharged from the hospital and...


Kannagi karaoke: otaku in social environs

Dec 09
// Jeff Chuang
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens is the charming romantic comedy between Jin, your mostly typical male high-schooler-protagonist; Nagi and Zange, a pair of not-so-honest but authentic Shinto goddesses; and Tsugumi, Jin's chi...

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