Little Busters! photo
Ouch, my brain
I commented several times that I didn't think that Little Busters! Refrain would wrap up completely within thirteen episodes. In fact, the midpoint of the series was moving at such a sluggish pace that it seemed all would be ... read feature

First Impressions photo
The littlest busters.
We may be at the beginning of a brand new season, but it seems a few older shows have come back from for a second quarter in the limelight. Little Busters! is one such show, returning from a three-month break with the conclus... read feature

Angel Beats! game photo
Angel Beats! game

Angel Beats! game officially announced

It only took four years
Sep 27
When Angel Beats! was first revealed to the public back in 2009, it was billed as a cross media franchise. Given visual novel studio Key's involvement, it was generally assumed that there would be a game adaptation of some ki... read
Little Busters! Extra photo
...if you have the cash
It's been quite some time since we last saw the colourful members of the Little Busters, but not to worry, as they'll be returning in a previously unaired bonus episode. There's a catch, however, as you're going to need to b... read feature

Final Imps: LB! photo
Wafu out of one hundred.
It's been a bumpy ride filled with mixed emotions, but the long sought after Little Busters! anime adaptation has finally come to a close. Well, the first part certainly has. As we already know, this show will be returning in... read feature

Little Busters! Refrain photo
Little Busters! Refrain

Little Busters! due to return, second season teased

And thus the Refrain jokes begin
Apr 07
While it may not have as much hype as the third part of JoJo, I'm sure there are a few of us (myself included) that are quietly looking forward to the conclusion of Little Busters! The teaser at the end of the twenty-sixth ep... read

Surprise! Sentai acquires Little Busters

Their rampage continues.
Jan 10
I'm seriously beginning to think it'd be better news to announce the anime that Sentai Filmworks hasn't licensed yet.  Next on their path of destruction is Little Busters, the anime adaptation of one of Key's popular vis... read
Something tells me the man tears are coming.
I love Key. I love Air. I love Kanon. I love Clannad. Out of the 546 anime I've managed to watch (thanks MAL!), I consider Clannad: After Story to be my absolute favourite. No pressure then, Little Busters!. It... read feature


Watch the trailer for the Little Busters! anime

Jul 30
Here's the trailer for J.C. Staff's next anime, Little Busters! It's an adaptation of the romance visual novel by Key about high schoolers and some other weird stuff. The anime will start airing in October 2012 and feature m... read

Get ready! Little Busters! to be animated by J.C. Staff

Apr 08
So Kyoto Animation or P.A. Works are not going to ride the waves on adapting the Little Busters! visual novel game by Key. Before you get upset about the news, J.C. Staff did do a fantastic job in animating Ano Natsu de Matte... read

It's time for Buster! Little Buster's anime PV is here

Mar 31
Sorry again folks, I just can't help using that phrase whenever this comes up. I hope you Key fans had a great time celebrating and having a good number of drinks last time around, because now you will get to see if the wait ... read

Cheers Key fans! Little Busters! becomes an anime series

Mar 25
It's time for Little Busters! Little Busters, ready go! Sorry, I just could not help it. Key fans can now celebrate and party on, because Little Busters! is finally getting an anime adaption.  I am sorry t... read

I'm not fond of Key properties. A couple years back, I watched all of Air in two sittings and was a blubbering mess by the end of it. The intense emotional trauma compacted into a short period of time combined with intense sl... read feature


Sentai set to release Clannad movie and dub After Story

Nov 14
Fans of sickeningly overbearing moe will be pleased to hear that more Clannad is coming their way. ANN reports that Sentai Filmworks' David Williams confirmed in the AnimeOnDVD forums that Key's Clannad mo... read

Japanator Recommends: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Sep 23
Kingdom Hearts fans are a long-suffering bunch. After feasting on the highly polished Kingdom Hearts II, they have had to make due with half-hearted gestures intended to tide them over until something significant could be pro... read

First Impressions: Angel Beats!

Apr 06
Summary: An interesting concept dragged down by bland characters. Isn't it ironic that I'm writing a First Impressions about Angel Beats!, despite the fact that the show left very little impression on me whatsoever. I didn't ... read

Take a video tour of Key

Apr 22
Visual novel studio Key, who you know as the creators of Kanon, Air, Clannad and more, are based in Osaka, Japan. I've always kind of wondered what goes on in their offices, and now, thanks to this video tour, I've seen thei... read

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