Rozen Maide Cafe photo
Rozen Maide Cafe

Maidens spotted at the Cure Maid Cafe

What a doll.
Sep 05
// Chris Walden
These themed cafés sure seem to be taking off, but I think Rozen Maiden is the kind of anime I can really see translating well to a set menu. It's not like it's all about food and drink, but Shinku especially has an at...
Maid Cafe NY  photo
Maid Cafe NY

Rejoice, New Yorkers: A Maid Cafe is opening soon in NYC

The Big Apple is getting their first maid cafe!
Aug 07
// Salvador GRodiles
Congratulations, people of the Big Apple; Horizon Enterprise Group, Inc. is going to have a Grand Opening of New York's very first Maid Cafe! And from the looks of it, the people that are bringing this treasure to NYC are exc...

Gravity Rush out now, PSN first-week buys get free DLC

Jun 12
// Josh Tolentino
Actually, I'd love to say that that "out now" thing is true, but as of this writing (about 1900 on June 12th), the PlayStation Network Store has yet to update and it is! Of course, you could buy the Elliot's favorite Vita gam...

Licensing GET: Mahoromatic: I'm Home

Apr 05
// Josh Totman
Sentai Filmworks are at it again with the announcement of Mahoromatic: I'm Home (Tadaima Okaeri). This two episode OVA series, that debuted in 2009, was a small follow up on the original Mahoromatic series. We find Mahoro and...


Celebrate Valentines Day by having maids take your blood

Feb 14
// Salvador GRodiles
By taking your blood, I mean that you will have the honor of having maids tend to you, as you donate blood to those in need. I would like to apologize to those who were expecting to get mauled by vampire and/or demo...

Grannies open a different kind of maid cafe in Ikebukuro

Nov 07
// Bob Muir
Japan's maid cafe industry can be a competitive one. It's not enough to have a bunch of cute girls wait on girl-deprived customers, you have to have something special to stand out. We've seen samurai maids, zombie maids, and ...

Morbid moe off the mortal coil with Zombie Maid cafe

Jun 17
// Josh Tolentino
Otaku are often criticized for preferring 2D characters that aren't alive to 3D disgusting pig, but this attempt to bring 3D to the appeal of 2D perfection seems to have taken the "lifeless" assertion a little too l...

CNNGo's picks for Tokyo's best maid cafes

Dec 29
// Dale North
It was nice of CNNGo Tokyo to pick out the top ten best maid cafes in the Big Mikan. With the hundreds they have there, sorting them out would be tedious for some. Not for me, but for some. They've put together a top fiver as...

Moesham, a maid hair salon that likes to rub your head

Dec 29
// Dale North
Moesham is not a sham. It's a hair salon where cute maids wash your hair, clean your ears and more.*looks in the mirror*Wow, would you look at that? I'm about due for a haircut! The Akihabara-based salon offers a menu of sha...

Never, EVER bring this Maid Station PC to a LAN party

Dec 07
// Josh Tolentino
Or, anywhere else in public for that matter. Japan Trend Shop's description of this maid-shaped computer casing is as follows:Is there a better way to merge the otaku dual-loves of computers and sexy maids?Yes. There are many...

First Impressions: Kiddy Girl-and

Oct 25
// Jon Snyder
Summary: Maid cafe antics abound, coupled with panties jokes and slapstick. My memories of the original Kiddy Grade have been ruined.The original Kiddy Grade was a futuristic female buddy cop anime, featuring plenty of fanser...

A new anime approaches: Ladies vs. Butlers

Sep 08
// Brad Rice
No, I'm not joking.Moetron caught word of this recently on 2ch, and it's been confirmed in Degenki no Kanzume, that the shonen light novel about a "bad boy" who wants to become a butler. The school that he's going t...

Maids vs. Butlers: The eternal battle

Sep 03
// Brad Rice
The survey masters over at What Japan Thinks has a pair of questionnaires that went out concerning two facets of otaku culture: maids and butlers. These two groups have had their time in the limelight, most recently with show...

A new low in exericse: Maid aerobics DVD

Aug 20
// Brad Rice
Not too interested in getting fit with Hinako? If that's the case, then how about a group of maids? Alafista directed us to this new DVD of maids teaching simple aerobic exercises which features a group of three overly-cheery...

Murder in Akibahara after maid turns down girlfriend request

Aug 11
// Andres Cerrato
There are a lot of ways to get that special someone to like you. Buying that someone flowers, perhaps a small box of chocolates would be a good way to show that you care. However, should your advances be denied, you do not th...

Because they're not out of ideas yet: Samurai maid cafe

Jul 29
// Dale North
Why the hell not? We've got a maid cafe for everything else -- why not one for Samurai-themed maids? Sengoku style? Sure. Sengoku Style Cafe & Bar Mononopu is about five minutes away from Akihabara station, prime real est...

For the fujoshi: 'Girls dressing as boys dressing as maids' cafe

Nov 30
// Brad Rice
For those of you who just love the misadventures of Pico (Boku no Pico, Pico to Chico, and Pico x Chico x Coco), here's a cafe geared right at you: 80+1, based in Ikebukuro, is running a special event for a week (from Decembe...

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Who would you rather have as a maid, Readman vs. Saber

Sep 16
// God Len
For last week’s Tuesday Otaku Debate we had the battle of the hobbies, Haruobu Madrame from Genshiken vs. Izumi Konata from Lucky Star. Seriously, this is an extremely hard choice seeing how both are the pinnacle of ota...

Would you like some GAR with your tea, master?

Aug 15
// Brad Rice
Over at Cure Maid, they're celebrating the impending release of the Gurren Lagann movie with a special Gurren Lagann-themed cafe. The event, going on from August 22nd to September 15th down in Akihabara. Not only will there b...

Maids' legs lamps

Jul 16
// Zac Bentz
"It's it's it's...It's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!""Indescribably beautiful" indeed. Well OK, so maybe these two fashionable lamps featuring the lower half of a female mai...

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