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9:00 PM on 02.05.2010

Golgo 13 & Facial Expressions


Ben Huber


Mistwalker Celebrates Terra Battle's 500K Downloads Milestone

Having now surpassed 500,000 downloads, Terra Battle fans will soon enjoy new characters from the original character and dragon model designer of Panzer Dragoon, Manabu Kusunoki. For more information on upcoming milestones and recently unlocked milestones, please visit Terra Battle's Download Starter.

7:25 PM on 02.05.2010

Confessions 17: Simon

Hello.We hope that We are not intruding upon your Day of Men, but We thought the moment opportune to engage in what you Spirals call a "confess-ion."We hereby submit Our confess-ion to one Spiral in particular, the ...


6:30 PM on 02.05.2010

Man Day: Why I am better for Kamina than Yoko

Ah, Kamina. There is nothing more GAR than an image of your face. I know that the flame that burns twice as bright usually only burns half as long, as that old adage certainly applies to you. Usually, I find myself drawn to t...

Colette Bennett

5:30 PM on 02.05.2010

Confessions 16: Howl

Like most other Studio Ghibli devotees, when Howl's Moving Castle hit theaters in 2004, I was patiently waiting over here in America for any news of how fans liked it, when the subs would come out, and if Disney would get the...

Colette Bennett

Yotsuba & MANLINESS photo
by Ben Huber
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4:00 PM on 02.05.2010

Man Day: I celebrate hot Japanese men in vests

Since it's Man Day today and I can, I am going to present to you this photo of Japanese actors Toma Ikuta and Yamashita Tomohisa that I discovered quite by accident last week. While I did my daily j-drama browsing, I stumbled...

Colette Bennett