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Celebrate Moe Day with MangaGamer!

Also, it's Moe Day!
Oct 10
October 10th is a special day for fans of moe and puns, because today is Moe Day! Why, you ask? Well, the Kanji characters for "October 10th" (十月十日) just so happen to line up just right to spell th... read

Otakon '14: MangaGamer grabs eden*, euphoria, and more

MangaGamer has a few new tricks up their sleeve
Aug 09
As Otakon 2014 continues to invade Baltimore's region, MangaGamer's ready to reveals their latest acquisitions. This time around, the company's working on a goal that'll please many visual novel fans if everything goes accor... read

AX '14: MangaGamer announces OZMAFIA, No, Thank You!!, and more

Otome and BL Game fans rejoice
Jul 04
MangaGamer's ready to reveal their new titles, and team's ready to try something new. If you happen to be a fan of Otome and/or BL Games, then you'll be happy to know that MangaGamer's planning to localize OZMAFIA and No, Th... read
Hey, remember when we announced that contest where we and MangaGamer gave away copies of Shuffle! sequel Really?Really! ? That happened, and we now have a handful of winners! Kageryu Yukari ctim Zakamutt AlteredOta... read feature

[Update: Contest's over! Thanks to everyone who joined up!] Have you had enough of Navel's visual novel sensation, Shuffle!? That's a silly question. Of course you haven't! But what isn't silly at all is the fact that we're h... read feature


MangaGamer announces Lapis Gunner and more

Tentacles abound in these two new licenses
Apr 27
MangaGamer has two new wriggly titles to please its fans: Lapis Gunner and Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny. Lapis Gunner is the sequel to Ruby Striker, where the title character goes back to save her friend from tentacle ... read
Video Games

Pick up Go! Go! Nippon on Steam

Adding drool-worthy imaginary food to Valve's popular service
Feb 26
You certainly can't complain that there aren't enough ways to get your hands on OVERDRIVE's visual novel/Japan travel guide Go! Go! Nippon~My First Trip to Japan: you can download it from MangaGamer, we let you know... read
Visual Novels

Hard copies now available at MangaGamer

Sometimes you just want a box
Dec 09
I know we're living in the future and virtually everything can be downloaded to your computer via streams of data, but sometimes, you just want a nice game box. Sometimes, you just want to have a physical product in your hand... read

MangaGamer releasing Kara no Shoujo Voiced Edition

Mysteriously sexy
Oct 04
Looking for something a little naughty yet intellectual to spice up your day? Running low on awesome visual novels? As of today, MangaGamer is now distributing Innocent Grey's 18+ psychological thriller Kara no Shoujo, now available with voices.  read
Hentai Games

Demon Master Chris now available for preorder

Combine dungeons and stripping, because why not
Sep 29
These hentai dungeon crawlers have actually come a long way. Back in the day, say 2008, the games were pretty bare-bones affairs where an incredibly shallow battle system was propped up by sexy artwork. Demon Master Chris, du... read
Higurashi retranslation?

Higurashi: When they Cry could be spruced up for Steam

There's a lot of words in this thing.
Sep 23
Everyone's favourite psycho-loli visual novel was recently pushed through the Greenlight process, but it might hit Steam any time soon. It seems that MangaGamer, the localisation company that has sold the visual novel outside... read
MangaGamer's new addition

Random Encounters! MangaGamer grabs 3 Stars of Destiny

Aldorlea's new game is coming to MangaGamer's shop.
Aug 30
I don't mean to sound skeptical right now, but the latest title that's joining MangaGamer's online store doesn't seem to click well with me. Sure, 3 Stars of Destiny takes notes from classic JRPG, but there's something about... read
Demon Master Chris

It's Dungeon Time! MangaGamer acquires Demon Master Chris

It's kind of like Shin Megami Tensei.
Aug 24
It looks like MangaGamer has a surprise for those that like adult games and dungeon crawler RPGs. Going by the name of Demon Master Chris, this game allow players to control demons by using force to remove them of their cloth... read

Review: If My Heart Had Wings

Jul 31 // Brittany Vincent
If My Heart Had Wings is a curiosity. On one hand, it's a touching tale of finding romance, coming to terms with loss, and adolescence. On the other, this particular release is devoid of the content the game originally shippe... read feature

If My Heart Has Wings

Take flight: If My Heart Had Wings to land in MangaGamer

MangaGamer helps MoeNovel's first game reach the skies.
May 13
It's time to take to the skies, people, because MangaGamer is insuring their customers that they can pre-order MoeNovel's release of the All Ages version of If My Heart Had Wings through their Website. From the looks of ... read
MangaGamer's new Website

Evolution: MangaGamer goes through a busty new makeover

MangaGamer's 18+ mascot is one hell of an update.
Apr 03
I would like to give MangaGamer a round of applause today. Thanks to their newest version of their Website, their 18+ section has a voluptuous new form for their mascot that suits the adult environment ver... read

Jolly good show: Mangagamer is having a holiday sale

Right on time for the winter break.
Dec 15
Just when you think the holiday sales are over, MangaGamer is here to help out on buying that special visual novel game for the close friend, lover, family member, or Secret Santa. Since most folks are out for the winter brea... read

Vote! MangaGamer puts Go! Go! Nippon! on Steam Greenlight

My First Trip To Japan could make its first trip to Steam
Sep 01
In case you haven't been keeping up with the wild world of videogame digital distribution, here's a quick news flash: Valve, the reigning poobahs of PC play have just launched Steam Greenlight, their new crowdsourced com... read
Overdrive's ongoing theme of "rock epics" continues with Deardrops, which is the follow-up to the decidedly popular Kira Kira. Kira Kira was quite exciting and pretty popular at that, crossing rock and roll with cutesy J-pop ... read feature

The contest is over, and we have a winner! Actually, we have five winners who will be receiving copies of Ef ~The First Tale~ from MangaGamer! Without further ado, here they are: gold163 aiprincess Kuraddo Pokedude1013 Chaos... read feature

AX '12: MangaGamer announces Orion Heart, Boob Wars, more

Jul 02
Anime Expo isn't just where you announce a metric ton of streaming or disc license acquisitions. It's also where you announce a metric ton of games, just like MangaGamer did at their panel. The titles they announced included ... read

Good wins: Dengeki Stryker is now available at MangaGamer

Jun 22
I never would have imagine that a visual novel game would be packed with so much hot blooded pumped up action as Dengeki Stryker delivers on the right note. Starting off with a bang, you get an opening theme sang by the one a... read

Start off your summer break with MangaGamer's new sale

Jun 01
Ah summer vacation, the time of relaxation, extreme heat, and heavy rainstorms. While most people taken advantage of this time and ventured off to new locations, there are a few people that end up stranded in the four corners... read

Visual novel revived! MangaGamer saves Eve Burst Error

Apr 27
I am going to look foolish now, but this is the first time that I have heard about the existence of this game. To the people that missed out on Himeya Soft's release, the hard working folks at MangaGamer have d... read

Ef - First Tale gets trailer, Minori explains censorship

Apr 20
In case you visual novel fans needed reminding, MangaGamer will be releasing ef - The First Tale, a new visual novel from minori, the lowercase-named developer behind the likes of Wind: A Breath of Heart and Eden*. To get you... read
The time is now, people! MangaGamer have just released their newest H-game Magical Teacher: My Teacher's A Mage?, and gamers looking for the magic of love can now get "it" here. There were, however, a handful of lucky co... read feature

If you didn't know yet, MangaGamer has just announced that preorders are open for their newest release, Magical Teacher: My Teacher's A Mage?. Now, you could opt to get your copy via traditional means...but five lucky folks c... read feature

MangaGamer announces their release and license roster

Feb 19
Good news everyone, MangaGamer is planning to release four new visual novel games (Two of them have already been announced.) that might suit to your personal needs. Fans of music, magic, cross dressing, and/or game devel... read

MangaGamer has a Valentine's Day sale going on right now

Feb 14
Romance is in the air today! MangaGamer is holding a Valentine's Day sale, lowering prices on several of their most popular visual novels. For today, you can get discounts on games like Higurashi When They Cry, Da Capo, and S... read
Playing Go Go Nippon! ~ My First Trip to Japan ~, one can't help but wonder: "Just who is this game for?" Is it for the Japan-fan about to embark on his virgin visit to the Land of the Rising Sun? Is it for the experienced ot... read feature

Before jumping into this review, I must first make a few points about where I stand on visual novels and eroge on the whole. I admit to having a decent amount of experience playing both family friendly and adult VNs. I t... read feature

You can download the Kara no Shoujo demo now

Jun 17
It resides over on MangaGamer's page, located here. Note that the images are NSFW. That's also true of the plot, but for different reasons. It's full of blood, murder, and the tearing out of wombs in 1950's Japan. Quite painf... read

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