Attack on Avengers photo
Attack on Avengers

Behold, the Attack on Titan and Marvel crossover nobody asked for

Titans Assemble?
May 12
I've been getting back into reading comic books of late, the fabled "ame-comi" from across the Pacific, and one fun part of American comic book culture is the practice of "Free Comic Book Day", when comic stores and publisher... read
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Toei's Spider-Man series web-slings its way back to

Just in time for his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #12
Jan 11
Now that's what you call a perfect timing, people! Right when the Emissary from Hell, "Supaidaman," made his comic book debut in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 12, Marvel has decided to re-upload Toei's 1978 Spider-Ma... read
Spider-Man photo

Japanese Spider-Man always saves the day!

Best Spider-Man ever
Jan 09
All us normal everyday folks know to call their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man when they get into a jam, but what happens when Spider-Man gets into a jam? If Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott is to be believed, ... read
Attack on Titan photo
Attack on Titan

Aw Snap: Attack on Titan to cross over with the Marvel universe

The Titans are in for a big surprise
Nov 03
Now here's something that you don't hear everyday. Marvel Comic's Talent Scout C.B. Cebulski has announced that Attack on Titan is crossing over with the Marvel universe in Japan. Best of all, the special segment'll... read
Spider-Man photo

Edge of Spider-verse packs in the anime references

Peni Parker in anime land
Oct 17
While western superhero comics (known as "Ame-comi" in Glorious Nippon) don't usually fall under Japanator's purview, there's no denying that the influence of anime and manga can reach far and wide. That's exactly what's hap... read
Super Sentai photo
Super Sentai

Change Leopardon! It's Henshin Time! covers Marvel's connection to Super Sentai

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Wow!
Sep 12
I may be late to the party again, but I felt that ToyBountyHunters' latest video in their It's Henshin Time series was worth sharing on here, since it's about Marvel's history with Toei. Aside from the Spiderman toku sh... read
Guardians of the Galaxy photo
Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy are set to make their anime appearance

We are Groot!
Sep 10
I'm quite sure there's no way that you haven't seen this year's best movie, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy yet. However, if for some reason you've been on a 2D diet, drop what you're doing and take in one of the most enjoy... read

T.M. Revolution to perform themes for Disk Wars: The Avengers

Unfortunately, not with Abingdon Boys School
Mar 18
Those of who you who've been eagerly awaiting Marvel's latest foray into the world of animation with Toei's Disk Wars: The Avengers may be pleased to learn that Takanori Nishikawa, more commonly known by his stage name T.M. R... read
Marvel photo

New Marvel Avengers OVA to be released March 25th

Madhouse will be producing this one too!
Jan 24
In this apartment the Marvel vs. DC debate is still waged on a weekly basis. My girlfriend believes that DC is the superior brand while I, on the other hand, feel that Marvel is better. Part of my evidence for this is that Ma... read
Anime photo

The Avengers: Disc Wars anime coming spring 2014

The Avengers need the help of kids JUST LIKE YOU to save the day!
Oct 23
Have you ever wanted an Avengers anime? Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and Captain America all teaming up in some animated battles? Well, you've got your wish, just not in the way you might hope. A new anime called The Avengers: D... read
Japanator Arena photo
It's a terrible night to have a curse
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Seras and Grave are locked in an endless shootout. Both opponents are chock-full of lead, and their regenerative abilities continue to negate each blast. After Grave brings out the Demolition Sho... read feature

TV & Film photo
TV & Film

Watch The Wolverine's Yukio in action

in this new featurette
Jul 10
The marketing for Fox's upcoming summer blockbuster The Wolverine appears to be in full swing, with new trailers and posters popping up daily. While we usually prefer to leave Hollywood films alone, The Wolverine is unique i... read
Friday Night Fights photo
Can the Zapper out-shock the Weather Witch?
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Well folks, it looks like we encountered an unexpected turn of events in the J-tor Arena. Despite Zoro's victory over Masamune, Masamune refused to accept his defeat. Since Zoro was having troubl... read feature

Optic Blast!
You know, it has been a while since I have gotten the opportunity to experience anything related to the X-Men franchise. The last time that I got to watch something related to X-Men was when I saw X-Men: The First C... read feature


Iron Man and Wolverine airing on G4 starting July 29

Jun 24
We knew they were coming eventually, but now G4 has finally announced air dates for the start of the Marvel-Madhouse collaborations Iron Man and Wolverine. The two shows will air back-to-back starting Friday, July 29 at ... read

Blade gets anime adaptation

Jun 03
The Marvel anime train keeps on rolling. Not content with animating Iron Man, Wolverine, and the X-Men, Madhouse has turned its sights on Blade, the black dhampir who hunts vampires. Animax has put together a site for the upc... read

See an 'unseen side' of Joey/Lina in bonus Heroman short

Jun 13
[I apologize for the misleading header picture. Unfortunately, that doesn't actually happen.]I've really enjoyed the last few episodes of Heroman. The show has managed to take giant strides away from its earlier forgettable e... read

SDCC: Ironman is also getting the anime treatment

Jul 25
Halo isn't the only series that's getting its own anime adaptation. Tapped by Marvel, studio Madhouse is producing the Ironman animated series, slated to come out in 2010 to coincide with the release of Ironman 2. As a giant ... read

Finally, Toei's Japanese Spider-man is brought to the non-moonspeaking masses!

Mar 09
It's seems that these days of Web 2.0, even big companies are trying to catch your attention on the internet by coming up with something weird or quirky to vie for your internet time, well has given us something v... read

Tatsunoko vs. Marvel

Feb 25
First we had Capcom vs. Tatsunoko, and before that we had Capcom vs. Marvel; and now we have a Tasunoko and Marvel mash-up in the works. However, this is not going to be a video game, but a television anime; which in many cas... read

Madhouse is Iron Man, apparently - Marvel, Madhouse to create Iron Man anime

Aug 26
Maybe if the world was dominated by Marvel, that wouldn't be such a bad thing. (Unless it was by one of its supervillains.) Apparently Marvel thinks so too as they prepare to unleash their superheroes upon another s... read

This one's for J.J.! Marvel taking another stab at introducing their legends to Japan

Aug 24
Straight from the headlines of The New York Times (not quite the headlines, sad to say), Marvel has announced they're taking another stab at introducing their superheroes to Japan, by pairing up with Madhouse (Kaiba, Gunsling... read

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