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11:00 AM on 04.26.2013

Damn you, Meiji! Releasing Milky Green Tea Mushrooms

The evil people that run and control Meiji have really done it this time. They are releasing an unspeakable terror that will engulf all who come before it. This monster comes from the mountains with a green head and a white s...

Josh Totman

8:00 PM on 04.13.2010

Meiji's latest yogurt commercial is terrifying

Back in November of last year, Meiji announced they'd be partnering with Yoplait to create a "new brand of yogurt" for Japan. What they didn't say, was that it was just Yoplait's go-gurt product, repackaged for Japa...

Tim Sheehy

5:30 PM on 11.04.2009

Meiji-era stereoviews brought back to life

The above image may look pretty cool as is, but wait until you see it as an animated image on Pink Tentacle. Wow.This and many others are 3D stereoviews photographed back in the late 19th and early 20th century by Japanese ph...

Dale North