Sega Humble Weekly Sale photo
Sega Humble Weekly Sale

Sega offering 19 games in the Humble Weekly Sale

Going in for 18 of them!
Mar 13
The team at are really good at pinching the pennies from your virtual wallet, even rivalling Steam's sales with its 'pay what you want' game bundles. This week is no exception, as Sega is stepping up and putt... read
Plush toys photo
Plush toys

Throw those hugging pillows away, Charlotte is here

Get another for awesome pillow fights
Oct 14
Even at a whopping four feet long, this Charlotte plush is but a fraction of her true size. Still, this is as good as you're going to get without finding the one from the Good Smile Café, and it's not a bad compromise.... read
Channel A Kickstarter photo
Channel A Kickstarter

You should probably back Channel A on Kickstarter

Don't worry, it has nothing to do with A-Channel
Mar 18
With Kickstarter being swamped primarily with projects by those in English-speaking countries, it's hard to find something on there that we would consider talking about on Japanator. Colour me surprised when Channel A appears... read
Trolled by a wota photo
Trolled by a wota

I called it: AKB rage video a hoax

And a profitable one, at that
Mar 01
Remember when that one AKB48 fan seemed to go a little bit crazy in video format at the news of Yuki "Yukirin" Kashiwagi's alleged indiscretions? Back in that post, I wrote that I "sincerely hope that this an attempt to paro... read
All the dumbest.
Square Enix, what are you doing?  There have certainly been some interesting additions to the Final Fantasy universe of late, and after initially breaking the hearts of 3DS owners seeking out a localised Bravely Default,... read feature


No plans to release the Wii Mini outside of Canada

Only Canadian ankles are at risk.
Dec 02
The Wii Mini is puzzling. I'd be lying if I said it didn't look neat, but it's also kind of a shame that the Gamecube compatibility and online parts have been stripped from the console. Can't complain when it'll only cost you... read

Facepalm: Demon's Score is way cheaper in Japan

That's a lot of money
Sep 26
Here's another entry for you to put in the annals of "What the hell, Square Enix?!": It looks like the company that gave us Final Fantasy and a ton of strange decisions, has made yet another one, for it seems like they r... read

More Circle Pad Pro action to come with the 3DS XL

Jun 28
The Circle Pad Pro was hardly the most well-received handheld accessory to grace retail shelves, so it comes as no surprise that gamers are questioning the existence of a revised version for the upcoming 3... read

PSA: PS Vita games will be cheaper if you buy digital

Feb 02
Hey! Do you like saving money? Do you like buying video games legally?  Do you like downloading your video games? Do you like the PlayStation Vita? Do you like downloading PS Vita games legally and saving money doing so?... read

Remember how Japan said that they would be giving 10,000 free flights to foreigners in 2012? Well, not so much anymore. Japan's national tourism agency had high hopes for boosting visits to Japan with some free flights, but t... read feature


Crunchyroll is apparently doing quite well for itself

Dec 01
I know not everyone out there is so hot on streaming due to the varying video quality you often find with these kinds of services. In my personal opinion though, I think streaming is absolutely the right direction the industr... read

Collectible pin badges! Oh, and an expensive red jacket

Oct 07
If you've ever watched Akira, you'll know that it features three major things that you would absolutely love to own. Kaneda's awesome motorbike, his equally awesome leather jacket, or the ability to make people explode. Fortu... read

More mahjong goodness with Saki on its way

Oct 06
Anyone having intense mahjong cravings? If so, here's something you may be interested in! A new season of Saki is due to air in Spring, that much has been announced for a while now, but recently it was revealed that the spin-... read

Sell a kidney for a new Toradora! episode!

Sep 11
You know what would make a good Christmas present? The Toradora! box-set of course! Due to land on the 21st of December, the six-disc Blu-ray edition of this emotional roller-coaster will finally allow us to see the palmtop t... read

Celebrate Miku's 4th birthday with plenty of music!

Sep 01
Did you know that it was in fact the birthday of Hatsune Miku yesterday? You didn't? Well then I think you better make up for it by doing something nice, like perhaps buying one of 33 new releases that have just landed on Hea... read

New collaboration between Hello Kitty and... One Piece?

Aug 29
Sanrio, a company that specialises in creating character goods, will launch a somewhat unique venture in November of this year by bringing the worlds of One Piece and Hello Kitty together at last. Of course, this means nothin... read

iTunes Japan drops prices to closer match the U.S. dollar

Jul 13
When you try to line up Japan's Yen to the U.S. Dollar, it just doesn't work anymore. There was a time where 100 yen was a dollar, and you could easily figure out that thae dusty Sega Saturn game in the reduction bin in an Ak... read

Good citizens turn in cash and lost items after tsunami

Apr 10
When Americans face disasters like Hurricane Katrina, you can be sure there's a wave of looting and plundering soon to follow, as people take advantage of the crisis to pocket some abandoned money or merchandise. But the Japa... read

4Kids files for bankruptcy protection over Yu-Gi-Oh!

Apr 07
They warned that it might come to this, and I guess it has. In order to stave off a lawsuit, 4Kids Entertainment has filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. If you haven't been keeping up, TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Syst... read

4Kids responds to Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit, ready to take action

Apr 01
After 4Kids supposedly withheld money and made secret back room deals with FUNimation over the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, Nihon Ad Systems and TV Tokyo have chosen to terminate their license arrangement with 4Kids. In addition to n... read

FUNimation sales report for 2010 don't look so hot

Feb 21
It's been a tough time for FUNimation lately. With the news that broke out last year claiming Navarre, the parent company that owned FUNimation, was planning on selling the publisher, this slice of info doesn't seem like it w... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 2/5 - 2/11

Feb 10
Well, this is pretty weird. For the first time in weeks, we see the top two films remaining locked in their positions, yet suffering a hearty punch to the gut in terms of economical gain at the box office. Last week, Gantz ma... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 1/29 - 2/4

Feb 03
Surprise, surprise--Gantz was number 1 in Japanese theaters this past week, allocating a healthy dose of necessary shock therapy to the overall box office total. My thoughts on the movie remain that it is generally uneven and... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 1/22 - 1/28

Jan 28
Just because I post Rock the Charts on a Friday rather than a Thursday doesn't mean that there's any less high-flying, pulse-pounding, attack-dodging action to be seen. Truthfully, the energy level of this column is up for de... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 1/15 - 1/21

Jan 20
I would love to to open up this post with some mean-spirited jabs to pay homage to Ricky Gervais' controversial hosting gig (likely his final time performing the duty of Master of Ceremonies) at the Golden Globes this past Su... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 1/8 - 1/14

Jan 13
Indifference.That's what this week's box office rankings embody, to the fullest extent of the word. Not only do they accommodate the emotion, but they impart it into anyone who glances at the disaster area of a chart. It's mi... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 1/1 - 1/7

Jan 06
My most trusted sources for the 411 on Japanese box office standings must have, unfortunately for those of you who regularly follow this feature, taken simultaneous vacations last week. The charts were not updated in a timely... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 12/18 - 12/24

Dec 23
This is the first occasion since I started writing this column that there has been an even number of Japanese and American released films appearing on the charts. Not only that, but I think this is also the highest number of ... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 12/11 - 12/17

Dec 16
We're starting the process of winding down 2010 here, and another week with minimal new film releases in Japan is set before us. It's good to see that Space Battleship Yamato is still performing considerably well in round 2, ... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 12/4 - 12/10

Dec 09
The Nippon box office yo-yo routine continues. After yet another instance of a drop from multiple new releases last RtC, this week brings not only two new titles (plus one that came back from limited distribution, Abacus and ... read

Rock the Charts: Japan's box office numbers 11/27 - 12/3

Dec 02
I don't think there has been a week where essentially ZERO changes have needed to be made to Japan's box office standings (despite a small decrease in intake). Deathly Hallows Part 1 still reigns, bringing in a few million do... read

Japanese Yen too strong, crushes Himeya's eroge store

Nov 23
Dammit, Japan! First you threaten to deprive me of the sick filth I love you for, and now you choke off one of the channels I can get it through? When will it end?! When?!!!!To be serious, though, it's not really Japan's faul... read

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