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Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings: So Moe It Hurts

Apr 09 // Brittany Vincent
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Get your moe on.
Hola, bounty hunters! It's that time again. Time for me to assign an arbitary writing assignment for you all to tackle in the hopes that senpai may notice you! Well, too late. Senpai is too busy noticing me to notice you prop...

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Marlin Clock recounts Nodame Cantabile
[Community member Marlin Clock is featured here as the winner of March's Monthly Musing c-blog contest. Is someone cutting onions or something? Excuse me.] First off, I’ll get the obvious spoiler warning out of the...

Monthly Musings: Your Favorite Anime Ending Song

Feb 05 // Brittany Vincent
But now it's time for a new month and a new topic. Just like many of you predicted, this month is all about your favorite anime ending! It's a pretty simple concept -- choose your favorite anime ending and let us know why you cherish it! Whether you love Martian Successor Nadesico's "Watashi Rashiku" or Tenjou Tenge's "Aishitene Motto," we want to know. If you want to cycle through five different songs or even ten, that's your prerogative!  It's simple.Write up a c-blog with the topic "My Favorite Anime Ending(s): __________" and get to town! Show us a video, write us a list, draw a picture, anything -- just let us know which song you treasure the most. February's winner will receive the complete series of Sounds of the Sky. That sounds like a pretty awesome deal if you ask me. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start writing! You've got nothing to lose! Let's see if we can't make this the best month yet. [embed]31425:3493:0[/embed]
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Just like last month, only more finite
It's a few days late, but welcome to February's Monthly Musings post! I've been knee-deep in adult errands like "getting an apartment" and "buying a car" and other fun things like that, but now it's time to get back to more i...

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Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings: Your favorite anime opening

A cruel angel's symphony
Jan 02
// Brittany Vincent
Oha-lucky! Wow, it's already been a whole month. It's already 2014, too! The last time we gathered, dear Japanator community, it was 2013. Well, this year is the new hotness, and I'm back with another topic for you to tackle....

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Monthly Musing

Reminder: December's Monthly Musings is live and hateful

Or, if you prefer, hatoful -- like a boyfriend
Dec 16
// Brittany Vincent
Hey there, space cats! The lovely month of December is at its halfway point, and with all the holiday cheer we've been spreading around, it's hard to be in a bad mood. But that's exactly what December's Monthly Musing is about: things you hate about anime. It's your chance to be super negative and jerky, and we want to know what grinds your gears! 

Monthly Musings: Your anime gripes

Dec 01 // Brittany Vincent
Marlin Clock bags the prize for November's blog all about the extremely fashionable von Karma family. That means the rest of the contenders must have their heads taken so that multiple Quickenings must commence. Just kidding. Marlin Clock, we'll be in touch about which prize you'd like to select and we'll need those contact details! BUT WAIT! There's more! We've also selected a runner-up to nab the second prize, so we'll be contacting Lifesong for singing Kaga Koko of Golden Time's praises as well. So I lied. There can apparently be two for the purposes of choosing a winner for November. So there'll be many more Quickenings. So sue me.  Anyway -- if you're still reading (which I hope you are) then you're probably waiting to see what kind of nefarious plan I've cooked up for this month. It's not so nefarious, really. It's more like fun. Yeah, fun. You guys seemed to have a little difficulty with my first blogging suggestion, so I decided on something a little easier: things we hate. Yes, as much as we love anime, there are parts of the medium we hate. Maybe hate's too strong of a word. What do you dislike about anime? Maybe you can't stand the cousin love subplots, like me, or you just don't get into the series billed as "funny" that rely on panties and OMG BOOBIES to elicit laughs. I mean, okay, sex? It's still funny somehow when skirts fly up? Cool. Let me get back to Monster Girl Quest and leave me alone. You might as well show me some videos of heart surgery. Actually, show me those instead. They're more entertaining.  But that's just me. I know there's a whole crowd of fans out there just wild about fanservice and panty jokes. More power to 'em. But what do you dislike about anime? Write up a blog under the header "What Grinds My Gears: ________" and post it up before the end of the month. December's winner will receive a copy of Wolf Children, a movie that the Japanator staff certainly didn't hate -- and it should negate all those strong feelings of dislike in a way that'll have you positively glowing.  So go forth! Go forth, Zerglings, and write! Let the hate consume you! But only temporarily, because you all are super nice and we love having you here.  ...By the way, did you guys know there was a Highlander anime feature? Yeah, totally. Check it out. [embed]30626:3181:0[/embed]
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You know what grinds my gears? Moe!
Well, well, well. November was a heck of a month. We saw a resurgence in c-blogs, and plenty of fabulous dressers, but in the end there can be only one. Here we are, born to be kingsWe're the princes of the universe

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Fabulous Dressers: Penguindrum

Penguin penguin, on the wall...
Nov 28
// jel x
[Community member jel x is featured here in another promoted Monthly Musing c-blog! jel x has chosen the world of Mawaru Penguindrum to talk about this time around. If you want to participate, there's stil...
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Monthly Musing

Fabulous Dressers: Golden Time's Koko

Koko is one glamorous jilted lover.
Nov 27
// Lifesong
[Community member Lifesong is featured here in our very first promoted Monthly Musing c-blog! Watch as Lifesong sings the praises of Golden Time's Koko. If you want to participate, there's still time!] There is an unspoken ru...

Monthly Musings: Mephisto Pheles, Fabulous Dresser

Nov 13 // Karen Mead
So, what makes Mephisto so fab? Well, the top hat and cape are pretty much self-explanatory-- I mean, if you need an explanation for why top hats are awesome, I really don't even know where to start with you-- so let's go back to that dashing ascot around his neck. Keep in mind that for the purposes of this post, I spent half an hour on the internet researching the difference between an ascot and a cravat, and I'm still not sure I get it, but I don't regret single second of it. This is the path of the fashion blogger. Anyway, I have no idea why ties became popular while ascots have fallen into disuse. Really, a tie is just a lonely strip of fabric stranded in the middle of a man's torso: an ascot is a luxurious, fluffy marshmallow of silk or satin that says you know how to party. A man wearing a tie looks like he's about to go to the office and be chained to a desk for nine hours; a man wearing an ascot looks like he's about to attend a cocktail party on a yacht while the summer wind ruffles his hair. Mephy's neckware shows that he knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. Also demonstrating fine taste are the man's choice of accessories-- an overlapping pin and pocketwatch chain. This combination is the essence of elegant restraint. Really, the lack of an accompanying monocle here is almost criminal, but I guess I shouldn't penalize the man for having been blessed with good vision. Demons don't need glasses. Then there's the daring use of twilight purple and magenta as accent colors. Granted, pink and purple are bold choices for a gentleman, but Mephy makes it work (Tim Gunn-style) by pairing these shades with the soft, cream-colored fabric of his primary clothing. If his main color was too bold, it would compete with his stockings and cause a fashion disaster, but the gentle, off-white shade that forms most of his silhouette allows the accent colors to truly shine. I would like to also call your attention to the fact that this man wears not one, but two vests: Guys in vests are just hot. That's just how it is. Moving on to the headmaster's lower body, normally I wouldn't be keen on those diaper-like shorts, but when you have endless legs like Mephy, why would you hide them? While they would be a faux pas on nearly anyone else, the baggy shorts, contrasted with the stockings on Mephisto's slender legs (with added horizontal stripes for slimming effect!) create a great outline. As if all that weren't enough, Mephy even keeps up appearances when he shape shifts: his dog form always wears a smashing bow tie in the same pattern as his ascot. Now, we've already established that ascots are far superior to ties, but for a small dog, the ubiquitous bow tie is a much smarter choice. Anyone can change into a canine and wear any old riffraff, but this attention to detail shows that Mephy is a fellow who takes his personal branding seriously. For all of these reasons, Mephisto Pheles is my pick for one of anime's most fabulous dressers: I challenge you, dear readers, to find anyone more fabulous. I'm throwing down the gauntlet, but if you pick it up, make sure not to get your breeches and ascot dirty; one simply must keep up appearances. I hope you fine, well-dressed ladies and gentleman of the community will accept my challenge in the friendly, honorable spirit in which it was meant, and I graciously look forward to seeing your entries. Also, write some Monthly Musing C-blogs before Brittany kills all of us.
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Rocking the polka-dotted ascot
One of the benefits of watching Blue Exorcist recently is that I've become familiar with fashion fiend (and classy-demon-about-town) Mephisto Pheles. Not only is this man rarely seen without a top hat AND cape, both of which ...


Reminder: November's Monthly Musing is going on now

Write up a c-blog on November's topic for the chance to win a prize!
Nov 06
// Brittany Vincent
Hola, bounty hunters bloggers! This is just your reminder that November's Monthly Musings blogs should be going up left and right, but at the time of this post I can only see one on the horizon. Shucks howdy! Now, I know it's...

Monthly Musings: Fabulous dressers

Nov 01 // Brittany Vincent
Are we all up to speed? Awesome. But just in case you've never participated, here's how Monthly Musings work. We choose a topic each month, and you take to the c-blogs to write about it. You whip up a shiny, well-researched, polished blog that we may even promote to the front page, and at the end of the month we'll select a winner, who will receive a prize! It's that easy! It's that cheesy.  So it's time for a new Monthly Musing already, and this time I've conjured (because yesterday was Halloween? get it?) up a topic I'm sure you'll all be moved to write, like, ten thousand entries for, because you love to write c-blogs and you want to win prizes. Right? Because with the odds we had goin' on last month, you could have won the Gungrave: Complete Series set like community member Irothtin did without breaking a sweat. But a few of you did break a sweat, which is much appreciated. Seriously, keep doing that. We notice. That's right! Irothtin bags a sweet new Blu-ray set for the promoted c-blog Remake-Worthy: Lunar Legend Tsukihime. Nice going, Irothtin! You should have received a PM by now with instructions, so get at us!  And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, patiently, like me watching an eBay auction for a Rez Trance Vibrator that's not fifty bucks...November's Monthly Musing! It's all about being fabulous! If you're anything like me, it's a prized trait among all others. Gotta accessorize. Gotta be lookin' fancy. Party in France. Live in a big mansion. You know, all the valuable advice Britney Spears gives out. So, Japanator readers, I present you with November's topic: fabulous dressers. Who's the most stylish anime character you know? Detail their several outfits. What makes them sashay, shantay? Talk about it, on the catwalk. What's on the docket this month for our lovely winner? We've got Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 for Xbox 360 and Armored Core: Verdict Day for PS3. Take your pick, and get started! Just remember: you betta werk. Edit: You don't have to focus on characters who change their clothes. Just a guideline for creating engaging blogs! Feel free to go the way of Spike Spiegel and sing his classy praises.  Here's an awesome example of how you could format your own post by Karen!
Monthly Musing photo
Thou shalt be sickenin'.
Don't panic. Grab a towel. Ben hasn't gone anywhere, like many of you were concerned about -- he's still on deck! I'm sure most of you were thrilled to see the new dawn of Yotsuba comics yesterday, so don't worry! If he were ...

Tsukihime photo

Remake-Worthy: Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Check out Irothtin's promoted blog!
Oct 29
// Irothtin
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Type-Moon and its works. I wrote a giant post about them earlier this year, for goodness' sake! And in said post, I mentioned the ever-dreaded Tsukihime anime adaptation. Or, if you really...
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Monthly Musing

Monthly Musings: Why Air is Remake-worthy

Lifesong's promoted Monthly Musing!
Oct 12
// Lifesong
[It's the first promoted post for October! Lifesong offers up the case for Air! Post your own blog about a remake-worthy anime and you could be featured on the front page too!] Yes, I am going for the lowest hanging fruit I c...
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Yup, Monthly Musing is back!
Guess what I have cooked up this time? A Monthly Musing! That's right, we're resurrecting our monthly feature and we want to get you guys involved! In case you haven't taken part in a Monthly Musing before, here's the gist: w...

Bloggers Wanted: Best of 2012

Dec 01 // Chris Walden
Definitely Phi Brain. Great for sorting my sleeping patterns.
It's finally December, so now you can go ahead and put up your decorations and play Christmas music in public. What, people have been doing this since late October? Way to spoil the fun! The start of the new month means we ha...

Can you smell that? It's the smell of a fresh, new month! That means it is time to change the Bloggers Wanted topic, so get those caffeinated drinks and start thinking of something cool to write! Oh yes, better explain what I...

What do you go back to? Get famous by telling us!
[Welcome to Bloggers Wanted, our way of asking you, our dear readers, questions, and checking out your insights, the ones too big for podcasts or mere comments. Deep thoughts like that deserve recognition, and this is where w...

Musing: What I did when I should've been job-hunting

Jun 25 // CruelAngel
Pretty. Not bad for a holiday on a tight budget My traveling companion approves A few days and an unwanted but inevitable tan later (I liked my original shade of brown, dammit), I was ready to fall back into my job hunting routine. Okay, 'ready' might not have been the most accurate word...Anyway, it's been a month and I am saddened to report that my efforts have yet to yield any concrete results. I admit, though, the story could have been different if I had been as enthusiastic about job hunting as I was about the other, geekier pursuits I spent my days on. At the very least, one of those pursuits was for a good cause. After the disaster that hit Japan earlier this year, a LiveJournal community called Help_Japan set up a charity auction where people could offer to create fanworks or put items up for sale in return for donations to the relief efforts. As a fanfiction writer (shut up, it's still writing. Kind of. Oh, don't judge) I thought it might be good if my hobby benefited somebody for a change. So I made an offer to write fanfiction, and I'm happy to say that a couple of kind donors took me up on that offer. I've only just managed to fulfill one donor's fanfiction, and I'm still working on the other's request. That should have been a large enough distraction from the pressing issue of my unemployment, but nooo, I managed to get distracted from my distraction. My obsession with a certain anime called Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has not abated in the least, despite the fact that months have passed since the finale. And one day, while listening to Kalafina's song adore, I found myself thinking, This song would really work for a Madoka AMV oh wait no no no I'm not the one who'll be making it I don't have time for this. Many, many hours later, this materialized: I think I need to be more firm with myself. That's actually a re-upload; YouTube took down the original due to a claim by Kalafina's label, and gave my usual account a copyright strike (oh, come on, the full track for that songs has been on YouTube for eight months and it's still there). Sure, I'm still not very good at this AMV thing but I was getting some encouraging comments, and now they're all gone...After moping about that for a while, I put it up again as an unlisted video. I hope it lasts more than a week this time around. And that's a little of what I've been up to during these past couple of months. I'm sure many of you are enjoying a more interesting summer – in which case, why the hell are you sitting there reading this? Too late, you've reached the end. Anyway, thank you for your attention, and wish me luck on that job hunt, if it's not too much trouble. The Madoka Nendoroids are coming out and I'd like to be able to afford them.

[In this month's promoted musing, CruelAngel did quite a lot during her summer vacation, as opposed to looking for a job. The results include a rather sweet AMV -Josh] The word 'summer' doesn't really mean much when you ...


That's right, we're bringing them back...again! It's Monthly Musing, the post where we give you a topic and then let you run wild with it in the community blogs. If your post is really cool, we might even feature it on the fr...


Monthly Musing: Best place to visit REMINDER

Jan 25
[Update #2: Now that the great Ero Week is over, here's a final reminder for this month's 'Musing! Don't feel intimidated about the details and logistics of where to visit, just have fun with it! Make something creative! Here...

Weekly Musing: Your first ero experience

Jan 17
// Brad Rice
Talking about pornography often becomes something that stigmatizes you in most communities. 'What if I say I like something, and everybody thinks I'm a freak?' is the usual thought that goes through peoples' minds. Our motto ...

Monthly Musing: I'm thankful for my darling community

Nov 26 // Brad Rice
Recently, I had been working on a feature about hipsters and the acerbic hatred in fandoms. As I ranted and raved in my own personal musings on that, there was one strong feeling that I wanted to convey: the community that exists here at Japanator is one without hate and drama, where people can agree to disagree without lambasting others as phonies, heretics or members of the Nazi party.Once you get to larger communities such as those of Destructoid, Anime News Network or GameFAQs, factions quickly form. The more active a participant becomes, they join up with like-minded folks in little cliques, demonizing those who oppose their views. Here, that doesn't happen.In reading the comments here at Japanator, I have seen nothing but rational debate, constructive criticism, and jovial ribbing at the editors. Never do you guys debase yourselves by throwing mud.And for that, I am eternally grateful. Certainly, as the site grows larger, there's the distinct possibility that factionalism could happen amongst the community, but watching how all of you interact, I have a feeling that those firebrands will be kept in check by the majority. Instead, I see this site as a safe and comfortable place for just about everyone -- from new fans to hardcore veterans, and that is in no small part thanks to you.So I want you all to know that I am entrusting you with being our promoters and protectors. I see that you already mention our names whenever possible on the furthest reaches of the Internet, telling your friends to check out Japanator Radio or the latest Yotsuba comic. Good, keep doing it. I expect you, though, as the site grows, to foster discussion amongst the new fans both in the comments and in the forums. Just because someone hasn't been around for a while doesn't mean that their opinion isn't valid. Instead, be kind and explain why you disagree -- or tell them if they made good points! -- in order to make them feel as though they're worthwhile.Like everyone else has said, we love you folks. And I don't think that's ever going to change. So thank you for making my life, every day that I work on this site, a pure and utter joy.

Japanator readers, I love you. So incredibly hard.Back on November 3rd, we marked the fourth year of Japanator's existence. I'm sure you all enjoyed the big celebration we had, touting all the great things we've done over the...

JapanaTen: A List of Things We're Thankful For

Nov 25 // Josh Tolentino
Colette BennettI'm thankful for Modern Method network for giving me a place to write about every topic that I love, introducing me to dozens of incredible, unforgettable friends, and continuing to provide experiences for me that I'll never forget. If it wasn't for this company, I'd never have experienced an E3, a GDC, or a Tokyo Game Show. I'd never have founded a website about toy collecting that started as an idea and ballooned into a community that serves over 400 thousand like minded readers each month. And I'd certainly never to get to publish my ridiculous love letters to Japanese actors in a place where other people can read them and laugh at how goofy I am. That being said, I still look forward to every chance I get to travel and be in the same place with all the wonderful people who work alongside me at all of our websites, and I'm really happy about that. We used to joke all the time at Destructoid about living the dream, but at least in my opinion, we truly have gotten the chance to do that with this group of people, and I'm awed I get to be a part of that.Dale NorthI'm thankful for all that share in the love of Japanese culture, and how we all understand each other. It's easy to group a bunch of people you don't understand and label them Japanophiles. People do it all the time. But us? We take the name and shrug. The name seems to small and simple to encompass all the intricate aspects of Japanese culture that we all love so much. What's beautiful is that we could all be fans of different aspects of J-culture, but still get along nicely. That's something you don't see in other fandoms. We aren't all Naruto-watching, Pocky eating kids in bandanas. Some of us love anime. Others love film. I'm personally more into the travel of the country and the taste of the food. Many more enjoy the varied types of music that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. There's so much more even beyond that. But if you put us all under the same roof? We'd all get along swimmingly. It works every time. Never fails.I'm thankful that this is the case as I've made many wonderful friends in this very way. Brad RiceI'm thankful for the industry here in the US that has opened its heart and doors to us here at Japanator. Without the support of some of the wonderful folks in PR and advertising we deal with on a regular basis, it would have been much harder to build Japanator to the point where it is today. We would have grown, thanks to our unbelievable community, but at a much slower pace.And these relationships, while they've been friendly and fun -- an interview here or there and a good flow of review material -- are something I want to take much more seriously. We want to be the best possible site for all of our readers, and that means bringing more and better content.So thanks to the folks from FUNimation, Vertical, Viz, Nozomi, Yen Press, Del Rey/Kodansha, MangaGamer, JAST USA, Bandai Entertainment, Section 23, Stone Bridge Press, Icarus Publishing, TokyoPop and anyone else I may have forgotten. You're awesome!Pedro CortesWhen I started reading Jtor a few years back I remember want to write for it almost immediately. Due to a confluence of events and horrible timing, I didn't get that chance until Hikaru Utada came to Miami for a PR event March of 2009. I had already been a writer at Tomopop for a while and since I brought my camera I got a chance to take pics and cover the event. Although I didn't get a chance to do much immediately after that, I started writing reviews and features for the site a bit later. It's been a helluva ride thus far and some of my favorite stuff I've written has been posted on Jtor.So what I'm I'm thankful for is finally meeting a bunch of my fellow Jtor editors at Otakon 2010. It's odd writing for a blog, in that you usually work in a vacuum, rarely meeting the other people that work on the same site. We all may have different tastes in our categories of nerdery, but I've wanted to chill with the other editors and shoot the sh!t with them. So when the opportunity arose to meet the other editors at a huge convention, I was quite pleased and immediately agreed. Although I've known Colette for a while and I've met Brad and Dale before, it was great to spend a bit of time with them again as well as meet Crystal, Tim, Jake and Ben. Hell, I even got a chance to cosplay with Colette, which was a ton of fun. You guys rock and I hope to see ya'll again soon! Also, the photo above.Ben HuberI'm incredibly thankful for the people I work with here at Japanator. I was worried about not making a good impressions when I first joined, but to my surprise everyone was incredibly welcoming and like Crystal wrote, it really has become a sort of internet family. You make me never want to leave. I love all you guys.I also can't go without thanking our amazing readers. The fact that you guys read what I write every week blows my mind, and what's every more mind-blowing is that you like it. Lifesong has my Baccano! x Inception poster hanging on his wall! I'm so humbled that someone would like my work that much... I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to reach out to you guys, and that you guys respond back. Japanator has something very few other sites have: a real sense of community. Don't ever stop guys, you make it all worth it, thanks so much.In summary, you guys are awesome and I'm thankful for all of you. <3And erotic Elmo fanfiction. That too. Jeff Chuang It felt like last month since I've started feeding stuff to Japanator, and I guess that is what they mean by time flies. I'm more than thankful for being able to contribute to it and fortunate to be able to meet and work with the crew over the past year. Still, the community is probably the best thing. Whenever I hit the comment threads or the cblogs, I end up with a dorky grin. And more importantly I'm thankful for Jtor's existence, as a sunroof or a different cup of perspective to the growing ball of wax that is anime news, anime blogging, and anime fandom in general. That stuff is what I'm here for and I'm glad all of us here and all of you enjoy all of that.  Jake ThomasI as well am thankful for the congregation of awesome that is Japanator. I love being a part of it when I actually do get around to contributing every once in a while. You guys have become my big dysfunctional weird online family. And then we all hung out and I knew I needed to get away before it was too late. But we all knew it was too late... Far too late.We come from different lives, we each have our own unique passions, and we all have exciting futures ahead of us. I think it's amazing how we can all be brought together by a single entity that doesn't technically even exist in a physical realm. That's just fucking awesome. I'm thankful for being able to interact with such an interesting group of talented people on a regular basis. From our fearless leader Brad Rice, and his destiny to run GQ with an iron vest, to Ben Huber and some of the coolest illustrations I've ever seen. Hell, he got me interested in actually reading Yotsuba&! And I can't wait to read Dale's travel guide, which I'm sure is going to be full of no BS honesty and plenty of awesome food. Plus, pretty soon I'm going to have to start asking Colette for photo tips as she continues to produce awesome images unique to her alone. And Tim, don't even get my started with that guy, I love him and tolerate him but wouldn't have it any other way. He and Kim have been my friends from the start. Zac Bentz, who I've never actually met, but have talked to on the phone, has gotten me into some of the best Japanese music without even knowing it, not to mention he has an awesome band himself. Then there's Crystal, Josh, and Pedro, who I really don't know all that well, but will in time. And then Mike, he's just weird.We each have interesting lives to lead. Can't wait to see where we all go.I'd crossdress as Man Miku any day with you guys.Mike LeChevallier First of all, I'm thankful for GLORIO.I'm also incredibly thankful for fireplaces, heaters, jacuzzis, scorching showers, saunas and the hot-bodied, hot-blooded women I attempt to surround myself with near and inside these locations. I get cold easily, it's this cursed lack of body fat of mine that I've come to accept. As soon as November arrives, I know it's time to start meticulously planning out my approach to winter, and as I've been overtaken by work lately I've needed to enlist the aid of friends and family to get me through these frigid days. It's not like I'll die or anything, I live in Northern California, but last winter I lost a good amount of weight in a very short amount of time because I couldn't get out bed for days due to a literal frozen paralysis. You'd be surprised how much more easily one can become dehydrated in the wintertime as opposed to in the summer. The body (depending on its size) can often require more fluids to keep itself warm than it does to cool itself down. Luckily, my neighboring cousins came over to deliver a mis-mailed letter, saw me collapsed on the floor, called my then-girlfriend (the only other person who had a key to my place), found me breaching comatose, lifted me up and laid me down in a warm bath. I saw the light of heaven within that instant, and it was like a naked hug from a supermodel made of flames. This year I'm in a new apartment, with better electricity circulation and an extra room that I've lined with pillowcases and dual space-ventilators to suck up the heat from downstairs into a goddamn pyre cyclone--a Fire Spin if you will. That area will be known as Reverse Elysian Fields Furnace 101. Any guest is in my home is henceforth allowed to enter and learn about the impending joy of a slap in the face from whirling dervish devils. It may kill you, but it shall prove to save me. Just writing this has even begun to warm me up a little. Happy Thanksgiving, otaku scum. My weirdness is yours to accept or reject with the flow of fresh magma. Bob MuirI'm extremely thankful to have a place where I can write silly, offbeat stuff and not be told to tone it down a notch. Seriously, I just realized the other day how lucky I was that I could write a line like "Do chubby girls give you a chubby?" and not only get away with it, but have it be some of the more tame content on the site. When I write, I do it as a form of release, not work, and my best work comes from when I want to entertain. In college, the occasional colorful phrase or spark of personality was frowned upon, gaining me red marks on my paper and losing me points. Their form of professional writing meant dully giving information and not engaging the reader, at least not the way I wanted to. To be able to craft an article that is actually interesting to read and have our dear readers comment on it is an immense pleasure for me. It could be seen as a bit of an ego thing, but really I just like to know that I'm helping stave off some of your boredom at work or showing you some news you might get a kick out of.I'm also lucky to have such great coworkers here. I knew our Editor-in-Chief Brad Rice since my first year of college and had the exceptional fortune/sheer, unabated horror of rooming with him for almost two years; I still remember when he received an unsolicited box filled to the brim with hentai manga and we spent the rest of the evening seeing which book was more ridiculous. I had met Colette and Dale a few times before at Dtoid meet-ups at PAX, and it is great to be able to work alongside them. And of course, having Crystal introduce me to Ben and Jake at NYCC/NYAF was a pleasure. So thanks guys, for being such fun coworkers and always making me smile.Lauren Orsini I was thinking for a few days about what to write and it might be too late to be in the feature. Since I'm new here and I haven't met everyone yet, I can't reflect on how thankful I am to have met everyone and the times we've had together. But I am thankful for being given this chance to become part of the Japanator community and have a reason to meet everyone someday soon. I feel so lucky to be a part of this eclectic group, and to not be sexually harassed by them... very often. On that note, I'm grateful for the wry sense of humor that Japanator's influence has added to my writing. Crystal White I'm thankful for the friends I've made. When I first started with Modern Method, Japanator specifically, I thought it would be "just a job," or rather, "just an internship." But then I started talking to people more. I went through a really rough patch this summer, and Brad would always tell me "remember you have your internet family." At first I thought this was just him being overly friendly, but then I found out it was true. Whether it was contributing my sunglasses to Jake's "man-Miku," joking with Dale about how terrible Checkers is, or having Brad read Elmo erotica to me while drunk, I realized I had more than coworkers. I had friends. There was endless joking on podcasts about sexy video game moments, there was calling Brad or messaging Colette for advice about various things, and above all, there were awesome people. And that's when friends eventually became like family. Sometimes better. And for this, I am continuously thankful.Josh Tolentino Me? I'm thankful for heart attacks.Yeah, allow me to elaborate on that. Every day, I'm absolutely amazed that I can write for a website that allows me to type "HHHHNNNNGGGG-" and consider it as a part of work. Everyone here's grown on me, from the fine folks on staff to the finer folks in the community. They're all as precious as organs. Vital organs.Writing about the things I love, nerding out over all things moe, and being able to make fun of Japanese cartoons every day, that's living a dream, and it's happened because of Jtor.In summary, writing for this website has given me heart disease and a lot of extra organs. And I'm thankful for that. Tim SheehyI'm thankful for all kinds of things. I love the staff and my friends. I love the readers and our community, but this year I'd rather focus on being thankful for all the small things I normally take for granted. Katsu curry, beer and rice for starters. I'm thankful for my wife -- it's not often you meet someone who loves everything you do. I'm thankful for my job, obviously. Having a boss who isn't a total dick, and who wouldn't fire me for using his name and the word "dick" in the same sentence. I'm thankful for coffee, books, and digital media. I'm also fond of the guy who thought up caffeinated marshmallows. Oh, and whoever it was that convinced Steve Jobs that e-mail threading was a good idea, thanks a lot! I'm sure there's more but I don't really want to take the time to list it all. Enjoy your Thanksgiving guys. 

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