Why did we never talk about Nodame Cantabile Finale?

May 10
// Dale North
I thought we all loved Nodame Cantabile. Don't we? I though we were all into the anime, and I thought several of us dug the live-action versions. I though we were all excited for the final live-action film. Most of all, I wou...

Nodame Cantabile's live-action Chiaki gets his own figure

Apr 12
// Tim Sheehy
[As posted on Tomopop]Being that I absolutely loved the Nodame Cantabile live-action drama, I find myself wanting this more than I probably should, but I really can't help that Medicom does such a fantastic job...

The Nodame Cantabile Finale site is awesome

Dec 19
// Dale North
Gyabooo~ If you're anything like me, you're really excited about the upcoming Winter 2010 anime Nodame Cantabile Finale. I adore the series, and I can't wait to see what happens next.The official webpage for Nodame Cantabile ...


Gyaboo! New Nodame Cantabile: Finale trailer

Oct 19
// Dale North
Rousing music, cross play, Nodame screaming. My morning is made. And although the new teaser trailer for the upcoming anime Nodame Cantabile: Finale tells us a whole bunch of nothing, I'm still excited. If you don't know, Fi...

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